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The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments . It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.

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  1. Résultats des pêches planctoniques effectuées par l'Institut Océanographique de l'Indochine a Nhatrang: période 1938-1942

    Serene, Raoul
    Studies on plankton have been conducted by the Oceanographic Institute of Indochina since 1926. The present note gives the results obtained during fishing activities from 1938 to 1942.

  2. Étude morphologique comparative du sang de quelques poissons marins: la phagocytose des substance inertes

    Durand, J.
    Morphological studies on fish blood have been undertaken by many authors. The species used for the present study are: Arius thalassimus, Diploprion bifasciatum, Epinephelus maculatus, Lutjanus chrysotaenia, Lutjanus sanguineus, Scolopsis dubiosus, Plectorhynchus lineatus, Pomacanthus semicirculatus, Platax orbicularis, Amphiprion polylepis, Pseudoscarus nuchipunctatus, Seriola nigrofasciata, Pseudorhombus neglectus, Cynoglossus bilineatus, Acanthurus strigosus, Balistes stellatus.

  3. Sipunculiens d'Indochine

    Leroy, Pierre
    This note reports upon the eighteen species of sipunculans from the coast of the Gulf of Tonkin. Detailed descriptions of Physcosoma albolineatum, Physcosoma scolops, Physcosoma nigrescens, Physcosoma pacificum, Physcosoma lurco, Physcosoma pelma, Siphonosoma cumanense, Siphonosoma australense, Sipunculus nudus, Sipunculus discrepans, Sipunculus robustus, Sipunculus phalloïdes, Aspidosiphon aspergillum, Aspidosiphon steenstrupii, Aspidosiphon exilis., Lilhacrosiphon, Dendrostoma Signifer are given.

  4. Les tortues de l'Indochine avec une note sur la pêche et l'elevage des tortues de mer par F. Le Poulain

    Bourret, René
    The present note contains over 230 pages with black and white illustrations. It deals with the morphology of turtles and a description of more than 40 species, providing notes on habitat and distribution. It contains a note on sea turtles in the Gulf of Siam by F. Le Poulain.

  5. Isopodes marins des campagnes du "de Lanessan"

    Monod, T.
    Illustrated descriptions are given of various Valvifera and Flabellifera beloging to a collection of marine isopods donated by Mr Krempf, Director of the Oceanographic Institute of Vietnam.

  6. A review on systematic and taxonomic of the Persian Gulf fish species, based on geographical distribution pattern and habitat diversity, using by GIS

    Owfi, Fereidoon
    During the period from 2011 - 2015 with the aim of this study was to systematically review and in particular the revised classification of the Persian Gulf (and the Strait of Hormuz) and to obtain new information about the final confirmed list of fish species of Iranian waters of the Persian Gulf (and Hormuz Strait), samples of museums, surveys and sampling, and comparative study of all available sources and documentation was done. Classification systematic of sharks and batoids and bony fishes. Based on the results, the final list of approved fish of the Persian Gulf (including the Strait of Hormuz...

  7. Seasonal variation of acetylcholinesterase, catalase, glutathione s transferase in different size of Pinctada radiata and metal pollution (Pb, Cd, Ni) in Persian Gulf

    Ali Asgari, Elahe
    There are various tools for monitoring the concentration of pollutants on aquatic ecosystems. Today these studies are based on biological monitoring and biomarkers. The aim of this study was to measure the concentration of the acetylcholinesterase (AChE), glutathione S-transferase and catalase as biomarkers of heavy metal contamination in pearl oyster Pinctada radiata and their mechanism in aquatic ecosystems. Heavy metals lead, cadmium and nickel were measured in soft tissue and studied stations in four seasons. Samples were collected seasonally in Lavan stations, Hendurabi and Nakhilo (in the northern Persian Gulf) from spring 2013 to winter of that year by scuba...

  8. A survey on diversity and distribution of crabs in inter tidal and sub tidal shore of the Sistan and Baloochestan Province (Oman sea)

    Ghotbeddin, Negar
    This project was done for identifying and survey on distribution and diversity of true crabs in inter tidal and sub tidal zones of the Gulf of Oman (Sistan and Baluchistan province) during two year from 2009 to 2010. Specimens of inter tidal zones were carried out at 10 stations and 8 stations from sub tidal. The specimens were collected by hand and dip-net from inter tidal and by trawl net from sub tidal regions, preserved in 70% alcohol and carried to the laboratory. A total of 37 species belonged to 17 families from inter tidal and 23 species belonged to...

  9. Larves et alevins des poissons du Mékong et du Tonlé-Sap (1. Acanthoptériygiens et Ostariophysaires)

    Chevey, P.; Lê, Vӑn Phú
    The present note deals with a detailed description of larvae and fish fry of species caught in the Mekong River and the Tonlé Sap (Great Lake), one of the world’s most varied and productive ecosystems. In this first part, Acanthopterygii and Ostariophysi have been studied.

  10. Contribution à l'étude des poissons des eaux douces tonkinoises

    Chevey, P.; Lemasson, J.
    Fish species and subspecies occurring in fresh water in the North of Vietnam are systematically described. Their geographical distribution is given.

  11. The possible identification and introduction of metallothionein in Persian Sturgeon (Acipenser persicus)

    Shariati Feizabadi, Fatemeh
    Due to anthropogenic activities, toxic metals still represent a threat for various marine organisms. Metallothionein (MT) and cadmium concentration in gills, liver, and kidney tissues and cadmium partitioning in soluble (cytosol) and insoluble fractions of mentioned tissues of Persian sturgeon (Acipenser persicus) were determined following exposure to sub-lethal levels of waterborne cadmium (Cd) (50, 400 and 1000 μg L-1) after 1, 2, 4 and 14 days. The increases of MT from background levels in comparison to controls were 4.6-, 3-, and 2.8-fold for kidney, liver, and gills, respectively after 14 days. The matallothionein concentration in liver was in the range...

  12. Survey on the digenean and monogenean helminthes of clupeidae (teleosts) from southern part of Caspian Sea

    Varshoie, Hossein
    The helminthes parasites fauna of 313 specimens of Caspian herrings (Clupeonella cultriventris, Clupeonella engrauliformis, Clupeonella grimmi) caught from catching localities situated in southeast of Caspian Sea Were investigated during winter 2008 until autumn 2009. A total of 3 helminthes species were found. They were including Pseudopentagramma symmetrica from intestine (mid gut, hind gut and cecae) Bunocotyle cingulata in intestine, Mazocreas alosae the only monogenean with Marine origin in the gills of infected specimens. In addition to two zoonotic species including Contracecum sp. and Anisakis sp. in digestive system, muscle and ovary and an Acanthocephal, Corynosoma strumosum in intestine which were...

  13. Hommage à Louis Boutan

    Louis Boutan was a biologist and one of the first underwater photographer. Graduating in 1879 with a Doctorate of Science at the University of Paris, he became a marine biology professor at the University of Banyuls-Sur-Mer (France) in 1893. The present note provide a biography of Boutan and a contribution on the effect of tidal cycles on corals growth by A. Krempf.

  14. Inventaire des invertébrés marins de l'Indochine (1ʳᵉ liste)

    A first list of the marine invertebrate species collected along the coast of Nhatrang (Vietnam) is presented.

  15. Survey of Amphiprion clarki & Amphiprion sebae populations in Persian Gulf by molecular genetics

    Hazaie, Kaivan
    Anemone fishes are a group of 28 species of coral reef fishes belonging to the family Pomacentridae, subfamily Amphiprioninae and all have an obligate symbiotic relationship with sea anemones. Two species of these small ornamental fishes have been identified in the Persian Gulf including Amphiprion clarkii and A. sebae. The phylogenetic relationship between Amphiprion species of the Persian Gulf was studied by collecting 15 samples from three Iranian islands, Larak, Farur and Kish. DNA was extracted from each sample and a part of mtDNA was amplified. Two pairs of primers were designed to amplify a final target of 400 by...

  16. Assessment of seawater pollution by heavy metals (lead & cadmium) in the Qeshm rocky shore: use of the sea urchin, Echinometra mathaei, as a bioindicator

    Ali Asgari, Elahe
    The general purpose of this study is to investigate the degree of heavy metal accumulation in hard and soft tissue of sea urchin, and determining these tissues as the most suitable bioindicator for lead and cadmium in the environment of the sampling stations. The way of doing this assessment was MOOPAM. Samples were prepared and classified according to sea urchin organ (soft tissue, hard tissue, Tube feet, Test, Lantern Structure and spines) and then lead and cadmium were measured in them. Result of this study shows that hard tissue is a better index of lead and cadmium than soft tissue....

  17. Céphalopodes des mers d'Indochine

    Robson, Guy C.
    During 1920-1921, Mr. Krempf, Director of the Fisheries and Oceanographic Service of Indochina, collected samples of cephalopods in different places along the coast of Indochina, especially on the island of Poulo-Condor, located about 100 miles east from Camau. The present paper deals with the description of Sepia harmeri, Loligo singhalensis, Sepioleuthis lessoniana, Sepioleuthis krempfi, Octopus fantonianus, Octopus dollfusi, Octopus tuberculatus.

  18. Sur un Caphyra indo-chinois commensal d'un Alcyon

    Monod, T.
    Decapods that live in colonies, associated at various Anthozoa (especially corals) are numerous. Some species find shelter in the crevices, cracks or depressions of the coral surface. Among these, the author gives a detailed description of Caphyra alcyoniophila.

  19. Révision synonymique de l'Œuvre ichtyologique de G. Tirant

    Chevey, P.
    The present study deals with the revision of the ichtyological work made by G. Tirant in 1929. After several years the first work required an updating of scientific names and classifications. The order followed in presenting species is the same used by Mr. Tirant and even the same large groups have been adopted such as fishes from the coast of Hué, fishes from Samrong-Tong, fishes from Cochinchina and Cambodia.

  20. Study of parasites native and introduced species of fish in Caspian Sea

    Bozorgnia, Abbas
    Seven native and introduced species of fish in south east Caspian Sea coast examined for parasite infestation during 2004-2006. Native fishes include Barbus capito, Carassius auratus, Cyprinus carpio, Rutilus frisii kutum, Rutilus rutilus, Stizostidion lucioperca, Alosa caspia persica, 24 ecto and endo parasites were found in different organs of 7 species of fishes of them 2 of the metazoan 12 species of crustacean Lernaea cyprinacea , Lamproglena pukhella nematodea and cestodea parasite were found and identified to species and genus including: Asymphylodora kubanicums, Caryophylaeus fimbericep, Rhabdochona hellichii, Contracecum sp. (larvae), Pronoprymna, Aspidogaster limacoides, Raphidascaris acus, Caryophylaeus laticeps, Rhabdochona hellichi, Clinostomum...

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