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The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments . It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.

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  1. Céphalopodes des mers d'Indochine

    Robson, Guy C.
    During 1920-1921, Mr. Krempf, Director of the Fisheries and Oceanographic Service of Indochina, collected samples of cephalopods in different places along the coast of Indochina, especially on the island of Poulo-Condor, located about 100 miles east from Camau. The present paper deals with the description of Sepia harmeri, Loligo singhalensis, Sepioleuthis lessoniana, Sepioleuthis krempfi, Octopus fantonianus, Octopus dollfusi, Octopus tuberculatus.

  2. Sur un Caphyra indo-chinois commensal d'un Alcyon

    Monod, T.
    Decapods that live in colonies, associated at various Anthozoa (especially corals) are numerous. Some species find shelter in the crevices, cracks or depressions of the coral surface. Among these, the author gives a detailed description of Caphyra alcyoniophila.

  3. Révision synonymique de l'Œuvre ichtyologique de G. Tirant

    Chevey, P.
    The present study deals with the revision of the ichtyological work made by G. Tirant in 1929. After several years the first work required an updating of scientific names and classifications. The order followed in presenting species is the same used by Mr. Tirant and even the same large groups have been adopted such as fishes from the coast of Hué, fishes from Samrong-Tong, fishes from Cochinchina and Cambodia.

  4. Study of parasites native and introduced species of fish in Caspian Sea

    Bozorgnia, Abbas
    Seven native and introduced species of fish in south east Caspian Sea coast examined for parasite infestation during 2004-2006. Native fishes include Barbus capito, Carassius auratus, Cyprinus carpio, Rutilus frisii kutum, Rutilus rutilus, Stizostidion lucioperca, Alosa caspia persica, 24 ecto and endo parasites were found in different organs of 7 species of fishes of them 2 of the metazoan 12 species of crustacean Lernaea cyprinacea , Lamproglena pukhella nematodea and cestodea parasite were found and identified to species and genus including: Asymphylodora kubanicums, Caryophylaeus fimbericep, Rhabdochona hellichii, Contracecum sp. (larvae), Pronoprymna, Aspidogaster limacoides, Raphidascaris acus, Caryophylaeus laticeps, Rhabdochona hellichi, Clinostomum...

  5. Studies on Mahshahr Creeks macrobenthos with emphasis on their importance in fish feeding

    Nabavi, Seed Mohammad Bagher
    To study the macrobenthic community at Mahshahr creek four Creeks namely Bihad, Doragh, Ghazaleh and Ghanam were chosen. Sampling was conducted on bimonthly basis and carried out from August 1996 to June 1997, 216 sediment samples were collected from 12 stations using 0.1 m^2 Van Veen Grab, The stations were located at the mouth, middle and the end of each Creek. In situ measurements of temperature pH, DO and salinity were done using different sensors. The samples for the measurements of TOM, grain size were collected and analysed in vitro. The results indicate spatial and temporal heterogeneity in the structure...

  6. Summary study of gill ectoparasite infections and their histopathologic effects in four species of freshwater ornamental fishes

    Shoaibi omrani, Babak
    Ornamental fish are more expensive in comparison with the other fish. It especially highlights in non-breeding fish (in imported one for importation costs). But of course, with entering the new and unhealthy fishes to aquarium or ponds, they may transmit a pathogen to others (interfere with Iran ornamental fish parasitic fauna). In this study (Dec. 2008- Sep. 2009), 400 fish gill arch from 4 species of ornamental fish (within focus on imported fish); namely, i.e. Goldfish (Carassius auratus), platyfish (Xiphophorus maculatus), Dwarf gourami (Colisa lalia) and Catfish (Hypostomus plecostomus) were inspected for gill ectoparasites and then pathologic effects (but in...

  7. Survey on gill parasites of sturgeon fishes (Acipenseridae) in southern part of Caspian Sea with emphasis on Nitzschia sturionis Ablidgaard, 1794

    Tavakol, Sareh
    Sturgeons are important because of producing the expensive caviar. With regard to decreasing of natural stocks of these fishes, cultured sturgeons farms are expanding, so infectious or non-infectious agents can cause problems in this industry. One of the most important infectious diseases, are parasitic diseases, like gill parasites. In this study from March 2007 to June 2008, gills of 122 sturgeons of south west of Caspian Sea, 44 samples of juveniles from freshwater farms and 25 samples of cultured fishes in freshwater were collected and examined. Parasites were separated and determination of species and prevalence of them were done. Nitzschia...

  8. Survey of parasitic infection of Sander lucioperca (Linnaeus, 1758) and Silurus glanis (Linnaeus, 1758) in Aras reservoir with emphasizes of monogenean parasites

    Azadikhah, Daryush
    The parasites fauna of 491 specimens of Sander lucioperca, Linnaeus 1758 (246 specimens) and catfish, Silurus glanis, Linnaeus 1758 (245 specimens) in different size from Aras Reservoir situated in North —west of the Iran was investigated. During 2006-2007 Totally 16 parasite species were recorded. The most various parasites was found in catfish (10 species) while the lowest number was recorded in Sander lucioperca (6 species). Among them, however three genera of protozoa (Trichodina, Vorticella, Ichthyophthirius), two genera of Monogenea (Gyrodactylus, Silurodiscoides), Digenea, Cestoda, Nematoda, Acanthocephala and Annelida one species each (Diplostomum, Protocephalus, Eustrongylides, Neoechinorhynchus, Pisicola) and two crustacean genera (Argulus...

  9. Population genetic structure of Neogobius caspius (Eichwald ,1831) in the South Caspian Sea using PCR-RFLP Marker

    Ghotb Razmjou, Elahe
    Neogobius caspius is a small benthic fish that is native to the Caspian Sea. The importance of this fish is because of it is role as a main food resource of the sturgeon fish. The genetic diversity of N. caspius population in the Caspian Sea was studied using PCR- RFLP technique. A total of 135 samples of N. caspius were collected from coastal line in the north Caspian sea, including specimens from coasts of Anzali , Torkman Port and Chalus. Genomic DNA was extracted by phenol-chloroform method and then was amplified using a pair primer of cytochrom b gene, 2...

  10. Study of the ecophysiological stress effects on HPG and HPI axes, immunity system and reproduction processes in Persian sturgeon (Acipenser persicus)

    Bahmani, Mahmoud
    The ecophysiological effects of stress in female Persian sturgeon, Acipenser persicus brood fishes during catch, transport and their confinement in the Kurenski ponds at the Shahid Dr. Beheshti Fish Propagation and Rearing Center were studied. The brood fishes under study were caught at three catch stations located at the Sefidrud River, Sefidrud River estuary and Gorganrud River estuary and were held in ponds at the Shahid Marjani Fish Propagation and Rearing Center.

  11. Ecological health analysis of Caspian marine environment based on the diversity and distribution pattern of meiofauna in the Mazandaran Province, Caspian Sea

    Zarqami, Maryam
    Biodiversity and distribution of benthic meiofauna in the sediments of the Southern Caspian Sea (Mazandaran) was studied in order to introducing and determining of their relationship with the environmental factors. From 12 stations (ranging in depths 5, 10, 20 and 50 meters), sediment samples were gathered in 6 months (2012). Environmental factors of water near the bottom including temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen and pH were measured during sampling with CTD and grain size and total organic matter percentage and calcium carbonate were measured in laboratory. In different months, the average water temperature (9.52-23.93), dissolved oxygen (7.71-10.53 mg/L), salinity (10.57±0/07 and...

  12. Survey of food network in Ovan Lake

    Chehrzad, Farbod
    Lake Ovan with about 9 hectares is regarded a semi-shallow lake with an average depth 5.2 meter. It is situated in Ghazvin Province, with a 1910 m high in mountainous regime. A monthly sampling was done at 3 stations studying the physicochemical and biological parameters in water and sediment at the Lake for a year. The temperature annual was measured 12.3°C and other parameters are pH as 8.8, oxygen 10, with total mean phosphate and nitrate as 0.14 & 0.8 mg/lit respectively. The chl.a mean was also measured 1.94 mg/lit. The ratio of N to P was calculated as 1:59,...

  13. The effect of Ligula intestinalis on blood sex steroid hormones, gonadal tissue and some other biological parameters changes of Chalcalburnus mossulensis in Vahdat dam of Kordestan-Iran

    Khanghah, Ali Parsa
    Chalcalburnus mossulensis from the cyprinidae family is one of the indigenous fish in Gheshlag Lake of Kordestan-Iran. Ligula intestinalis is one of the infective parasites of this fish. In this study, the effect of this parasite on some biological aspects of this fish like weight, length, PI, CF, GSR, blood sex steroid hormones and gonadal tissue, was investigated. During one year, by seasonal sampling, 144 fish sample from mentioned species were collected using trap net. By considering the scale sample, the fish with the same age were separated and tested as the point of infection with the parasite. By biochemical...

  14. The study of histopathological damage in heart and bulbus arteriosus in rainbow trout

    Arabzadeh, Payam
    This study investigated the pathological changes of heart and bulbus artrius of rainbow trout breeders in several group of ages and density. The aim of study was to consider the process and the intensity of the heart and bulbus arteriosus damages in accordance to gender, age and stocking density of trout in three fish culture center (Zarghezel, Niyak in Haraz Region,Mazandaran and Espiran in Tabriz city environs). In field research, the all records the feed and feeding type, rate of mortality, stocking density of spawners and per spawners fishes, water chemical and physical specification was screened. Stocking density was considered...

  15. Survey on parasites of Rutilus frisii Kutum in South west of Caspian Sea with the emphasis of pathology of Dactylogyrus frisii and morphological identification of Paradiplozoon sp and Anisakis sp

    Rahanandeh, Mohammad
    Rutilus frisii Kutum is one of the most precious fish in the Caspian Sea. Investigation of the various aspects of its biocharactristics. Including its parasite fauna and ecological aspects are of prime importance. In this study the farmed kutum fry were on the focus of investigation in various seasons of the year and prior to their being released in the sea. This included also the study on the kutum spawners caught both from liver and the sea. The results were that 17 external and internal parasite species were distinct within different organs which were further identified down to genus and...

  16. Using otolith morphometric and morphology characteristics to identify carangids species in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea

    Mansourkiaei, Ana
    In a survey on 524 specimens from 18 different species belonging to the Carangidae family collected from The Persian Gulf, otolithes (Sagittae) are extracted from under gills region. After washing, their morphometric parameters measured. These parameters are otolith length, width, weight and length of antirostrum, width and length of rostrum, width in right and left sagittae. In addition to the otolith outline, mode position and mode opening of the Sulcus acusticus was examined. Data indicate correlation between most of the parameters (P<0.05). This shows correlation between total length and weight of fish, otolith length and weight of otolith in most...

  17. Histochemical studies of chondrogenesis

    Khayatzadeh, Jina
    The formation of the cartilage tissue depends on the coordination of cell to cell or cell to ECM interaction that cause to the cell polarity, migration and differentiation of precursor mesenchymal cells during chondrogenesis Many of these events are mediated by ECM components such as glycocojugates which with their suger residues such as galactose or aminosuger have a ligand role for regulatory molecules. The aim of this study was to identify the presence and distribution of some different glycoconjugates and their suger residues in the chondrogenesis by histochemistry and lectin-histochemistry techniques. For this purpose, embryos from pregnant wistar rats from...

  18. Sur quelques especes rares de Brachyures (Leucosidae) de l'Indo-Pacifique (2è partie)

    Serene, Raoul
    In the first part, some rare samples of Leucosidae, belonging to the collection of Nhatrang Institute of Oceanography, have been studied; some of them are included in the subfamily Ebaliinae. This note examines various species of this subfamily which were not described in the previous study.

  19. Liste complémentaire des poissons marins de Nha-trang

    Fourmanoir, P.; Do-Thi, Nhu-Nhung
    This commented inventory of 310 fishes of Nhatrang Bay (Vietnam) completed the previous list compiled by P. Chevey, P. Chabanaud, J. Durand et Quang.

  20. Contribution à l'étude des algues littorales du Vietnam 1: le genre Sargassum

    Pham, Hoang Ho
    Thirty-six species of Sargassum collected on the sea shore of Vietnam are studied. Four taxa are new: S. Feldmannii, S. Congkinhii, S. piluliferum var. nhatrangensis and S. hemiphyllum forma serrata.

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