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The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments . It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.

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  1. Fecundity, gonadosomic index and spawning period of Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus of the Lower Cross River, Nigeria

    Ama-Abasi, D.; Sambo, U.
    The estuarine catfish, Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus, is a prized food fish in Nigeria especially in the Niger Delta region. There is a growing concernrn over the sustainability of the fishery in the face of climate change and environmental variability. Studies were conducted on the fecundity, gonadosomatic index and the spawning period of the species. The objectives were to determine the average fecundity of the species and to use the gonadosomatic index to determine its spawning period with the aim of proffering management advice and prerequisites of the species in the face of climate change. A total of 44 females and 40...

  2. Impact of climate change on brackish water aquaculture development in the coastal areas of the Niger Delta

    Akinrotimi, O.A.; Edun, O.M.
    The issue of climate change has generated a lot of concern among the general public in Niger Delta region in recent time. It has been described in different ways by many people based on their views, perception and understanding. However, little considerations has been given to the impact of climate change on brackish water aquaculture in the coastal areas of Niger Delta. This paper therefore review critically based on existing literature and field experience, the causes of climate change, impact of climate change on aquaculture production such as: increase in temperature, flooding of ponds, increase in water turbidity, heavy siltation...

  3. Synthesis of climate change effects on water sources for aquaculture

    Ataguba, G.A.; Ogbe, F.G.; Solomon, S,G.; Ameh, M.I.; Okomoda, V.T.
    The effect of climate change on the aquatic environment has been well documented with results detailing increase in green house gases and global temperature. Water quantity and quality for aquaculture is also affected by this global phenomenon. Increasing global temperatures affects many sectors in an ecosystem. Water use in aquaculture can be in-situ or ex-situ. Groundwater is expected to be recharged if climate change leads to increased rainfall and runoff but empirical evidence suggests otherwise. The sustainability of groundwater for aquaculture is therefore threatened. Increased temperatures of surface waters can affect water quality and suitability for use in aquaculture with...

  4. Potential impact of climate change on fisheries and aquaculture in Nigeria

    Ipinjolu, J.K.; Magawata, I.; Shinkafi, B.A.
    Climate change will have significant impacts on Nigeria's freshwater and marine aquatic systems. and hence on the countries fisheries and aquaculture. Fisheries and aquaculture are highly vulnerable to changes in weather pattern. and the impacts, which could be negative or positive, will vary from the coastal areas to the drier northern parts of the country. Elevated water temperalures will affect fish physiological processes, thereby affecting spawning. survival of the juveniles, recruit into the exploitable phase of population, population size, production and yield. The impacts of increased flooding of the freswater bodies will be negative through erosion of watershed, destruction of...

  5. Climate change: impacts and threats on freshwater aquaculture

    Anyanwu, C.N.; Osuigwe, D.I.; Adaka, G.S.
    This paper examines the major effects of climate charge on aquaculture, especially on the freshwater ecosytem. Aquaculture as established is not practiced evenly across the world. Therefore, the paper highlights the current aquaculture practices within the regions and across the different environments to ascertain the major effects of climate variations on the freshwater ecosystem and aquaculture practices in particular. The main elements of climate change that would impact on aquaculture produ ction, such as sea level and temperature rise, changes in monsoon patterns and extreme climatic events and water stress, among others were properly looked at and the reasons for...

  6. Construction and application of green house techniques for aquaculture practice in the arid zone of Nigeria

    Omorodion, G.O.; Madu, E.
    An experimental greenhouse was constructed at the fish pond site of the Federal College of Freshwater Fisheries Technology, Baga using the freestanding design style. Air temperature, water temperature and evaporation readings were observed for two weeks. Temperature records in the green house ranged between 25-27~'C at 6am and 26-32~'C at 6pm while atmospheric temperature was observed between 22-25~'C at 6am and 24-28~'C at 6pm respectively. Evaporation rates were observed to be higher in the water trough placed outside than the one placed inside the greenhouse. Water depth dropped from 39.5cm to 34.5cm (i.e 9cm) and 39.5cm to 30.5cm (5cm) in...

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