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The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments . It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.

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  1. Roundup: news, events, briefings and more

  2. Africa: SSF guidelines, co-operate to move forward

    Nakato, Margaret; Bavuma, Rehema Namaganda
    An Africa Workshop focused on creating awareness about the SSF Guidelines, lobbying for their implementation, and aligning them with national fisheries policies

  3. Women rising: a critical look at Towards gender-equitable small-scale fisheries governance and development: a handbook by Nilanjana Biswas

    Neis, Barbara
    A critical look at Towards Gender-equitable Small-scale fisheries Governance and Development: A Handbook by Nilanjana Biswas, published by the FAO, in 2017

  4. Vietnam: fisheries legislation, re-visiting the law

    Hien, Than Thi
    The government of Vietnam seeks to empower the country's fishermen through the landmark passage of an amended fisheries law

  5. Indonesia: SSF, strong pillars

    Hadiwinata, Ahmad Marthin
    The fisheries and coastal resources policy of Indonesia requires a specific operational and regulatory framework to ensure the the protection of traditional small-scale fishers

  6. Philippines: SSF, clear and present danger

    Lacsamana-Umengan, Dinna
    Despite good policies and programmes, the Philippines struggles with illegal, destructive and unsustainable practices and use of coastal resources and fisheries

  7. Cambodia: property rights, banding together

    Beresford, Nick
    By uniting to fight land grab by business interests, members of the Preynub II Community Fishery in Cambodia have set an example for other communities

  8. Brazil: SSF, endless conflicts

    Diegues, Antonio Carlos
    The access of Brazil's fishers to coastal land and sea resources has, in recent years, been hampered by increased urbanization, tourism and construction of harbours

  9. Brazil: tenure rights, planning blues

    Gerhardinger, Leopoldo Cavaleri; de Carvalho, Fabiano Grecco; Haak, Letícia; Herbst, Dannieli Firme; Poderoso, Renata Andressa
    Tenure rights in Brazil's small-scale fisheries are fading in the shadows of irrational, poorly designed, and socially and environmentally unjust 'blue planning' processes

  10. Brazil: tourism, staying afloat

    Bahia, Natália C.F.; Chamy, Paula; Rosa, Iliel Teixeira; da Silva Almeida, Lindonaldo
    The experience with tourism-based boat trips in Caixa d´Aço Bay in Paraty, Brazil, highlights the problems of livelihoods in restricted-use protected areas

  11. Belize: access rights, free to move

    Nembhard, Nadine
    Belize, a pioneer in fisheries conservation, has become the first country to adopt a national, multispecies territorial user rights programme

  12. West Africa: fishmeal, mealy deal

    Gorez, Béatrice
    For West African artisanal fishing communities, the fishmeal boom may be a bonanza for a few, but is a curse for most

  13. Africa: Lake Victoria, lake ties

    Nunan, Fiona
    Fisherfolk use their social networks to navigate formal and informal rules in accessing the fisheries of Lake Victoria

  14. Southeast Asia: recognize tenure rights

    Pomeroy, Robert; Courtney, Catherine A.
    Formal recognition of marine tenure provides an incentive for small-scale fishers to form and support the overarching structure for responsible governance

  15. Norway: SSF guidelines, differences matter

    Jentoft, Svein
    The Norwegian experience shows that learning about sustainable small-scale fisheries development should not be a one-way traffic from the North to the South

  16. Decent work: freedom from modern slavery

    van der Zwan, Ment
    Only shared interest and mutual will—nationally, regionally, locally—among fishers and social partners can help achieve sustainable fisheries

  17. Puerto Rico: Hurricane Maria, mortal embrace

    Toro, María Suárez
    Conflicting forces of nature, alongside the ecological intervention of traditional fishermen, helped mitigate the destruction wrought in Puerto Rico by Hurricane María

  18. India: Cyclone Ockhi, a stitch in time

    Thara, K.G.
    Cyclone Ockhi, which hit southern India late last year, brought out the need to empower communities to manage risks through locally owned and locally appropriate approaches

  19. India: natural hazards, in the eye of the storm

    Roshan, Manas
    In the wake of tropical cyclone Ockhi, the focus now should be on improving at-sea cyclone preparedness and search-and-rescue co-ordination to save precious lives

  20. On land, at sea, lives matter

    Cyclone Ockhi, which caused large-scale destruction in southern India, should open the eyes of officialdom to both the landward and seaward dimensions of cyclones

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