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The Aquatic Commons is a thematic digital repository covering the natural marine, estuarine /brackish and fresh water environments . It includes all aspects of the science, technology, management and conservation of these environments, their organisms and resources, and the economic, sociological and legal aspects.

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  1. Fisheries and tourism potentials of Agbokim waterfalls, Nigeria

    Ikpi, G.U.; Effem, B.O.; Okey, I.B.
    Human activities in natural environments are among the most important recreational needs. Monthly studies of tourism characteristics was conducted during wet and dry seasons, over a two year period in the three landscapes along the 6817.7m length of Agbokim waterfalls by using a close-ended pre-coded survey instrument. Through MANOVA analysis of the 1780 respondents, we found strong positive association between peoples visits to the recreational areas and the type of landscape in which the respondents felt happy. People who felt happier in landscape dominated by waterfalls, visit the middle reaches of the river for outdoor recreation more often, while people...

  2. Potentials of Prosopis africana for fish smoking in Lake Chad Basin: a review

    Usman, H.M.; Abdulazeez, K.A.; Abubakar, H.J.
    This paper examines the importance of Prosopis Africana as the most abundant tree in Baga and environs. Despite its abundance fish processors prefer the other trees that are almost becoming scarce especially Acacia Nolitica for fish smoking. There is need for awareness to adapt the use of Prosopis Africana for environmental sustainability and preservation of other trees not to go into extinction.

  3. Legal tools for combating piracy in Nigerian waters

    Orakwusi, M.
    The paper traced the evolution of piracy and pointed out that the fishing industry in Nigeria alone has recorded over 15 deaths and loss of vessels, equipments, fish/fishery products valued over N3 billion to these attacks between 2006 and April 2009. The paper further highlighted that between February 2009 and April 2010 the fishing industry has recorded about 80 attacks. These have affected the fishing industry which operated over 250 registered trawlers in 2003/2004 which has now been reduced to 150 trawlers. To ameliorate this problem the paper highlighted steps taken in dealing with the menace of piracy. The paper...

  4. Enforcement of inland fisheries regulations and law in Oyo State

    Ayanboye, A.O.
    The study assesses the enforcement of Inland Fisheries Regulations and Laws in Oyo State. This was done with a view to ascertaining the existence of regulations and laws that govern the inland waters of the state; the agents that are responsible to carry out the enforcement and the problems militating against the effectiveness of enforcement in the state, in order to provide relevant information for policy formulation and management of fishery resources. Information was gathered from secondary sources which include edicts for the state, journals and mass media reports. Personal interview with government fisheries officials and fishermen was also conducted....

  5. Marine protected areas and the benefits of their establishment

    Francis, A.; Zabbey, N.
    Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), conservation and fisheries management tool, come in various sizes and shapes, and fulfill various purposes. They pre established for purposes of protection, restoration and preservation of' biota, ecosystem and ecological processes, and include recreational, educational and cultural purposes. Steps in the establishment of MPAs, their benefits and effectiveness have been highlighted. Current and profitable trends as seen in the establishment of Network of MPAs have been reported also. It has been noted that there is much benefit in using MPAs as management and conservation tool for natural aquatic resources, yet less areas have been demarcated for...

  6. Socio-cultural impact of tourism in Nigeria: a case study of fisheries development in Nigeria

    Badmus, O.; Gbise, D.S.; Yacim, S.E.; Dogonyaro, B.B.
    Socio-cultural impact of tourism has become a veritable tool for fisheries development in Nigeria. Little wonders that Nigeria who has a great potential in tourism and rich cultural heritage and notable festivals attracts tourist not only in Nigeria but other parts of the World are not fully explored. Among many other popular festivals is the Niger Delta holds the Ikwere, Kalabari and Obirika festivals, to celebrate the water head dress that imitate the heads of fish or water birds. Many communities, including those in north, have a version of the harvest festival. Also in the north, the Argungu fishing festival...

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