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Repository of Theses and Dissertations of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. The repository has been developed to capture, disseminate and preserve research theses of Indian Institute of Science.

Management Studies (mgmt)

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1. Economic Viability Of International Airline Operations From India - Srinidhi, S
Route planning forms an important aspect of airline operations for them to sustain the effects of deregulation and fierce competition. The Indian economic liberalization in 1991 has seen diminishing monopoly of Air India and dynamic demand splits amongst the service providers. Our research focuses on developing an aggregate route traffic demand forecasting (RTDF) model specifically for international carriers operating from India. The model is an econometric model that combines concepts of the traditional Gravity model of Physics and the Micro-economic theoretic model that links demand to price. In other words, the RTDF model is a fusion of the behavioral and...

2. The Need To Adapt Textbooks And Teaching Methodologies Developed In German Speaking Countries To The Needs Of German Language Learners In India - Rajendra, M P

3. Algorithms For Geospatial Analysis Using Multi-Resolution Remote Sensing Data - Uttam Kumar, *
Geospatial analysis involves application of statistical methods, algorithms and information retrieval techniques to geospatial data. It incorporates time into spatial databases and facilitates investigation of land cover (LC) dynamics through data, model, and analytics. LC dynamics induced by human and natural processes play a major role in global as well as regional scale patterns, which in turn influence weather and climate. Hence, understanding LC dynamics at the local / regional as well as at global levels is essential to evolve appropriate management strategies to mitigate the impacts of LC changes. This can be captured through the multi-resolution remote sensing (RS)...

4. Manufacturing Planning And Control In Batch Manufacturing Organisations In India - An Exploratory Study - Chetty, B S

5. Development Of Distress Prediction Models For Small Scale Enterprises Using Organisational/Managerial & Financial Ratio Variables - Gowda, Manje

6. Environment Friendliness & Recycling Options For Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Televisions - Garg, Ankit
Environment friendly products can be defined as products which show significant environmental improvements made at their most important life-cycle stages. For durable goods, life-cycle stages include manufacturing, use, and end-of-life of product. Reverse Supply Chain Management is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, cost effective flow of raw materials, in-process inventory, finished goods and related information from the point of consumption to the point of origin for the purpose of recapturing value and/or proper disposal. The efficient and proper use of 5R’s processes namely Remanufacturing, Refurbishment, Reuse, Repair; and Recycle help the product to be greener and environment friendly....

7. An Assessment Of Nanoscience And Nanotechnology (NST) Initiatives In India - Watve, Neelima S
Technology is the ‘engine of economic growth’ and technological progress is the most important factor driving a nation’s sustained economic growth. New technologies assume significant and long term role in this process of economic development. New technologies can trigger new cycles of economy, provide windows of opportunity for less developed countries to catch up with the more advanced nations and are important from the wealth creation point of view. However for this to happen, the technology should be able to reach society in the form of new products, processes. Nanotechnology is a new and emerging technology that can play important...

8. Understanding Global Team Effectiveness In The Context Of Product Development - Kalyandurg, Niranjan
Today's global economy requires many organizations to co-ordinate work across a variety of intra and inter-organizational boundaries (Armstrong & Cole, 1995; Lipnack & Stamps, 1997). Global competition, re-engineered product life cycles, mass customization, and the increased need to respond quickly to customer needs are just some of the more pronounced trends currently driving organizational change (Grenier & Metes, 1995; Miles & Snow, 1986; Miles & Snow, 1992). An organizations growth and profitability is largely due to the strategies of globalization. Firms developing products with global applications must build competencies to connect and leverage knowledge on a worldwide basis (Bartlett and...

9. Team Collective Intelligence - Theory, Validation And Applicability - Goyal, Ajay Kumar
It is very critical to understand what makes a work team to behave intelligently as individual competencies often don’t convert into the collective competence. Theoretically it has been observed and underlined by many scholars that a group might have a mind of its own which is different from its constituents. Past theories related to this have taken two opposite positions one led by Le Bon emphasizing the compromised capacity of collectives in terms of loss of rationality and the second one led by Durkhiem who has seen the collectives as super-organism. But systematic investigation of phenomena of collective intelligence has...

10. Corporate Social Responsibility Orientation : Exploring The Williamson Framework And Government Policy Drivers - Rath, Jayasmita
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is rapidly gathering momentum in the private, public and non-profit sectors over the last few years. First, the old business concept of placing profits and shareholders before principles is being replaced towards more accountability to shareholders and stakeholders. Second, running a business has become more public and a privilege dependent on the will of stakeholders. Third, it has become external where people affected by a firm’s decision have a voice in decision making. These reasons make CSR a strategic business imperative for sustainable growth of many firms. In CSR, paradoxically, there exists a lot of literature...

11. Analysis Of Generalized Product Development Process Architecture Using Design Structure Matrices - Srinivasa Murthy, P N
Product development process (PDP) architecture holds the key to the management of New Product Development (NPD). A lot of care is exercised in managing the NPD to reduce risk and uncertainties. There exists potential scope for improvement both in initial planning as well as execution of the NPD program by studying the PDP architecture. This research work seeks to taps this potential and presents an analytical tool to aid the NPD Managers. In this research work Design Structure Matrices (DSM) are used to represent the PDP architecture. The Work Transformation Matrix (WTM) is a kind of DSM and it was...

12. Econometric Studies Of Export Patterns, Demand Parameters And Market Linkages Of Indian Silk - Thomas, Jacob

13. Structure, Process And Environment Of R & D Function In Manufacturing : A Study In Relation To Technology Adoption, Adaptation And Innovation - Chakrabarti, P K

14. Determinants Of Subscription Levels Of Indian IPOs - Srivathsa, H S

15. Analysis Of Uncertainties And Profitability Of Operations In Silk Reeling Industry Through Simulation And Optimisation Models - Venugopal, S

16. Effects Of Firm Size And Trading Mechanisms On Liquidity : An Empirical Analysis - Ravikumar, P

17. Functionally Dependent Stress Amongst Managers : A Study Of Antecedents And Consequences - Menon, Nityamalyni

18. Conceptualization And Measurement Of Techno-Oraganizational Change Using Path Analysis : A Quasi Experiment For CNC Technology - Mathew, Mary

19. An Integrated Capacity Expansion Plan For Manufacture Of A Product And Its Spares - Mohanan, K T

20. Some PC-based Heuristics For Employee Pick-up Vehicle Routing Problem And Influence Of Spatial Demand Distribution - Mathirajan, M

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