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Ocean Engineering - Master's degree

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  1. An investigation by analysis and experiment of the flutter phenomenon in high speed hydrofoils

    Henry, Charles (Charles J.)
    by Charles J. Henry.

  2. An alternate approach to the manufacture of ship propellers.

    Derin, Stephen
    Thesis. 1976. M.S.--Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Ocean Engineering.

  3. Underwater acoustic ambient noise in the Arctic

    Chen, Yie-Ming
    by Yie-Ming Chen.

  4. Modeling the effects of Reynolds number and added mass on the vortex-induced vibration of drilling risers

    Musser, Chadwyck T. (Chadwyck Terrell), 1975-
    by Chadwyck T. Musser.

  5. Design considerations for segregated ballast tankers

    Greene, Diane Blackburn
    by Diane B. Greene.

  6. Management guidelines for the evaluation and selection of the welding technologies for use in outer space

    Nagabushanam, Ravikumar Ramiah
    by Ravikumar Ramiah Nagabushanam.

  7. Progressive speed trials of the sea-going dredge Comstock

    Chu, T. S; Wang, C
    by T. S. Chu, C. Wang.

  8. Design of a marine gas turbine

    McVey, Hector
    by Hector McVey.

  9. Large area underwater mosaicing for scientific applications by Oscar Pizarro.

    Pizarro, Oscar
    Thesis (S.M.)--Joint Program in Applied Ocean Science and Engineering (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Ocean Engineering; and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), 2003.

  10. The effective United States controlled shipping fleet : causes of decline and proposed remedies

    Glinatsis, Timothy W. (Timothy William), 1979-
    by Timothy W. Glinatsis.

  11. Nonlinear shallow water three-dimensional solitary waves generated by high speed vessels

    Li, Yile, 1973-
    by Yile Li.

  12. A distributed approach to underwater acoustic communications

    Bohner, Christopher George, 1972-
    by Christopher George Bohner.

  13. Design evaluation of naval combatant secondary structure under hydrostatic lateral load

    Olivier, Jacques-Philippe, 1969-
    by Jacques-Philippe Olivier.

  14. Comparison of analytical and numerical approaches for determining failure of ring-stiffened cylindrical shells

    Temme, Michael W
    by Michael W. Temme.

  15. Chain link model for axially crushed thin-walled tubes

    Xue, Liang, 1973-
    by Liang Xue.

  16. Inversion of acoustic zooplankton measurement for adaptive physical-biological ocean forecast

    Renard, Bertrand, 1977-
    by Bertrand Renard.

  17. Flapping foil propulsion for cruising and hovering autonomous underwater vehicles

    Polidoro, Victor, 1978-
    by Victor Polidoro.

  18. Forecasting the system-level impact of technology infusion on conventional submarine design

    Psallidas, Konstantinos, 1973-
    by Konstantinos Psallidas.

  19. Hull form optimization for monohull ships

    Harper, Justin A., 1975-
    by Justin A. Harper.

  20. The technology and economic feasibility of offshore liquefied natural gas receiving terminals in the United States

    Larson, Parker E. (Parker Edward), 1979-
    by Parker E. Larson.

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