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Ocean Engineering - Ph.D. / Sc.D.

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  1. High frequency dynamic response of marine risers with application to flow-induced vibration

    Gonzalez, Enrique C. (Enrique Casaprima), 1961-
    by Enrique C. Gonzalez.

  2. Dynamic stiffness and transfer matrix analysis of marine riser vibration

    Cheng, Yongming, 1964-
    by Yongming Cheng.

  3. A global three-dimensional model of the circulation and chemistry of long-lived atmospheric species

    Golombek, Amram
    by Amram Golombek.

  4. Slender ships with forward speed - a new approach and a new theory

    Kim, Sea Heon
    by Sea Heon Kim.

  5. Wave radiation and diffraction by a floating slender body.

    Mays, James Harry
    Thesis. 1978. Ph.D.--Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Ocean Engineering.

  6. Deformation and rupture of cylindrical shells under dynamic loading

    Hoo Fatt, Michelle S. (Michelle Stephanie)
    by Michelle S. Hoo Fatt.

  7. Structures, statistics and mechanisms of low Froude number free-surface turbulence : a simulation-based study

    Shen, Lian, 1970-
    by Lian Shen.

  8. Physiological and behavioral diagnostics of nitrogen limitation for the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium fundyense

    Poulton, Nicole Jane, 1970-
    by Nicole Jane Poulton.

  9. Remote sensing of submerged objects and geomorphology in continental shelf waters with acoustic waveguide scattering

    Ratilal, Purnima, 1971-
    The long range imaging of submerged objects, seafloor and sub-seafloor geomorphology in continental shelf waters using an active sonar system is explored experimentally and theoretically. A unified model for 3-D object scattering and reverberation that takes into account the coupling between propagation and scattering in a stratified medium is developed from wave theory. The conditions necessary for scattering in a waveguide to become diffuse is derived directly from Green's Theorem. Simulations with the unified model indicate that the detection of submerged target echoes above diffuse seafloor reverberation is highly dependent upon waveguide properties, bandwidth, array aperture, measurement geometry, and the...

  10. Premature cleavage of ship plating under reversed bending

    Muragishi, Osamu, 1961-
    The objective of the thesis is to develop and apply testing methodology for fracture initiation of actual components of a ship's hull and to provide engineering design data to be used by the industry in predicting the effects of extreme loads such as accidents at sea or earthquakes. Since cleavage is more dangerous than ductile fracture, attention was focused on conditions controlling cleavage fracture. A careful inspection of damaged components of ships and structures damaged in the 1995 Kobe earthquake showed that fracture often initiates in the zones of large bending strains. It was found from the literature that tensile...

  11. Experimental investigations and numerical modeling of a mixed flow marine waterjet

    Kimball, Richard Warren, 1963-
    Recently, waterjet propulsion has gained great commercial interest as the shipping industry trends toward faster passenger ferries and other fast transport vessels. The work presented in this thesis was part of a larger effort to improve the capabilities and performance of a mixed flow marine waterjet used in such high speed marine applications. An experimental test faciity was constructed and employed in the testing of a mixed flow marine waterjet rotor, stator and housing set. Full description of the facility and waterjet test procedures are discussed. The pumpset was designed using a coupled Lifting Surface/RANS procedure by Taylor[35] and...

  12. Performance bounds on matched-field methods for source localization and estimation of ocean environmental parameters

    Xu, Wen, 1967-
    Matched-field methods concern estimation of source location and/or ocean environmental parameters by exploiting full wave modeling of acoustic waveguide propagation. Typical estimation performance demonstrates two fundamental limitations. first, sidelobe ambiguities dominate the estimation at low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), leading to a threshold performance behavior. Second, most matched-field algorithms show a strong sensitivity to environmental/system mismatch, introducing some biased estimates at high SNR. In this thesis, a quantitative approach for ambiguity analysis is developed so that different mainlobe and sidelobe error contributions can be compared at different SNR levels. Two large-error performance bounds, the Weiss-Weinstein bound (WWB) and Ziv-Zakai bound (ZZB),...

  13. Analysis of boundary representation model rectification

    Shen, Guoling, 1967-
    by Guoling Shen.

  14. The dynamics of geometrically compliant mooring systems

    Gobat, Jason I
    by Jason I. Gobat.

  15. Free-surface turbulence and air-water gas exchange

    McKenna, Sean Patrick
    by Sean Patrick McKenna.

  16. Directional wavenumber characteristics of short sea waves

    Suoja, Nicole Marie
    by Nicole Marie Suoja.

  17. Experiemtal investigation of wave coupling on a cylindrical shell with a keel

    Manning, Patricia Anne, 1965-
    by Patricia A. Manning.

  18. Computation of higher-order hydrodynamic forces on ships and offshore structures in waves

    Kim, Yonghwan, 1964-
    by Yonghwan Kim.

  19. Analysis of seismo-acoustic emission from ice fracturing events during SIMI'94

    Dudko, Yuriy V., 1963-
    by Yuriy V. Dudko.

  20. Numerical applications of the generalized method of steepest descents

    Clarisse, Jean-Marie
    by Jean-Marie Clarisse.

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