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Mechanical Engineering - Master's degree

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1. Manipulation of a rigid body with a flexible sheet and its application to a rehabilitation bed - Roy, Binayak, 1979-
by Binayak Roy.

2. The development of an in vitro model of coronary lesion thrombosis - Kolandaivelu, Kumaran
by Kumaran Kolandaivelu.

3. A finite element surface tension model with forces based on surface energy minimization - Whittaker, Kipp, 1980-
by Kipp Whittaker.

4. Chemical vapor deposition modeling using direct simulation Monte Carlo with non-linear chemistry and level set profile evolution - Al-Mohssen, Husain Ali, 1977-
by Husain Ali Al-Mohssen.

5. Design of a piezoelectric impact mechanism for tap centering - Wallace, Andrew Miles, 1980-
by Andrew Miles Wallace.

6. Revamping EDICS : the Engineering-Design Instructional Computer System - Yung, Melody T., 1976-
by Melody T. Yung.

7. A fundamental study of relationships among fuel properties, combustion characteristics and emission with normal and synthetic diesel fuel - Llaniguez, Jeremy T. (Jeremy Tolentino), 1979-
by Jeremy T. Llaniguez.

8. A framework for auto-ID enabled business - Milne, Timothy Porter, 1967-
by Timothy Porter Milne.

9. Competitive physics : teaching fundamental principles through design - Montgomery, Sean J. (Sean Joseph), 1979-
by Sean J. Montgomery.

10. A torso haptic display based on shape memory alloy actuators - Nakamura, Mealani, 1978-
by Mealani Nakamura.

11. Experimental verification of model-based control strategies using a backward-facing step combustor - Wachsman, Adam D. (Adam Dorsett), 1972-
by Adam D. Wachsman.

12. Computational aspects of ductile crack growth in three dimensions - Vishal, Vaibhaw, 1978-
by Vaibhaw Vishal.

13. Redefining the aftermarket demand forecasting process using enterprise resource planning - Muench, Andrew J. (Andrew James), 1970-
by Andrew J. Muench.

14. Estimation of cardiovascular parameters from non-invasive measurements - Tan, Janice S. (Janice Sen Koon), 1978-
by Janice S. Tan.

15. Design of a novel centrifugal casting technique for the fabrication of metal matrix composites - Tham, Hoe Phong, 1977-
by Hoe Phong Tham.

16. Development of a cold end and high-efficiency valves for a one-watt 10 Kelvin cryocooler - Traum, Matthew J. (Matthew Jason), 1977-
by Matthew J. Traum.

17. Thermal model of an annular fuel cell - Urquiza Fernandez, Guillermo, 1978-
by Guillermo Urquiza Fernandez.

18. Proliferative, contractile, and biosynthetic activity of adult canine articular chondrocytes in Type I and II collagen-glycosaminoglycan matrices in vitro - Veilleux, Nicole H. (Nicole Heather), 1979-
by Nicole H. Veilleux.

19. Design of multi-degree-of-freedom tuned-mass dampers using perturbation techniques - Verdirame, Justin Matthew, 1978-
by Justin Matthew Verdirame.

20. Expression of alpha-smooth muscle actin and contraction of collagen-glycosaminoglycan scaffolds by cells derived from canine synovium - Vickers, Scott M. (Scott Mitchell), 1978-
by Scott M. Vickers.

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