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Mechanical Engineering - Master's degree

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1. Development of an optimal manufacturing strategy for low-volume specialty vehicles - Veeravagu, Asoka (Asoka Aldous), 1970-
by Asoka Veeravagu.

2. A supply chain strategy for digital camera products - Wu, Qian, 1972-
by Qian Wu.

3. Web site design, e-collaboration and e-business for a low-volume and high-mix business - Thornton, Gregory Mont, 1970-
by Gregory Mont Thornton.

4. Optimizing engineering analysis resource allocation - Nguyen, Quang (Quang Duc), 1972-
by Quang Nguyen.

5. Development of replenishment and inventory management practices - Miller, Joshua B. (Joshua Brandon), 1973-
by Joshua B. Miller.

6. Application of the design structure matrix : a case study in process improvement dynamics - Welch, Cory J., 1972-
by Cory J. Welsh.

7. Quick response inventory replenishment for a photographic material supplier - Street, Matthew W. (Matthew William), 1973-
by Matthew W. Street.

8. Forecasting mix-sensitive semiconductor fabrication tool set requirements under demand uncertainty - Page, Alison L., 1971-
by Alison L. Page.

9. Design of inflatable solar concentrator - Carrasquillo, Omar (Omar Y. Carrasquillo De Armas)
Solar concentrators improve the performance of solar collection systems by increasing the amount of usable energy available for a given collector size. Unfortunately, they are not known for their light weight and portability, which is ideal for basic applications like solar cooking. The goal of the project was to a design a light-weight and portable solar concentrator with minimal tracking requirements. The concept of an inflatable compound parabolic concentrator was developed, which required modifying the theoretical profile geometry. An analytical model was created to predict the efficiency of the system for different design parameter configurations. The model was used to...

10. Constraint analysis and throughput improvement at an automotive assembly plant - Valdés R., José Leoncio, 1973-
by José Leoncio Valdés R.

11. Collaborative design for supply chain : including strategic and tactical supply-chain considerations in product design & development - Guerrero Jaimes, Esteban A. (Esteban Antonio), 1972-
by Esteban A. Guerrero Jaimes.

12. Improving forecast accuracy and use - Sampson, James A. (James Arnold), 1974-
by James A. Sampson.

13. A forecasting and inventory model for short lifecycle products with seasonal demand patterns - Margeson, Wesley D. (Wesley Donald), 1973-
by Wesley D. Margeson.

14. Management of supply chain costs associated with part proliferation - Gerez, David, 1970-
by David Gerez.

15. A process for improving early life failure response - Chen, Jason T. (Jason Tsai), 1972-
by Jason T. Chen.

16. Lean enterprise distribution tactics with customer supply chain integrations - White, Eric A. (Eric Alvis), 1976-
by Eric A. White.

17. Development of a manufacturing strategy for a low investment, bent tube space frame vehicle in North America - Webb, Gregory T. (Gregory Thomas), 1975-
by Gregory T. Webb.

18. Implications of rapid growth on organizational effectiveness - Jaggi, Anju, 1975-
by Anju Jaggi.

19. Creating a rapid response design, assembly, integration, and test facility in a non-repetitive environment - Schmidlin, Eric P. (Eric Paul), 1974-
by Eric P. Schmidlin.

20. Simulation tool for the improvement of the coating development process - Baca, Cristen C. (Cristen Camille), 1970-
by Cristen C. Baca.

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