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Mechanical Engineering - Master's degree

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1. Surfactant instabilities on thin films - Aessopos, Angelica
The deposition of a surfactant drop over a thin liquid film may be accompanied by a fingering instability. In this work, we present experimental results which identify the critical parameters that govern the shape and extend of the fingering phenomena. It was found that the normalized wavelength, [lambda]/t, scales with Marangoni number, Ma=[Delta][gamma]t/[mu]D, to the -1 exponent for any Marangoni higher than 4.3 · 10⁷. On the other end, for Marangoni < 4.3 · 10⁷ the normalized wavelength scales with Ma to the -0.4 but becomes in addition a funcion of the Prandtl number, Pr=[upsilon]/D, which demonstrates the critical significance...

2. Synthesis of aesthetic product form - Smyth, Stephen N. (Stephen Nicholas), 1975-
by Stephen N. Smyth.

3. Designing aero-acoustic wall openings for natural ventilation - Hamilton, Sephir D. (Sephir David), 1977-
by Sephir D. Hamilton.

4. Health monitoring sensors for a personal mobility aid for the elderly - D'Arrigo, Christina Joy, 1976-
by Christina Joy D'Arrigo.

5. Improving process capability data access for design - Hanson, James A. (James Andrew), 1976-
y James A. Hanson.

6. Design of an automated purification system for biologically-active macromolecules - Hoarau, Eric, 1974-
by Eric Hoarau.

7. Mechanical behavior of truss materials - Wallach, Jeremy C. (Jeremy Cole), 1975-
by Jeremy C. Wallach.

8. Energy-optimal information transmission over wireless channels - Erin, Cem, 1974-
by Cem Erin.

9. Non-functional influences on product architecture - Dahmus, Jeffrey B. (Jeffrey Brian), 1974-
by Jeffrey B. Dahmus.

10. The feasibility of using viscometers and flowmeters in an oilwell environment - DuMond, Todd O. (Todd Oliver), 1977-
by Todd O. DuMond.

11. Development and analysis of nondestructive electrokinetic cartilage diagnostics - Evans, Robin C. (Robin Christina), 1977-
by Robin Christina Evans.

12. Simulation driven mass customization - Ferara, Edward J. (Edward Joseph), 1976-
by Edward J. Ferara.

13. Direct haptic control of a 3-axis milling machine - Golaski, Edmund Walter, 1976-
by Edmund W. Golaski.

14. The effect of animation on web-based education - Gray, Thomas C. (Thomas Christopher), 1975-
by Thomas C. Gray.

15. Nonlinear filtering of video sequences using contraction theory - Grepl, Martin A. (Martin Alexander), 1974-
by Martin A. Grepl.

16. Development of the process parameter map for reference free part encapsulation - Guevara, Ceani, 1977-
by Ceani Guevara.

17. A study of defect formation due to flow instability during mold filling in lost foam casting - Gupta, Shivanshu, 1975-
by Shivanshu Gupta.

18. Data base generation and modeling of Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition using a rapid compression machine - Ayala, Ferran A. (Ferran Alberto), 1976-
by Ferran A. Ayala.

19. Modeling and analysis of neutrophil transit through individual pulmonary capillaries - Bathe, Mark, 1975-
by Mark Bathe.

20. Design and implementation of the Product Development Design Decomposition (PD³) - Bocanegra, César, 1972-
by César Bocanegra.

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