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Mechanical Engineering - Master's degree

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1. Timber tower : a flexible fabrication method for reconfigurable housing - Coleman, James (James Richard)
"Prefabricating Housing...again", this time it's going to be different. Fabrication machine functionality is bracketed by the physical configuration and componentry of the system. Traditionally, a machine designer engineers a system to deliver a specified range of operational metrics such as speed, stiffness, and accuracy. The end goal of this process being that these metrics satisfy a desired functionality. This work-flow generates specific machines for specific tasks. Task specific machines require thorough design, engineering and testing. Once this process is complete, these highly specialized machines most often do not lend themselves well to alternative or non specified use. Multi purpose tooling...

2. Elastography using optical coherence tomography : development and validation of a novel technique - Chau, Alexandra H. (Alexandra Hung), 1980-
Atherosclerosis is an inflammatory disease characterized by an accumulation of lipid and fibrous tissue in the arterial wall. Postmortem studies have characterized rupture-prone atherosclerotic plaques by the presence of a large lipid-rich core covered by a thin fibrous cap. Studies employing finite element analysis (FEA) based on ex vivo plaque geometry have found that most plaques rupture at sites of high circumferential stress, thus diagnosis of plaque vulnerability may be enhanced by probing the mechanical behavior of individual plaques. Elastography is a method of strain imaging in which an image sequence of the artery undergoing deformation is acquired, pixel motion...

3. Characterization of shear stiffness and cell metabolism in chondrocyte-sealed self-assembling peptide hydrogel scaffolds - Cosman, Christina M. (Christina Marie), 1979-
by Christina Marie Cosman.

4. Rapid detection of shallow penetration between non-convex polyhedra - Krishnan, Sriram, 1978 May-
by Krishnan Sriram.

5. Pipe circularity reformation via line heating - Werner Burckhardt, Christian, 1967-
by Christian Werner Burckhardt.

6. A model for nonlinear gravity waves in stratified flows - Skopovi, Ivan, 1976-
by Ivan Skopovi.

7. The development of a portable head perturber for investigation of the vestibular-ocular reflex - Peters, Rachel Hannon, 1978-
by Rachel Hannon Peters.

8. Comparison of approaches for determining the failure of stiffened cylindrical shells - Price, David J. (David Joseph), 1969-
by David J. Price.

9. Computational improvements to predict propeller performance at off design conditions - Duncan, William E. (William Earle), 1974-
by William E. Duncan.

10. Integrating response surface methods and uncertainty analysis into ship concept exploration - Price, Shelly L. (Shelly Loustaunau), 1974-
by Shelly L. Price.

11. Experimental study on the effect of misfit and mismatch of ship plating welds - Bebermeyer, Robert E., 1968-
by Robert E. Bebermeyer.

12. Laser measurement and reconstruction of curved plates - Ko, Kwang Hee, 1971-
by Kwang Hee Ko.

13. An alternate method for the determination of aircraft carrier limiting displacement for strength - Malone, Michael L. (Michael Leon), 1963-
by Michael L. Malone.

14. Ship hull plating weld misalignment effects when subjected to tension - Weaver, M. Cameron (Myron Cameron), 1962-
by M. Cameron Weaver.

15. Integrated lifting-surface and Euler/boundary-layer theory analysis method for marine propulsors - Hanson, Christopher J. (Christopher John), 1971-
by Christopher J. Hanson.

16. Propeller blade design thickness and blockage issues due to source-induced factors - Hunt, David S. (David Sheridan), 1967-
by David S. Hunt.

17. Investigation of the remolding step in reference free part encapsulation - Valdivia y Alvarado, Paula J. (Paula Jenny), 1976-
by Paula J. Valdivia y Alvarado.

18. A study of the Carwen Olsen type balancing machine - Perkins, Charles M. (Charles Mathew)
by Charles M. Perkins.

19. Process analysis and design for grinding robot tool holders - Goldfine, Neil
by Neil Goldfine.

20. Streamlining data management in drug product commercialization and manufacturing - Anderson, Spencer C. (Spencer Clark)
Effective execution and alignment of data management across development and manufacturing teams is essential for Amgen's Drug Product Technology group to realize its main goals of shortening the development timeline and ensuring robust commercial manufacturing. The right data management strategy can help address these goals by accelerating development work and regulatory filing as well as improving commercial manufacturing efficiency. In the face of challenges associated with rapid growth and an expanding product pipeline, Amgen's commitment to standardizing development work and digitizing both clinical and commercial manufacturing has introduced many opportunities for new data management initiatives, improvements, and a revamped overall...

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