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Mechanical Engineering - Master's degree

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1. Integration of the design and manufacture of high-precision cast components - Clampitt, Norman Cornelius, 1975-
by Norman Cornelius Clampitt, III.

2. A six-degree-of-freedom compliant micro-manipulator for silicon optical bench - Chen, Shih-Chi, 1977-
by Shih-Chi Chen.

3. Active control of supersonic impingement tones using microjets - Choi, Jae Jeen, 1975-
by Jae Jeen Choi.

4. Investigation of reverse plumbing in rotary seals - Davis, Karen Ann, 1979-
by Karen Ann Davis.

5. A fast flexible ink-jet printing method for patterning networks of neurons in culture - Fuller, Sawyer Buckminster, 1977-
by Sawyer Buckminster Fuller.

6. Image grating metrology using a Fresnel zone plate - Joo, Chulmin, 1976-
by Chulmin Joo.

7. A three-dimensional constitutive model for the mechanical behavior of cervical tissue - Febvay, Sébastien, 1976-
by Sébastien Febvay.

8. Design of a humanoid biped for walking research - Paluska, Daniel Joseph, 1974-
by Daniel Joseph Paluska.

9. Statistical usage models in mobile processor thermal design and testing - Evans, Thomas C. (Thomas Carl), 1971-
by Thomas C. Evans.

10. Needle-less injection system for drug delivery - Dyer, Robert J. (Robert Joseph), 1977-
by Robert Joseph Dyer.

11. Modeling and control of an autonomous underwater vehicle with combined foil/thruster actuators - Jakuba, Michael Vavrousek, 1976-
by Michael V. Jakuba.

12. Design and manufacturing of a tensile text machine for in-situ atomic force microscope mechanical testing - Grippo, Christian P. (Christian Patrick), 1969-
by Christian P. Grippo.

13. X-ray telescope foil optics : assembly, metrology, and constraint - Forest, Craig Richard, 1978-
by Craig Richard Forest.

14. Modeling and analysis of high-speed mobile robots operating on rough terrain - Golda, Dariusz, 1979-
by Dariusz Golda.

15. Biomechanical and biochemical properties of tissue engineered neocartilage before and after implantation - Cheung, Regina K. (Regina Kar Wuen), 1980-
by Regina K. Cheung.

16. MEMS amplification of piezoelectric strain for in-plane actuation - Conway, Nicholas J. (Nicholas James), 1979-
by Nicholas J. Conway.

17. A computer aided model for copy-and-paste editing in the industrial design cycle - Dumont, Charles, 1978-
by Charles Dumont.

18. Spatial compounding and segmentation of volumetric ultrasound data sets for generating interactive anatomic models - Cannon, Jeremy Wynne, 1972-
by Jeremy Wynne Cannon.

19. Design of remote endoscopic suturing device - Hiniduma Lokuge, Prasanga D. (Prasanga Damayanthi), 1977-
by Prasanga D. Hiniduma Lokuge.

20. Application of polyhedral choice-based conjoint analysis to the redesign of MIT Sloan School's executive education programs - Hui, Emily, 1979-
by Emily Hui.

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