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Volume 106, Issue 4 (September, 2006)

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  1. Front Matter

  2. Was the Shawnee War Chief Blue Jacket a Caucasian?

    Rowland, Carolyn; Van Trees, R. V.; Taylor, Marc S.; Raymer, Michael L.; Krane, Dan E.
    Author Institution: Forensic Bioinformatics, Inc., Dayton, OH

  3. What is Science?

    Shrake, Douglas L.; Elfner, Lynn E.; Hummon, William; Janson, Richard W.; Free, Miles
    Author Institution: Ohio Academy of Science, Columbus, OH

  4. The Vertical Distribution of Phytoplankton Assemblages of Lake James, North Carolina in Relation to Mixing Depth and Nitrate and Phosphate Concentrations

    Celik, Kemal; Schindler, James
    Author Institution: Dept of Biological Sciences, Clemson University, Clemson, SC

  5. Nutrients, Eutrophic Response, and Fish Anomalies in the Little Miami River, Ohio

    Evans, Rebecca L.; Miller, Michael C.
    Author Institution: Dept of Biological Sciences, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY

  6. James Hall’s (1856) Rostroconchs from the Mississippian of Indiana and Illinois

    Hoare, Richard D.
    Author Institution: Dept of Geology, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH

  7. Passive Establishment of Vegetation in Constructed Wetlands in Agricultura Settings: a Case Study

    Luckeydoo, Lee M.; Fausey, Norman R.; Davis, Craig B.; Regnier, Emilie; Brown, Larry C.
    Author Institution: USDA-ARS Soil Drainage Research Unit, Columbus, OH

  8. Book Review

    Romstedt, Karl
    Author Institution: Biological Sciences Department, Capital University

  9. Back Matter

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