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Chemical Engineering - Master's degree

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  1. Identification of features contributing to binding promiscuity of small-molecule inhibitors for rapidly mutating targets

    Arora, Ishan
    HIV infection has become a persistent worldwide epidemic despite the continuous development of novel inhibitors. A key challenge in combating HIV and other pandemic viral infections is the ability of the virus to mutate at an enormous rate and rapidly develop resistance to existing drugs. Among the various strategies that have been explored for the design of broadly binding HIV protease inhibitors, the substrate envelope hypothesis which is based on the idea of designing drugs that mimic the structural features of substrates has proved particularly effective. However, studies aimed at probing the substrate envelope hypothesis have found that the substrate...

  2. The study of mass transfer by profile measurements in the boundary layer

    Rolfe, Edward M
    by Edward Rolfe.

  3. Determination of nuclear reactor flux distributions using analogue computer techniques

    Nowak, Richard T. (Richard Thomas)
    by Richard T. Nowak.

  4. Magnetic gels for uranium recovery from wet phosphoric acid

    Chen, Ran, S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Incorporation of uranium recovery into wet phosphoric acid (WPA) processes can potentially supplement a significant portion of the world's uranium production and simultaneously benefit human health and environment by reducing radiological and toxic contamination of the phosphate fertilizer products. Liquid-liquid extraction as conventional uranium recovery methods applied in industrial suffers from various processing challenges, such as large consumption of combustible carriers, incomplete demulsification, interference with humic matters and crud formation. The aim of this thesis is to develop novel solid state gel-based materials suitable for recovery of uranium from industrial wet phosphoric acid. The materials developed can serve as the...

  5. Effect of inhibitors on hydrocarbon oxidation

    Pierce, Francis M
    by Francis M. Pierce.

  6. Triggered laminar-to-turbulent transition in pipe flows of dilute polymer solutions.

    Ohara, Makoto, 1938-
    Thesis (M.S.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, 1968.

  7. A generalized data regression system based on the maximum likelihood estimation

    Watanasiri, Suphat
    by Suphat Watanasiri.

  8. Electrochemical separation of sodium and sulfur from sodium sulfide,

    Eisinger, Ronald Steven, 1948-
    by Ronald S. Eisinger.

  9. Construction and calibration of a standard pile

    Reilly, William Francis
    by William Francis Reilly.

  10. Production of AAV vectors for gene therapy : a cost-effectiveness and risk assessment

    Rodríguez Pinhao Miessner, Diego
    Gene therapy is a promising modality for the potential treatment of rare Mendelian diseases. To date a number of high profile proof-of-concept studies within the industry have demonstrated the significant disease-correcting promise of this therapeutic strategy. One of the major hurdles that remains for the commercialization of gene therapies is the lack of efficient manufacturing capabilities for the production of clinical-grade drug substance/drug product. The primary goals for this project were to decrease the biological contamination and cross-contamination risk associated with the biologic manufacturing process for viral gene therapy vectors and to adjust the process in order to optimize commercial...

  11. The rate of interaction between liquids and gases

    Whitman, Walter G
    by Walter G. Whitman.

  12. Kinetics of oxidation of dehydrated food at low oxygen pressures

    Kacyn, Louis J
    by Louis J. Kacyn.

  13. Air drying with caustic potash

    Cunningham, Francis Graham
    by Francis Graham Cunningham.

  14. Modeling and economic evaluation of early stage clinical monoclonal antibody manufacturing using single use technology

    Kress, Daniel Evan
    A critical cost driver in the product development process is the manufacturing of clinical trial material supplies. The clinical manufacturing process operates under similar regulatory burdens as commercial biopharmaceutical manufacturing, but must operate with a high degree of flexibility to respond to emerging data from ongoing clinical programs and competitive intelligence. This project investigates the current state of clinical monoclonal antibody (mAb) manufacturing and generates possible future states for low-cost, flexible manufacturing. Pfizer currently has a world-class clinical manufacturing facility in St. Louis, MO, and forecasts have not predicted sufficient growth in the market to justify additional facilities under the...

  15. Carbon nanotube-based sensors for label-free protein detection

    Nelson, Justin T. (Justin Ttheodore)
    Optical biosensors based on fluorescent single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNT) are a promising alternative to conventional biosensors due to the exceptional photophysical properties of SWNT. Such sensors can enable highly-sensitive, selective, and real-time detection of biological analytes. However, important questions regarding sensor fabrication and reproducibility must be addressed for these sensors to be of practical value. Herein we describe the use of highly-purified, single-chirality SWNT which are functionalized for antibody detection, and demonstrate that reproducibility is drastically improved with these SWNT. Further, we observe a concentration dependence of the effective equilibrium dissociation constant, KD,eff, which is in good agreement with previous...

  16. Analysis of heavy paraffinic Fischer-Tropsch waxes using gel permeation chromatography

    Johnson, Harry Ellis
    by Harry Ellis Johnson.

  17. A study of grain growth in alloys

    Milne, Edward A. (Edward Alexander)
    submitted by Edward A. Milne.

  18. Stabilized flames in high - velocity streams of propane and air

    Baddour, Raymond F; Carr, Lee Derrickson
    by Raymond Frederick Baddour and Lee Derrickson Carr.

  19. Bioreactor Fill Process Control Using Inline Concentration Measurement

    Dumouchel, Matthew P. (Matthew Paul)
    Some biopharmaceutical companies have responded to evolution of the competitive landscape by placing additional emphasis on reducing their costs of manufacturing as a means of maintaining competitiveness. The prototypical current generation biopharmaceutical drug substance manufacturing facility requires a large upfront capital investment. Improving efficiency of use of existing facilities, such as by improving production throughput through the adoption of technology, represents one way in which a company may reduce its costs of manufacturing and/or avoid or delay investments in additional capacity needed to meet future demand. Reducing the variability in the performance of a liquid filling operation taking place during...

  20. The drying of air continuously by air-borne silica gel

    Plummer, Arthur W. (Arthur Wayne)
    by Arthur W. Plummer.

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