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Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences - Bachelor's degree

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  1. The effect of temperature on the electrical properties of standard cables

    Doane, R. E; Chase, P. H
    by R. E. Doane, P. H. Chase.

  2. An automatic news article editor

    Côté, Robert G. (Robert Gerard)
    by Robert G. Côté.

  3. Software tools for experimenting with cellular automata

    Choi, Inwhan
    by Inwhan Choi.

  4. A digital radio modem for the Mobile Robot Project

    Pietrzak, Carl Martin
    by Carl Martin Pietrzak, Jr.

  5. A digital radio modem for the Mobile Robot Project

    Pietrzak, Carl Martin
    by Carl Martin Pietrzak, Jr.

  6. Setting language parameters using genetic algorithms

    Bourne, Juliet C. (Juliet Cassandra)
    by Juliet C. Bourne.

  7. A circular pipelined bus architecture for high-speed computation

    Antaki, Patrick R
    by Patrick R. Antaki.

  8. Of frames, scripts, and stories

    Seow, Choong Huei
    by Choong Huei Seow.

  9. A 1.25 gigabit per second binary-phase-shift-keyed optical homodyne receiver

    Gonta, Igor D. (Igor David)
    by Igor D. Gonta.

  10. Microcomputer-based controller of coupled fluid pressures in triaxial stress testing

    Menozzi, Jerald Paul
    by Jerald Paul Menozzi Jr.

  11. Design of a cryotron computer

    Herzfeld, Fred
    by Fred Herzfeld.

  12. Pulsed-diode detectors for radar receivers--a non-inductive frequency discriminator

    Stansfield, Richard J. (Richard John)
    by Richard J. Stansfield.

  13. A maximum power point tracker optimized for solar powered cars

    Rajan, Anita V. (Anita Varada)
    by Anita V. Rajan.

  14. A strategy planning program for the MIT solar powered racing vehicle

    Larson, Bruce Eric
    by Bruce Eric Larson.

  15. An investigation of weaknesses in selsyn data transmission systems

    Newton, George C. (George Cheney)
    by George Cheney Newton, Jr.

  16. A three-dimensional computer display

    Berlin, Edwin P
    by Edwin P. Berlin, Jr.

  17. Performance limitations and design considerations for FDNR implemented filters.

    Hutchison, James Burke
    Thesis (B.S.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 1978.

  18. Modelling signal interactions with application to financial time series

    Jain, Bonny
    In this thesis, we concern ourselves with the problem of reasoning over a set of objects evolving over time that are coupled through interaction structures that are themselves changing over time. We focus on inferring time-varying interaction structures among a set of objects from sequences of noisy time series observations with the caveat that the number of interaction structures is not known a priori. Furthermore, we aim to develop an inference procedure that operates online, meaning that it is capable of incorporating observations as they arrive. We develop an online nonparametric inference algorithm called Online Nonparametric Switching Temporal Interaction Model...

  19. Jelf : a web framework for automatic privacy policy enforcement

    Hance, Travis J
    As people share more personal data on the web, it is increasingly important to correctly enforce policies on sensitive data. To address this problem, we have developed Jelf, a web framework that allows the programmer to separate the implementation of information flow policies from the rest of the functionality. The framework builds on previous work on the Jeeves programming language [28, 7] for automatically enforcing privacy policies. Our approach is novel in that it provides end-to-end guarantees by mediating interactions between the front-end, application, and database layers. The programmer only needs to specify information flow policies once for automatic enforcement...

  20. PhysioMiner : a scalable cloud based framework for physiological waveform mining

    Gopal, Vineet
    This work presents PhysioMiner, a large scale machine learning and analytics framework for physiological waveform mining. It is a scalable and flexible solution for researchers and practitioners to build predictive models from physiological time series data. It allows users to specify arbitrary features and conditions to train the model, computing everything in parallel in the cloud. PhysioMiner is tested on a large dataset of electrocardiography (ECG) from 6000 patients in the MIMIC database. Signals are cleaned and processed, and features are extracted per period. A total of 1.2 billion heart beats were processed and 26 billion features were extracted resulting...

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