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Ocean Engineering - Engineer's degree

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  1. Buckling of reinforced rings

    De Sá Freitas, Elcio
    by Elcio de Sá Freitas.

  2. An investigation of reciprocity in the exponential assembly

    Pearson, John F; Sims, Robert B
    by John F. Pearson, Jr. and Robert B. Sims.

  3. Arctic Ocean ambient noise.

    Shepard, George Woods
    Thesis (Ocean E)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Ocean Engineering, 1979.

  4. A short range radio telemetry system for Arctic acoustic experiments

    Wales, Carl Alzen
    by Carl Alzen Wales.

  5. A comparison of fatigue crack propagation in Inconel 625 and 3.25 Ni steel.

    Long, Thomas Albert
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Ocean Engineering. Thesis. 1972. Ocean E.

  6. Welded repair and maintenance in the space environment

    Nikou, Vasilios, 1972-
    by Vasilios Nikou.

  7. Changing mass applications in an advanced time domain ship motion program

    Wynn, Paul Richard, 1964-
    by Paul Richard Wynn.

  8. System identification and control of an Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer using an extended Kalman filter

    Taylor, Michael Eric, 1970-
    by Michael Eric Taylor.

  9. Evaluation and comparison of electric propulsion motors for submarines

    Harbour, Joel P. (Joel Patrick), 1968-
    by Joel P. Harbour.

  10. Integrating response surface methods and uncertainty analysis into ship concept exploration

    Price, Shelly L. (Shelly Loustaunau), 1974-
    by Shelly L. Price.

  11. Experimental study on the effect of misfit and mismatch of ship plating welds

    Bebermeyer, Robert E., 1968-
    by Robert E. Bebermeyer.

  12. Maintenance cycle extension in advanced light water reactor plant design

    Galvin, Mark Robert, 1967-
    by Mark Robert Galvin.

  13. Integrated lifting-surface and Euler/boundary-layer theory analysis method for marine propulsors

    Hanson, Christopher J. (Christopher John), 1971-
    by Christopher J. Hanson.

  14. Propeller blade design thickness and blockage issues due to source-induced factors

    Hunt, David S. (David Sheridan), 1967-
    by David S. Hunt.

  15. A comparison of experimental and computational analyses of two dimensional foil sections

    Fairman, Randall S. (Randall Scott), 1967-
    by Randall S. Fairman.

  16. Machinery monitoring technology design methodology for determining the information and sensors required for reduced manning of ships

    Murphy, Brian P. (Brian Patrick), 1963-
    by Brian P. Murphy.

  17. Selection of composite materials for the construction of large ships

    Bekiaris, Nikolaos, 1970-
    by Nikolaos Bekiaris.

  18. Fretting fatigue analysis and palliatives

    Kirkpatrick, Gary W. (Gary Wayne), 1966-
    by Gary W. Kirkpatrick.

  19. Mooring line damping in very large water depths

    Balzola, Ricardo, 1971-
    by Ricardo Balzola.

  20. Towards a distributed information system for costal zone management

    Mihanetzis, Konstantinos P., 1968-
    by Konstantinos P. Mihanetzis.

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