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Systems Design and Management - Master's degree

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  1. Understanding the value proposition unmanned aerial systems provide during the phases of the crop Cycle

    Walters, Tobias J
    Increasing crop productivity is a challenge as old as human history. Advancements in technology have allowed farmers to produce ever-increasing amounts of food on a given amount of land. With the world's population expected to reach roughly nine billion by 2050 (United Nations 2013), the demand for food will require increasingly improved methods of agricultural production. One of these potential methods is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to monitor crop health and identify potential issues. This thesis will explore how current stakeholders plan to utilize this technology and the perceived value they believe it will deliver across the...

  2. The evolution of the digital payments : the past, present and future of digital payments

    Naik, Vaibhav C
    The past couple of years, we have observed the rise of the Digital Wallet, a potentially game changing technology application in the financial industry. Digital Wallets allow consumers to pay for purchases through digital devices, and the technology has created a battle among payment networks, banks and technology firms. In this paper, we analyse how the Digital Wallet is impacting the technology space, including the level of disruptiveness and future potential. We have two hypotheses regarding Digital Wallets: H1: The Digital Wallet is disrupting the credit card network. H2. The Digital Wallet is disrupting the physical plastic card.

  3. Study of extended stroke gasoline engines : a thermodynamic system modelling and analysis of improvement in fuel consumption

    Anandhan, Muthu Mailvaganan
    This thesis studies the benefit and challenges of using an extended stroke engine on the automotive application. For the purpose of the study, a one-dimensional thermodynamic model was built using the GT- Power software. GM LNF 2.0 liter engine was used as the candidate of study, the base model was originally developed in Sloan auto lab, and this model was used and modified for the purpose of the extended stroke operation. The study was conducted to understand the improvement in indicated specific fuel consumption (ISFC) and the net indicated efficiency of the system at various speed and load points of...

  4. Reference architecture and cost estimation model for building intelligent platforms

    Jouni, Mohammad, S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    With the recent resurgence of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence as a competitive advantage in product development, technical executives and managers are interested in learning what it would take to build intelligent platforms that can leverage these advances. In addition, they wish to produce cost estimates for developing such platforms. The goal of this thesis is to develop a reference architecture for an intelligent platform and an associated costing model that allows technical managers to understand the components needed to deliver such a platform and estimate the cost of each module, estimate the cost of the overall architecture, and enable...

  5. Smart contracts and their application in supply chain management

    Law, Angwei
    Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that records exchanges of value between parties securely, permanently, and in an easily verifiable manner. It is the technology underlying cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although initially used for financial transactions, blockchain's applications extend beyond finance and can impact a wide variety of industries. One such application is in supply chain management. With multiple stakeholders and business transactions, supply chains are inherently complex. Many challenges exist, including the lack of transparency and traceability, difficulty in managing risks and disruptions, and the need to build trust and reputation. Blockchain technology ushers in the potential...

  6. Framework for ongoing stakeholder engagement in policies for urban freight logistics in Singapore

    Ricart Surribas, Gabriella M
    While research in the urban freight field has mainly focused on evaluating regulation, stakeholder preferences prior or after a policy has been implemented, or on a single type or sub-set of agents and freight policies, the core of this thesis centers on differentiating aspects of urban freight policy design. This thesis aims to uncover how a systematic evaluation of urban freight policy design for retail malls in Singapore could weave stakeholder engagement into the policy lifecycle. This work also provides a framework for assessing the impact that a wide range of urban freight solutions could have on the different system...

  7. Study of scrum framework usage in non-software systems

    Tomar, Amit Kumar
    The Agile Software development methodologies have changed the way software products and services are delivered in a continuous manner. Some of these Agile Software Development methodologies have been very successful in increasing the pace of innovation and raising the productivity at workplace. But there has been a constant pushback in the non-software industries against adopting some of these Agile development methodologies citing various reasons. The scope of this thesis is to identify few scenarios from non-software industries to evaluate how the Scrum framework, which is one of the various Agile methodologies, has been successful to raise the productivity and the...

  8. New sustainable models of open innovation to accelerate technology development in cellular agriculture

    Yuen, Kevin Ka-Chun
    Cellular agriculture is an emerging field to develop in-vitro agricultural products. Despite overwhelming public attention towards the field's trajectory, there are significant research hurdles to overcome in order to validate scalable applications. These challenges, referring to the translational development of cell lines, serum-free media, cell-scaffolds, and bioreactor designs with regulatory and market assessment efforts, require new models for industry collaboration. The Open-Innovation Network Map was used to prioritize key collaboration networks to address the translational challenges of cellular agriculture, and three in-depth case studies from open-source models, big-science collaborations, and pre-competitive consortia were evaluated. Nine best practices to support open...

  9. Technology strategies for transitioning from products to services

    Yilmaz, Erdem
    Research in this thesis is motivated by product transitions, historically first from physical products to virtual products and lately from virtual products to services. The recorded music industry was focused on understanding the dynamics of transitions from one generation of use to another. The recorded music industry was selected to study as it is one of the most dynamic and rapidly changing industries. Results of the most recent transition in the industry are deeply investigated. Utilizing numerical computing techniques, and mathematical models inspired by ecology sciences, a software package was created to analyze technology transitions. The software package was used...

  10. Characterizing the augmented & virtual reality industry

    Gharibjanian, Varag I
    The information age has included several computing platforms and interfaces to enable humanity. Each computing platform has had its capabilities and limitations. From mainframe computers to personal computers, and now to smartphones, we have seen a revolution in computing that has had several advantages for society, in spaces from education to healthcare. However, these devices have their limitations and their innovation is becoming incremental. The growth of data and content, along with the insatiable demand to view and analyze it and content - calls for a new platform that can enable such experiences. There have been several candidates for such...

  11. Designing for the state of flow in immersive digital experiences

    Yang, Yiwei (Yiwei Sophia)
    The popularization of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications gives designers and developers tremendous opportunities to shape the evolution of new interaction paradigms. Current human machine interaction models are built on top of the command and control metaphors dating back to the industrial revolution, where input has to be initiated with user's full conscious thought in a non-parallel and discrete manner. Further, many people experience the adverse side effects of software products that are designed with the goal of increasing engagement. Mental states like email anxiety are driving down the wellness and productivity of the general population, and...

  12. The imperative of experience and strategies for designing experiences at scale

    Tucker, Matthew R. (Matthew Ryan)
    In recent years, intense competition, fueled in large part by globalization and digitalization, has been accelerating the process of commoditization of products and services. Even when design is deployed to shape the product and distinguish it from competitors, the design often remains product-centric and easy to replicate. These dynamics have created an abundance of material wealth in developed economies, and people are often choosing to devote discretionary income to paying for fulfilling, unique experiences. In response, more companies are beginning to offer experiences to their customers as a way of differentiating themselves. Experiences, first recognized as a distinct economic offering...

  13. A system safety analysis of tomographic treatment

    Yamaguchi, Shinichi, S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    In recent years, the technology in the medical industry has been advancing to provide safe and systematic medical care. However, the system of medical technologies and treatments has become more complicated year by year, which increases the risks of defects in the system. For example, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Center for Devices and Radiologic Health has reported recalls of medical devices that may lead to serious injury or death because of malfunctions. To reduce the risks, developers and makers of medical devices have been applying a wide spectrum of methodologies to improve quality. However, the growing complexity of...

  14. The underestimated value of safety in achieving organizational goals : cast analysis off the Macondo accident

    Tafur Muñoz, María Fernanda
    On April 20, 2010, an explosion in the rig Deepwater Horizon performing drilling operations on the Macondo Prospect Well, in the Gulf of Mexico, led to the largest oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. Eleven crewmembers lost their lives and around 4.9 million barrels of oil were discharged into the ocean until the continuous subsea blowout of the well was contained in September 19, 2010. Given the magnitude and the complexity of the accident, several safety analyses have been proposed by the international community at different levels of the system involved in the accident. Most of these...

  15. Business value of software reuse in the digital enterprise : an industry perspective

    Suarez, Edwin R
    Many companies are accelerating investments in digital technologies to streamline internal operations and create new business models. To achieve these goals, digital enterprises are adopting management and software development practices from traditional software products and service companies. Software reuse is one of those practices. Despite being a well-documented method for increasing productivity, quality, and agility, there is a lack of good empirical data to validate the business value of reuse. This research paper compares available literature on the subject of software reuse to a set of interviews with business and technology executives on the benefits they receive from software reuse...

  16. Systems-Theoretic Accident Model and Processes (STAMP) Applied to a U.S. Coast Guard Buoy Tender Integrated Control System

    Stukus, Paul D
    The Systems-Theoretic Accident Model (STAMP) developed by MIT's Dr. Nancy Leveson was applied in this thesis to a ship navigation control system used on U.S. Coast Guard buoy tenders. The legacy system installed on the Service's 16 sea-going buoy tenders experienced numerous incidents that had potential to be hazardous to the ships and their crews. Faced with the dual needs of ensuring safety of mission execution and restoring confidence in the overall ship control system, yet faced with a limited budget, Coast Guard decision-makers elected to conduct a partial recapitalization of the system's hardware and software. This thesis explores the...

  17. Technology software pricing in cloud computing era

    Singh, Angad, S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    The Software Industry has been constantly growing and setting path-breaking trends over the years. Cloud Computing is one such innovation that has brought a sea of change in the way people build and use software. Businesses are shifting their perspective from a model based on 'software ownership' to a model based on 'software as a service'. This paradigm shift in the industry has forced established software vendors to reinvent their businesses by offering products in form of services. The change in 'software ownership' dynamics also warrants a change in the pricing strategy. A popular alternative to the traditional perpetual licensing...

  18. Miss Ü : KiKi & BoBo : a design for sharing moods in long-distance relationships

    Shen. Yi-Tung, S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    The thesis presents "Miss Ü: KiKi & BoBo," a prototype product to help couples in a long-distance relationship stay connected in a warm, tangible way. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for us to work or study all over the globe. With the distance and time difference, it is important for couples to keep the fire burning when they are living in different countries. Therefore, the goal of this thesis is to explore a product experience to strengthen long-distance relationships by using technology-enabled product. In the thesis, through human-centered design process as well as emotional design strategy, Miss Ü: KiKi &...

  19. Understanding the impacts of agricultural commodity price volatility on Nebraska's economy : a systems approach

    Scrivner, Gene S
    Agricultural production is one of the cornerstones of Nebraska's economy and acts as a driver for the state's economy. Nebraska's geography, infrastructure, and industry all support agriculture, and many industries within the state depend on the labor and goods from agricultural producers. In recent years, prices for agricultural commodities have become increasingly volatile, with fluctuations rising and falling much more intensely than in previous years. Global supply and demand for agricultural commodities continues to increase, especially major commodities produced in Nebraska such as corn, soy, and cattle, and it is likely that price volatility will continue to occur. The impacts...

  20. Visualizing models driven by real-time, sensor-based data : a new way to experience the inner workings of ecosystems

    Remsen, Sara E
    This thesis presents the human-centered design and development process for a proof-of-concept technology that visualizes models of ecosystem processes using realtime, sensor-based data. The product of this thesis, EcoFlux, provides a new way for people to experience the inner working of ecosystems by using augmented or virtual reality to explore unseen ecological processes. EcoFlux builds on the existing MIT Media Lab project DoppelMarsh, which is a virtual landscape that changes in response to realtime environmental conditions captured by the distributed sensor network at the Tidmarsh wetland site. EcoFlux is the first of its kind to visualize models of molecular motion...

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