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Civil and Environmental Engineering - Bachelor's degree

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  1. A study of the methods of constructing foundations for high office buildings in Boston, Massachusetts

    Guertin, Joseph David
    by Joseph D. Guertin.

  2. A design for a sewerage system for Weymouth, Massachusetts

    Bibolini, Alejandro; Cohen, Jacob
    by Alejandro Bibolini, Jacob Cohen.

  3. A design for a sewerage system for Weymouth, Massachusetts

    Bibolini, Alejandro; Cohen, Jacob
    by Alejandro Bibolini, Jacob Cohen.

  4. Design of a 270-foot pin connected double track bridge

    Chen, Chung W
    by Chung W. Chen.

  5. Effect of organic matter on the engineering properties of Fort Belvoir sandy clay

    Tso, George C
    by George C. Tso.

  6. An examination of the sewage discharged from Moon Island and its effect on the waters of Boston Harbor

    Osgood, E. P
    by E. P. Osgood.

  7. Secondary compression behaviour of a remolded Puget Sound clay

    Madden, James Cooper
    by James Cooper Madden, IV.

  8. Reliability-based analysis and design of 2D trusses

    Ludeña, Alexis Joseph
    Current safety factors used in structural design do not accurately account for uncertainties in material properties and required loads. These factors usually lead to overly designed structures but can also lead to under-designed structures because they are poor estimates of uncertainty. To correctly quantify the uncertainty in a structure we use reliability-based methods to analyze a 2D truss. This study first explores various types of methods used to calculate the reliability of an element to develop an automated analysis program. After finding the best methods needed for an accurate calculation of reliability, we define a set of random variables which...

  9. The narrow gauge railway versus the standard gauge

    Fukuzawa, Stejiro
    by Stejiro Fukuzawa.

  10. A study of the purification of water by ozone

    Horne, Ralph W; Wentworth, John P
    by Ralph W. Horne, John P. Wentworth.

  11. The design of a three hinged arch highway bridge

    Waters, E. J. H
    by E. J. H. Waters.

  12. An experimental investigation of a method of measuring the velocity of water in open channels by means of a moving vane

    Garza, E; Longoria, A. G
    by E. Garza, A. G. Longoria.

  13. Laboratory investigation of the important commercial bitumens in use in Massachusetts

    Cianciolo, Philip Joseph; Crane, Frank Norman; Gorfinkle, Louis
    by Philip Joseph Cianciolo, Frank Norman Crane, Louis Gorfinkle.

  14. Investigation of the stresses in a continuous two-span highway bridge

    Loo, Clarence C. T. (Clarence Chuck Tan)
    by Clarence C.T. Loo.

  15. Estimating potential evapotranspiration

    Hamon, W. Russell
    by W. Russell Hamon.

  16. The effect of slenderness ratio upon axial and eccentric buckling in sandwich panels

    Fioravanti, Aldo F. (Aldo Fiorino); Graziadei, James D
    by Aldo F. Fioravanti, James D. Graziadei.

  17. A study of the auglaize hydro-electric development of the Defiance Gas and Electric Company

    Santos, Adolpho; Moll, Edward H
    by Adolpho Santos, Jr. and Edward Harmening Moll.

  18. An observing system simulation experiment for soil moisture measurements from the SMAP radiometer

    Konings, Alexandra Georges
    The Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite, to be launched in 2013, will use both radiometer and radar data to estimate soil moisture. Improved soil moisture knowledge has many applications in hydroclimatology, numerical weather prediction, flood forecasting, and human health. In this thesis, an observing system simulation experiment (OSSE) was used to study the error structure of radiometer measurements using two different retrieval algorithms. In an OSSE, geophysical fields are used to create a model of surface emission, which is coupled to an orbital sampling module and proposed retrieval algorithms. Comparing output from the retrieval algorithm to the starting soil...

  19. Comparative costs of hydro-electric plants no. 3 & 4 of the New England Power Company of the Deerfield River at Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

    Goodman, Harry; Ginsburg, Nathan
    Harry Goodman, Nathan Ginsburg.

  20. A study of a hydro-electric development at Kezar Falls, Maine

    Ridlon, Myron George; Mitchell, Irvin Rea
    by Myron George Ridlon and Irvin Rea Mitchell.

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