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Chemical Engineering - Bachelor's degree

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  1. Characterizing the evolution of porosity and permeability in porous media undergoing pressure solution creep.

    Swanberg, Cassandra
    This work looks at the change in pore-scale morphological properties such as porosity and permeability using modeled sphere packs. The effects of varying pressure, temperature, and stress upon these properties are evaluated in numerically derived sphere packs undergoing creep and elastic compaction processes. This thesis will utilize the abilities of the lattice Boltzmann method and the network model method to determine various morphological properties of these sets of packed spheres. The results from these two methods can be combined to further analyze the relationship between pore space morphology and fluid flow parameters in porous media that can be used to...

  2. Electrodeposition of aluminum from organic solutions

    Sze, Morgan Chuan-yuan, 1917-
    by M. C. Sze.

  3. The utilization of spent black ash from the soda recovery system of the Penobscot Chemical Fibre Company

    Koch, Fred Chase
    by Fred Chase Koch.

  4. Two-phase flow of fluids through a horizontal pipe

    Kelakos, Michael G; Crowley, Arthur H
    by Michael G. Kelakos & Arthur H. Crowley.

  5. Atomization of fuel oil

    Wheless, Nicholas Hobson
    by Nicholas Hobson Wheless, Jr.

  6. Control of sulphuric acid losses in contact plant stack gases

    Harmon, Elmer W; Young, Morris N., 1909-
    by Elmer W. Harmon, Morris N. Young.

  7. Corrosion and cathodic protection of iron in differential temperature cells

    Simpson, Vinson R
    by Vinson R. Simpson, Jr.

  8. Measurement of radiant heat transfer

    Farquhar, Norman G; Landwehr, Henry R
    by Norman G. Farquhar, Henry R. Landwehr.

  9. Solid-liquid equilibria of the methane-ethane system

    Wiechmann, Walter
    by Walter Wiechmann.

  10. Paper pulp from Chinese bamboo by the soda process

    Li, Shuchu, 1899-
    by Zen Zuh Li.

  11. Process simulation and economic evaluation of a solar power plant using Aspen

    Banevicius, John Peter
    by John Peter Banevicius.

  12. Studies in the revulcanization of reclaim rubber

    Roboff, Stanley B
    by Stanley B. Roboff.

  13. Laminar free convection heat transfer in a vertical channel with linear wall temperatures

    Stefany, Nelson E; Fricke, Paul H
    by Nelson E. Stefany, Paul H. Fricke.

  14. Palladium-catalyzed C-N cross-coupling reactions toward the synthesis of drug-like molecules

    McAvoy, Camille Z
    The development of methodologies for C-N bond formation reactions is an important scientific challenge because of many academic and industrial applications. This work will focus particularly on palladium-catalyzed cross-couplings of amine-containing compounds with aryl halides. The scope of the BrettPhos precatalyst for the cross-coupling of ortho-substituted aryl iodides with amides is studied using substrates with a variety of functional groups. Due to potential metal-chelating issues with some of the substrates used in this study, a proposed ligand synthesis is discussed in which one of the methoxy groups of BrettPhos is replaced with a morpholine capable of occupying palladium's open coordination...

  15. The analytical constants of horse, neatsfoot, and tallow oils by Allan Winter Rowe.

    Rowe, Allan Winter, 1879-1934
    Thesis (B.S.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, 1901.

  16. The gelation of nitrocellulose

    Olsen, Fredrich Herbert
    by Fredrich Herbert Olsen.

  17. Power spectrum analysis of heart rate fluctuations : the renin-angiotensin system's role as short term cardiovascular control system

    Ubel, F. Andrew
    byt Frank Andrew Ubel, III.

  18. Determination of free sulfur in rubber by copper method

    Oon, Khye Hong
    by Khye Hong Oon.

  19. Effect of catalyst groove width on decomposition rate of hydrogen peroxide

    Dershowitz, Arthur F
    by Arthur F. Dershowitz.

  20. A report on an investigation of the factors affecting the accuracy of bubble meters

    Shattuck, George A
    by George A. Shattuck.

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