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Ocean Engineering - Bachelor's degree

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  1. Design of a dredger for Pearl River

    Wu, Daiming; Yeh, Chi Foo; Tu, Hin Yung
    by Tai Ming Wu, Chi Foo Yeh, Hin Yung Tu.

  2. Baby incubator noise : causes and some reduction methods

    Wales, Carl Alzen
    Carl A. Wales.

  3. An experimental determination of the power developed by the sails of a small yacht

    Lyon, Alpheus Crosby; Currier, James Swasey
    by Alpheus Crosby Lyon, James Swasey Currier.

  4. Bamboo as a material for reinforcing concrete

    Chow, H. K
    by H. K. Chow.

  5. Test of Harbor Tugboat Sadie Ross

    Campbell, Kenneth H
    by Kenneth H. Campbell.

  6. Rudder investigation of the "Ruweida III"

    Pennypacker, James A
    by James A. Pennypacker.

  7. An investigation of the strength of a wooden schooner

    Scudder, Oliver P
    by Oliver P. Scudder.

  8. Ship camouflage

    Blodgett, Leo S
    by Leo S. Blodgett.

  9. Design of Atlantic coasting schooner with diesel engine

    Nelson, Chris B
    by Chris B. Nelson.

  10. The determination of engine power and speed trial of steam vedette boat "Beth"

    Pope, Joseph
    by Joseph Pope.

  11. Studies of a rigid breakwater of finite depth.

    Gottschalk, Stanley Anton
    Thesis (B.S.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Geology and Geophysics, 1968, and Thesis (B.S.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, 1968.

  12. Options on shipbuilding contracts

    Høegh, Morten W. (Morten Westyne), 1973-
    by Morten W. Høegh.

  13. The influence of a radial wake variation over the propeller disc on the relative rotative efficiency

    Mach, Hugo
    by Hugo Mach.

  14. Trawler design

    Maack, Viggo E
    by Viggo E. Maack.

  15. Tests on models of condenser scoops

    Westgate, R. B; Powell, S. C
    by R. B. Westgate, S. C. Powell.

  16. Scoop condenser tests and investigation

    Abkowitz, Martin A., 1918-; Pollak, E. George; Small, Maxwell M
    by Martin A. Abkowitz, E. George Pollak, Maxwell M. Small.

  17. Three dimensional lifeboat launching

    Haskins, Arthur Lewis; Iodice, Renato Paul
    by Arthur Lewis Haskins, Renato Paul Iodice.

  18. An experimental study of condenser scoops

    Crawford, Lyndon; Hall, Virgil G
    by Lyndon Crawford, Virgil G. Hall.

  19. The interaction of gravity waves with a non-uniform surface current

    Milgram, Jerome H
    by Jerome H. Milgram.

  20. The layout of a shipyard

    Wilson, George Arthur
    by George Arthur Wilson.

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