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Humanities - Bachelor's degree

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  1. Magnetobiology and possible implications for awareness research

    Gevins, Alan Stuart
    by Alan Stuart Gevins.

  2. The affects of warfare upon trade : economic growth in a war-torn world, Northern Europe 1000-1700 by Vincent John Kindfuller.

    Kindfuller, Vincent John
    Theories abound to describe how and why Europe was able to become the economic hegemon of the world between the 18th and 20th centuries. One of these theories is the competition argument, which argues that competition between the fractured states of Europe created the impetus for technological and institutional innovation which pushed Europe ahead of other areas of the world. However, these theories don't account for the negative effects that wars cause directly, which should detract from Europe's ability to stay competitive economically. In this thesis, I detail a theoretical model through which warfare in Europe increased trade, even though...

  3. Palmyra's ephemeral empire by Steven John Holcomb.

    Holcomb, Steven John
    The story of the third century AD rebellion of the Palmyrene Empire against the Roman Empire remains one of the most curious and fascinating episodes from the ancient world. Palmyra, a wealthy desert city-state, was neither the largest, richest, nor most significant city of the Roman Near East, yet it was the city that capitalized on Rome's weakness in the third century to lead its own independence movement, taking over vast swathes of wealthy territory for a brief period from approximately 270 to 273 AD. But why was Palmyra the city to lead the revolt against Rome? And how was...

  4. "Turning somersaults with a hand nailed to the floor:" Infinite Jest's recursive presentation of Waste-Desire Cycles by Anna Walsh.

    Walsh, Anna (Anna Caroline)
    Thesis: S.B. in Literature, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Humanities, 2016.

  5. Eddie : a play in one act

    Kearns, Michael Shannon
    by Michael Shannon Kearns.

  6. Redesigning rural life : relocation and In Situ urbanization in a Shandong village by Saul Kriger Wilson.

    Wilson, Saul Kriger
    The Chinese government's attempts to improve village public service provision, limit the loss of arable land, and coordinate urbanization have converged in land readjustment schemes to rebuild some villages as more densely populated "rural communities." I present a case study on a financially troubled, partially complete village reconstruction project in Shandong. Villagers outside the leadership were minimally involved in project planning, and the village leadership put pressure on villagers to move. However, the pressure to move was not due to an absence of formal property rights for villagers; reluctant villagers agreed to move because they could not afford to offend...

  7. A study of the decision-making and action-taking process in a small Appalachian town.

    Reusser, Jonathan Winthrop
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Humanities. Thesis. 1968. B.S.

  8. Flights of love

    Cerrato, Peter
    by Peter Cerrato.

  9. Visual perception and analysis of musical scores.

    Entwisle, Jeffrey Lynn
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Humanities. Thesis. 1973. B.S.

  10. The American Navy 1865-1882.

    Roberts, William Howard
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Humanities. Thesis. 1973. B.S.

  11. Chekhov: medical aloofness in literature.

    Daamen, Maximiliaan Jacques Ronald
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Humanities. Thesis. 1970. B.S.

  12. The first educational exodus : a narrative of 1965

    Huang, Billy
    Histories of Boston's school desegregation crisis have focused on the legal and political struggles that preceded the Garrity decision, which, in 1974, enforced citywide school integration. It is necessary to discern and evaluate the viewpoints of black and white parents in the greater Boston area in the years before court-mandated integration. This thesis examines the black community's efforts to assure higher quality education for their children through public protests and self-help actions. It also explores the responses of urban and suburban white residents to this rising civil rights challenge. Black parents created Operation Exodus, a grassroots movement aimed at enrolling...

  13. The effect of World War I on literature as exemplified in the novels of Roger Martin du Gard

    Anderson, Warren LeRoy
    by Warren LeRoy Anderson.

  14. Between gods and men : analyzing the Aztec deification of the Spanish Conquistadores and reassessing its significance

    Hall, Alexandria C. (Alexandria Caitlin)
    Immediately following the Spanish Conquest of Mexico in 1521, accounts arose claiming the Aztecs believed the Spaniards to be gods. This tale of Spanish deification has sparked heated debate among scholars for centuries as they have been asking, "Did the Aztecs truly believe the Spaniards to be gods?" This question naturally results in two lines of argument, those who think the Aztecs did believe the Spaniards to be gods and those that do not. The scholars arguing for the Aztec deification of the Spaniards rely on known Aztec beliefs, the importance of time to the Aztecs, and the historical works...

  15. The making of the Grand Old Party : The presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes

    Isbitz, Allan Bob, 1942-
    by Allan Bob Isbitz.

  16. Towards a description of the protagonist in the fiction of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

    Kava, Victor Bernard
    Thesis. 1976. B.S.--Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Humanities.

  17. An Ambitious Social Experiment: Education in Japanese-American Internment Camps, 1942-1945 by Christopher Su.

    Su, Christopher (Christopher Thomas)
    Introduction: Alice Nakamura, a senior of the Class of 1943 at Rohwer Center High School in Arkansas, read these words at the conclusion to her graduation speech. Substantively, it sounds like any other reflection on self-identity by a second-generation immigrant. In reality, Alice's speech stands out because it was delivered from a school located behind barbed wire, where the United States government had detained her because of her Japanese ancestry. Between 1942 and 1945, the United States government removed more than 110,000 individuals of Japanese ancestry residing on the west coast to remote relocation centers located in the barren mountainous...

  18. The Shadow of the comet : divine patronage in the rise of Augustus by Dora Y. Gao.

    Gao, Dora Y
    This thesis explores the appearance alleged by ancient sources of a comet over Rome in 44 B.C. and its role in the use and abuse of divine patronage in the rise of the young Octavian between 44 and 27 B.C. The comet was concluded to have actually occurred through an analysis involving Poisson statistics, basic calculations of orbital dynamics, and historical context. The physical manifestation of this comet over Rome granted Octavian the opportunity to begin asserting himself as a legitimate political competitor in the wake of Julius Caesar's death and his adoption in Caesar's will. With the comet as...

  19. Waugh revisited : destabilizing language and structure in Vile bodies, A handful of dust, and Brideshead revisited by Jabe Ziino.

    Ziino, Jabe (Jabe S.)
    Introduction: Last Fall semester I had only a very vague idea of a thesis topic: with a broad interest in the conflict between romantic love and religion inspired in part by a summertime reading of Brideshead Revisited, I spent a few evenings sharing company with St. Augustine, Abelard and Eloise, and Julian of Norwich. My interest in serious religion was quickly satisfied. Soon after choosing to focus on twentieth century British Catholic novelists-Graham Greene, Muriel Spark, and Evelyn Waugh-I realized the extent to which my enjoyment of Waugh greatly surpassed that of all my other readings. Jabe, I told myself,...

  20. Chaucer and the medieval sciences

    Goldman, Joshua Aaron
    by Joshua Aaron Goldman.

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