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Aeronautics and Astronautics - Bachelor's degree

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  1. An experimental investigation of the flutter characteristics of low density wings

    Deyst, John J. (John Jacob)
    by John J. Deyst, Jr.

  2. An experimental investigation of the minimum Reynolds' number for instability in water jets

    Viilu, Andrus
    by Andrus Viilu.

  3. An experimental investigation of the minimum Reynolds' number for instability in water jets

    Viilu, Andrus
    by Andrus Viilu.

  4. A study of the aerodynamic damping of airfoils in pitching oscillations

    Lindblom, Charles Wm; Brewer, Walter
    by Charles Wm. Lindblom and Walter Brewer, Jr.

  5. Design of a wind tunnel

    Mendoza, Ernesto T
    by Ernesto T. Mendoza.

  6. Design of a rate of turn recording instrument

    Butman, Paul M
    by Paul M. Butman.

  7. Effects of Earth encounters on the physical properties of near-earth objects

    Siu, Ho Chit
    The effects of Earth encounters on the physical properties of near-Earth objects (NEOs) have been shown to be significant factors in their evolution. Previous studies have examined the effects of these encounters on reflectance spectra based on observational measurements, and effects such as spin state and shape changes have been studied for specific asteroids and through simulation. In this project, an automated light-curve fitting routine was developed to support data reduction in an ongoing NEO survey. Additionally, data from previous NEO surveys were used to support simulation results by showing differences between encounter and non-encounter populations' rotational frequency distributions. These...

  8. Development of charts for determining shear, moment and normal stresses in circular, rectangular and elliptical rings, such as are used in transverse frames of fuselages

    Lecavalier, Fernand
    by Fernand Lecavalier.

  9. Design of main landing gear of jet trainer

    Toorans, Milton
    by Milton Toorans.

  10. An investigation of velocity distribution in test section of Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel

    Withington, Holden W
    by Holden W. Withington.

  11. Compressive strength of stiffened sheets of aluminum alloy

    Gall, Harbert W
    by Harbert W. Gall.

  12. Rotor hub for a commercial ramjet helicopter

    Moody, William F
    by William F. Moody.

  13. An investigation of the feasibility of a method of obtaining data from which the stability derivatives Cm

    Clunies, David Arthur; Stiles, H. William
    by David Arthur Clunies and H. William Stiles, Jr.

  14. The design of a machine for the testing of structural tubes in combined bending and compression

    Killian, E. D; Johnson, W. D
    by E. D. Killian and W. D. Johnson.

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