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Management - Bachelor's degree

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  1. Applying work simplification to the restaurant industry

    Baldwin, Bruce Wood
    by Bruce Wood Baldwin.

  2. Approximating the point binomial with the Gram-Charlier type B series

    Aaker, David A; Butterfield, David
    by David Aaker, David Butterfield.

  3. A quantitative study of some predetermined elemental time standard systems

    Monahan, Richard E. (Richard Edward)
    by Richard E. Monahan.

  4. A contribution to life and death assemblage study

    Staton, Robert Dennis
    by Robert Dennis Staton.

  5. An approach to the two dimensional irregular cutting stock problem.

    Art, Richard Carl, Jr
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Alfred P. Sloan School of Management. Thesis. 1966. B.S.

  6. Optimal prediction of stationary time series and application in a stock market decision rule.

    Rooney, Stuart Allen
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Industrial Management. Thesis. 1965. B.S.

  7. The class of 1961--changing attitudes and values

    Katz, Arthur A. (Arthur Allen)
    by Arthur A. Katz.

  8. Workload fluctuation in management consulting firms.

    Weil, Henry Birdseye
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Industrial Management. Thesis. 1965. B.S.

  9. An investigation of some of the current methods for introducing change in the production area and their effect on acceptance by employees

    Lewis, Thomas Abner
    by Thomas Abner Lewis, Jr.

  10. An investigation of the problems involved in relocating the M.I.T. fraternities on west campus

    Jackson, Glenn D; Stevens, W. Chandler; Stocker, Ashton C
    by Glenn D. Jackson, III, W. Chandler Stevens, Jr., Ashton C. Stocker.

  11. The use of the semantic differential to examine the relationship between the reading of science fiction and certain attitudes and meanings

    Hadac, Ralph R
    by Ralph Robert Hadac.

  12. An analysis of price movements in the stock market by the filter technique

    Shiner, Allen Irwin
    Thesis (B.S.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, School of Industrial Management, 1962.

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