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  1. Exploration vs. exploitation in coupon personalization

    Atwi, Aliaa
    Personalized offers aim to maximize profit by taking into account customer preferences inferred from past purchase behavior. For large retailers with extensive product offerings, learning customer preferences can be challenging due to relatively short purchase histories of most customers. To alleviate the dearth of data, we propose exploiting similarities among products and among customers to reduce problem dimensions. We also propose that retailers use personalized offers not only to maximize expected profit, but to actively learn their customers' preferences. An offer that does not maximize expected profit given current information may still provide valuable insights about customer preferences. This information...

  2. Optimization of a resin cure sensor

    Lee, Huan Lim
    by Huan Lim Lee.

  3. User-controlled privacy for personal mobile data

    Paradesi, Sharon M. (Sharon Myrtle), 1986-
    Smartphones collect a wide range of sensor data, ranging from the basic, such as location, accelerometer, and Bluetooth, to the more advanced, such as heart rate. Mobile apps on the Android and iOS platforms provide users with "all-or-nothing" controls during installation to get permission for data collection and use. Users have to either agree to have the app collect and use all the requested data or not use the app at all. This is slowly changing with the iOS framework, which now allows users to turn off location sharing with specific apps even after installation. MIT Living Lab platform is...

  4. Physically constrained maximum likelihood method for snapshot deficient adaptive array processing

    Kraay, Andrea L. (Andrea Lorraine), 1976-
    by Andrea L. Kraay.

  5. Dynamic application of problem solving strategies : dependency-based flow control

    Jacobi, Ian Campbell
    While humans may solve problems by applying any one of a number of different problem solving strategies, computerized problem solving is typically brittle, limited in the number of available strategies and ways of combining them to solve a problem. In this thesis, I present a method to flexibly select and combine problem solving strategies by using a constraint-propagation network, informed by higher-order knowledge about goals and what is known, to selectively control the activity of underlying problem solvers. Knowledge within each problem solver as well as the constraint-propagation network are represented as a network of explicit propositions, each described with...

  6. Steady-state nonlinear interactions of surface acoustic waves.

    Vlannes, Nickolas Peppino
    Thesis. 1977. Elec.E.--Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

  7. User interface for MEMS characterization system

    Pedersen, Erik J. (Eric James), 1975-
    by Erik J. Pedersen.

  8. Design and fabrication of a MEMS-array pressure sensor system for passive underwater navigation inspired by the lateral line

    Hou, Stephen Ming-Chang, 1981-
    An object within a fluid flow generates local pressure variations that are unique and characteristic to the object's shape and size. For example, a three-dimensional object or a wall-like obstacle obstructs flow and creates sharp pressure gradients nearby. Similarly, unsteady flow contains vortical patterns with associated unique pressure signatures. Detection of obstacles, as well as identification of unsteady flow features, is required for autonomous undersea vehicle (AUV) navigation. An array of passive underwater pressure sensors, with their ability to An object within a fluid flow generates local pressure variations that are unique and characteristic to the object's shape and size....

  9. Defeating eavesdropping with quantum illumination

    Xu, Wenbang
    Quantum illumination is a paradigm for using entanglement to gain a performance advantage-in comparison with classical-state systems of the same optical power-over lossy, noisy channels that destroy entanglement. Previous work has shown how it can be used to defeat passive eavesdropping on a two-way Alice-to-Bob-to-Alice communication protocol, in which the eavesdropper, Eve, merely listens to Alice and Bob's transmissions. This thesis extends that work in several ways. First, it derives a lower bound on information advantage that Alice enjoys over Eve in the passive eavesdropping scenario. Next, it explores the performance of alternative practical receivers for Alice, as well as...

  10. Structured decomposition of adaptive applications

    Paluska, Justin Mazzola, 1981-
    We describe an approach to automate certain high-level implementation decisions in a pervasive application, allowing them to be postponed until run time. Our system enables a model in which an application programmer can specify the behavior of an adaptive application as a set of open-ended decision points. We formalize decision points as Goals, each of which may be satisfied by a set of scripts called Techniques. The set of Techniques vying to satisfy any Goal is additive and may be extended at runtime without needing to modify or remove any existing Techniques. Our system provides a framework in which Techniques...

  11. Efficient silicon micro-reactors for thermophotovoltaic applications

    Araghchini, Mohammad
    Thermophotovoltaic (TPV) systems passively generate electricity from the combustion of fuel. Although TPV conversion systems have advantages, they suffer from low efficiency. This thesis investigates different ways to increase the efficiency of TPV systems. In particular the thesis details micro-fabrication of silicon micro-reactors, and twodimensional tungsten photonic crystals (2D W PhC) for high-temperature applications such as selective thermal emitters for TPV energy conversion. Interference lithography and reactive ion etching are used to produce large-area single-crystal tungsten 2D PhC's. The fabricated PhC consists of an array of cylindrical cavities with 800nm diameter, 1.2 pm depth, and 1.2 pm period. Extensive characterization...

  12. Asynchronous cooperative multiprocessing within MULTICS.

    Hebalkar, Prakash Gurunath
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Electrical Engineering. Thesis. 1968. E.E.

  13. The estimation of traffic variables and detection of incidents using presence detector data.

    Kurkjian, Andrew Loris
    Thesis. 1978. Elec.E.--Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

  14. Complete VLSI implementation of improved low complexity chase Reed-Solomon decoders

    An, Wei, Elec. E. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    This thesis presents a complete VLSI design of improved low complexity chase (LCC) decoders for Reed-Solomon (RS) codes. This is the first attempt in published research that implements LCC decoders at the circuit level. Based on the joint algorithm research with University of Hawaii, we propose several new techniques for complexity reduction in LCC decoders and apply them in the VLSI design for RS [255, 239,17] (LCC255) and RS [31, 25, 7] (LCC31) codes. The major algorithm improvement is that the interpolation is performed over a subset of test vectors to avoid redundant decoding. Also the factorization formula is reshaped...

  15. File system to support time sharing in a multiprogramming environment.

    Johnson, Jerry William
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Electrical Engineering. Thesis. 1970. Elec.E.

  16. Micro-fabrication of 3-D Si/air and Si/SiO₂/air PBG structures

    Qi, Minghao, 1973-
    by Minghao Qi.

  17. Learning control of bipedal dynamic walking robots with neural networks

    Hu, Jianjuen, 1964-
    by Jianjuen Hu.

  18. Broadbanding of a klystron output cavity

    Saharian, A. (Alexander)
    by Alexander Saharian.

  19. Analysis of scanning in dual offset reflector antennas and the bifocal system

    Rappaport, Carey Milford
    by Carey Milford Rappaport.

  20. A comparative evaluation of two acoustic signal dereverberation techniques

    Gallemore, James Bruce
    by James B. Gallemore.

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