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Aeronautics and Astronautics - Engineer's degree

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  1. Algorithms for autonomous urban navigation with formal specifications

    Chaudhari, Pratik (Pratik Anil)
    This thesis addresses problems in planning and control of autonomous agents. The central theme of this work is that integration of "low-level control synthesis" and "high-level decision making" is essential to devise robust algorithms with provable guarantees on performance. We pursue two main directions here. The first part considers planning and control algorithms that satisfy temporal specifications expressed using formal languages. We focus on task specifications that become feasible only if some of the specifications are violated and compute a control law that minimizes the level of unsafety of the system while guaranteeing that it still satisfies the task specification....

  2. Pilot estimates of glide path and aim point during simulated landing approaches

    Acree, Cecil Wallace
    by C.W. Acree, Jr.

  3. A preliminary study of a new sampling approach

    Budiyono, Agus, 1969-
    by Agus Budiyono.

  4. Modeling and control of the aeroelastic response of highly flexible active wings

    Ortega-Morales, Miguel, 1968-
    by Miguel Ortega-Morales.

  5. Distributed visualization and feature identification for 3-D steady and transient flow fields

    Sujudi, David D. (David Dewantara)
    by David D. Sujudi.

  6. Design considerations for remotely operated welding in space : task definition and visual weld monitoring experiment

    Reynerson, Charles Martin
    by Charles Martin Reynerson.

  7. Design and development of advanced load sensors for the International Space Station

    Amir, Amir R. (Amir Riyadh)
    In preparation for the construction of the International Space Station (ISS) a risk mitigation experiment was conducted to quantify the crew-induced disturbances to the microgravity environment on board a spacecraft during a long duration space flight. Achieving a microgravity environment for scientific experiments is one of the primary objectives of the ISS. While numerous measurements have been made to characterize the overall acceleratory environment on the Space Shuttle and on Mir, the contribution of astronaut motion to the disturbances was little understood. During the first phase of the ISS Program, the stay of U.S. astronauts on the Russian Orbital Complex...

  8. Dynamics and control of the space shuttle based kinetic isolation tether experiment

    Stephenson, Mark William, 1958-
    by Mark William Stephenson.

  9. A study of a cylindrical, pulsed, solid fuel microthruster.

    Seeglitz, William Grant
    Thesis (E.A.A.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1973.

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