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Civil and Environmental Engineering - Engineer's degree

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  1. The operation and performance of a taxi fleet.

    McLeod, Murray Graeme
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Civil Engineering. Thesis. 1972. Civ. E.

  2. Further development and application of GEOFRAC flow to a geothermal reservoir

    VecchiarelliI, Alessandra
    GEOFRAC is a three-dimensional, geology-based, geometric-mechanical, hierarchical, stochastic model of natural rock fracture systems. The main characteristic of GEOFRAC is that is based on statistical input representing fracture patterns in the field in form of the fracture intensity P₃₂ (fracture area per volume) and the best estimate fracture size E(A). Recent developments in GEOFRAC allow the user to calculate the flow in a fractured medium. For this purpose the fractures are modeled as parallel plates and the flow rate can be calculated using the Poisseuille equation. This thesis explores the possibility of the application of GEOFRAC to model a geothermal...

  3. Engineering properties of the Orinoco Clay

    Day, Robert William
    by Robert William Day.

  4. Prestressed concrete penstock design for water hammer

    Kumbhani, Rajnikant Jayachand
    by Rajnikant Jayachand Kumbhani.

  5. The optimization of data compression algorithms

    Tang, Wang-Rei, 1975-
    by Want-Rei Tang

  6. Computer-aided engineering methodology for structural optimization and control

    Chow, Yi-Mei Maria, 1974-
    by Yi-Mei Maria Chow.

  7. Determination of the Hvorslev parameters of Vicksburg buckshot clay

    Molina, Ernesto Sarria
    by Ernesto Sarria Molina.

  8. Evaluation of rainfall-induced landslide transit characterization

    Chen, Yi-Ting, Civ. E. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    As landslide hazard has intensified in the past decades, the development of landslide hazard evaluation systems has become more and more important. However, not much attention is paid to discussing the landslide transition in new and reoccurring landslides between different triggering events. A region in the central Taiwan, the Chenyulan River basin with the landslides from three typhoon events, Typhoons Toraji, Mindulle and Sinlaku, is selected for landslide hazard analysis in this study. The Rainfall-induced Landslide Hazard Rating System is developed and applied in the landslide transit characterization analyses. The results show that landslide transit characterization varies according to geological...

  9. Prediction of in situ consolidation parameters of Boston Blue Clay

    Ghantous, Imad Botros
    by Imad Botros Ghantous.

  10. Re-analysis of deep excavation collapse using a generalized effective stress soil model

    Corral Jofré, Gonzalo Andrés
    This thesis re-analyzes the well-documented failure of a 30m deep braced excavation underconsolidated marine clay. Prior analyses of the collapse of the Nicoll Highway have relied on simplified soil models with undrained strength parameters based on empirical correlations and piezocone penetration data. In contrast, the current research simulates the engineering properties of the key Upper and Lower Marine Clay units using a generalized effective stress soil model, MIT-E3, with input parameters calibrated using laboratory test data obtained as part of the post-failure site investigation. The model predictions are evaluated through comparisons with monitoring data and through comparisons with results of...

  11. Real-time modeling of river basin response using radar-generated rainfall maps and a distributed hydrologic database

    Garrote, Luis
    by Luis Garrote.

  12. The use of a distributed hydrologic model to predict dynamic landslide susceptibility for a humid basin in Puerto Rico

    Kamal, Sameer A. (Sameer Ahmed)
    This thesis describes the use of a distributed hydrology model in conjunction with a Factor of Safety (FS) algorithm to predict dynamic landslide susceptibility for a humid basin in Puerto Rico. The Mameyes basin, located in the Luquillo Experimental Forest in Puerto Rico, was selected for modeling based on the rich ensemble of soil, vegetation, topographical, meteorological and historic landslide data available. The basin was parameterized into the TIN-based Real-time Integrated Basin Simulator (tRIBS) with particular emphasis on vegetation parameters for broadleaf evergreen trees in tropical climates. The basin was forced with precipitation data that included a synthesized rainfall event...

  13. Crack initiation and propagation in rock.

    Rad, Parviz F., 1942-
    Thesis (Civ. E.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Civil Engineering, 1968.

  14. The effects of glycolic acid and Dow latex 464 (Saran) on the strength and microstructure of neat cement paste

    Herrell, O. G. (Orval Glenn); Smith, Alan Edward
    by Orval Glenn Herrell and Alan Edward Smith.

  15. Viscoelastic characterization of rubber additive asphalt.

    Scott, John Patrick
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Civil Engineering. Thesis. 1969. Civ.E.

  16. Aspects of multi-national transportation investment planning

    Tsamboulas, Dimitrios Andreou
    by Dimitrios Andreou Tsamboulas.

  17. Similarity of sediment transport by water and air currents.

    Coronado Del Aguila, Francisco
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Civil Engineering. Thesis. 1970. Civ.E.

  18. Design sensitivity of highly damped structural systems

    Licona Núñez, Miguel José
    by Miguel José Licona Núñez.

  19. Financing low income housing projects through debt conversion in investment

    Pérez-Lavaud, Leopoldo
    by Leopoldo Pérez-Lavaud.

  20. Optical fiber sensors embedded in concrete structures : feasibility and durability studies

    Darmawangsa, Darmadi
    by Darmadi Darmawangsa.

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