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  1. An investigation of the aerodynamic characteristics of rotating wind-driven airfoils

    Hosch, John L; Weihmiller, H. E
    by John L. Hosch, Horace E. Weihmiller.

  2. A method for the determination and distribution of the mill room costs of the Converse Rubber Shoe Company

    White, Kenneth Blake; Warriner, R. Peverell
    by Kenneth Blake White and R. Peverell Warriner.

  3. A suitable method of overhead distribution at the Converse Rubber Shoe Company

    White, George R
    by George R. White.

  4. Advantages of american production techniques applicable to Spanish industry

    Bosch Aymerich, José Maria
    by José Maria Bosch Aymerich.

  5. Aerodynamic investigation of a multiplace fighter

    Richardson, Leslie E
    by Leslie E. Richardson.

  6. A study of tidal power project at Passamaquoddy Bay

    Ko, Choong Myung
    by Choong Myung Ko.

  7. Chemical and physical effects of super-voltage cathode rays on amino acids in foods and in aqueous solutions

    Bhatia, Darshan Singh
    by Darshan Singh Bhatia.

  8. Tramp shipping

    Long, Sumner Adam
    by Sumner Adam Long.

  9. The properties of ramie fabric as covering for airplane wings

    Moy-Ding, William; Chun, Ki Kee
    Introduction: The coming commercialization of aircraft has led to the investigation of many constructive textile fabrics - Silk, linen, and cotton fabrics are used most commonly. On account of the high cost, the use of silk and linen is limited to a great extent. today mercerized cotton fabric plays the predominating part in the construction of airplane wings. The object of this experiment is to investigate the physical properties of ramie for its possible entering into the realm of its sister fabrics. Ramie is a fiber obtained from the base of the stingless nettle or Baehmerica tenncissima, which grows best...

  10. A consumer survey of the men's pajama market

    Steiner, Harold A. (Harold Arnold)
    by Harold A. Steiner, Jr.

  11. Kinetics of oxidation of dehydrated food at low oxygen pressures

    Kacyn, Louis J
    by Louis J. Kacyn.

  12. Growth support potential of irradiated foods for microorganisms of public health significance

    Solberg, Myron
    by Myron Solberg.

  13. A study of the biological aspects of transportation of fruit from Chile to the United States

    Serrano Palma, Horacio; Kallet, Arthur M
    by Horacio Serrano Palma and Arthur M. Kallet.

  14. The incidence of the simplification movement in New England industries

    Lord, Irwin Matheson; Marcus Robert G
    by Irwin M. Lord, Robert G. Marcus.

  15. Capital, growth and welfare--theories of allocation

    Bator, Francis M., 1925-
    by Francis M. Bator.

  16. An investigation of the functions of the business letter

    Groce, W. C. (Walton Craig); Miller, P. L
    by W.C. Groce, P.L. Miller.

  17. Regulation of pituitary function by 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D₃

    Rose, Stanley David
    by Stanley David Rose.

  18. Simultaneous vs. successive response selection: a study of attention as the limiting mechanism.

    Smith, Marilyn Chapnik
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dept. of Psychology. Thesis. 1966. Ph.D.

  19. Studies of the purine biosynthetic pathways in the gastrointestinal tract.

    LeLeiko, Neal Simon
    Thesis (Ph.D.)--Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dept. of Nutrition and Food Science, 1979.

  20. The application of music in industry and its effect upon the morale and efficiency of the worker

    Scott, John H. (John Homans); Libbey, W. Scott
    by John H. Scott, Jr., W. Scott Libbey.

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