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2. Working Papers

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  1. Productivity measurement using capital asset valuation to adjust for variations in utilization

    Berndt, Ernst R.; Fuss, Melvyn A.
    Also released as Working Paper No. 8125, Institute for Policy Analysis, University of Toronto. *An earlier version was presented at the econometric Society Summer Meetings, San Diego, California, June 24-27, 1981.

  2. A note on the use of aggregate data in individual choice models : discrete consumer choice among alternative fuels for residential appliances

    Hartman, Raymond Steve

  3. Industrial response to spot electricity prices: some empirical evidence

    Bohn, Roger E.
    Time of day prices for electricity are usually preferable to constant rates, as the true cost of generating energy varies over the course of a day. But time of day rates are still inefficient, because prices do not change in step with day by day random fluctuations in actual generating costs. Spot prices, which change every five minutes, can avoid this inefficiency by tracking actual marginal cost. This paper empirically estimates the ability of industrial customers to respond to rapidly varying prices. The conclusion is that some customers will be able to react quickly to such prices. Because the estimates...

  4. An analysis of Department of Energy residential appliance efficiency standards

    Hartman, Raymond Steve

  5. The incorporation of solar photovoltaics into a model of residential energy demand

    Hartman, Raymond S.

  6. A probabilistic model of oil discovery

    Smith, James Lee

  7. Equilibrium patterns of competition in OCS lease sales

    Smith, James Lee
    An equilibrium model of bidding behavior is developed that accounts for observed fluctuations in the degree of competition to acquire offshore petroleum leases. As one might expect, such fluctuations are related to the heterogeneity of geological prospects that are offered for sale, with a relatively high degree of competition to acquire tracts of the highest quality. The equilibrium configuration of bids is also shown to reflect structural characteristics, such as capital market constraints, that may restrict competition in the lease auction. Empirical evidence is presented which tends to confirm our general theory of bidding equilibria, but which contradicts the popular...

  8. Photovoltaics and the National Park Service : an institutional analysis

    Nutt-Powell, Thomas Evan; Sorrell, Levi Anthony
    On cover: Energy Laboratory Utility Systems Program.

  9. Legislative mandates for energy model documentation and access : a historical analysis

    Mason, Martha J.

  10. Papers presented at a Conference on Energy Prices, Inflation and Economic Activity, November 7-9, 1979.

    MIT Energy Lab
    Sponsored by the M.I.T. Center for Energy Policy Research.

  11. Comments on proposed rulemaking concerning electric rates for solar users

    Bottaro, Drew
    Energy Laboratory Utility Systems Program.

  12. The effect of increased national oil company sales on OPEC and the long run structure of the international petroleum market

    Owsley, Henry Furlow
    Originally presented as the author's thesis, M.S. in the M.I.T. Alfred P. Sloan School of Management, 1979.

  13. Electricity demand in primary aluminum smelting

    Mork, Knut Anton
    The demand for electricity by primary aluminum smelters is estimated econometrically. Cross section data is used, including plant data for the U.S. and Norway and a national average for Japan. The data are sampled for two periods, one before and one after the 1973-74 energy price increase. The paper estimates the elasticity of substitution between electricity and an aggregate of all other inputs, assumed to exist. The estimated value of 0.1 is low, but significantly different from zero. Large price in- creases, such as the equalization of hydro and other power prices are found to result in substantial energy savings.

  14. Models of new product diffusion : current status and research agenda

    Kalish, Shlomo; Lilien, Gary Louis
    Diffusion models, mathematical attempts to describe the growth patterns of new products and relate them to variables such as price and population characteristics, have seen major development trends in the past few years. This paper reviews that progress in order to isolate those areas most likely to be fruitful for further development. The paper first reviews some of the behavioral underpinnings of diffusion models: the phenomena being modeled. Next, the major explicit form models are reviewed and classified according to whether they have market-controls or not and according to the number of stages they explicitly consider. These models are related...

  15. The pricing of durable exhaustible resources

    Levhari, David

  16. Summary : Photovoltaic International Plan Meeting, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, July 9, 1979.

  17. The political economy of the Middle East : changes and prospects since 1973

    Adelman, Morris Albert

  18. The clumsy cartel

    Adelman, Morris Albert

  19. Financial influences on the behavior of oil exporters

    Dailami, Mansoor
    On cover: World Oil Project.

  20. Supply instability and oil market behavior

    Jacoby, Henry D.; Paddock, James Lester
    This paper analyzes the disruption in world oil markets which was triggered by the 1978-79 Iranian revolution. The resultant price rises are explored in the context of the behavior of the spot market and key OPEC countries. In particular, the economic and political roles of excess oil supply in the Persian Gulf nations are discussed. Conclusions for the likely future are presented, along with the implications for United States policy.

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