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  1. Interpreting Photoactive Fluorescence Microscopy Measurements of Steady-State Actin Dynamics

    Tardy, Y.; McGrath, J.L.; Hartwig, J.H.; Dewey, C.F.
    Biophysical Journal, 1995

  2. Regulation of Adenine Nucleotide Concentration at Endothelium-Fluid Interface by Viscous Shear Flow

    Shen, Jian; Gimbrone, Michael A. Jr.; Luscinskas, Francis W.; Dewey, C. Forbes Jr.
    Biophysical Journal, 1993

  3. Theoretical Estimates of Mechanical Properties of the Endothelial Cell Cytoskeleton

    Satcher, Robert L. Jr.; Dewey, C. Forbes Jr.
    Biophysical Journal, 1996

  4. A Mechanistic Model of the Actin Cycle

    Bindschadler, M.; Osborn, E. A.; Dewey, C. F. Jr; McGrath, J. L.
    We have derived a broad, deterministic model of the steady-state actin cycle that includes its major regulatory mechanisms. Ours is the first model to solve the complete nucleotide profile within filaments, a feature that determines the dynamics and geometry of actin networks at the leading edges of motile cells, and one that has challenged investigators developing models to interpret steady-state experiments. We arrived at the nucleotide profile through analytic and numerical approaches that completely agree. Our model reproduces behaviors seen in numerous experiments with purified proteins, but allows a detailed inspection of the concentrations and fluxes that might exist in these experiments. These inspections provide new...

  5. Simultaneous Measurements of Actin Filament Turnover, Filament Fraction, and Monomer Diffusion in Endothelial Cells

    McGrath, J. L.; Tardy, Y.; Dewey, C. F. Jr; Meister, J. J.; Hartwig, J. H.
    Biophysical Journal, 1998

  6. Pressure Dependence of the Infrared Laser Lines in Barium Vapor

    Madigan, M.; Hocker, L.O.; Flint, J.H.; Dewey, C.F. Jr
    We have studied nine laser transitions in Ba vapor at wavelengths between 1.13 and 3.05 micrometer. Three of these laser lines have not been reported previously. The relative intensities of the four strongest transitions (1.13, 1.50, 2.55, and 2.92 micrometer) vary with buffer gas pressure, suggesting that collisional deexcitation of the 6p 1^P_1 state occurs at higher pressure and is the main mechanism populating the upper states of the 2.55 and 2.33 micrometer lines.

  7. Lasing Efficiency and Photochemical Stability of IR Laser

    Oettinger, Peter E.; Dewey, C. Forbes Jr
    The lasing efficiencies and photochemical stabilities of laser dyes useful in the 710-1080-nm spectral region have been investigated using a Q-switched ruby laser pumping source. The measured bleaching rates P defined as the probability of irreversible decomposition of a dye molecule per absorbed photon, varied from <= 1 exp-5 to 3 exp-4 for the different dye-solvent combinations investigated. Broad-band lasing efficiencies (the ratios of dye laser output to ruby radiation input) ranged from 4 to 43 percent. Shifts of wavelength tuning range with variations in solvent, dye concentration, and dye laser cavity geometry are reported.

  8. Improved Temporal Stability of Polymethine Laser Dyes in Aqueous Solutions

    Hackett, C.E.; Dewey, C.F. Jr
    Polymethine laser dyes which fluoresce in the near infrared in organic solvents generally exhibit poor temporal stability at room temperature. Two typical laser-pumped polymethine dyes in aqueous solutions containing nonionic surfactants are investigated. Temporal stability was improved 20-fold, as compared to organic solutions, with no significant changes in laser-pumping threshold or tuning range.

  9. American Society for Echocardiography Software Suite for Verification and

    Claesen, S; Heart, G; Li, W; Bharath, A; Chandra, S; Kitney, R; Dewey, CF Jr; Thomas, JD
    The imminent balloting of the draft DICOM 3.0 module on ultrasound represents a major step forward in the progress of digital storage formats for echocardiography. In this paper, we discuss a software suite soon to be released into the public domain for reading, parsing and verifying DICOM 3.0 ultrasonic objects. The software is designed to allow the user to verify that a Jle consisting of digital ultrasound data, claiming DlCOM 3.0 conformance, does in fact adhere to the standard. A graphical user-interface for the software suite is also provided, allowing the playback of cin& mode images in real-time on standard computer hardware, and across a TCP/IP network.

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