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23rd Hayes Graduate Research Forum (April, 2009)

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  1. Regulation of cell fate by caspase-3 and PKCδ and Hsp 27

    Voss, Oliver H.
    Regulation of cell fate by caspase-3 and Protein Kinase Cδ and heat shock protein 27 Objectives of the study. Apoptosis is an evolutionarily conserved mechanism essential for normal development and defense against viral infections and cancer. Cancer initiation and progression has been associated with a dysregulation of the homeostatic balance between cell proliferation and apoptosis. A key regulator of apoptosis is the cysteine protease, caspase-3. The inability to activate caspase-3 has been associated with resistance to chemotherapy and the progression of leukemia. However, the mechanisms of caspase-3 activation are still largely unknown. Thus, the purpose of this study was to determine...

  2. Effect of zoledronic acid therapy in an in vivo model of bone invasive feline oral squamous cell carcinoma

    Martin, Chelsea
    Objective: To test the hypothesis that zoledronic acid will inhibit tumor-induced osteolysis and reduce tumor growth and invasion in a xenograft mouse model of bone invasive oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). In humans, OSCC is the 6th most common cancer in the world. Bone invasion frequently occurs and is associated with poor prognosis and reduced survival. OSCC is the most commonly diagnosed malignancy of the oral cavity in cats and has a grave prognosis with an average duration of survival of only 2 months. Feline OSCC (FOSCC) is very aggressive and commonly invades bone, which is characterized by osteoclastic bone...

  3. The Presentation of Spatial Design using Autonomous Behavior in Virtual Environments

    Tashfeen, Asheer
    The Arts: 3rd Place (The Ohio State University Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum)

  4. Locomotor Training: The Effects of Treadmill Speed and Body Weight Support on Gait Kinematics

    Lathrop, Rebecca
    Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training (BWSTT) is a rehabilitation method which can help individuals with incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries (SCIs) regain the ability to walk. In BWSTT, a harness is used to support part of the patient's body weight above a treadmill while therapists assist the patient in performing stepping motions. Following SCI, recovery of function is achieved by reorganization of neural pathways in the spinal cord, which is dependent on task-specific rehabilitation. BWSTT is a task-specific program which focuses on replicating the forces and motions experienced during normal walking to help patients achieve recovery of walking ability. While BWSTT...

  5. English language learners and distinctions between student-teacher relationships and school climate

    Yough, Mike
    Education and Human Ecology: 3rd Place (The Ohio State University Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum)

  6. Polylysine modified hydrogels: brain mimetic materials for neural tissue engineering

    Rao, Shreyas
    Poster: 3rd Place (The Ohio State University Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum)

  7. Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor: A Key Mediator of Inflammation

    Kithcart, Aaron
    Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a demyelinating neurological disease affecting more than 400,000 Americans, causing progressive motor and sensory loss. MS is typically diagnosed during the second and third decades of life and thus is the primary cause of non-traumatic disability in the United States. The pathology of MS involves activation of autoreactive lymphocytes and their migration across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) into the central nervous system (CNS), including both the brain and spinal cord. It has been previously reported that MS patients have a higher level of the ubiquitously expressed, proinflammatory molecule MIF. We have shown that mice lacking MIF...


    Singh, Suresh
    Emerging economy firms are increasingly acquiring foreign firms, either buoyed by success at home or as a response to competitive threats from foreign players entering their home markets. These firms are new to the game and it remains to be seen if they have been able to secure gains for their shareholders in the process. This study analyzed international acquisitions by Indian firms and found that shareholder gains are positive overall. However, larger firm size tends to have a negative impact on shareholder returns suggesting that bigger firms may be prone to hubris. Managerialism was not found to be a significant.

  9. The Measure of Literacy in Later Medieval England

    Bennett, James
    Humanities: 1st Place (The Ohio State University Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum)

  10. Development of heat-sensitive microbubbles for cancer ablation margin assessment

    Huang, Jiwei
    Thermal ablation processes hold the promise of less invasive cancer management. But broader acceptance of cancer ablation processes is hindered by controversial issues and concerns due to the lack of effective assessment of the ablation margin during surgery. We developed heat-sensitive microbubbles for ablation margin assessment during a cancer ablation surgery. The heat-sensitive microbubbles, which comprise a core of liquid perfluorocarbons (PFC) within a biodegradable poly lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) shell, were fabricated using an emulsion evaporation method. Optical microscopic imaging showed that, at the boiling point of PFC (55ºC), the microbubbles expanded from 1 μm to 20 μm due to...

  11. A Model-Based Analysis of Anxiety and Biased Processing of Threatening Information

    White, Corey
    Social and Behavioral Sciences; Social Work; Law: 1st Place (The Ohio State University Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum)

  12. Understanding the Drivers of Firm-level Stock Returns: An International Perspective

    Chen, Jia
    At social occasions, economists are often asked to interpret the movement of stock returns. In response, they have developed theories that break unexpected stock returns into changes in expectations of future cash flow and changes in expectations of future returns. Intuitively, one can call the former "news about future cash flow", or cash-flow news, and the latter "news about future returns", or expected-return news. It helps to understand how stock returns move to examine which news component is more important in terms of driving stock returns. By using US firms, researchers have empirically documented that cash-flow news dominates expected-return news...

  13. Looming Maladaptive Style as a Specific Moderator of Risk Factors for Anxiety

    Adler, Abby
    Both the tendency to view threatening events as likely and the experience of threatening events have been identified as important in the etiology and maintenance of symptoms of anxiety. However, these risk factors have also been related to the course of depressive symptoms. In an effort to expand on traditional theories of anxiety, Riskind (1997) proposed that an individual’s tendency to view threatening events as rapidly intensifying and approaching is an important, though often neglected factor in understanding anxiety. This tendency is known as a looming maladaptive style (LMS). Studies have shown that LMS predicts subsequent change in symptoms of...

  14. Genetic Contributions of the Tumor Microenvironment in Breast Cancer Metastasis

    Werbeck, Jillian
    Biological Sciences: 2nd Place (The Ohio State University Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum)

  15. Automation of Delivery Device for Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection

    Vedachalam, Sridhar
    Although water reuse has been practiced in many countries for centuries, severe water scarcity in many parts of the world has aroused renewed interest. In addition, the health risks posed by untreated wastewater emphasize the need to prevent the spread of fecal-oral pathogens through adequately disinfecting wastewater. Though chlorine has widely been used as a disinfectant, its inability to inactivate certain microorganisms and its role in the formation of cancerous trihalomethanes has created the search for alternatives. Chlorine-dioxide has been found to be an effective replacement, though it poses some inherent safety issues being explosive at concentrations of 10% (w/w)...


    Prabhakar, Veena
    Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (FAES): 1st Place (The Ohio State University Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum)

  17. Intraoperative Fluorescence Surgical Goggle

    Qin, Ruogu
    Background Malignant tissue resection, especially tumor resection is a great challenge to surgeons. Due to the disseminated characteristic of these tissues, the small and varied foci and blurred margins often evade surgeon’s unaided eyes. Unfortunately, surgeons have to rely mainly on preoperative images and their experience. No effective method is available that can provide real-time reference. Based on targeted fluorescence contrast agents, we are developing an intraoperative imaging system (surgical goggle) for identifying locations and margins of tumors. Method Tumor targeted MuCC49-Cy7 is injected into a female athymic nude mice. We use light at a near infrared (NIR) range (710 – 760nm)...

  18. Parenthood, Life Course Expectations, and Mental Health

    Carlson, Daniel
    Social and Behavioral Sciences; Social Work; Law: 2nd Place (The Ohio State University Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum)

  19. Exposure and Vulnerability: Child Health as a Vector in the Intergenerational Transmission of Social Position

    Lynch, Jamie
    Education and Human Ecology: 2nd Place (The Ohio State University Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum)

  20. Forecasting product returns for production planning and control in remanufacturing

    Clottey, Toyin
    There is a growing focus on sustainability in corporate objectives. A key approach to managing and implementing sustainability is through operations management. Sustainable operations hold the key to increased profitability and effective management of environmental issues. Among the business processes used for sustainability is reuse. A key preferred component of reuse is remanufacturing. Legislation trends, as evidenced in the European Union, are forcing manufacturers to take back and put products back into the market, after remanufacturing. The remanufacturing may be done by either the manufacturer or a remanufacturer. In this study, we consider a manufacturer that also acts as a...

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