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Dialnet (Difusión de Alertas en la Red) es una plataforma de recursos y servicios documentales, cuyo objetivo fundamental se centra en mejorar la visibilidad y el acceso a la literatura científica hispana a través de Internet.


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  1. Daniel Gallego-Hernández (ed.): Traducción económica: entre profesión, formación y recursos documentales

    Masseau, Paola

  2. Gina Ma˘ciuca˘ (ed.): Identitatea lexicala˘ s¸i morfologica˘ a limbii române în contextul multilingvistic european: consonant.e s¸i disonant.e. Verbul (vol. I)

    Bleortu, Cristina; García Rodríguez, Alba

  3. Building an RRG computational grammar

    Cortés Rodríguez, Francisco José; Mairal Usón, Ricardo
    Several grammatical models have shown a growing interest for the development of the conditions necessary to satisfy the so-called criterion of computational adequacy. Within Role and Reference Grammar (RRG [Van Valin & LaPolla, 1997; Van Valin, 2005; Pavey, 2010]), there have been some works seeking to implement the model in different computational environments (Diedrichsen, 2011, 2013; Guest, 2009; Nolan & Periñán-Pascual, 2014; Salem et al., 2008). In this scenario, the works of Van Valin & Mairal (2014), Periñán-Pascual (2013) and PeriñánPascual & Arcas (2014) have set up the guidelines to devise a parsing system called ARTEMIS (Automatically Representing TExt Meaning via an InterlinguaBased System) for the computational treatment of the syntax and semantics of sentences. The...

  4. Los adjetivos de relación como núcleo de frases adjetivas

    López Arca, Yolanda
    In this article we deal with the question of relational adjectives being able to function as head adjectives inside adjectival phrases. In the first part we focus on the analysis of examples with two relational adjectives modifying the same noun. We analyze different ways of encoding the string of two adjectives and we propose that this grammatical construction must be analyzed as follows: [[N+A]+A]. In the second part examples with an adverb placed between a noun and a relational adjective are analyzed. We prove that restrictions are different dependant on the nature of the adverb. The combination with degree quantifiers is possible, but it leads to a...

  5. Tracking down phrasal verbs: the case of up and down

    Rosca, Andrea; Baker de Altamirano, Yvonne
    Since the frequency of phrasal verbs is register-specific, it is essential for L2 learners to be exposed to the most productive phrasal verbs in their field of study. Thus, English for Police learners should become familiar and practise the most recurrent phrasal verbs in the context of crime and police investigative work. In this study we determine the frequency and meaning extensions of phrasal verbs with the particles up and down in a spoken corpus of English for the Police on the basis of which we also generate teaching materials for L2 trainee police officers. This research extends McCarthy and O’Dell’s (2004) scope of analysis by encompassing...

  6. Descripción fonético-acústica de la sexta vocal en el chedungun hablado en Alto Bío-Bío

    Soto-Barba, Jaime; Lara, Isolina; Salamanca Gutiérrez, Gastón Felipe
    This study presents the main results obtained from a phonetic-acoustic analysis of formants 1 and 2 (F1 & F2) of the tonic production of the sixth vowel from chedungun, a dialect of mapudungun, in two locations of Alto Bío-Bío (Queuco and Bío-Bío). These sounds were produced by 10 male speakers from a corpus of more than 100 lexical items specially selected to examine the chedungun phonetic-phonologic system. The data and results on this study indicate by one hand that there is not a significant geographical influence in the production of [ə] and [ɯ], and also that most of the phonetic production were performed as [ə] instead of [ɯ].

  7. Los solapamientos conversacionales en edad temprana : un estudio centrado en interacciones simétricas (niño-niño) y asimétricas (niño-adulto) en español

    Cobelas Cartagena, María A.
    The turn-taking system controls the exchange of roles (i.e., speaker and hearer) among the participants of a conversation. According to conversational analysts, this interactional process is governed by turn allocation techniques aimed at ensuring that this exchange takes place in a fluent, organized and systematic way. Nevertheless, there are also different conversational transgressions that break the expected rules. The aim of this study is to analyze one of the most common conversational transgressions, namely overlaps, in early child language. For this purpose, we have carried out mainly a qualitative analysis combined with some quantitative aspects focusing on the overlapping talk of Spanish child-adult and child-child conversations. We have examined a total of 22 transcripts of 5 adults...

  8. Amplificar y contradecir con lo indecible. : Un estudio de caso en el conflicto armado colombiano

    Olave, Giohanny
    During the first year of the presidency of Juan Manuel Santos in Colombia, Víctor Julio Suárez Rojas, alias Rodrigo Briceño or ‘Mono Jojoy’, commander of the guerrilla FARC, was killed. In this paper I examine that case from the spechees of president and the insurgent group. The aim is to reconstruct the resources and ways through which the speeches build relationships of political opposition. The case is studied on the theoretical basis of contemporary rhetoric and polemical discourse. The paper represents and describes the rhetorical amplification as the main method of structuring of political discourse in both texts analyzed. Then I describe the operation of the rhetorical strategy of "said unsaid", this is the explicit...

  9. El testamento como género discursivo en documentación peninsular (de la Edad Media al siglo XVIII)

    Tabernero Sala, María Cristina
    This article analizes the testamentary discourse evolution on the basis of the comparison of a hundred and fifty documents of different syntopies. These documents are also contrasted with the guidelines from the copyists’ handbooks of the studied periods. This work’s results cast new light on the chronological and geographic variation of this textual type as well as on the linguistic and discoursive uses which characterize it. Furthermore, these outcomes show the relevance of the copyist, as well as that of the enunciation conditions and the historical context in a genre which is commonly believed to be immobile

  10. Comprensión y producción de causalidad y contracausalidad : distinciones en función del proceso subyacente y efectos de la escolarización formal

    Mariel Zunino, Gabriela
    We present a comparative study to analyze how speakers understand and produce specific semantic relations such as causality and counter-causality. We are particularly interested in analyzing whether there are differences based on the underlying process and how the level of formal education of the participants is involved regarding their performance. We have evaluated causal and counter-causal relations in various conditions: “then (entonces)” and “because (porque)” for causality; “but (pero)” and “although (aunque)” for counter-causality. Our general hypothesis postulates a cross-causal advantage that is modulated by level of education and the particular hypothesis predicts internal differences by dimension according to the specific condition and depending on the underlying process and the level of formal education. Our results support our...

  11. Constructing the Meaning of Cover and Spread: A Lexical-Constructional Approach

    Rodríguez Juárez, Carolina
    This research presents the results of the study of the verbs of position cover and spread as representative predicates of the subclass of verbs of putting something on (the surface of) something else and aims to examine the restrictions that regulate the subsumption process by means of which lexical structure can integrate into argument structure. In particular, we will deal with the integration of cover into the locatum subject construction, and of spread into the with-construction and provide a motivated account on the basis of external constraints such as metonymy, which regulate and license the integration of low-level lexical characterizations into higher-level constructional configurations. This meaning construction analysis will be done within the framework of...

  12. Evaluación analítica de la escritura de estudiantes de 4º año básico en Chile

    Sotomayor, Carmen; Gómez, Gabriela; Jéldrez, Elvira; Ávila Reyes, Natalia Alejandra; Bedwell, Percy; Domínguez Ferro, Ana María
    The study analyzed a national sample of 2.061 writing samples of 687 fourth grade Chilean students who participated in a national writing evaluation in 2008. Three genres―story, request letter and news story―were evaluated by disaggregated rubrics created for this purpose with five criteria: adaptation to the communicative situation, coherence, cohesion, text structure and punctuation, in addition to a global assessment. The results indicate that there are significant differences in performance according to the dimension and genre evaluated. The highest levels were found in coherence and text structure and the lowest levels in cohesion. Coherence was higher in the story, while text structure was higher in the request...

  13. Tendencias actuales en los piropos españoles

    Níkleva, Dimitrinka G.
    This study aims to detect the current trends in Spanish compliments and flirtatious remarks made both by women and men. A sample of 224 compliments and flirtatious remarks is examined, provided by 40 participants―university students from the University of Granada (Andalusia, Spain). We study the frequency of the most common compliments; carry out a morphological analysis of the sample by word category, and also analyse the complete vocabulary used in the sample, with the number of words and of different words, word appearance frequency in the text, included. Some characteristics and expressive resources utilized are determined. The study confirms that the compliment/flirtatious remark is by nature hyperbolic and...

  14. El reconocimiento del habla ante la variedad de una lengua: la africada dento-alveolar andaluza

    Saz Rubio, María Milagros del
    The quality of voice recognition within the field of speech technologies depends on the type of system used and the application to which it is destined. One of the problems that it can present is its degree of robustness with dialectal variants of a language. In this study, an analysis is done of the recognition rate of Andalusian aspiration before the voiceless dentoalveolar plosive by using Google Voice Search and untrained Windows 7, on the one hand, and Windows 7 after a number of training sessions with a speaker, on the other hand. Initially, Google Voice Search has greater robustness than Windows 7, which Windows 7 compensates...

  15. Validación perceptiva de dos procedimientos de representación de la melodía aplicados al español, al portugués brasileño y al español como lengua extranjera

    Conceição Silva, Cristiane; Garrido Almiñana, Juan María
    There are many procedures to describe F0 contours in acoustic-phonetic terms. Garrido’s (1996, 2001, 2010) and z-score normalization systems have the advantage that they are automatic procedures. Therefore, this paper aims at analyzing both systems in order to determine the possible future application for the analysis of Spanish as a Foreign Language spoken by Brazilians (SFL). To do so, we analyze the melodic curves in declaratives, yes-no questions and wh-questions in Madrid Spanish, in Brazilian Portuguese (BP) spoken in the city of São Paulo and finally, in SFL. The validity of both systems was tested through a perception test with 10 Brazilian and 10 Spanish listeners. Listeners rated the degree of similarity between the signals...

  16. Relaciones semánticas en la atribución autorial del conocimiento en tesis de licenciatura: una aproximación empírica

    Venegas, René
    The senior thesis is a relevant discourse genre to prove academic knowledge and to obtain a university degree. The descriptions of this kind of genre have been focusing on the lexicalgrammatical and discursive rhetoric level; as well as in the process of construction and defense of the thesis. The semantic level, however, has been scarcely studied. This paper describes the characteristics of the authorial attribution of knowledge given by the semantic representation of utterances of the introduction and conclusion section. The corpus comprises 364 senior theses of four disciplines. First, we extracted utterances with explicit authorial attribution. Secondly, we constructed the semantic representation of statements according to the Role and Reference Grammar (RRG). According to the...

  17. The (mis)use of paratexts to (mis)represent the Other: Chun Sue’s Beijing Doll as a case study

    Rovira-Esteva, Sara
    Translation is believed to be the site par excellence of intercultural encounter and exchange, but how this exchange takes place differs enormously depending on the cultures and literature systems that come into contact. Different cultures have different views on the function of source texts in translation and different expectations about the role of the translator. They therefore have different translation norms that have an impact on the final product, i.e. the translated text. Power relations between cultures are also reflected in a translator’s approach to the translation task, and the way in which publishers present translated texts to their target audiences. Translation has, therefore, a social and ideological dimension. By analyzing three translations (into English,...

  18. Decodificación, comprensión lectora y habilidades lingüísticas en escolares con Trastorno Específico del Lenguaje de primero básico

    Barbieri, Zulema de; Coloma, Carmen Julia; Sotomayor, Carmen
    Specific language impairment (SLI) is one of the most common childhood disorders in oral communication and is characterized by the presence of difficulties in the different language components. Children with SLI are a risk group for learning written language. Their heterogeneity of linguistic and metalinguistic characteristics can impact their reader profile. It is known that problems in phonological awareness affect decoding, as well as deficits in grammar, semantics and narrative discourse impact reading comprehension. The purpose of this study was to determine the performance of SLI students in decoding and reading comprehension, and to identify the relationship of these performances with phonological awareness, vocabulary and narrative discourse. Objectives: a) To determine the performance in linguistic and reading...

  19. Técnicas de traducción jurídico-económica: evaluación y posibles aplicaciones de las notas del traductor

    Vázquez del Árbol, Esther
    Translation techniques have been widely studied throughout Translation Studies´ history. Nevertheless, there is a clear need for more detailed studies on their use and application within the frame of legal-business translation. Such translation variety is certainly one of the most complex ones, especially when the instruments translated have been produced by different law systems. That is the reason why the use of translator´s notes is adviced. In this paper we will comment on the main positions towards their use, then we will implement the most relevant translation techniques unto legal-business documents´ denominations posing a (English-Spanish) translation difficulty, with the aim of assessing the validity of translator´s notes. The results of our research will underline the...

  20. Marcadores del discurso y contextos funcionales: la reformulación como construcción discursiva

    Polanco Martínez, Fernando
    This work deals with the explanatory potential of applying a constructional approach of functional contexts to the semantic-functional description of conversational markers. We focus our attention in the function of reformulation and in some of its typical discursive markers in spoken Spanish, as o sea, vamos and vaya. We think that this proposal can explain better the sense effects that some reformulative markers present depending on the context they appear. From a constructional perspective, this contextual interpretations can be understood as constructional senses (Polanco, 2013a, 2014) derived from the interaction of the general meaning of the discursive construction, which acts as a functional context, and the prototypical sense of the discursive marker.

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