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1. Zero lexemes and derived sentence patterns - Zimmerling, Anton
The paper is devoted to Igor Mel'cuk's theory of zero lexemes and its applications in typology. The author accepts Mel'cuk's analysis of Modern Russian where postulating zero lexemes in the subject position is the best solution, but argues that some claims have to be modified if one turns to broader typological data. The notion of zero lexemes can be introduced into other formal theories.

2. Towards a modified notation of support verbs (considerations on German material) - Zangenfeind, Robert
The paraphrasing system of MTT makes use of lexical and syntactic rules, of which some of the latter are optional when paraphrasing support verb constructions. For a formal description of the conditions, whether or not an optional syntactic rule has to be applied for a certain paraphrase, it is necessary to have information available about the distribution of actants between the predicative noun and the support verb. To provide this information in a system-atic way, we propose a modified notation of support verbs in particular government patterns or in terms of Operij, instead of the traditional notation of Operi. The...

3. Some considerations about polysemy - Zalizniak, Anna
The paper deals with the phenomenon of meaning superposition, i.e. simultaneous realization of two or more meanings of a polysemous word. Subtypes of meaning superposition are distinguished; the notions of ambiguity, vagueness, syncretism and meaning conjunction are defined. A classification of possible semantic effects of meaning superposition of the ambiguity type is proposed, based on two independent binary features: the zeugma (pun) effect and the semantic interaction between the superposed meanings.

4. The grammar of surprise: the Russian construction of the type "Kowka e3rna da yMepna" 'Suddenly, the cat died' - Weiss, Daniel
Contemporary Russian has a construction composed of the verb 'to take' and a second verb V2. Both verbs manifest identical grammatical categories, they are linked either by syndetic (with a conjunction meaning 'and') or asyndetic coordination or else they are serialized, and the meaning of the whole construction is roughly speaking 'to suddenly V2'. In the paper I will first examine the formal and semantic properties of the construction, next discuss some criteria which support an analysis in terms of grammaticalization theory including additional pragmatic effects, and finally tackle the question how to model these facts in a dependency framework of the MTT type.

5. Word order in Mandarin Chinese intransitive clauses - Tremblay, Antoine; Beck, David
This study, couched in Mel'cuk's (2001) theory of communicative organization, deals with word order in simple intransitive Mandarin Chinese sentences from a communicative point of view. The Semantic-Communicative Structure of Subject-Verb, Verb-Subject, and Prolepsis-Subject-Verb sentences is described. We also demonstrate that the Rheme~Theme opposition does not affect the Subject-Verb and Verb-Subject word orders. It is shown that (i) Subject-Verb sentences are communicatively unmarked (i.e., this word order signals no particular Semantic-Communicative Structure), (ii) Verb-Subject sentences can only encode New Neutral Non-Focalized Subjects, and (iii) Prolepsis-Subject-Verb sentences encode Given Focalized Subjects.

6. Dissemination of principles put forward by the Explanatory Combinatorial Dictionary: three case studies - Reuther, Tilmann
Dissemination of linguistic principles put forward by the Explanatory Combinatorial Dictionary (ECD) is a key issue for the dissemination of Meaning -Text Theory. The topic of this paper is the author's experience with developers of teaching materials and special dictionaries with regard to the implementation of three ECD principles - (1) the lexicographic definition of a word's meaning, (2) the government pattern of a given lexeme and (3) the collocations of a given lexeme - within the framework of three projects - (A) the Russian - German CALLex Project (1995-1996), (B) the Russian Verb Project (2004-2006) and (C) the Slovenian Military Terminology Project (2005 - 2006). Evident...

7. Dependency-based sentence synthesis component for Czech - Ptácek, Jan; Zabokrtský, Zdenek
We propose a complex rule-based system for generating Czech sentences out of tectogrammatical trees, as introduced in Functional Generative Description (FGD) and implemented in the Prague Dependency Treebank 2.0 (PDT 2.0). Linguistically relevant phenomena including valency, diathesis, condensation, agreement, word order, punctuation and vocalization have been studied and implemented in Perl using software tools shipped with PDT 2.0. Parallels between generation from the tectogrammatical layer in FGD and deep syntactic representation in Meaning-Text Theory are also briefly sketched.

8. Lessons from the "Lexique actif du français" - Polguère, Alain
The "Lexique actif du français" (LAF) lexicographic project has just been completed. In its published form, the LAF contains the description of some 20,000 French semantic derivations and collocations. The theoretical and descriptive approach underlying the LAF is the Explanatory Combinatorial Lexicology, the lexicology branch of Meaning-Text linguistics. The main originality of this piece of work lies in the fact that the explanatory combinatorial formal approach has been interfaced, or popularized, in order to make the description accessible to non-linguists (mainly, language teachers and students). The aim of this paper is to offer a general presentation of the LAF, with special attention paid to how tensions generated...

9. Evaluating an interlingual semantic representation- application to FTRD's MTT-inspired system - Park, Jungyeul; Maillebuau, Estelle; De Neef, Emilie Guimier De Neef; Vinesse, Jérôme Vinesse; Heinecke, Johannes
This paper presents our semantic representation which has been introduced in France Télécom's third-generation rule-based interlingual MT system. After briefly describing our system, we compare MTT with our semantic representation. We propose to evaluate our semantic representation as an interlingual semantic representation in two ways. First, using our MT system we perform a robustness test which we refer to as a transparency test for our semantic representation. Second, we measure the rate of shared semantic representations between English and French: BLEU/NIST scores for a transparency test are relatively high and almost half of the corpus shares the same semantic representation.

10. Valence behavior of an IncepOper1 verb in Japanese - Panina, Anna
This paper examines valence behavior of the Japanese light verb hajimeru 'begin', which in terms of Meaning-Text theory can be considered a lexical function verb of the type IncepOper1. The verb was studied in construction with predicate nouns (450 occurrences in news texts). The results confirm that a noun's first argument is transferred to hajimeru, but its second argument, if present, is not, nor are sentential complements. Other arguments may occur with either hajimeru or the noun more or less equally. However, adjuncts of place and especially time are nearly always transferred to the verb.

11. Causatives, decausatives and unaccusatives - Paducheva, Elena V.
Different approaches to causativity are compared. The direction of semantic derivation in pairs consisting of a reflexive verb and its non-reflexive (causative) counterpart is discussed, as well as the distinction between causativization and decausativization. Non trivial parallels are established between Russian decausatives and the so called unaccusative verbs.

12. Morphological semi-phrasemes in Mandarin Chinese: an atypical collocational phenomenon - Nguyen, Étienne Van Tien
This paper presents an atypical form of "collocation" found in Mandarin Chinese. It aims at showing that in this language, and probably in others with similar features, "collocational phenomena" do not occur only at the syntagmatic level (i.e. within a phrase), as in Western languages such as English or French, but also at the morphological level, within a wordform. This is due to the large number of semantically compositional compound wordforms in Chinese. This paper uses two criteria distinguishing wordforms from phrases to demonstrate that Chinese has semantically compositional compounds: the external modifier criterion and the non-conjunction reduction criterion. It...

13. Dependencies within the German noun phrase: determiners and adjectives - Nagel, Sebastian
German adjectives in attributive position depend morphologically on two controllers: (I) they depend on their governing nouns for case, gender and number, and (II) their declension type (strong or weak) depends on the preceding determiner. For the dependency between the determiner and the adjective Mel'cuk (2006) proposes two solutions: government or agreement. The paper discusses these solutions and their implications on the correlations between morphological and syntactic dependency as proposed in Mel'cuk (2003). Additional material is shown, which demonstrates that the situation is more complex and calls for clear criteria for a part of speech 'determiner'.

14. Towards a formal description of Serbian compounds within a meaning-text linguistic model - Milicevic, Jasmina
The paper proposes a preliminary description of Serbian compounds within a Meaning-Text model. It focuses on synchronic productive compounds, constructed by word-formation rules, as opposed to diachronic compounds, stored in the dictionary. Properties of synchronic compounds are established and sample rules are formulated allowing for their synthesis from underlying semantic representations. Some "intermediate cases" of compounding are discussed and their possible treatment outlined.

15. Voces ascendentes: realidad y semillas - Aguirre Romero, Joaquín María
Es solo una pequeña e injusta selección, dejando fuera a la mayoría. Tras ellas hay muchas otras compartiendo sus conocimientos, mostrando sus habilidades y abriendo brecha en sus sociedades o en los países en los que han crecido como fruto de la emigración. Tienen en común creatividad, compromiso y visibilidad. Ya sea la música, el cine, la literatura, el periodismo, el activismo o cualquier otra faceta, se representan a sí mismas pero son también imagen e impulso para otras, que ven en ellas un estímulo para romper barreras y limitaciones. Están por derecho propio aquí.

16. La bicicleta verde (Wadjda, 2012): un futuro sobre ruedas - Aguirre Romero, Joaquín María
La bicicleta verde (Wadjda, 2012) es un filme que refleja la transformación de la mujer saudí y las restricciones a que se ve sometida a través de la historia de una niña de 10 años. La excusa de la bicicleta le sirve a la realizadora, Haifaa Al-Mansour, para realizar una fina descripción de la sociedad a través de las relaciones de Wadjda y su madre con la figura del padre. Bajo una aparente comedia de costumbres, la película muestra la capacidad de la mujer para valerse por sí misma en una sociedad tradicional que la limita en todos los órdenes. El...

17. Políticas de representación en el cine tunecino contemporáneo hecho por mujeres - Torre, Mario de la
Desde la independencia de Francia, en el cine tunecino se produjo un desapego hacia el documental por la imposibilidad de criticar la realidad. Con el derrocamiento de Ben Ali se produce un repunte de este género, libre ya de censura. Una generación de realizadoras se sumará a este cambio como cronistas de un nuevo Túnez a través de películas que no rehúsan efectuar un ejercicio crítico de la realidad.

18. Olfat Abd Rabouh: "Si la sociedad evoluciona, la mujer evolucionará" - Talaat, Sahar

19. Fatema Mernissi o el feminismo espiritual del Islam. La alianza entre sufismo y saber tradicional femenino como instrumento al servicio de la transformación del mundo y del individuo - Izquierdo López, Natalia
El presente ensayo analiza el discurso feminista y el imaginario político de Fatema Mernissi poniéndolos en relación con la espiritualidad y la racionalidad propias del sufismo y del orbe campesino y rural que marcaron su socialización, pues es en ellas donde la historiadora encuentra respuesta a los problemas que el mundo contemporáneo le plantea.

20. Zahra, la flor en la poesía Entrevista con la poeta saharaui Zahra Hasnaui - Hameida Hafed, Ebbaba

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