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1. La producción científica actual en Didáctica de la Lengua y la Literatura en revistas españolas - Nikleva, Dimitrinka G.; Cortina Pérez, Beatriz
This research presents a bibliometric study aiming at analysing the scientific production in the area of Language and Literature Didactics in three specialised Spanish journals. The analysis of various indicators will allow us to define the current panorama and the predominant trends: number of published articles, thematic scope, language used, language researched, periodicity, research method, number of authors, etc. We analyse all papers (193 in total) during three years � 2009, 2010 and 2011- of three specialised and representative journal of this area: Didáctica. Lengua y Literatura, Lenguaje y textos and Porta Linguarum. The quantitative method of statistical analysis with the SPSS software (Statistical Product and Service Solutions)...

2. Opinión del profesorado de Lengua extranjera en torno a la integración del componente cultural en el aula de idiomas - Carrillo López, María José
This paper is part of a wider research in which we study the beliefs of Second Language Teachers about the integration of cultural aspects in the foreign language classroom. A questionnaire were distributed among teachers in the provinces of Malaga and Granada in order to find out what they thought on three fundamental issues: 1) the importance that the European Union gives to the teaching of cultural aspects; 2) the relative weight that linguistic and cultural elements have in Foreign Language Teaching; and 3) which cultural contents should be included in the syllabus. For each item, we perform an analysis of the frequency distribution and the existence...

3. El aprendizaje de la entonación (des)cortés en español lengua extranjera (ELE) - Devís Herraiz, Empar; Bartolí Rigol, Marta
The aim of this paper was to discover the features melodic politeness and impoliteness to use Spanish in their exchanges and thus to determine the improvements that are needed to improve the performance of Spanish as a teacher and try to avoid conflicts caused by misunderstandings of melodic type. The paper presents the results obtained from acoustic analysis of the data and its validation perceptive, and a series of didactic proposals that we considered very useful educational.

4. La rúbrica de un taller de escritura para enseñar a sinohablantes en el contexto universitario europeo: estudio de caso - Cáceres Lorenzo, María Teresa; Santana Alvarado, Yaiza
The presence of Chinese students in the classes of an undergraduate course of this research promotes the Spanish language. The failure of the modalities of European communicative teaching students Chinese learners raises the creation and development of a writing workshop based on a system of scoring rubrics. The final objective is to evaluate the success of the development of discourse competence through written progress and skill in sinohablantes metalinguistic awareness. The contributions of this research include the presentation of a valid descriptors for other learning situations and employment outcomes evaluation of these matrices.

5. Competencia intercultural en la enseñanza de lenguas extranjeras - Paricio Tato, Silvina
The present article seeks to clarify what is meant by intercultural competence when teaching a foreign language. An introductory paragraph refers to the various researches that have focused on studying the relationships between language and culture, and the reasons that have led to the need to promote integrated teaching of both. Next, it points out some key concepts on the approach or intercultural dimension applied to language teaching and provides a conceptual framework that supports this dimension. The article concludes with a brief indication concerning the teachers�role.

6. Creencias y representaciones de los profesores de lenguas extranjeras sobre la influencia de los factores motivacionales y emocionales en los alumnos y en las alumnas - Rodríguez Pérez, María de las Nieves
In the classroom context we find students with active implication on learning a language for whom the acquisition of another language-culture may be a gratifying experience. On the contrary, others show disinterest and difficulties. The enthusiasm of some and the disenchantment of others is usually explained as the motivational-emotional factors generated by learning a new language. Our question is whether such factors also influence the two student-groups in a different way. The aim of this study is to bring forward the opinions FL teachers have. The results shown belong to a survey performed on FL teachers who belong to different educational stages.

7. A Critical Analysis of the Vocabulary in L2 Spanish Textbooks - López Jiménez, María Dolores
This study researches the treatment given to L2 vocabulary in Spanish language textbooks. To that end, 12 textbooks (together with the teacher�s editions) at three proficiency levels were analyzed. The results suggest that the vocabulary to be taught lacks consistency as the selection and grading criteria are not explicitly stated in most of the teacher�s guides. The place of publication and the proficiency level of the textbooks influence the introduction of new words. Vocabulary teaching tends to be rather traditional since its practice is mostly comprised of closed and open exercises and vocabulary learning strategies are rarely present. Finally, the results of research into L2 vocabulary learning...

8. El uso de la lengua meta en el curso inicial de Español Lengua Extranjera (E/ LE) en Costa de Marfil - Ortega Martín, José Luis; Djandué, Bi Drombé
The use of the target language is not the same challenge in all contexts, although in all cases is essential to achieving better results. This article summarizes the main findings of a broader study on the use of Spanish in a context of foreign language and in the first level of learning. The study was conducted in Ivory Coast and gave results in line with the learning of Spanish in this country. These results led to a few proposals to increase the use of the target language in the initial course.

9. In Search of an Effective Model for Assessing Learning in Bilingual Education: the "Authentic Assessment" - Cantero García, Víctor; Martínez López, Juan A.
We have a commitment to provide the most efficient, transparent and coherent evaluation procedures for bilingual education. In this articlethe authors offer all teachers of bilingual education a theoretical as well as practical approach to the so-called authentic assessment. Our aimisto provehow this method can be usedas an alternative to the traditional methods of evaluating the learning-outcomes of linguistic content by the students in our bilingual sections. This alternative requires a substantial change of focus for the teachinglearning process, since evaluating is not equivalent to examining when it comes to quantify results, but rather valuing the capacity of the student to solve competently the problems they meet in...

10. La metodología didáctica de enseñanza de idiomas en programas para sordos. Un estudio comparado en España y Francia (XVII-XX) - Navarro Rincón, Antonia
This article presents a comparative study with a methodological-didactic perspective carried out from a piece of research related to languages teaching syllabus addressed to deaf people, and published in Spain and France from the 17th to the 20th century. With this aim, the theoretical reference framework of the object of study is presented, the design of the research and the results are shown, and the conclusions specified show the relationships among the didactic methodologies applied to the languages teaching and those used in selected cases. Moreover, it is oriented towards researching actions in didactics of languages addressed to deaf people.

11. Perfil del profesorado que aprende una lengua en los Cursos de Actualización Lingüística de las Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas andaluzas - Torres Olalla, Daniel
Teachers� training in the field of foreign languages becomes more and more necessary, particularly for those professionals involved in the development of the Bilingual Centres Programme in Andalusia. This article tries to establish the profile of a group of teachers of non-university levels of education registered in the Cursos de Actualización Lingüística, a learning option taught in the Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas in Andalusia, with the aim to learn a foreign language to teach a non-linguistic subject in a second language in a Bilingual Centre. It includes a brief reflection on how far this learning option achieves its aim according to the profile just mentioned.

12. How Does University Teachers' Emotional Intelligence Relate To Their Self- Efficacy Beliefs - Sarkhosh, Mehdi; Rezaee, Abas Ali
Some studies have indicated the relationship between Emotional Intelligence (EI) and self-efficacy beliefs at schools or language institutes. This study, sought to investigate this association among university teachers. 105 university teachers participated in the present study. The participants were required to complete the �Teachers� Sense of Efficacy Scale� and the �Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire�. Correlation and regression analysis were conducted on the data. The results of data analysis revealed that there was a strong positive relationship between EI and self-efficacy beliefs. Furthermore, it was found that among the fifteen components of EI, three subscales of Flexibility, Optimism and Interpersonal Relationship were positive predictors of Efficacy beliefs.

13. Analysis of the Effect of Content Familiarity and Gender on English as a Foreign Language Reading Comprehension by Spanish University Students - Lahuerta Martínez, Ana Cristina
The aim of this paper is to explore the relative effects of gender and content familiarity on English as a Foreign Language reading comprehension. Sixty-eight elementary and intermediate level undergraduate English language students at the Faculty of Teacher Training of the University of Oviedo participated in the study. The results of the study show that gender and content familiarity significantly affected the students� overall comprehension of the texts. The study appears to reject the so-called linguistic threshold hypothesis as both the elementary level and intermediate level readers of the study could read with better understanding when the text was familiar, irrespective of their language knowledge and also seems...

14. Improving L2 Macro-Structural Processing in Students with Elementary or Intermediate English Proficiency Levels: an Instructional Approach Focused on Global Coherence in Reading Comprehension of Science Texts - Devís, Anna; Sanjosé López, Vicente; Gómez López, Angela
Previous studies have shown that students have difficulties building the macro- structure from expository texts in English (as L2). The usual cause pointed out is a lack of language proficiency. Thus, instructional methods have focused on providing students with the necessary vocabulary and grammar knowledge. This study proposes and validates an instructional approach which improves students� L2 processing on the macro-structural level, focusing on reading strategies rather than on vocabulary or grammar. Comprehension monitoring on the macro-structural level was improved by performing instructional tasks devoted to establish global coherence. As a consequence, students� reading comprehension also improved.

15. Motivation to Learn English and School Grade Level: The Case of Newly Arrived Hong Kong Students - Wong, Ruth M. H.
Numerous studies have investigated how motivation relates to various individual differences. However, research did not uncover any previous studies investigating how school grade level impacts second language learning motivation. This study therefore focuses on how different school forms are related to motivation to learn English � this subject is particularly important in the Hong Kong school context because the English proficiency of Newly Arrived Hong Kong (NAHK) students is assessed once they arrive Hong Kong and the results will determine which school grade level they will attend. It is hoped that this investigation into the relationship between school forms and motivation for this group will have implications for...

16. Using Relation Tables to Improve Validity in External Evaluation - Peñate Cabrera, Marcos; Bazo Martínez, Plácido
Implementing external tests implies that test developers will need to address questions about validity and reliability. In this paper we are going to explain the process we have followed to design the English as a Foreign Language test intended for the fourth grade of primary school children in the Canary Islands, since we had been previously selected by the local authorities to coordinate this project. At the same time, we intend to provide a means of being accountable when evaluating. By accountability, we mean demonstrating to teachers and schoolchildren that all the items of our tests are justified and have a specific purpose.

17. Triple Tool Effect: Professional Portfolios in Teaching Foreign Languages - Jurisevic, Mojca; Enever, Janet; Pizorn, Karmen
Empirical evidence reveals that portfolios show promise as a tool for stimulating teacher�s reflection and professional development. However, very few Slovene teachers have any experience in using this valuable instrument for teaching purposes. In response to this weakness in the system, the teacher�s portfolio was included in a national research study investigating the best possible way(s) of introducing foreign languages in the first cycle of the primary school. The main goals of using the teacher�s portfolio were: (1) to actively monitor the implementation of the foreign languages, (2) to develop an appropriate foreign language teaching approach through critical professional reflection, and (3) to evaluate the teaching process. The...

18. Dudas y conflictos en torno a los programas de grado doble - Knight, Jane
Els programes de grau conjunt, doble i consecutiu han experimentat un extraordinari creixement en els últims cinc anys, tant pel que fa al nombre com a la tipologia, la qual cosa demostra clarament que tenen un paper en l'actual panorama de l'ensenyament superior. Una gran part del món acadèmic i els responsables del disseny de polítiques acullen amb satisfacció els programes de grau doble i de grau conjunt com a ampliacions naturals dels programes d'intercanvi i mobilitat. Uns altres els consideren un desenvolupament problemàtic que pot portar a un doble còmput del treball universitari i ser un primer pas en...

19. Condiciones para la internacionalización de la educación superior: entre la inclusión y la exclusión en un mundo globalizado - Ramírez Iñiguez, Alma Arcelia
Aquest article presenta una anàlisi dels elements que possibiliten o dificulten el desenvolupament de les institucions d'ensenyament superior dins d'un entorn internacional, tenint en compte la particularitat dels diferents contextos socials i les finalitats de l'ensenyament superior. Per a fer-ho, s'analitza el concepte de globalització i les seves característiques, i es destaquen els processos d'inclusió i exclusió que ha generat i el seu impacte en les accions educatives. Així mateix, es discuteixen els propòsits de l'ensenyament superior i les seves transformacions com a conseqüència de les demandes d'un món interconnectat tecnològicament i de societats cada vegada més plurals. D'aquesta manera,...

20. Impacto del proceso de Bolonia en la educación superior de América Latina - Gacel-Avila, Jocelyne
La factibilitat de construir un espai comú d'ensenyament superior a l'Amèrica Llatina, mitjançant un procés com el de Bolonya o alguna de les seves variants, és un tema de debat a la regió. Malgrat que es reconeixen les parts bones pel que fa a modernització, innovació i internacionalització, sobresurt la tesi que en el cas de l'Amèrica Llatina no és factible. Els arguments en què se sustenta aquesta tesi són, d'una banda, el risc d'homogeneïtzar els sistemes d'ensenyament superior a totes les regions, la qual cosa posaria en perill la diversitat i la diferenciació regionals, i, d'altra banda, les asimetries...

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