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  1. Análisis comparativo entre escritura manual y electrónica en la toma de apuntes de estudiantes universitarios

    Aragón Mendizábal, Estíbaliz; Delgado Casas, Cándida; Navarro Guzmán, José Ignacio; Menacho Jiménez, Inmaculada; Romero Oliva, Manuel Francisco
    Taking notes is a common strategy among higher education students, and has been found to affect their academic performance. Nowadays, however, the use of computers is replacing the traditional pencil-and-paper methodology. The present study aims to identify the advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of computer (typing) and pencil-and-paper (handwriting) for taking notes by college students. A total of 251 social and health science students participated in the study. Two experimental conditions were chosen: taking notes by hand (n=211), and taking notes by computer (n=40). Those that used computer-written notes performed better on tasks based on reproducing the alphabet,...

  2. Jóvenes y tercer sector de medios en España: Formación en comunicación y cambio social

    Lema-Blanco, Isabel; Rodríguez Gómez, Eduardo Fco.; Barranquero Carretero, Alejandro
    The aim of this paper is to examine the role of community, free and university media in Spain as tools for media literacy and as instruments for creating a more critical and communicative citizenry. After a conceptual section, we analyse training processes in this area with regard to the general population and their reference communities, devoting particular emphasis to the involvement of young people. The triangulation research method was based on quantitative (a survey) and qualitative (focus groups) techniques. The results show that the third sector media in Spain act as invaluable tools for the acquisition of skills and competences...

  3. Estereotipos de género 2.0: Auto-representaciones de adolescentes en Facebook

    Oberst, Ursula; Chamarro Lusar, Andrés; Renau Ruiz, Vanessa
    Adolescent girls and boys use online networking sites differently, and girls have a higher risk of being harmed by non-adaptive use. The aim of the study was to assess the extent to which adolescents portray themselves according to gender stereotypes on their Facebook profiles. Participants were 623 Facebook users of both sexes who responded to the Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) and the Personal Well-being Index (PWI). In the first step, the adolescents responded to the BSRI with respect to how they view a typical adult in terms of gender stereotypes. In the second step, half of them responded to...

  4. Cyberbullying: competencia social, motivación y relaciones entre iguales

    Romera Félix, Eva M.; Cano Echebe, Juan Jesús; García Fernández, María Dolores; Ortega Ruiz, Rosario
    The recognition of some overlap between face to face harassment (bullying) and via digital harassment (cyberbullying) could indicate that variables of social cognition, whose influence has been identified in bullying, also are present in cyberbullying. The aim of this research was to determine the social adjustment of roles involved in cyberbullying and to analyze the differences in the perception of social competence, social goals and peer support, between victims, aggressors and bully-victims of cyberbullying. A number of 505 teenagers (47.3% girls) between 12 and 16 years old (M=13.95, SD=1.42) participated in the study. Validated instruments for Spanish teenagers were used...

  5. Usos de Internet y éxito académico en estudiantes universitarios

    Torres Díaz, Juan Carlos; Duart Montoliu, Josep María; Gómez Alvarado, Hector Fernando; Marín Gutiérrez, Isidro; Segarra Faggioni, Verónica
    The use of technology is changing the way things are done, including the work in universities where the teaching and learning process are changing, and it is required to know the effect of technology on student achievement. In this research work, we present the influence of Internet use on academic success of students from five universities in Ecuador. A random sample of 4,697 people was got up and categorized in two groups: the use of Internet in academic activities and entertainment, using factor analysis and cluster analysis; the resulting categories were used as independent variables in multinomial logistic regression model...

  6. Las descargas de contenidos audiovisuales en Internet entre estudiantes universitarios

    Duarte Hueros, Juliana; Duarte Hueros, Ana; Ruano López, Soledad
    This article analyses the phenomenon of downloading audio-visual content –movies and television series– which is habitually practiced by university students via the Internet; their attitudes towards illegal downloads; and the education/training that they have about the legal status of this activity. These issues are a frequent reality but are little discussed in our academic context. Data was obtained from a questionnaire designed ad hoc. This was administered to students enrolled in different university degrees (Audio-visual Communication, Primary Education and Social Education). We believe that these college degrees require ethical and legal training on the issues regarding downloading of content from...

  7. El impacto del diseño de actividades en el plagio de Internet en educación superior

    Gómez Espinosa, María; Francisco, Virginia; Moreno Ger, Pablo
    In this work we aim to gain a better understanding of the nature of plagiarism in Higher Education. We analyse a set of different activities in an online university-level course, aiming to understand which tasks lead more naturally to plagiarism. This analysis concludes that the activities that have a lower rate of plagiarism are activities that encourage involvement, originality and creativity. Subsequently, we reformulate the task that presented the highest rate of plagiarism, taking into account the conclusions of the previous analysis and trying to maintain their relative effort and educational impact. We then compare the newly designed activities with...

  8. Conocimientos y actitudes ante el plagio del profesorado de lengua inglesa en universidades chinas

    Hu, Guangwei; Sun, Xiaoyan
    Plagiarism has engendered increasing concern in academia in the past few decades. While previous studies have investigated student plagiarism from various perspectives, how plagiarism is understood and responded to by university teachers, especially those in English-as-a-foreign-language (EFL) writing contexts, has been under-researched. As academic insiders and educators of future academics, university teachers play a key role in educating students against plagiarism and upholding academic integrity. Their knowledge of and attitudes toward plagiarism not only have a crucial influence on their students’ perceptions of plagiarism but can also provide insights into how institutions of higher education are tackling the problem. The...

  9. La política editorial antifraude de las revistas científicas españolas e iberoamericanas del JCR en Ciencias Sociales

    Hernández Ruiz, Alejandra
    The process of publishing scientific papers should be based on universal principles of professional conduct: credibility, truth and authenticity. In academia, the inclusion of policies on ethical standards in journal instructions to authors could prevent misconduct and fraud in scientific publication. Due to the lack of attention to research ethics in the Social Sciences, in particular in Spain and Latin America, this research aims to analyze the scientific misconduct policy of the Spanish and Latin American journals in the JCR-Social Sciences Edition (2014). To achieve our goal, 104 selected journal instructions to authors were examined in relation to the following...

  10. Plagio e integridad académica en Alemania

    Ruipérez García, Germán; García Cabrero, José Carlos
    Since the 18th century, Germany is perhaps one of the European countries that has had the most intense public debate on dishones scientific and academic practices, particularly in relation to doctoral theses. This debate was particularly productive in the late 19th century, giving rise thereafter to the obligatory publication of all doctoral theses as a prior requisite before the title of Doctor can be conferred by any German university. This paper presents the most significant progress regarding plagiarism and academic integrity, especially since the 2011 scandal concerning plagiarism in the doctoral thesis of the Minister Guttenberg, such as the creation of an effective collaborative investigation...

  11. A secreta simetria: grupo e corpo na compreensão psicanalítica

    Ávila, Lazslo Antonio
    This work aims at investigating some of the conjunctions that link the theoretical concepts of psychoanalytical psychosomatics and group therapy. The initial question was why some of the main theoreticians that discussed the group from the psychoanalytical reference were also interested in psychosomatic matters, as can be seen with Bion and René Kaës. Group and body, as concepts, show fascinating approximation, which both articulate and highlight very important problems in Psychoanalysis, that were anticipated in Freud’s work. He addresses questions that bring the body and the group together both as a metaphor and direct representation. We will try to demonstrate...

  12. A psicanálise do processo primário: reflexões sobre a metapsicologia da dor

    Azoubel Neto, David
    This essay is based on the reflections Freud developed in 1895, when he wrote his “Project for a Scientific Psychology for Neurologists and Psychologists”. Based on this consideration of pain as a primary process, the author aimed to suggest an extension of Freud’s ideas: a research on the role of pain in the formation of the mental apparatus. Initially, in their incipient state, feelings had the characteristics of pain. It is only through development and evolutionary modifications that they acquired their own characteristics, capable of allowing them a broader identity.

  13. SPAGESP: 10 anos formando especialistas - uma trajetória de conquistas

    Bono de Abreu, Dorothy
    This work presents a personal report of 10-years history of SPAGESP (Society of Group Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of São Paulo) as an institution dedicated to group therapists and coordinators training. Data used were minutes of the foundation meeting, statute, journals, bulletins, books and other documents on the institution history. My personal memories were also used to track the institution trajectory. Through this report it is pointed out a path of struggles and conquests that culminated in the course accreditation by Psychology Federal Council and its consolidation as a reference in group training in Brazil.

  14. Os doze preconceitos mais freqüentes dos analisandos em relação ao tratamento grupanalítico

    Moraes Sarmento, Cláudio
    Based on clinical experience, the author makes an evaluation of the most frequent conditions which condition the proposal or the acceptance of group-analytic treatment. They are the preconceptions most frequently encountered and which can be understood and worked through in the therapeutic process. The author’s comprehension and analysis introduce elements that may bring joining a group to a successful outcome.

  15. Psicoterapia de grupo com crianças: era uma vez o preconceito

    Silverio Fernandes, Beatriz
    The purpose of this work is to reflect, through a fragment of a group psychotherapy session with children, how biases can present themselves throughout the work and involve also the group therapist. It is necessary to be ready to novelty without letting go the consideration of the traditional. To summarize, it emphasizes the need to remain open, discarding the prejudices which do not favors emotional development.

  16. O grupo como instrumento de pesquisa

    Durand, Marina
    The concept of syncretic sociability, when combined with the transubjective aspects, provides the knowledge of unconscious processes of the group participants themselves as well as the unconscious processes of the groups they belong to. This process takes place when the moderator desirers to understand the culture, in the sense of the expression of unconscious processes of daily life. This peace of work shows some example of it in order to depict this perspective.

  17. Uma possibilidade de escuta a uma família enlutada: ressignificando a experiência de perda

    Curi Labate, Renata; Curi de Barros, Gisele
    The Brazilian Association Against Childhood and Adult Cancer - ABRACCIA is a philanthropic entity that receives cancer patients who are under treatment at hospitals accredited by the Single Health System. The activities carried out at this institution include the possibility, when one of the patients passes away, of a visit to the home of a relative who wants to talk about the experience of loss/mourning. This study aims to reflect about the experience of one of these visits, scheduled with the daughter of a cancer patient who passed away a short time ago. In principle, this care would be individual,...

  18. Transferência e contratransferência: o sentir como instrumento de trabalho no processo grupal

    Andréa, Maria Amélia
    This work deals with the concept of transference and countertransference, tools in a group or individual psychoanalytical psychotherapy process. These concepts become useful in treatment when the therapist is able to pay close attention to what the patient says and tries to understand it as a communication about what both are living together in that specific moment. It is also necessary that the therapist become aware of himself, his own sensations, emotions and thoughts. The term “feeling” was used in the title of this work once its definition usually regards to what is addressed here as transference and countertransference. I...

  19. Grupo de apoio para casais pretendentes à adoção: a espera compartilhada do futuro

    Scorsolini Comin, Fabio; Amato, Lissandra Maria; dos Santos, Manoel Antonio
    The objective of the present study is to describe a group of parents who waited in the line for adoption. Nine sessions were carried through. The sessions had been audio recorded and transcribed integrally. The results show that the group had a supportive and informative character according the perception of its participants. Closed and time limited format has revealed a good option of intervention for people who were temporarily in the line of the tribunal waiting for the consumation of the adoption process.

  20. Reflexões sobre o trabalho de orientação em grupo para pais em uma instituição que atende crianças com graves comprometimentos emocionais

    Rufatto, Amaury Tadeu
    This work pursuit to emphasize benefits that the option for group attendance can bring to orientation of parents whose children have serious emotional problems. The group makes possible experiences confrontation, be in contact with the different and the creation of a support net. It’s in the tenuous threshold that separates operative groups from psychotherapy groups that could happen a genuine learning about these emotional frames.

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