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Dialnet (Difusión de Alertas en la Red) es una plataforma de recursos y servicios documentales, cuyo objetivo fundamental se centra en mejorar la visibilidad y el acceso a la literatura científica hispana a través de Internet.

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1. La implicación de los ayuntamientos en una educación descentralizada - Muñoz Moreno, José Luis; Gairín Sallán, Joaquín
The debate between educational centralization and decentralization has always borne a relationship with the historical, social, political, economic and cultural realities of different contexts, and it has developed following very different traditions that lean toward different options, such as school-based management, territorialization policies, municipalized education and strong institutional autonomy for schools. This contribution analyzes town authorities� participation in the implementation of Spanish education policies in recent decades. Some arguments are presented in favour and against educational centralization and decentralization. A historical review of how town councils engage in education issues is given, examining the possibilities, limitations and realities involved from the general perspective of legislation and from the particular perspective...

2. La evaluación del profesorado universitario en España. Sistema nacional y divergencias territoriales - Galán González, Arturo; González Galán, Mª Angeles; Rodríguez-Patrón Rodríguez, Patricia
The growing emphasis on worldwide university ranking is boosting competitiveness at an international level, especially on the playing field of research, and this increased competitiveness is influencing domestic policy. The pressure on faculty has increased dramatically, as have the standards and criteria for passing faculty evaluations. In Spain, the University Act passed in 2001 and partially amended in 2007 has changed the landscape in terms of access to teaching positions, as firstly evidenced by the requirement of prior teacher accreditation by means of an external evaluation in order to gain access to professorships at any public university. Spanish legislation combines...

3. La reforma local española de 2013 y las competencias educativas - Tardío Pato, José Antonio
La Ley 27/2013 ha remodelado las competencias educativas de los entes locales en España. Este estudio pretende explicar los cambios que se han producido y su alcance.

4. E-nfancias: Construcciones cartográficas de internet a partir del análisis de las experiencias de la niñez - Daza, Carlos Eduardo
El presente artículo tiene como finalidad socializar algunos de los resultados de la investigación titulada: “Análisis de relatos infantiles acerca de Internet”[1], que construye el sentido de internet desde las narrativas infantiles.   Desde la significación de Internet como lugar, se esboza un ejercicio cartográfico a partir del desarrollo de mapas y esquemas lingüísticos tomados de los desarrollos académicos, teóricos e investigativos para el análisis de las narrativas infantiles de la Doctora en ciencias del lenguaje Flor Alba Santamaría.   Se pretende así, que al realizar el recorrido propuesto por los relatos de los niños y niñas se construya colectivamente...

5. Desarrollo social sostenible como resultado de la gerencia académica en organizaciones universitarias de gestión privada - D´Addosio Serna, Rina; Fernández de Pelekais, Cira
This research has had as purpose analyse sustainable social development as a result of academic management in University organizations of private management. This study was based on the proposals: documents of the United Nations (2002, 2005, 2007, 2010), Guijarro and Chavez (2006), Fuenmayor, Chourio and López (2007), among others. This work was considered analytical-descriptive, with a non-experimental design, field; using the observation as a technique and as a data collection instrument a questionnaire scale Likert type, consisting of reagents 79; determining content validity by expert opinion, for its reliability applied you to the results of the pilot test the formula...

6. Estudio de los sociolectos en una red personal de hablantes mirandinos - Urdaneta, Lesbia; Cayón Padilla, Alberto; Parra, Doris
The following article has the proposed to interpret the sociolects, that uses the speakers, members of a personal social network, located in Punta de Palmas, municipality of Miranda, Zulia States, to see if they relate to the linguistic variables and social variables within the group that constitute the observed network. This study is based on the theoretical approach of sociolinguistic networks, where exegeses are relationships between people, as they are connected or capable of being linked to other. Being the units of analysis, the immediate social environment of the respondent base (or focus) and the linkages between it and the...

7. Gestión docente orientada hacia la transversalidad del inglés - Jiménez Avendaño, Miled; Soto, Felixberto
Management is a process in which a series of actions is planned to achieve a common goal, the available resources, the development plans are organized, processes and personnel are efficiently led, and finally the functionality mechanisms are controlled so that everything goes well. The term does not escape to education, on the contrary, it fits so well that it is impossible to guide teaching and learning processes without the above guidelines, which is why the current teacher becomes a manager of knowledge and praxis must point to management processes aimed at achieving meaningful learning and for life. The aim of...

8. La literatura local – regional en el circuito de la educación literaria: Primeras rutas de un mapa investigativo - Illas Ramírez, Wilfredo
This work corresponds to two crucial moments which represented an investigative journey. The first moment corresponds to the description of the critical knot, which basically leads in our schools and colleges, in light of the official curriculum for the area of ​​language arts are not working or neighboring emerging literary works to the regional context or Local. The second moment is articulated from a relational triad , namely history of the topic, problem and teaching suggestions; theoretical foundation that combines the educational and literary, and philosophical bases that project a worldview in which the literary narrows with the total experience...

9. Construcción de recursos didácticos para la enseñanza de la asignatura inglés en modalidad semipresencial con y sin uso de tecnología - Terán, Beatriz
This was a documental research based on the qualitive paradigm. Its main objective was centered on offering alternatives that would allow an orientation in the construction of teaching resources to support an effective blended learning of the English subject in the University. The analysis produced during the research was interpreted under the personal perspective of the researcher using a hermeneutic methodology. In this regard, the researcher uses her teaching experience to confront theory. Finally, emerged conclusions enabling to deduce that the design and construction of blended learning resources for teaching English depends mainly on: a) the knowledge of the didactic...

10. Valores morales desde la visión de estudiantes universitarios - Sandoval Caraveo, Maria del Carmen
Ethics is the study of human behavior within society. It is the discipline required to examine human morality and is focused on analyzing the principles of right and wrong in behavior. These behaviors, which exhibit moral values, are the object upon which the study of ethics is focused. The idea for this research has arisen because The Institutional Development Plan for 2008-2012 of the Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco in México, holds as a premise that the education and intellectual development of the students of this school must be based on values that allow them to become professionals with a...

11. Competencias del docente como tutor en línea - Gonzalez Aponte, Glenys; Larreal, Alonso
The objective of the research was to analyze the competence of teachers as online tutor private universities Maracaibo, which allowed for an analysis of teacher competence as online tutor. The teacher and online tutor should be in the new training area serving as a guide and partner in this learning process, based on pedagogical skills, communicative, psychological and techniques. Touriñan (2010) supported with theories of Fainholc (2005), and Llorente (2006). The type and design of the research was descriptive, analytical, not experimental, transactional and field. The population consisted of sixty-four (64) teachers tutors Private University Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin and...

12. Lineamientos teórico-metodológicos para el uso de las TIC en la formación de conceptos científicos en física - Delgado, Mercedes; Arrieta de Uzcátegui, Xiomara; Riveros, Víctor
The difficulty for the formation of scientific concepts in university students is a motive of reflection, above all when making educational interventions to improve education quality considering the use of completely new strategies and resources like the ones provided by Information and Communication Techniques (ICT), whose influence is bigger and bigger in university scientific education. This research had as a purpose to generate theoretical and methodology guidelines on the ICT usage as mediator elements in the formation of scientific concepts on Physics, specifically of mechanical waves subject. Methodology used is qualitative, based on documentary investigation; its profundity level is of...

13. La web semántica: Un nuevo contexto para las relaciones consumidor-marca - Saavedra, José Luis
This study aims to explore ways of linking the Semantic Web and Consumer-Brand Relationship as a basis for the construction, consolidation and development of Brand Equity. To achieve this purpose, we raised a body of theory based on documentary review of the defining characteristics of the Semantic Web and Relational Paradigm as a bridge to pose challenges for developing a solid foundation of Consumer-Brand on the Internet. Recognizing the interdependent nature of value creation by customers are understood as co-developers of their own experiences with the brand; two future trends are emerging in consumer-brand relationships online: On the one hand,...

14. Las becas y ayudas al estudio en la educación no universitaria en España. Diagnóstico desde la perspectiva regional y propuestas de mejora - Pérez Esparrells, María del Carmen; Morales Sequera, Susana
Pese a esta situación, las comunidades autónomas realizan asignaciones complementarias a las del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte cuya cuantía es significativa, lo que añade aún más diferencias en el panorama regional. Se comprueba la equidad territorial en tasa de cobertura de las becas y ayudas al estudio que realiza dicho ministerio y se constata que su distribución se ajusta a la renta per capita de cada comunidad autónoma. No obstante, debería tenderse a un reparto más equitativo entre las personas teniendo en cuenta los diferentes niveles socioeconómicos y el coste de la vida en cada región. Las políticas de becas realizadas por las comunidades autónomas son...

15. Posición de las comunidades autónomas ante la autonomía escolar de los centros públicos - Sancho Gargallo, Miguel Angel
La normativa básica confiere a las comunidades autónomas una posición activa para promover la autonomía escolar de los centros educativos públicos. El análisis de la regulación que sobre la autonomía han realizado las comunidades autónomas hasta la fecha, nos dará una idea de la competencia real que tienen los centros. Para ello se centrará la atención en los diversos campos de la actividad educativa. La gestión económica y de personas resulta en la práctica objeto de muy escasa autonomía. Algo más existe en lo relacionado con el proyecto educativo y los aspectos pedagógicos. Por otra parte, existen otras leyes que regulan la actividad de la Administración como las...

16. Escuela, diversidad cultural e inclusión. - Besalú, Xavier

17. La regulación de las titulaciones universitarias oficiales como límite a la descentralización en la Educación Superior - Caballero Sánchez, Rafael
Decentralization is one of the most powerful guidelines in the organization of modern states for bringing the exercise of government authority closer to society. In education it enables the beneficial effects of autonomy and free initiative on the part of the persons and institutions involved in education to be used to their maximum advantage. But decentralization has its limits, set to preserve unity in each educational system. One such limit is the regulation of official degrees, which must be sufficiently standardized to certify the acquisition of certain levels of education and competencies. That is why the task of regulating official degrees belongs to the state. What is more,...

18. Organización curricular de las identidades colectivas en España - Doncel Abad, David
estrategias organizativas en el sistema educativo español en pago a la identidad colectiva de referencia.

19. "Deleitando enseña": el componente lúdico y artístico en la educación infantil. - López-Peláez Casellas, María Paz

20. Las creencias docentes: delimitación del concepto y propuesta para la investigación. - Rojas Fabris, María Teresa

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