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  1. Pain resilience: issues of modeling dynamic adaptation in chronic pain

    Sturgeon, John A.; Taub, Chloe J.
    In recent years, there has been increasing interest in processes and characteristics that may underlie resilient adaptation to chronic pain. With this recent increase in empirical inquiry, there has emerged a degree of ambiguity in terms between pain resilience and other constructs previously connected to effective pain adaptation, such as pain acceptance, psychological flexibility, and pain self-efficacy. Objectives of the current paper included reviewing recent clinical and empirical evidence in the area of chronic pain resilience and offering a synthesis of these findings, with a specific focus on issues of defining and operationalizing this construct, compared to other constructs relevant...

  2. Fortalezas psicológicas y diferencias de sexo en adolescentes

    Reyes Martín, Sara; Ferragut, Marta
    This study analysed the association between character strengths and happiness and global health in adolescents by gender. The participants comprised 117 high-school students (μ =16.90, σ =.81) from Málaga (Spain). All participants completed the Values in Action 120-Items Questionnaire (VIA-120), the 12-Item General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12), and the Happiness Item. The results showed higher levels of character strengths and lower levels of temperance and religiousness in the humanity score. Moderately significant associations were found between all character strengths and general health, happiness, and especially hope. Boys had significantly higher scores on zest, prudence, self-regulation, and hope (Student t test). The...

  3. Construir ante la adversidad

    Ramírez Maestre, Carmen

  4. ¿Psicología positiva para afrontar la radicalización y el terrorismo?: un análisis del discurso de Obama en el Cairo

    Moyano Pacheco, Manuel; Bermúdez Vázquez, Manuel; Ramírez García, Antonia
    Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, coping with radicalisation and jihadist terrorism has been at the forefront of the domestic and foreign policy agendas in Western societies. During this time, the influence that political leaders can exert in their interaction with institutions, citizens, and terrorist organizations has been demonstrated. We present a case study of the speech by Barak Obama on June 4, 2009 at the University of Cairo ("A New Beginning"). Its content and internal structure is analysed using the classification of virtues and strengths defined by Peterson and Seligman (2004) as a theoretical and conceptual reference within the...

  5. Cómo afrontar la pérdida con Proust: un apunte de biblioterapia

    Fierro Bardají, Alfredo
    Psychology seeks to understand human beings through their behaviour. However, there are other sources to obtain such understanding which, at its highest level, is generally regarded as "wisdom". Nowadays, wisdom is mainly found not only in philosophical texts and essays but also in literary works. This article draws from the work of Proust items of practical knowledge to cope with the loss of a beloved person, either by death or by disaffection.

  6. Recursos que contribuyen al desarrollo positivo en jóvenes

    Frías Armenta, Martha; Barrios Gaxiola, Melanie Itsel
    Adolescence is a crucial developmental phase that shapes people's futures. Positive psychology investigates the variables that promote the optimal development of human beings. It recognizes that all children and adolescents have strengths that will develop once these strengths match the resources needed to achieve this in the various settings in which they live. The aim of this study was to analyze from a multidisciplinary perspective (e.g. psychological, sociological, and economic) the effect of resources that promote positive youth development. The sample consisted of 200 middle school students (15 to 19 years). EQS statistical software was used to analyse a structural...

  7. Efecto mediacional del afecto entre las autoevaluaciones centrales y la satisfacción vital en discapacidad intelectual

    Rey Peña, Lourdes; Extremera Pacheco, Natalio
    This study examined the mediating effects of affect on the relationship between core self-evaluations (CSE) and life satisfaction in people with intellectual disabilities. The participants comprised 134 people (79 men and 55 women from southern Spain) with intellectual disabilities. All participants completed the core self-evaluations scale (CSES), the positive and negative affect scale (PANAS), and the satisfaction with life scale (SWLS). The results showed that high scores on the CSE were associated with higher life satisfaction. Moreover, positive and negative affect partially mediated the relationship between CSE and life satisfaction. The final model also showed two significant paths from CSE...

  8. Influencia del sesgo de género en el diagnóstico de trastorno de espectro autista: una revisión

    Montagut, Maite; Mas Romero, Rosa María; Fernández Andrés, María Inmaculada
    The prevalence of autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) has increased in recent years, partly due to improvements in detection methods and partly to the modifications in the definition that have been incorporated into diagnostic manuals. This increase has caused the prevalence rate by gender to be currently of 1.4 / 1, according to some authors, or up to 15.7 / 1 according to others, with a much higher number of barons who receive the diagnosis compared to the number of women who receive it. The different explana- tions that have been given to this question point to certain gender differences in the...

  9. Relación de la Psicología del desarrollo con la Salud en las revistas científicas de la WoS y Scopus

    González Sala, Francisco; Osca Lluch, Julia
    This study used journals in the Development Psycho- logy category of the WoS service and Scopus database to investigate whether there is an association between developmental psychology and health. We analysed 291 journals in the Developmental Psychology category of the JCR (SSCI) and the SJCR. In total, 21.7% of the WoS Developmental Psychology journals and 16.1% of the Scopus journals are also classified in health-related areas such as Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis Psychology, Pediatrics, and Rehabilitation. The Clinical Psychology category has the highest representation, with 20.3% of journals in the JCR (SSCI) and 10.1% of journals in the SJCR. The results...

  10. Un estudio sobre la mentalidad de crecimiento en niños con dislexia

    Cantavella Edo, Sara; Andrés Roqueta, Clara
    Beliefs about whether intelligence can change or not are known as “growth mindsets” (GM) or “fixed mindsets” (FM) in the literature. These beliefs influence academic achie- vement. However, there is little information on whether children with dyslexia have a fixed mindset. The aim of this study was to investigate this issue. Thirty-two children were recruited (16 with dyslexia and 16 with typical reading development) and were compared using two measures of mindset. The results showed that FMs were more common in children with dyslexia than in their typically developing peers. However, no significant association was found between the two measures of...

  11. Teoría de la mente y empatía. Repercusiones en la aceptación por los iguales en niños y niñas de Educación Infantil, Primaria y Secundaria

    Trinidad Maldonado Recio, María; Barajas Esteban, Carmen
    Theory of Mind (ToM) and empathy are skills that play a cru- cial role in social interaction. Recent advances in cognitive neuroscience are contributing to distinguishing between the cognitive and affective components of ToM and empathy, thus defining a conceptual relationship between them. This study analysed the impact of cognitive ToM, affective ToM, cognitive empathy, and affective empathy on the social acceptance of children. It also investigated the relative con- tribution of these factors in pre-school, primary school, and secondary school children. There were 127 participants in three age groups: 4 to 5 years (N = 31), 7 to 8 years (N...

  12. Violencia en el noviazgo, género y apoyo social en jóvenes universitarios

    Rodriguez Hernandez, Rogelio; Riosvelasco Moreno, Leticia; Castillo, Nemesio
    This study was motivated by the phenomenon of gender differences in dating violence, the importance of social support in this setting, and the relative scarcity of studies on dating violence in Mexico and Latin America. It analy- sed the association between perceived support from family and friends and dating violence victimization in a sample of 679 college students from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (n = 679; women = 67%; mean age = 20.5, SD = 2.1). Mean and women were analysed separately. Men experienced violence more frequently than women. Social support from friends was associated with various types of victimization in men....

  13. Habilidades de argumentación. Una propuesta para el planteamiento de posibles soluciones a los conflictos interpersonales

    Rodriguez, Angélica María; Coral Cadena, Rosa Elmira; Andino, María Guadalupe; Portilla, Óscar William
    This article shows the results of an investigation about the influence of the development of argumentative abilities on the approach of possible solutions to the interpersonal conflicts that occur in the school environment. A descriptive qualitative study was carried out, in which a didactic unit was designed, including the analysis of moral dilemmas of conflictive situations presented in the classroom as a strategy–adapted to the Kohlberg model–to emerge the students’ speeches. A descriptive qualitative study was carried out, in which a didactic unit was designed following the strategy of moral dilemma analysis, based on conflictive situations presented in the classroom–adapted to Kohlberg’s moral development model. This...

  14. Relación entre los niños de una comunidad indígena con la naturaleza y el Amazonas

    Quintana Arias, Ronald Fernando
    Between 2009 and 2013 there was a search to establish the relationship between nature and children, through analyzing nine instruments obtained from the school Francisco de Orellana at the Macedonia indigenous reserve (Colombian Amazon). The investigation led into the restructuration of the criteria of set data for the theory of related conglomerates, departing from symbol morphology and the ecological shortening. This proved an indigenous mental model that is not based on words but on symbols, true acts, and rituals that make of nature and the Amazon undistinguishable spaces. Finally, it´s recommended not comparing equality (deserved wellness) with the difference (diversity), now that this makes the cultural diversity...

  15. La integridad académica: el dilema de la formación médica

    Gómez Córdoba, Ana Isabel; Pinto Bustamante, Boris Julián
    Academic integrity is one of the main purposes of high quality education. However, the phenomenon of academic dishonesty is a growing problem at the global level that has become more sophisticated due to new information and communication technologies. This paper addresses the issue of academic dishonesty in the context of teaching medicine, its causes, modalities, predisposing factors and strategies for prevention, detection, and punishment. Academic dishonesty is a multi-causal phenomenon in which factors related to the environment and moral culture, personal factors, hidden curriculum, institutional policies, as well as teaching models based on academic results, rather than the collaborative learning process. Within the dishonest practices, we can...

  16. Análisis de la educación universitaria agropecuaria en Argentina a través de los periodos de desarrollo

    Civeira, Gabriela
    The first agriculture faculties, since the late XIX century and until the 1930´s crisis, were founded in the Pampeana and Litoraleña regions, both export producers characterizing Argentina´s position in international workforce at the time. During the 70´s, there was the impulse to the department model, which was then partially adopted by some universities with agricultural majors. The required training for the 90´s should educate people for a society with different requirements; the most used model to change the study plans was focused on the restructure. This turned into the relocation, increase, or decrease of subjects. The study plans for agriculture evolved from awarding the acquisition of...

  17. Análisis de las relaciones de poder en la autobiografía de Mario Bellatín Mi piel, luminosa…en los alrededores de la tumba del santo sufí, en El Gran Vidrio

    Torres Silva, Diana Isabel
    The Large Glass by Mario Bellatín is an unusual autobiographical work written as three different stories, which differ regarding form and content, but are similar in their fragmented and nonlinear narrative. This paper —focused on the first story “My Skin, Luminous”— asserts that the story displays complex structures and relationships of power resembling some of Foucault’s ideas in Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison. Relationships of power are spread ubiquitously throughout the story, subjugating the protagonist/narrator and reaching the reader. My analysis aims to reveal these relationships, in regards to both the content of the story and its form.

  18. Una escuela secundaria posible

    Ferreyra Fagiuoli, Horacio Ademar
    The current investigation exposes the features on the definition of the achievable school, the features that it contains -sense, context, evolution- and the dimensions that each one of these embrace: curriculum, knowledge and practices, student´s trajectories, school environment, staff´s professional development, and the relationship between families and community. Also, it frames those components around the school´s management and adds new points of view to understand the procedures that a middle school involves on its construction. As a conclusion, it could be mentioned that an achievable school implies alternative existence that likely announces proposals for a change. A quality education, within an achievable school, constitutes a new gathering...

  19. El desarrollo educativo y crecimiento económico en la Niterói del siglo XIX

    Vieira Najjar, Jorge Nassim; Dias da Fonseca, Leonardo; Vinagre Mocarzel, Marcelo Maia
    The city of Niterói was raised to be the capital of the Rio de Janeiro County in 1834, leaving from the supervision by the central government and experiencing an important process of urbanization and economic development, which attracted the recent economic elite born in the country. In this context, the city developed a rich educational system, bringing together public and private schools, laic and religious institutions, domestic and collective instruction. The purpose of this essay is to promote an analysis of the nineteenth century Nichteroy, from theoretical contributions and historical documents, relating economic development and education.

  20. Percepciones sobre la calidad y las tarifas del servicio de agua potable de los usuarios de Ciudad de México

    Bustos Aguayo, José Marcos; Juárez Najera, Margarita; Sandoval Vázquez, Francisco Rubén; Quintero, María Luisa; García Lirios, Cruz
    The quality and fares of the county utilities are the main topic in the local development and public agenda of sustainability development, but the relevant literature seems to highlight the relationship between identity and the environment as determinants of the evaluation of the water management system and the administration of the public utility. In this sense, the objective of the present article was to establish a model to study of the perception of the quality and the fares on county services; in order to be able to highlight the importance of differences and similarities between the authorities and the people in the context of the lacking...

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