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  1. Cultura física y liderazgo

    Morales Rincón, Camilo Andrés
    Physical culture is based on movement and corporeality but is not limited to, through its various components such as recreation, sports and physical education and those resulting flows are also routed to the integral formation of being, developing and strengthening capacities and skills in different areas of adjustment. We will focus on leadership and how physical processes from culture to different agents we strengthen and develop this skill.

  2. Beneficios y riesgos asociados en la actividad física para la salud

    Pérez Muñoz, Salvador; Domínguez Muñoz, Rafael; Sánchez Muñoz, Antonio; Rodríguez Cayetano, Alberto
    In the following article outlines that physical activity is beneficial for health, but the first step was to determine what activity is beneficial for health. And finally, highlights the benefits and risks to physical activity, from a triple perspective preventive, rehabilitative and wellness.

  3. Efectos de un programa de entrenamiento sobre el índice de masa corporal (IMC)y la fuerza máxima (FM) en el equipo de fútbol Independiente Santa Fe categoría sub 15 elite

    Yesid Pachón, Wilman; Avella, Rafael Ernesto
    Objective: The objective of the study was to evaluate and determine the effects of training conducted for 9 weeks in Independiente Santa Fe team in the Under 15 elite, at maximum strength in lower body and upper body, body mass index (BMI). Methods: The study was framed within the quantitative, experimental approach, cross­sectional, two measurements were made during project implementation. It evaluated a representative sample of 23 soccer players, the independent team santa fe, elite category sub 15, enrolled Football League Bogota with a confidence level of 95% with estimated error of 5%; It was conducted between March and May...

  4. Analise de força dos membros inferiores em jogadores amadores de futebol do município de Potengi, CE

    de Caldas Simões Neto, José; Parente Jardim, Pergentina; Catunda de Oliveira, Francisco Marcelo; Cruz Silva, Marta Angélica; Lohainny Elias Cruz, Isabel
    The most popular sport in the world today is soccer, with participants in all age groups and different levels but is a form of high­impact and requires a great physical condition for optimum performance during the games. Several factors can influence muscle endurance capacity of soccer players during a match, as well, better muscle preparation of players is critical to ensure a good sporting performance and the physical integrity of athletes. During a soccer game, players need to use enough muscle strength and speed to perform the moves, requiring a force of explosion, speed and agility to overcome a certain...

  5. Factores físicos, socio­económicos y psicológicos que inciden en la deserción deportiva en la escuela superior politécnica de Chimborazo

    Chávez Hernández, Jaime Patricio; Calero Morales, Santiago; Savedra Valdiviezo, Ower Armando
    In the transition from high school to higher education elite athletes decide to put sports activities aside. This research objective is to determine the influence of socioeconomic, psychological and physical factors in the students´ sport dropout at Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo. This is a correlational type research with an essentially quantitative approach and the survey technique is used. A questionnaire to 179 former athletes, 69 athletes and eight coaches was applied to analyze various factors. The results, applying the Mann­Whitney U test with a margin of error of 0,05, show that socioeconomic factor with an asymptotic significance 0.006 influence...

  6. Estudio de la pérdida de potencia de atletas del ciclo Paralímpico

    Iglesia Pérez, Omar; Beltrán, Sol Patricia; Fernández, Karina
    Nowadays, in the high sports performance investigations are realized on the dosing of the loads, the distribution of the intensity and the volume, means and methods of training; nevertheless, even there have not been brought values of power and loss of power still when this sport has given him several victories to Venezuela and recently it gave an important contribution on having been located to the country in the third place of the podium in the I Juegos Parasuramericanos of Santiago 2014. Therefore, the aim of this work was participants quantified the power and that of the loss of power...

  7. La influencia del estrés y la ansiedad en el rendimiento deportivo durante la competencia en tenis de campo

    Bello Beltrán, Oscar Alejandro; Avella, Rafael Ernesto
    It’s no secret that sport has become a very influential cultural, social, economic and political level phenomenon it is necessary to have a very broad view when trying to develop and more in regard to the high achievement as there are many factors involved in their practice, it is no secret the pressure and stress suffered by athletes during competitions this is necessary for the coach to work and intervene directly with the interdisciplinary team to get the results It is as well as the psychological preparation plays a fundamental role in the results, this must be planned and controlled...

  8. Políticas Públicas brasileiras: atendimento às pessoas que vivem com HIV/AIDS

    Gomes da Silva, Joelma; da Rocha Morgan, Dimas Anaximandro; da Conceição Maia, Ubilina Maria; Alchieri, João C.; Lopes do Nascimento, Gerian; Medeiros, Humberto Jefferson; Knackfuss, Maria Irany
    The changing of epidemiological profile of HIV/AIDS in Brazil, there was the need to implement public policies that fulfill effectively all of this affected population. The objective of this research, discuss important point regarding as a contribution to the quality of life for people living with HIV / AIDS. From a literature review it was found that these public policies, arose as a result of demonstrations of society and health professionals is widening until the present day with an emphasis on prevention and treatment. In this sense, it is concluded that public policies have been providing positive effects contributing to...

  9. Propuesta de Unidad Didáctica innovadora con códigos QR: ‘Me oriento en mi entorno’

    Martínez Sánchez, Juan José
    In this unit provide students of the fourth year of ESO of the Madrid related to the contents set out in Section IV of the Environment, with particular emphasis on the development of methodological guidance by learning innovative techniques using for this code QR.

  10. Sistema Informático de Pruebas Funcionales (SIPF) para el programa Ejercicio para la Salud de la Universidad de Los Andes

    Araque Márquez, Ramón; Guerrero, Luís
    This research was aimed at designing a computer system functional tests for Exercise Program for Health at the University of Los Andes; it is responsible for the storage of personal data and the calculation of various physiological parameters: maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), muscle strength, joint flexibility, body composition, blood pressure, arterial pulse and cardio area; which are indicators of physiological profile of a person. The computer system was designed in the programming language Visual Basic 6.0; It is characterized by self­executable, easy to handle, with the intention that can be operated by anyone with basic computer skills and to have...

  11. El baloncesto y su componente fisiológico

    Vizcaya, Oscar José; del Portal Beyries, Orlando
    This current article has the purpose to consider the phisiocological basics of basketball, the ways of appreciate operating in this sport and to give data of reference of player of high standard. Physiologically, basketball requires energy contributed by aerobics systems and anaerobics, force resistance and flexibility. Studies made recently in trainings and competitions, through films publications of lactates in blood and the cardiac­frequency, indicate how the phisiocological requirements in this sport are highs and set considerable’s demands about the cardiac­metabolic of players. These are going to be determinants: the aerobic resistance, the anaerobic resistance, power and a good flexibility and...

  12. Estratégia ventilatória para correção no desequilíbrio ácido­base na unidade de terapia intensiva oncológica

    Salgado Xavier, Daniel; da Silva Glória, Daniel; Valente Colares, Rodrigo; Coitinho Martins, Joice; de Souza Barreto, Érika
    The mechanical ventilation (MV)is a method of therapeutic intervention and its main objectives reduce respiratory work and reduce imbalances in pH sanguine Methodology: The method used was the Cross Descriptive Study reporting the effectiveness of the intervention on the acid­base imbalance. Results and discussion: Ten samples were used, where all had acid base imbalance. Conclusion: The sample data were insufficient for conclusive results, however, intervention to correct acid­basic disorders, are shown as tools adjuvants in order to guide possible steps taken by the intensivist.

  13. Fundamentación teórica general acerca de la violencia

    Noa Castillo, Yailin; Fojo Manresa, Diana Rosa; Rodríguez Selpa, Silvia de la Caridad; Pesante López, Edmundo; Lezcano Merino, Haydée Nery
    An article is showed aimed to make a theoretical general basis about violence, theme that has gained great importance nowadays. There are different types and classifications which explain the different ways of acting related to it; violence is a phenomenon that in any of its manifestations has negative consequences to families and communities, that is why, the educational departments and other social institutions should bring some strategies to treat it.

  14. La evaluación de las habilidades motrices en la clase de Educación Física desde una perspectiva integral

    Herrera Mena, Hugo; Espinoza Moreno, Luis Alfredo; Valle Salazar, Javier Guillermo; Maqueira Caraballo, Giceya; Pérez Iribar, Giorvi
    The research presented is described, within the field work of the evaluation in physical education, as a peculiar way to comprehend the reality of school children learning from a concept in such a way as to educate them on it. Based on scientific methods and framed in the primary school "García Moreno", of the canton Riobamba, province Chimborazo in Ecuador, provides actions from the personal component of the teaching­learning process and the context conditions that guide the evaluation aimed at cognitive domains, affective, physical and driving partner that develops this subject from the motor skills. This allowed to prepare teachers...

  15. Uma análise sobre a ditongação das vogais tônicas finais seguidas de /s/

    Silva da Rocha, Max; dos Anjos Silva, Ana Izabel; Lima das Neves, Francis Jadson
    The present study aims to present the occurrence of orality in diphthongization of final vowels followed by tonic /S/ as in ten­bear, time­levels. The corpus consists of a field research with ethnomethodological methods, commonly used in AC, consists of collecting conversational situations and spontaneous verbal and nonverbal interactions. On Theoretical Foundation of Callou e Leite (2009), Camara Júnior (2011), Henriques (2007), Silva (2003), e Marcuschi (2003). Possible causes and explanations given by the phonetics and phonology for the occurrence of the speeches diphthongation six informants of both sexes, and high school and college education were developed. With the quantification of...

  16. La formación y desarrollo del docente en la UASLP: Retos para lograr una universidad inclusiva

    Fandiño Ojeda, Aleyda Yamilet; Méndez Pineda, Juana María
    This paper shows the results of an investigation that rises from the interest in identifying training needs and professional development of teachers facing the inclusion of students with special abilities at the University. The approach is qualitative descriptive. The research was made at the Schools and Faculties of the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosi, Mexico, which has enrolled students with special abilities. We used semi-structured interviews and participant observation from teachers to directly identify the issues faced in their teaching. The results show the needs that teachers have with the inclusion of students with special abilities in their classrooms....

  17. La identidad profesional de las docentes de educación infantil

    García Ciudad, María; Vallejo Ruiz, Mónica; Nieto Cano, José Miguel
    This paper focuses on the professional identity of Early Childhood Education teachers. We will deal with the concept of professional identity within the teaching field by giving voice to female teachers and going through history, taking into account the special characteristics of these professions which build the teachers identity. In order to do this, and after carrying out a theoretical review of the bibliography used, we will present a descriptive design with a series of interviews to a group of six Early Childhood Educational teachers who work in a school which is situated in the Region of Murcia. From their...

  18. Comunidades Profesionales de Aprendizaje: Instrumentos de diagnóstico y evaluación

    Bolívar Ruano, Mª Rosel
    Las Comunidades Profesionales de Aprendizaje son una nueva forma para reconfigurar las escuelas, en las que el trabajo colectivo y la colaboración entre los docentes son la clave para la mejora de la práctica educativa. Para ello se requiere un cambio de cultura, en un proceso lento y costoso en trabajo y esfuerzo. Esta nueva forma de trabajar juntos supone el rediseño, reflexión crítica y constructiva de la práctica educativa, en una progresiva puesta en práctica. A lo largo de este artículo analizamos y describimos los instrumentos ideados hasta ahora, que conozcamos, que pueden ser de gran ayuda para evaluar...

  19. Tradições, continuidades e descontinuidades das práticas corporais em uma comunidade quilombola

    dos Anjos, José Luiz
    The study aims to identify elements present in body practices spaces of social relations in a community remaining quilombola and specifically identify the relationships that promote traditional continuities and discontinuities. We used semi-structured interviews opting Minayo (1999) because it is a study that shows social characteristics. The study identified that the school, in the community, is a promotional agent breaks the continuity of traditions. "Play Ball", "swim in the pond" and "tame calves" are bodily practices that are learned in social relations in the various community groups that allow the continuities of traditions and translate meanings of genres.

  20. Profesora en listas de interinidad del Departamento de Educación de la Universidad de La Rioja, España

    López Hernáez, Lara
    Several studies show different manifestations of bullying, from its visible forms, such as physical or verbal aggression to more psychological and subtle forms, which are more dangerous because they go unnoticed and cannot be stopped by the educational community. We have raised to find out how the bullying occurs, if they do this in a direct or visible form, psychological, via Internet, and / or they using other forms such as sexual. To deduce that, we have conducted a large study in La Rioja (Spain), with 348 questionnaires, four focus groups and thirty interviews, aimed at students, parents and teachers....

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