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101. Tipos de comunicación en la bi-alfabetización de mujeres adultas del barrio Sagrado Corazón bajo del distrito cinco, gestión 2008. - Barrientos, Sulma; Ollisco, Inés
In the made investigation it was verified that the types of oral and written communication are adapted, but is not applied of the best form by lack of experience of facilitators. Are the results of the alphabetization project, to evaluate in prospective form the personal, educational changes of the adult women, obtained of a group of women with difficulties to learn to read and to write? It is an investigation that this cradle in the interaction of taken care of populations less, since it is a forgotten sector that they are the adult women of the Sacred District Heart. With the program of...

102. Sucre: estratificación, realidad y conflicto, contrastación de la teoría de la estratificación social. - Candia, Gabriela; Heredia, Fernando; Graz, Rosario; Tolavi, Efraín; García, Dayana
One of the most important issues in the social sciences in general and sociology in particular has been the social inequality, and social stratum division it produces. From this field are approaches that also allow for a theoretical, empirical analysis. Theorists such as marx and weber provided definitions, but did not survive the test of time, left an important legacy, for authors such as goldthorpe, wright and germani, among others, resumed their ideas and try to give an empirical application., in the first part of this work will try to contrast the sociological theory with sucrense reality, and once completed...

103. Sentimientos y emociones en el ámbito escolar: identificación y análisis de alexitimia en estudiantes de 5to y 6to A, B y C de secundaria en la Unidad Educativa Domingo Savio de la Ciudad de Sucre. - Mamani Rossemery, Soliz
The present study aims to issue about alexithymia (inability to express feelings and emotions), using a methodology of descriptive and explanatory, with the overall objective: "To determine the presence of features of alexithymia (difficulty discrimination of emotional signals , difficulty in verbal expression of emotions and external detail-oriented thinking) in 5th and 6th students A, B and C of Secondary Education Unit Dominic Savio ". Information obtained during the investigation was based on the application of the instrument Toronto Alexithymia, instrument has 20 questions. The results demonstrate the existence of students with characteristics of alexithymia. Participants were 165 male and...

104. Rol de la escuela frente al fenómeno migratorio. - Velásquez, José; Alandia, Álvaro; Vedia, Wilder
From the social, economic, political and educational situation facing the country, in recent years both high migration rate from rural areas to the city, as well as other countries has been observed. Moreover, with the understanding that education must respond to the diverse needs of the learner, a lack of which comes the role of the school in relation to learners of migrant parents ( immigrants and emigrants ) . To deepen the analysis proceeded to review documentation related to the topic, conduct questionnaires and interviews with principals, teachers, parents, directors of educational establishments and students (children and adolescents )...

105. Revalorización turística del patrimonio eclesiástico. - Sotomayor, Roger; Caba, Luís; Zenteno, Lizandro
Over the years the religious beliefs have been steadily declining and with them the customs; the religious visits or trips, pilgrimages and therefore also the influx of visits to the various religious temples. In the city of Sucre on religious tourism represents an opportunity for the promotion and development of tourist activities, however, this type of tourism does not account with attractive offerings or specific promotions, due to the lack of coordination joined that the authorities downplay the issue. For all these reasons, the present research proposes a tourist circuit of the most visited religious temples, to enhance the promotion...

106. Rescate y Revalorización de las Costumbres y Tradiciones de la Fiesta de Todo Santos de la Ciudad de Sucre. - Huaylla, Ivanna; Ortuño, Litzi; Serrudo, Graciela; Sotomayor, Roger; Huarachi, Zenteno
The Catholic religion joins to =Todo Santos' religious festival where currently awaiting the arrival of the souls of their dead symbolically, it prepares the table to share with them their favorite dishes and this results an event of great cultural significance to us. In other countries it is celebrated in different ways, depending of their traditions.

107. Revalorización de la Chicha, como Patrimonio Cultural de la Ciudad de Sucre. - Solíz, Silvia; Collazos, Andrea; Calvo, Guillermo
The present research is about the traditional preparation of chicha in Sucre and its cultural heritage that pretends contribute to the eradication of prejudice about its elaboration and the way of its comercialization, proposing as well to place it as a product that contributes integrally the activities of the sucrense bohemia, offering a cultural tourist attraction to national and foreign visitors. A chichería might be a stage, where popular music is cultivated, the bailecitos and cuecas, popular games like the frog, hopscotch, and chub, to provide a friendly and fraternal recreation where people can taste traditional dishes or appetizers. Snacks, music...

108. Rescatar la historia de los pueblos de Chuquisaca en el proceso de la Independencia de Charcas (1809 - 1825). La guerra de guerrillas: una organización político-social de republiquetas. - Valda, Edgar; Caballero, Luis; Romero, Ximena
The investigation tries �\To rescue the history of the towns of Chuquisaca in the process of the independence of Charcas (1809-1825). The war of guerrillas: a political and social organization of republiquetas., is to say to integrate in our national memory the historical activity of the regions of our department in the construction of our republic and bolivian nation. The historical investigation and mainly the one of our history, demands a multidiciplinary glance, because she serves us to board the subject from different points of view; and not to have unidimensionals approaches. To rescue brief historicization of the towns of Chuquisaca...

109. Repercusión de la Autonomía Indígena Originaria Campesina en "Mojocoya" de la Provincia Zudáñez - Chuquisaca 2012. - Canaza, Carmen; Alvarado, Roxana; Flores, Roberto; Sanabria, Alejandro
Since the Spanish conquest the American Indian fought for the rescue of their land, territory and self-determination, as the state constitutionally recognizes the existence of indigenous people and ensure their right to self-determination with legislative and executive power, that let them to be independent of both (political, economic and social), in relation to Central State that became a focal point between different autonomies. The central state intervening the Separate Jurisdictions Law restricts the free determination of indigenous autonomy "Mojocoya". On the economic side, the state supervises every economic movement making the execution of works in red tape that are characteristic of a...

110. Racismo Mediático en Sucre en el marco de la Asamblea Constituyente. - Plaza, Luis; Reinoso, Luciana; Arciénega, Verónica
The Constituent Assembly made the year 2006, was used as a scenario to raise the issue of the Capitalia Full to Sucre, historical claims of the city whose history goes back to the federal war of 1899.Despite the fact that the conclave should treat all the proposed topics, the subject of Capitalia was excluded from the debates. This triggered a series of violent acts and discriminatory with awful ending on May 24, 2008. Since then Sucre has been stigmatized as a racist city.

111. Programa psicopedagógico de detección, asistencia y estimulación lingüística de problemas de dislalia en niños de jardines infantiles de la Ciudad de Sucre. - Andrade, Hernán; Pérez, Lizbeth; Sandi, Marlene; Vildoso, Lizbeth; Orellana, Gabriela
The present project entered upon the problem of functional dislalia, from the point of view of be consider one of the main problems of articulation during the first years of childhood and is obvious when child enters to kinder garden. In this point, during the months of September and October of 2009 we intervened in a group of children whit problems of functional dislalia in kinder �\San Roque. from Sucre city, we had the objective of apply a program of psico pedagogical action for the detection, treatment and linguistic stimulation of dislalia problem that contribute in a correct development of...

112. Programa psicomotricidad global para la reducción de la agresividad y mejora de las habilidades sociales, afectivas y conductuales: centro kantuta sucre 2009. - Maldonado, Carolina; Ortiz Balcera, Aida; Ramírez, Ivonne; Saavedra, Rubén
The growth and development of the child are complex phenomena closely linked, the child is a being with somatic components, psychological and social challenges inherent The steady increase in weight and height is the most reliable indicator that the child is in a good state of general health and that its development is appropriate. This condition is affected by external negative conditions, are the most common malnutrition, hypothyroidism, alcoholism, economic, educational, as an important factor at this time the migration and other phenomena in the Bolivian children in a majority. It is essential to have a good knowledge of the...

113. Programa motivacional para mejorar la motivación intrínseca en los deportistas seleccionados del equipo bolivariano de las disciplinas de Boxeo, Esgrima, Karate-do y Tenis de Mesa. - Flores, Mirko; Medina, Griselda
This research project is a work in the field of sport psychology, is a branch that is based on studying the individual within the sports field, and the variables that are usually activated in this field are; anxiety, motivation, concentration, personality, stress and sports up to special needs. As a conclusion, according to the results obtained, after the implementation of the motivational program, athletes from the different disciplines as mentioned above, showed a large increase in both the sporting performance such as in the intrinsic motivation. Both coaches and athletes were convinced and satisfied with the work of the Project.

114. Programa de lectura comprensiva a partir de la palabra, en niños y niñas hasta los cuatro años de edad, aplicable en el hogar. - Cabezas, Rubenka; Núñez, Karla; Peña, Helen
Reading is one of the highest functions of the human brain, and one of the most important in life, because the greater part of the programming is based on the ability to read, ability that if purchased at a lower age is easier and better. This research questions the theories of learning and development by proposing the learning of the simultaneous reading the speech, within the home, analyzed from the application of different instruments inherent in empirical research methods the context in which they develop children within and outside the home and the activities that develop; the way in which...

115. Programa de Educación y Desarrollo Psico-afectivo "PISOTÓN", para niños, padres de familia y maestros de segunda sección del nivel inicial de un jardín infantil de la ciudad de Sucre. - Ortiz Balcera, Aida
The educative and psycho-affective development programme, begins with the psycho diagnosis, taking as evaluative tools the close interview, home, tree and person test (H T P), instrument that evaluates the concept that one has of himself or herself, feelings toward his o her family, his or her relation with the environment, emotions, etc. Later on we begin with the opening workshop for the parents, where they were informed about the most relevant aspects of the development, and the programme presentation pointing up the parent´s participation, because any programme that pretends to promote an easier children�s development must count with their participation,...

116. Preservemos la obra de nuestros artesanos: El valor turístico de los tocadores - llamadores existentes en las casas, casonas y parroquias sucrenses. - Collazos, Lita; Fernández, José; Flores, Verónica; Lima, Edwin; Urquizu, Cladis
The research work tries to show the artisanal, patrimonial and touristic value of those who are called =knockers' and also of the colonial buildings located in the historic center of Sucre city , the purpose is to revalue these objects considered as patrimonial relic, of familiar and cultural identity besides stand out the work of forgers of metal artists.

117. Posicionamiento turístico de Sucre. - Fernández, José; Espada, Gisela; Espada, Olga
This research analyses the importance of touristic image in the positioning of a destination in the tourism area. Also, the diversity of touristic brands that the city of Sucre presents to develop tourism is examined, which lay in between the destination�s competitiveness and even the sustainability. As a result, we ask each other. How this duality of touristic images affects to the competitiveness of tourism in Sucre? What are the causes for which Sucre has two touristic images? We should also mention that the city of Sucre has a touristic brand designed by the Direction of Tourism of the Mayoralty...

118. Plan de desarrollo turístico en el área natural de manejo integrado ANMI El Palmar. - Vivancos, Marcelo; Huaylla, Ivanna
Tourism development is one of the major axs for the Natural Area of Integrated Management (ANMI), El Palmar, compared to a tourist potential of high value and a demand in permanent ascension.When the supply insufficient and poorly organized, there is an urgent implementation of planning actions in order to respond to the increasing pressure from tourism with a comprehensive proposal, in the medium to long term, subject to the principles of conservation and protection of the heritage of the area. The growth of tourism in the ANMI, The Palmar will allow you to discover and promote the andean culture, which...

119. Nivel de influencia de radio la plata en el desarrollo universitario, social, político, económico, cultural y de salud de la ciudad de Sucre y el departamento de Chuquisaca desde 1943 hasta el presente. - Achá, Cinthia; Serrano, Álvaro
The present research is descriptive-quantitative, and aims to identify the influence of Radio La Plata in the university, social, political, economic, cultural, sports and health development in Chuquisaca since 1943 to the present. The files of the radio have been reviewed and also a search to 500 people has been done in order to show the supportive role of Radio La Plata and the population�s opinion about its contribution to the city. In the Social area, Radio La Plata has been the media of communication that channeled demands and aspirations. In the political area, it reported about the events in the historical...

120. Motivación del estudiante para el ingreso a la carrera de pedagogía de la Universidad San Francisco Xavier De Chuquisaca. - Martínez, Davezies; Laguna, María
The present research was oriented to distinguish the motivations that the student has when he joins the Pedagogy Career, for this purpose we started from a preliminary study that consisted in a poll applied to the students. This poll gave us some insights of the indicators and variables to be considered in this research. The process of information, was constructed by different stages: the first one, was destined to identify the motivations of the students: the second was oriented to the analysis and the categorization of such motivations; the third, oriented to identify and determine the motivational features that the Pedagogy...

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