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  1. Estudio de la efectividad docente del nivel superior mediante modelos estratégicos para la creación de una estrategia tecnológica.

    Vázquez, Laura; Cruz, Miguel; Vázquez, Jorge; Náhuat, Juan
    Educational effectiveness is defined as the set of activities the teacher does before and during the act of teaching, which produce changes in students in relevant domains. This research takes a study on the effectiveness of superior level teaching, using strategic models such as SWOT analysis and value chain proposed by Porter, to find the necessary variables involved for creating a technology strategy, because it can be applied in education, through the teachers capacity and ability to obtain improvements from an action, in other words, their effectiveness.

  2. Estrategias para Mejorar la Durabilidad del Concreto Reforzado Ante un Medio Ambiente Marino.

    López, Herwing; Montes, Pedro; Porras, Jorge; Bremner, Theodore
    As a consequence of climate change that our planet is currently suffering, buildings are exposed to severe environmental conditions that tend to accelerate the deterioration of the materials that compose them. This effect provokes their sub-utilization in unsafe conditions or generates overspending by requiring continuous repairs in order to extend their service life. In the present paper, the progress of an extensive research project developed to evaluate various strategies to enhance the durability of reinforced concrete exposed to a marine environemnet is reported. Such strategies include the use of corrosion inhibitors, alone or in combination with supplementary cementitious materials in...

  3. Esqueletización digital sobre la geometría de dos complejos celulares.

    Trejo, Alfredo; Herrera, Leonardo; Castro, Roberto; Martínez, Miguel
    This work presents studies within two areas of mathematics, which are related to Digital Image Processing, in particular, with skeletonization: Digital Topology and Digital Geometry. A thinning algorithm proposed in 2001 by Kovalevsky, for binary digital two-dimensional images modelled by cell complexes, is applied and studied using both the hexagonal and the quadratic cell complexes. For the hexagonal and quadratic cell complex, Kovalevsky�s algorithm is developed and implemented as a patter matching method in this work. The skeletons obtained in various experiments are analyzed with respect to topological and geometrical properties and they are compared with Blum`s skeleton.

  4. Entrenadores laparoscópicos de óptica dinámica para mejorar la calidad de la intervención quirúrgica. Diseño y construcción.

    Ortiz, José; Aguilera, Martha; Santos, Mario; Cruz, Nicolás; Salazar, Nicomedes
    In surgery and specifically laparoscopic surgery, the continuing training is crucial for a quality surgery . Unfortunately , in medical schools practicing laparoscopic surgery is not yet established before the student graduates. The practice is often done in the operating room under the supervision of an experienced surgeon . In this paper, we show the design and construction of trainers for laparoscopic surgery that are to be donated to local hospitals to contribute to improve their training programs. Materials and methods. The laparoscopic trainers were designed and assembled with adjustable viewing optics with maniquies made of fiberglass. We place three input...

  5. Efecto del oxido de bario en las propiedades texturales del óxido de circonio.

    Lugo, Fabiola; Silva, Rebeca; Gómez, Mario
    A special interest in incorporating new catalysts or supports with solid characteristics and acid properties exists to improve the processes that need this type catalysts and to optimize them as well operational, economic and ecologically and to diminish the environmental impact, by the effects that the fact causes to use highly corrosive acid liquid catalysts. The acid character or the acid force is one of the properties most important to consider, by its influence on the conversion and the selectivity. The zirconium oxide modified by means of ionic treatments, for example the sulfatación, has shown to have superacid characteristics and...

  6. Efecto del ácido cítrico sobre la calidad microbiológica de jícama mínimamente procesada.

    Canul, Divino; Moo, Mariela; Cruz, Martin
    The objective of the present study was to evaluate the effect of citric acid soaking on the microbiological quality in fractions of jicama. Jicama pieces were disinfected by immersion for five minutes in a solution of sodium hypochlorite at 300 ppm. Four treatments immersion for five minutes in the following aqueous solutions were generated: 5 g L-1 of citric acid (CA); 10 g L-1 AC; 15 g L-1 AC and the control (0 g AC). Each treatment was packed in a polyethylene container and stored at 5 ± 1 ° C, until the witness lost its characteristics of acceptance. The...

  7. Diseño y fabricación de Poka Yokes para las líneas de ensamble de rodamientos de bombas de agua: Caso práctico.

    Ortega, Francisco; García, José; López, Leonel; Lozano, Alfonso
    This paper presents the design and manufacture of a PokaYokes set created for the production line of a company dedicated to manufacture bearings. A practical case of how PokaYokes have brought great benefits to the company increasing the products quality, decreasing scrap and disappearing customer complaints for defective parts.Are presented six PokaYokesthat are used to verify the partsspecifications made in terms of radial clearance, noise, stamps, weight, height and diameters. As a result of implementing these PokaYokes have disappeared customer complaints in a period of six months that has been using such devices, in addition to saving money by decreasing...

  8. Diseño e implementación de un Sistema de Monitoreo y Calentador Solar Inteligente para Alberca Semi - Olímpica.

    Ortiz, José; Aguilera, Martha; Guzmán, Juan; Santos, Mario; Orellan, Ramsés
    In this article we present a proyect developed by the academic group "Robótica Aplicada" of the Instituto Tecnologico de Nuevo Laredo. The project consist in the design of Intelligent Monitoring and Solar Heater for a Semi-olympic pool. The system was implemented in the pool of our institute. The paper shows the strategies used to find the best option to obtained the adequate temperature.

  9. Diseño de Didácticas Digitales para la Asignatura de Sistemas Operativos.

    Maya, Norma; Rosete, Miriam; Esquivel, Jesús; Gordillo, José; Quintanilla, Joel
    In this paper the first stage of implementation of digital content is presented through a website, that includes OS issues. Currently students at the Technological University of the Valle of Toluca (UTVT) represents a high degree of learning difficulty in this area. Then academic staff develops this project, in collaboration with the Technological University of the Suroeste of Guanajuato (UTSOE), which aims to improve the teaching - learning and make teaching practices incorporating TIC provide students with a tool to promote their interest. Through the interactivity offered by the web, the student to achieve strengthening further their knowledge and actively...

  10. Diseño del proceso de elaboración de Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) ahumada envasada al alto vacío.

    Diego, Óscar; Hernández, Soledad; Caso, Luis; Aguilar, Blanca
    The aim of the study was to develop the process and formulation of vacuum packed smoked tilapia, in order to add value to the tilapia in bulk and thus contribute to the development of tilapia producer groups of the Mixteca region in Puebla state. Three different formulations were developed and subjected to marinating times 4, 6, 8 and 12 hours. The best formulation and marinating time was established through sensory testing. The safety of the product was determined according to NOM-129-SSA1-1995, with the following results: aerobic plate count: 35X102 CFU/g, psychrophilic plate count, 40X101 CFU/g, total and fecal coliforms and...

  11. Desarrollo y evaluación de un parche con metronidazol para aplicación en mucosa oral a partir de productos naturales.

    Noguez, Norma; Gacuta, Marlone; Quirino, Carlos; Macín, Susana; Rubio, Alejandro
    The periodontal disease (PD) are in our time a worldwide public health problem especially in developing countries. While the treatment of the PD is based mainly on the mechanical removal or scaling and root planing of the subgingival biofilm on the surface and root colonized, the systemic administration of antibiotics contributes an improvement and additional benefits of the patient's clinical condition. Recently, the development of patches has received increased attention in the administration of oral drugs. With this background it is proposed the use of a rubber extracted from the Cactus for the design of a patch containing metronidazole for...

  12. Desarrollo de un Sistema Emulador de PLC con Telecontrol desde una Aplicación Móvil para Android y con Software de Teleprogramación vía Bluetooth que incluye Tecnología DDE para realizar Aplicaciones de Control Discreto por Computadora en Tiempo Real desde FESTO FluidSIM.

    García, Jorge
    This paper deals about the development of a single-chip programmable automaton that emulates a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and which can be programmed by using KOP (Kontaktplan � ladder diagram) language in a wireless fashion from a personnel computer via a Bluetooth link. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) of the automaton can be either of Microchip PIC18FX550 or Atmel ATMEGA 328 families because of the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) for each microcontroller was implemented. The programming language of the automaton supports instructions as described in specification IEC 61131 and introduces new ones that access to communication resources and media...

  13. Desarrollo de materiales laminados de fibra de henequén-resina poliéster.

    Vega, Hugo; Ramírez, Uriel; Jiménez, Omar; Mendoza, Omar
    A laminated composite of sisal fiber - polyester resin was developed using tissue in a plane orthogonal setting [0/45]s used to manufacture the hand layup process and resin infusion . The actual fraction of resin was determined and the resulting porosity of the process was checked . The use of the process of infusion was found to have much greater control in the uniformity of the resin content for the type of fabric used for making fiber content of 30% by volume with a minimum quantity of pores in comparison with the hand layup process , the which was deficient...

  14. Desarrollo de Aplicaciones de Realidad Virtual y Sistemas Hápticos en Ingeniería, Medicina y Arte.

    Medellín Castillo, Hugo Iván; González, Germánico; Espinosa Castañeda, Raquel; Govea, Eder; Lim, Theodore
    The technological growth in the last years have conducted to the development of virtual reality (VR) systems able immerse the user into a three-dimensional (3D) virtual environment o virtual world, where the user can interact in real time with virtual objects. This interaction is mainly based on visualizing the virtual environment and objects. However, with the recent beginning of haptic systems the interaction with the virtual world has been extended to also feel, touch and manipulate virtual objects. Virtual reality has been successfully used in the development of applications in different scientific areas ranging from basic science, social science, education...

  15. Degradación fotocatalítica de fenol y clorofenol empleando TiO2-SO4 = Influencia del ph de síntesis sobre la fotoactividad

    Ramos, Claudia; Sandoval, Guillermo; Antonio Cruz, Rocío C.; García, Ricardo; Hernández, Manuel
    Currently, aromatic organic compounds such as phenol and certain of its derivates are present in wastewater from chemical, petrochemical, textile and paper; since it is commonly used as solvents. Such pollutants are difficult to degrade and are highly injurious o health, have a high oral toxicity, dermal and subcutaneous. Hence the need to eliminate this type of compounds using a method that is effective as is the photocatalytic technology, which has many applications, most of them focused on processes related to the environment. Particularly photosensitized degradation with titanium dioxide (TiO2), is well documented in the literature, as well as the...

  16. Degradación de películas de celulosa residual usando celulasas de Trichoderma reesei ATCC 26921.

    Cárdenas, Gonzalo; Vázquez, Pedro; Arzate, Guillermo; Jarquín, Lorenzo; Portilla, Óscar
    In Mexico, huge amounts of residual cellulose from meat industry are generated. This figure represents an economic problem for the industry and an ecological problem in the environment as cellulose wastes are disposed in landfills where it take long time for degradation. For that reason, it is necessary to propose alternatives for taking advantage of this waste in two directions, the first is to reduce the amount of waste disposed and the second is to generate products whit economic value. In this work trails were performed to find the kinetic parameters of the enzymatic degradation using cellulases from Trichoderma reesei...

  17. Corrección de factor de potencia con bancos de capacitores distribuidos en la industria maquiladora.

    Garza, Carlos; Ramón, Sergio; Martínez, Roberto
    A methodology to correct the power factor by measuring power parameters on branch circuits and feeders with an electrical network analyzer equipment for sizing distributed capacitors banks in the main electrical charges, stemming from the need to industrial companies, to bring down production costs and directly competing in the global world market. The methodology is based on the principles of shunt compensation, taking into account, that although heat losses in the conductors, the best voltage regulation and increased availability of boards, switches and feeders would be the main technical trigger in utilizing this method, the main interest of corporate leaders, is...

  18. Construcción de un Sistema de Comunicación Distribuido Basado en la Reutilización de un Framework de Objetos.

    Luna Ramírez, Enrique; Velarde, Apolinar; Nungaray, Juan; Castillo, Iván; Cruz, Roberto
    It is presented a distributed communication system for sending instant messages, based on a framework called Object Client-Server Framework, which provides a set of abstract classes for developing distributed applications based on the client-server architecture. Particularly, the framework allows the development of interfaces for displaying on a client side the messages coming from other clients, thanks to which, it was possible to generate different versions of the communication system, with more and better functionalities for the end user in each new version. In order to manage this, it was necessary to carry on changes on the design of the system...

  19. Clínica Sustentable con Seguidor Solar.

    Flores, Óscar; Hernández, Aldo; Huitzil, Ignacio; Martos, Carlos; Díaz, Alonso
    Today the cost fossil fuel is very high and the trend for the next years is the same also its combustion produces a dangerous environmental impact for example, ecologic cycle alteration, acid rain and global warming. The first cause of global warming is carbon dioxide CO2emission. For to solve this environmental problem is used alternatives energies that permit to reduce emissions and associate cost of fuels, the direct benefits are in people and politic state. In this project called green clinic with solar tracker and is implemented a photovoltaic system whit CFE electric connection in Universidad Politécnica de Amozoc Physic...

  20. Caso de estudio de utilización de prueba de hipótesis en la medición del desempeño en el proceso de suministro de una industria embotelladora.

    Wong, Juan; Ruiz, Cinthia; Lerma, David; Lugo, Fabiola; Delgado, Xochitl
    This article is a case study where statistical hypothesis tests are applied to measure the improvement obtained for the company due to the implementation of material requirements planning (MRP) in a beverage bottling industry. The implementation of MRP was specifically for the most important raw material of the company, the concentrates. This article show the situation that prevailed in the company prior to this implementation and established as an indicator of improving the level of inventory. This indicator assesses the change to implement the MRP through the Student's t test.

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