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5901. Exploring the variation and distribution of academic phrase-frames in MICUSP - O'Donnell, Matthew Brook; Römer, Ute

5902. Tackling data insufficiency: Automatically extending a (richly annotated) data set

5903. Annotating a Learner Corpus of English - O' Donnell, Michael; García Martínez, Rebeca; Murcia-Bielsa, Susana

5904. Exploring morphosyntactic variation in Old Spanish with Biblia Medieval (a parallel corpus of Spanish medieval Bible translations) - Enrique-Arias, Andrés

5905. Using Data Mining to Trace Changing Association Patterns over Time - O'Donnell, Matthew Brook; Smith, Catherine

5906. Civil partnership - "Gay marriage in all but name"!? Uncovering discourses of same-sex relationships

5907. LIX 68 revisited - an extended readability measure

5908. Corpus tagging of connectors: the case of Slovenian and Croatian academic discourse

5909. ANNIS: A Search Tool for Multi-Layer Annotated Corpora - Chiarcos, Christian; Lüdeling, Anke

5910. A corpus-based reappraisal of the role of biomechanics in lexical phonotactics

5911. WriCLE: A learner corpus for Second Language Acquisition Research - Rollinson, Paul; O' Donnell, Michael

5912. Nominal Coreference in translations and originals - a corpus-based study

5913. "According to the equation..." : Keyness in Chinese and British students' undergraduate assignments from UK universities - Leedham, Maria

5914. Semi-automatic morphosyntactic tagging of a diachronic corpus of Russian - Meyer, Roland

5915. Synergies between transcription and lexical database building: the case of German Sign Language - Hanke, Thomas

5916. The use of vague formulaic language by native and non-native speakers of English in synchronous one-on-one CMC - Fernández Benito, Julieta

5917. Putting corpora into perspective: Sampling strategies for synchronic corpora - Belica, Cyril; Vachková, Marie

5918. Nominalization in scientific discourse: a corpus-based study of abstracts and research articles. - Holtz, Mônica

5919. Discourse functions of lexical bundles: isotextual comparisons

5920. The Tatian Corpus of Old High German: Information-Structural and Grammatical Annotation - Petrova, Svetlana; Chiarcos, Christian


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