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5901. Aislamiento e identificación de microalgas en la región de la planta geotermoélectrica CFE de "los azufres" en el estado de Michoacán. - Bravo, J. G.; Morales, A. T.; Ayala, A.
In the following study, two sampling was taken in the "Los Azufres" region in the CFE geothermal power plant located in the satate of Michoacán, in which a number of areas for sampling were selected to later be analyzed and studied for the presence of microalgae. From the samples of areas selected were strew on solid medium; in the first sampling the agar medium BG11 was selected and the PBS like buffer for the dilutions; in the second sampling the agar medium CHU10 amended by Gerloff was selected and destilled water for dilutions. In the results no growth was observed...

5902. Material Didáctico "Manual práctico para la creación de una empresa en Tijuana, Baja California". - Pérez, Blanca; Victoria, David; Arredondo, Alfonso
The globalized world in which we live requires that its players are sufficiently prepared to survive, because it is imperative that educational institutions impart knowledge that is useful to do. Therefore it is important that meaningful learning is significative in their development. Because of this it is vitally important to educate independent beings with freedom of judgment who aspires to start a business and not just work on one of them, so they need to know the requirements, documents and / or procedures that enable its constitution. This manual will allow them to practice what they have learned in real...

5903. La gestión escolar de calidad en instituciones educativas de nivel superior a través de la innovación tecnológica integral. - Estrada, Cesar; Martínez, Minerva; Ruíz, Susana; Reyes, María
The topic category of educational management as disciplinary field, dates back to the sixties in the United States, in the seventies in the UK and the eighties in Latin America (Casassus, 2008). In each of these regions it has been manifested in different nuances, we must consider that classical perspective Anglo educational management of the institutions has a strong technical and routing associated instrumental outcomes (Schön, 1998). When the topic of educational management was introduced in Latin America it was associated, from the critical perspectives to a liberal vision trying to evaluate the educational phenomenon in terms of cost - benefit....

5904. La formación humanística del educando, como requerimiento para una adaptación exitosa en el campo laboral. - Ligonio, Nínive; Cruz, Abi; Herrrera, Laura; Carrillo, José
The problem of education in Mexico is an issue that concerns us all, so it is necessary to train students with a critical and reflective thinking and this is achieved through the understanding of human behavior. Mexico has a big challenge in education, the fact is that our country is not developing the learning that is needed for the student develops in the workplace, not about knowing subtract, add, multiply but learn, develop and implement the term "humanistic Education and Quality" which allows students face everyday situations that party plaintiffs to efficiently incorporated in the productive sector. Certainly the relationship between...

5905. Del aprovechamiento al desempeño escolar: estudiantes y profesores del COBACH (Ciclo escolar 2013). - Tevera, Juan; Hernández, José; Aquino, Humberto; Chirino, Yair
The present text notices the software design diagnostic evaluation of the reagent bank based on competences circumscribed in the Reform of Higher Secondary Education framework (RHSE) implemented in the subsystem of the Colegio de Bachilleres de Chiapas, especially in the North Central Area coordination. This process is articulate by computer science area teachers, people in the academic template "Development of Application with Information Technology" from the Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas (UNAC ) and the people in the academic template "Contemporary Education and Social Processes" from the Faculty of uman Science of the Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas (UNICACH).

5906. Comunidades de Conocimiento para la Conformación de Redes Científicas un Apoyo a la Invención o Reinvención Tecnológica en las Universidades Tecnológicas de México. - Espinoza, Luz; Pimentel, Ana; Valenzuela, José
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) indicates that innovation can occur in any sector of the economy, including public services such as health and education. The Oslo manual mentions that production, exploitation and dissemination of knowledge are essential for economic growth, development and well-being of nations. Therefore, the need arises to investigate whether Technological University of Mexico (UT), would be willing to participate in a scientific network. In order to achieve technological exchange, quality production and create mechanisms for obtaining intellectual property. Questions that meet specific objectives as defined; whether the UT involved in a scientific network, if...

5907. Competencias en los Grupos de Alto Desempeño. - Suárez, Rosario; Ana Ortega; Legorreta, Leydi; Gracia, Nasario
The demands of globalization and current society require institutions of higher education generate strategies where students are proactive agents of their own learning, for they are important know how student perceives its powers, so that they can support teachers to establish educational strategies that help strengthen them. The high-performing learning group project has the purpose is to collect relevant information through the use of verifiable instruments that allow us to design a structure where work learning groups, in order to enrich the education of future citizens, this work is the result of the application of the instrument of perceived competence...

5908. Atención Educativa a la Diversidad Cultural en el Estado de Durango. Entre la Igualdad y la Equidad en la Educación. - Rodarte, A.; Martínez, J.; Pérez, M.
This paper is part of an investigation project of ByCENED Academic Body "Educational Attention to Diversity", which includes two lines of inquiry: Inclusion and Intercultural Education. This is a diagnostic study of the problem situation in Durango State, which belongs to the scientific mixed research paradigm, The information on the educational attention for the cultural diversity that is presented in this document, covers the stage of documentary research, that responds to the question of the approach to the problem, What are the conditions of the educational attention to the cultural diversity in the State of Durango? Finding that there are...

5909. Articulando el perfil del egresado: competencias adquiridas, en la licenciatura de medicina, UAP. - Avelino, Judith; Cortés, José; Rosales, Salvador; Pérez, Daniel
This report is part of the Follow-up Study of Graduates of the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Puebla ( UAP ), conducted from August to October 2013. The objective was to know the levels of acquisition of the available skills in the curriculum for the Bachelor of Medicine and the results were obtained after analysis of a sample of 454 surveys , applied to the questionnaire called Flexible Professional in the Knowledge Society ( PROFLEX ) . The final data reveal a profile of graduates from the level of competence of their daily life , and try...

5910. Apoyo familiar y su influencia en la autoestima de jóvenes universitarios. - Quintero, Violeta; Zárate, Nikell; Rodríguez, Carlota; Pineda, Dora; Belío, Irma
Family support is a positive and combative attitude that overcomes the difficulties to help another; so it is important that college students perceive it to happily successfully complete their training process, contrary could affect self-esteem and affect learning. This descriptive, cross-sectional, quantitative approach, the questionnaire Acosta (2004) was applied to measure self-esteem , adding the variable of family support ; 56 students of the School of Technical Colleges in Cervical Cytology at the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, randomly selected by analyzing the data with descriptive statistics in SPSS version 15. objective being the identification of family support influences students '...

5911. Aplicación de TIC con fines académicos en educación superior tecnológica: un caso de estudio. - Moreno, Hugo; Ledezma, Alejandra; Lugo, Adriana; Núñez, Angélica; Cabrera, Elizabeth
A descriptive study on the application of information and communications technology (ICT) in schools of technological higher education is presented in this paper. These aspects of digital technology, subjects in today's society, and the cognitive processes that arise are addressed. It also presents the results of a higher education institute of three that were part of the study, in order to understand the application of ICT in the teaching-learning process and reach a better understanding of the object of study. While the understanding and comprehension of the socio-cultural- educational phenomenon does not lead to immediate application solutions directly, is a...

5912. Análisis comparativo de desarrollo de valores en estudiantes administración y contabilidad pertenecientes a nivel académico de licenciatura y maestría. - González, Elvira; Hernández, María; Romero, Araceli; Gaviño, Gabriela
It is a quasi- experimental research design, field, cross-sectional comparison between thirteen groups of university students in management and accounting, belonging to academic bachelor and master with statistical analysis of descriptive and inferential. Population consists of 5,793 students official powers of administration and accounting pertaining to academic bachelor and master A random sample of 2,091: professional, mean age 21.4 years, 59 % female and 67 % single marital status. 2) mastery mean age 27.4 years , 46 % female and 52 % single marital status Material: Questionnaire and anti VALANTI Securities and Exchange Allport Test Results: There is significant difference...

5913. Adicción a Internet. - Mendoza, Yazmín; Méndez, Laura
Within the social context in which the individual develops are phenomenon that transcend the impact it causes to individuals, but especially in the areas, personal, academic and social when they have some kind of disorder or compulsive behaviors by technology, and possibly endanger their physical and psychological health. Therefore the present research is focused on showing the impact that technology has had on college students and especially the problems they face, but mainly behind an Internet addiction, the causes can originate it and ways in how you present this addiction.

5914. Acerca del significado del término "Competencias Profesionales" en los profesores de la Carrera de Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación de la Universidad Tecnológica de Tecamachalco. - Rodríguez Centeno, Diego; Martínez, Federico; Valle, Sergio
This work presents a qualitative study to understand the perceptions of teachers of Career Information Technologies and Communication of the University of Technology Tecamachalco, about the term "professional skills" is performed. The interest arises because in September 2009 the model was implemented by professional skills in technological universities in the country and any change of educational paradigm takes a process of assimilation and implementation. We would like to know how is perceiving this idea of teaching skills and how their work is changing in the classroom. For research use the semi-structured interview guide with questions seeking maximum variation sample whose size...

5915. ¿Qué leen los profesores de la Universidad? - Vicuña, Heréndira; Barboza, Margarito; Hoyos, Xochitl; Reyes, Lucía
This article derives from the results of the research performed to describe the cultural dispositions of professors based on the concepts of Pierre Bourdieu�s sociological theory. Thus, it the reflection on what professors read, for the acquisition of cultural capital. a qualitative focus. Said professors are considered as the main dispositions of university agents, in order to know their leaning / likings towards reading that shape the habitus in the educational field.

5916. Producción Científica 2013 en las Universidades Politécnicas Mexicanas. - Díaz, Luis; Sánchez, Susana; Ortiz, Marineth; Noguez, Juan; Guzmán, Fabiola; Hernández, Victoriano
The quality of the knowledge generated in the IES and its availability to global economy is critical for nation�s competitiveness. In the present study the relation between the scientific production (PC) visualized through the SIR and the institutional academic framework of the IES in the Polytechnic Universities Subsystem (SUP) is analyzed. Only 24 IES of the SUP were visualized through SIR 2013, with a total PC of 328 published documents. These IES are associated to; 129 undergraduate education programs and 32 graduate, of which five are in the PNPC; 67 CAEF, 16 CAEC and one CACO; 404 PTC, of which...

5917. La visión de los alumnos respecto al Programa de Tutorías de la Universidad Tecnológica de Torreón. - Guerrero, Serjio; Ortiz, Argentina; Valencia, Julieta
The vision of students regarding the Tutoring Program at the Technological University of Torreon Situational Analysis: Mentoring is considered a fundamental pillar in the academic process, offering advice and assistance to the student throughout his or her college career. Justification: The mentoring program, along with other corporate actions, now is a strategic action aimed at improving the quality of educational services and comprehensive training. That is why it must be developed and improved. Objective: Know the vision and appreciation that students have the mentoring program, in order to generate information for improving the program, considering the importance of the tutor and their roles...

5918. Innovación Educativa, ¿Para qué? - Velázquez, Francisco; Nava, Nicolás; Herrera, Domingo; Martínez, José; Gutiérrez, Claudia
The title of this work is related with the Fernando Solana book�s �Educar, ¿para qué?� where are collected in the main reflections of the III International Symposium that carried the same name and organized by the Mexican Fund for the Education and Development (FMED) in the year 1999. In contrast to this work, here is a modest initial reflection to address the reasons for a research project that aims to innovate the classroom teaching practice in higher education through mobile technologies taking as reference the m-learning. After review some arguments in favor and against the innovation educative applying information and...

5919. Importancia de la Turoría Académica en la formación universitaria y decisión de la carga académica. - Capetillo, Guadalupe; Flores, Silvia; Tiburcio, Leticia; Mendez, Teresita; Leyva, Fabiola
La Veracruzana University decides a change of plans and programs of study towards a Comprehensive and Flexible Education Model ( MEIF ) , the Schools were incorporated gradually towards this challenge seeks autonomy and formation of the student , hence the importance and challenge that the University maintained in the training of professionals to meet the demands of the globalized world. To determine the importance of academic tutoring in university education . Methods: Analysis of literature that supports the academic tutoring at the Universidad Veracruzana . Results . Mentoring is a key to encourage the student to understand the information...

5920. Implementación de la Plataforma educativa como herramienta en el b-Learning en la carrera de Técnico Superior Universitario en Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación en la Universidad Tecnológica del Valle de Toluca. - Rosales, Pamela; Maldonado, Abish; Apolinar, Jesús; Herrera, Joel; Galicia, Alejandra
This paper aims to implement a learning platform Moodle and make the content as a tool for b-Learning in Higher Technical College Career in Information Technology area Communication Systems and in the area of Networking and Telecommunications of the Universidad Tecnológica del Valle de Toluca to the subjects that make up the curriculum. Courses being designed for each subject based educational competency model, which will be a tool in the b-Learning to be taken into the curriculum. The implementation of the platform can be used to establish a model or dual race distance. The results show that content quality are...


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