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61. Formación de investigadores en la licenciatura en administración y gestión de pymes de la Universidad Politécnica de Pénjamo - Vázquez, Glafira; Coronado, Janet; Arroyo, Ignacio
Teaching a college student to learn how to carryout research, to then mold him as a scientific researcher requires a set of competencies and skills that will allow him to interpret reality in an objective manner to be able to recognize the difficulties of his environment, apply a scientific method to use tools and methodological designs to solve a problem and to produce scientific knowledge. The need exists in universities to experiment with processes to form researchers and to form for research, since this is one of the basic fundamental axes of the higher education that allows for influence on society through the solution of problems and...

62. Factores que inciden en el desarrollo del sector automotriz en una región de México: Modelo alternativo para su atención - Córdova Rangel, Arturo
The study examines the context of the economic units of the automotive sector in the region of Aguascalientes, Mexico. Studies and related theories were analyzed to identify the characteristics of economic units and their development variables. The objective of the study is to analyze the profile of companies, as an option to better understand the factors that affect their development. The research was developed according to the following methodology: First were selected the companies to be studied of the sector, being these of the census of companies registered, resulting in 40 cases to be surveyed. For this purpose a structured questionnaire was designed with questions that describe:...

63. Evaluación de lean manufacturing a empresas del sector industrial de empalme, Sonora - Vargas, Eduardo; Olachea, Luis; González, Blanca; Morales, Juan
In this study we designed a tool for analysis and determination of the degree of Lean implementation within industrial companies Empalme, Sonora. Instruments were applied as the RPA (Rapid Assessment of Plant) and the three levels of Lean implementation posed Alberto Villaseñor, with the above information designed an instrument of 43 questions that assess the level of Lean implementation in companies, which assessed by experts and statistically, we found the optimal size of the sample by means of a statistical model and applied the questionnaire generating information that was analyzed in the statistical Software for Social Sciences SPSS, the data obtained showed that the degree of general application...

64. Estudio para determinar el uso del equipo de protección personal de acuerdo a la NOM-017-STPS-2008 - García, Ana; Neaves, Guadalupe; Solís, Juan; Angel, José
The study to carry out the use of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) was carried out in Motores Reynosa, S.A. de C.V., located in the corner of Avenida Las Lomas S/N and Avenida Industrial del Norte, North Industrial Park in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. This company currently has 871 employees and is dedicated to the manufacture of Appliances. The objective of this study is to identify and analyze the working risks to which workers are exposed to every position of work and area of the company. It is applicable to all production areas of the company in which hazardous chemicals are handled and where machinery and equipment are used and...

65. Estudio exploratorio sobre la cultura de equidad de género en la Universidad Tecnológica de Querétaro - Ávila Acosta, Rosalva; Ynzunza Cortés, Carmen Berenicice
This study presents the results of the gender equity culture in the University of Queretaro, in order to deploy a series of strategies that foster a culture of respect for equality, nondiscrimination and no violence. Items considered for the study were taken from scales tested in environments similar to this one. The results show students favorable attitudes toward equity, although there are differences between men and women. There are also detected opportunity areas by career. In the same way, there is evidence of gender stereotyped patterns entrenched primarily from the traditional male role. Nevertheless, it was also found that such prevailing type of socio-cultural preconceptions are present...

66. Estudio de mercado de social media como estrategia de mercadotecnia para las PYMES de la región ríos de Tabasco - Macossay, Julia; Abreu, Salustino; Cabrera, Enrique; Castro, Martha
Companies always have something to announce or advertise to their customers or consumers; they are always looking for the most effective and economical way to do it. Social media marketing or social media represents a change in the way we see the business. These go beyond having a "like" or the number of followers on Facebook or twitter, it is to create and improve a closer relationship between brand and consumer or user. This research shows the opportunity to meet and develop this trend companies in the Rivers Region of the State of Tabasco, which includes the municipalities of Emiliano Zapata, Balancán, Jonuta, Tenosique and which through ignorance...

67. Innovación y desarrollo en la formación profesional a través de las tecnologías de la información y comunicación en los TSU en desarrollo de negocios de la Universidad Tecnológica de San Luis Río Colorado - Fernández, Karina; Pérez, Adriana
Nowadays, the world is characterized by the advance of technological development, finding the information as an essential element in the economic, social, political and cultural aspects of the countries and all of them impact the development of a country, and this is achieved through the education of its citizens. In relation to education it should be considered that the ways and methods of teaching have changed, we find unimaginable resources within the network, allowing us to improve the teaching - learning processes through different media and teacher-student communication, such as the use of social networks, blogs, forums, clouds, multimedia, educational software, tutorials, interactive whiteboards and plenty of online...

68. Algunos desafíos en la formación de las futuras investigadoras y de los futuros investigadores - López García, Xosé

69. Centro de carga controlado por Wi-Fi - Kao, Luis; Lara, Luisa; Loeza, Fernando; Zapata, Martha
This paper presents a project of the academic body of Networks and Telecommunications for the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana (UTM) to strengthen the research line of Connectivity. The project was to develop a multi-contact device, also called load center, with Wi-Fi connectivity to enable and / or disable power electrical outlets via a web application. It involved the collaboration of students and teachers of the Networks and Telecommunications Major at the UTM. Its preparation required the design, implementation and testing of an electronic board with a wireless module, the Web application programming and configuration of a client-server infrastructure. This project explored an alternative through electronic devices to make a...

70. Realidad y efectos de la doble crisis en los medios en lengua vasca, gallega y catalana - Zabaleta, Iñaki; Gutiérrez Paz, Miren Arantza; Ferré Pavia, Carme; Fernández Astobiza, Itxaso; Xamardo González, Nicolás

71. Vehículo subacuático Sub-Chaac - Sotelo, Arturo; Coria, Luis; García, Manuel
The reported work is product from research and development achieved by the academic body called "Control systems and signal processing". The aims of this work were design and build a submersible vehicle oriented to inspect submerge facilities and underwater exploration. Taking in account Baja California´s geographical location and the importance of the maritime activity. The technology development which allow to achieve underwater duties without endanger the personal who develop this tasks is a very important issue. Sub- Chaac was developed over two different versions due to the challenges that building a vehicle which allows submerging and emerging by means of varying the internal mass. Sub-Chaac II successfully fulfills...

72. Sistema integral de expediente clínico electrónico con dispositivos móviles - López, Luis; Márquez, María; Romo, Ana; Rodríguez, Sandra
Based on the NOM-168-SSA1-1998 issued by the "Secretaría de Salud" (DGRSS, 1998) we developed an electronic system to control the patient Medical Record with the aim of combining records, notes and certificates relating to the intervention health personnel in accordance with health regulations in valid in Mexico. System integration is done through the development and implementation of three applications: desktop, web and mobile devices that are connected to a robust and flexible database. Control of the electronic medical record has a focus on mobile application structured through tabs, which are cancer, epidemiological outbreak, diabetes, appointment, campaign staff and record, which includes mechanisms to maintain the security of the...

73. Regeneración urbana y comunicación - Lorente Bilbao, Eneko; Antolín Iria, José Enrique; Fernandez, Jose M.

74. ¿Qué 'inteligencia' y 'sensibilidad' para la ciudad hibrida?: Mediaciones tecnológicas en la participación ciudadana y el espacio público - Sama, Sara

75. Articulando o individual com o colectivo: experiência e memória na investigação feminista - Alvarez, Claudia

76. Sistema de entrenamiento hidráulico con componentes industriales - Muñoz, Luis; Flores, Juan; Hernández, Manuel; Nieto, Víctor
In the Industrial Maintenance option by Technological University of Chihuahua, was built a training system hydraulic with industrial components, the aim of this work is to be used by teachers and students in the labs of the subjects of Hydraulics systems, Automation and Robotics. This equipment was built during the four period January-April 2013, the training system was presented at the Academic Week in the Technological University of Chihuahua.

77. Síntesis del mecanismo plano biela-manivela-corredera como seguidor de curvas prescritas - Alba, Eduardo; Ramos, Raúl; Cisneros, Vicente; López, José
In this work a kinematical synthesis procedure for the slider-crank mechanism is shown, this procedure is used to design a mechanism in which the slider could follow a prestablished trajectory and also make that the input and output angles have a desired relationship in which the input angle defines the followed length on the specified trajectory. The synthesis procedure shown in this paper can be used in order to design mechanisms for rigid body conduction through an established trajectory, in which the relationship between the input and output angles can be controlled.

78. Simulación magnetohidrodinamica con ANSYS® de un horno de inducción - Martínez, M.; Coello, A.; Pérez, A.
Induction furnaces are important in the production of steel iron parts mostly nodular iron casting, due its system allows a homogeneous mixture of the alloy elements causing few defects due to changes in the structure of the product. A problem of melting furnaces is the wear of refractory material due to causes such as thermal shock, and direct contact with molten slag and liquid metal. Also, the drag of refractory by the movement of the cast as one of the causes of wear of the crucible is handled. This means that a higher speed could causes greater wear. To observe the speeds that are developed in an...

79. Reducción del LEAD TIME de manufactura - Figueroa, Martin
Today competitive companies must have well defined strategic object ives, which are aligned with the operations of the different areas to take better decisions and achieve customer requirements. This research was based on the applicat ion of a methodology for reducing manufacturing lead time in a logist ics company in the industry, because some of their products are causing deficiencies in deliveries. The results of the study show a lead time reduction of 10.8% and an increase in efficiency of 9.7% with respect to activit ies that add value globally in four product families studied.

80. Reciclaje y utilización de termoplásticos - Toledo, Ignacio; Toledo, Alfonso; Vázquez, Armando; Santana, Víctor; Flores, Arturo
The constant growth of consum ption of PET(Polypropylene of tereftalato) resin for the production of bottles used for packings of sodas and water bottled principally, incorporated as solid urban residue, is generating an environmental problem of great magnitude that is necessary to reduce. In order that a global trend exists towards the model proposed of sustainable development ecological, is indispensable the participation the whole chai n of production -Consumption, that is to say that understands all the humanity, which includes from the obt aining of raw materials, the intermediate processes, the m aximum possible incorporation of materials recycled in the final product and the minimization of the industrial and...

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