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81. Proyecto 3d + Realidad aumentada - Virgilio, Victor; Padilla, Julia; Jimenez, Salustino; Martin, Mario
In recent years augmented reality has evolved from an emerging technology to be one of the trends in interactive design more attractive today. Artists, designers and a lot of people with little programming experience can create their applications using various tools like Processing, Blender, Arduino, Flash and many others. (Mullen, 2012) This technology is already in many areas such as the reconstruction of the historical, the training of operators of industrial processes, marketing, interior design, museum guides and of course academia. (Rogo25, 2011) In this paper, augmented reality played an important role in the field of 3D animation at the Technological University of the Usumacinta and achievement...

82. Prototipo piscícola de control y automatización de 4 variables - Ortiz, Carlos; Mendoza, Patricia; Zayas, Ricardo; Flores, Iván; Álvarez, Lucero; Pérez, Pascual; Hernández, Guadalupe
En este proyecto se capacitaron productores que poseen centros piscícolas empleando un sistema automático prototipo que como primera parte mide magnitudes físicas propias del estanque, como pueden ser, temperatura, pH, niveles de oxigenación del agua, etc. Se les explicó que una vez medidos esos valores, el sistema almacena los datos y los procesa para desarrollar, en un segundo paso, un control adecuado del mismo a través de mecanismos autónomos que controlan la calefacción, oxigenación, etc. Uno de los dispositivos más importantes es un mecanismo dosificador de alimentación, que de acuerdo a parámetros preestablecidos y regulables, proporciona la cantidad adecuada de alimento. El sistema tiene capacidad de almacenar toda...

83. La Investigación Feminista en Comunicación en Iberoamérica: avances, retos y perspectivas - Vega Montiel, Aimée

84. Genero Comunicación e Investigación desarrollada por mujeres - Mattelart, Michéle

85. Riesgo, daño y vulnerabilidad online: reflexiones sobre la evidencia útil de una política correcta de seguridad infantil en Internet - Livingstone, Sonia

86. Online risk, harm and vulnerability: Reflections on the evidence base for child internet safety policy - Livingstone, Sonia

87. Investigaciones para transformaciones: mujeres ciudadanas en proceso - Alfaro, Rosa

88. El espacio de los servicios públicos de comunicación en las sociedades del conocimiento: conferencia inaugural - Tremblay, Gaëtan

89. Prototipo itinerante de un sistema fotovoltaico para casa habitación, aislada de la red - Chávez, Rufino; García, Rufino; Olivo, Marco; Rodríguez, Juan
When we think of solar energy, are two manifestations of light and heat, are easily recognized. Both play a vital role in the life of our planet. The sunlight makes possible the process of photosynthesis, without which the plant and animal kingdoms disappear, climate controlled heat and evaporates the waters of the sea, which, free from salt content, are returned to the earth as rain. Humans, animals and plants owe their existence to this simple mechanism purification. Solar radiation can be converted directly into electrical energy. This phenomenon is called the photovoltaic effect. A mid-nineteenth century (1839) French physicist Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect (PV). Several physicists...

90. Prototipo generador de agua para la producción sustentable de hortalizas - Chávez, César; Zaldívar, Said; López, Adolfo; Álvarez, Álvaro
In this paper we present the results of research carried out at the Technological University of Huasteca Hidalguense, located in the municipality of Hidalgo state Huejutla, which develops an unconventional alternative for water, energy and food, which aims to mitigate the problems of water scarcity, which affects mainly the food production causing losses in corn, beans, vegetables and especially the livestock sector, which are chronic impediments to economic growth and stability office in our country. Thus, the objective of this research was to design prototype generator water for sustainable production in a greenhouse vegetable family as a result giving water generation by atmospheric moisture in order to generate...

91. Propuesta de una guía de validación para la determinación de sólidos suspendidos totales en aguas residuales - Uribe, Melina; Uribe, Sheila; Acosta, Jorge
The validation of analytical methods is of great importance for testing laboratories wastewater want to ensure the quality and reliability of its results. In this paper we conducted a validation guide for the determination of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in wastewater. This will set the parameters for limit of quantification, linearity, working range, recovery, bias and precision (repeatability). As a result of the work is concluded, this guide will enable testing laboratories develop each of the parameters to assess and meet the acceptance criteria in determining TSS. It also serves as a source of information for other testing laboratories (clinical, food, microbiological research centers, etc.) who wish...

92. Producción de biogás y composta a partir de efluentes de una planta de tratamiento de aguas residuales urbanas - Delgado, María; Ruiz, Graciela; Flores, Álvaro; Gómez, Blanca
Anaerobic digestion is a process proposed for treatment of urban wastewater effluent, in this last, products like biogas and compost are obtained. Compost has been used in the biofertilizer production. The integration of anaerobic digestion and composting treatments allow giving to the wastes an energetic valorization and also using the nutrients for raise the amount of them in the compost produced. Two bio-reactors with a volume of 200 L each one was made. Physicochemical characteristics of the effluent were determined either into inflow and outflow. A decrease in parameters such as COD and solids were analyzed. The gas analysis showed an important amount of methane in the...

93. Perspectiva del uso de energía eléctrica mediante redes neuronales - Rojas, José; Luna, Ricardo
Demand for electricity in industrial, commercial and residential sectors represents a current problem to predict ahead of time electricity consumption in these sectors in order to avoid penalties imposed by the respective companies supplying electricity, plans to develop a system perspective electricity demand for intelligent buildings using artificial neural networks (ANN) that allows us a prediction of power consumption ahead of time, and therefore better management of energy in buildings. The variables used as inputs to the neural prediction model were: temperature and humidity, as well as power consumption and time. The algorithm used for perspective was Levenberg-Marquardt. The model validation was performed by comparing the results with...

94. Optimización de parámetros de un concentrador solar troncocónico - Anda, Rosa
This paper deals with optimizing the design parameters of a truncated cone type hub to capture, transfer and diffusion sunlight, so that reflections of light and increase focus on the walls of the cone and subsequently inside the tube project to the interior of any construction. As an initial parameter think the length of the roof opening of a dome active section of the mark Ciralight square through which the sun's rays fall on a vertical. Considering the length and diameter greater openness (b) and a concentration factor (FC) of 2.46, was used Excel Solver tool for calculating the optimal key dimensions: the angle of generating (á),...

95. Obtención empírica y no empírica de un conjunto específico de heurísticas sobre experiencia de usuario para sistemas de información - López, José; Hernández, Jorge; Rangel, Nelson; Rodríguez, Mario; Butron, Martha; Jasso, Omar
The set of ten heuristics proposed by J. Nielsen is oriented to measure the user experience (UX) in general. However, when dealing with the particular case of an information system (IS), these heuristics cannot identify all the bad situations, or problems, related with the UX. This paper proposes the inclusion of three heuristics (identity, accessibility, y attractivity) to those proposed by J. Nielsen, in order to identify better the problems about by the UX in IS. The new set of heuristics was tested over a case of study composed by 54 ISs, 141 users of them, and a questionnaire applied to the users. Based on Usability recommendations...

96. Modelo VRML interactivo de un robot humanoide Bioloid - Núñez, Víctor; Sapiens, Alberth; Rodríguez, Dora; Rodríguez, Víctor
In this paper a Computer Aided Design (CAD) model of a Bioloid robot in humanoid configuration is presented. The draw is realized in virtual reality modeling lenguaje (vrml) and through a User Interface programmed on MatLab it is possible to modify several of its characteristics. The graphical representation of this robot that is described throughout this work includes the axis of the 18 motors of the robot and an orthogonal frame attached to the corresponding 18 articulation of its kinematic chainin order to have a basis for the direct and inverse kinematic model for this robot.

97. Modelación y proyección de energía eléctrica mediante redes neuronales y simulación de Monte Carlo: Caso de estudio de México - Luna, R.; Rojas, J.
In the present work is reported a theoretical-methodological framework, in which are presented alternatives for carried out accurate projections about the growth of the national electrical power demand, as well as for analyzing the integration of alternative energy sources into hybrid energy systems at customer or end user scale by using of stochastic modeling. For the projections of the national electrical power demand growth, a metaheuristic approach is presented. This approach combines artificial neural networks modeling with Monte Carlo simulations. On the other hand, for the analysis of the alternative sources into hybrid energy systems at end user level, an approach where deterministic computational simulation models are combined...

98. Minería de datos para perfilamiento de las brechas digital y educativa de ciudades en censos de población y vivienda - Coria, Sergio; Orozco, Ivania; Luna, Juan
This work proposes and evaluates a data mining methodology to discover profiles of cities on the basis of educational characteristics of inhabitants and on discrete classes describing the presence of information and communication technologies (ICT) in households. City profiling involves discovering the variables and their corresponding values that allow distinguish classes of cities within a country regarding a determined target variable. Pattern discovery on the interaction among educational attainment of inhabitants, presence of ICT in households and other demographical and economical variables is relevant to researchers, public policy makers and private company managers. Using city (municipality) as analysis and modeling unit is novel in this research field because...

99. Medición de las dimensiones del producto en un sistema automatizado - Jurado, Alejandro; Gallegos, Eloísa; Luna, Rafael; Martínez, Abraham; Martínez, Ángel
In this paper present a possibility for extract of characteristics of object via ultrasonic sensor. For applications in production processes. This consists in samples of distances between the sensor and the object in different positions. Then the data is processing to obtain the dimensions (large and width). The results present graphics of the error in the measurement and the behavior for the sensor with the objects.

100. La simulación hidráulica en el diseño de sistemas de alcantarillado - Gaytán, Roberto
A proposal of design of a storm sewer system was realised, for the neighborhood Villas de Guadalupe, municipality of Guadalupe, Zac., where it was applied the combination of two different methodologies, the American Rational method and the model of simulat ion Storm Water Management Model (SWMM). The objective was to detect advantages of the simulation models. The analysis of results obtained from the system shows important advantages of model SWMM on the Rational method, because different storm scenes can be simulated that allow to predict the zones susceptible to flood and the diameters of the pipes can be optimized, allowing to save in the design of the...

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