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81. Gobiernos y administraciones locales vascas en las redes sociales - Estebaranz Gómez, Javier; Ramilo Araujo, María del Carmen

82. Twitter en los ayuntamientos catalanes.: Una evolución empírica de usos y percepciones - Balcells, Joan; Padró-Solanet, Albert; Serrano, Ivan

83. Implicaciones legales en el uso de las redes sociales por las administraciones públicas.: Especial referencia a la protección de datos de carácter personal - Arteaga Juárez, Sor

84. Hacia las administraciones públicas 2.0:: Una propuesta de modelo teórico para el estudio de las redes sociales digitales - Martín Rojas, Francisco

85. Aproximación general sobre la adopción y uso de las redes sociales en las administraciones públicas - Criado Grande, Juan Ignacio; Martín Rojas, Francisco

86. Calidad en la gestión de servicios. Un enfoque al servicio educativo, los casos de la Maestría en Ciencias (Matemáticas) y la Maestría en Educación Matemática de la Facultad de Ciencias Físico Matemáticas de la Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. - Zacarías, José; Salgado, Gladys; Jiménez, Yazmin; Cruz, Hugo
In this paper we present two research projects carried out by the Academic Body of Probability and Statistics (CAPE) at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences belonging to the Autonomous University of Puebla in the line of Statistical Quality Control branch of the main line of inquiry.The projects address specific quality methodology that relies on statistical tools for a proposed improvement in the master's programs of Science (Mathematics) Mathematics Education and taught at this institution in order to strengthen them. Shown in this study, the methodology followed and the first advances.

87. Diseño de experimentos aplicados a proyectos de estadías en UTSOE. - Pérez, Miriam; Espinoza, Jesús; Morales, Verónica; López, María
This paper includes four of more projects, named cases, in which the Design of experiments was used. Although is not accepted the weight of this issues within thematic content for the Food Process program, clearly its potential as a support tool in order to give knowledge both into the Institution, and out when the student has to confront real problems en fabrics and business. Each of the cases was chosen in order to show many scenarios, more than one way to analyze data, as well to confirm the design of experiments importance in the food area. No further rule out...

88. Determinación de la capacidad de adsorción de Pb(II) en solución acuosa por raíces de Typha latifolia (Espadaña). - Carranza, Candy; Figueroa, Luis; Hernández, Alejandro; Hernández, Diego; Medellín, Nahúm
In present study a biomass derived from the root of Typha latifolia (cattail) has been investigated to remove Pb (II) from surface water samples. The effects of various parameters viz. pH biosorbent dosage, contact time and temperature on the biosorption processes were systematically studied. Experimental data were modeled by Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms. It was observed that Pb biosorption best fitted to the Freundlich isotherms. The biomass of T. latifolia was found to be effective for the removal of Pb with 95% sorption efficiency at pH 5, and thus uptake capacity is 21.85 mg/g of biomass. The physical characterization of root...

89. Perfil antropométrico de dos equipos universitarios de balonmano femenil. - López, Ricardo; Hernández, Germán; Rangel, Blanca; López Walle, Jeanette Magnolia; Ramos, Isela
An important aspect of working in sports nutrition is the weight change and body composition. Many athletes need to minimize body fat and weight to improve the biomechanics aspects or increase muscle mass to improve performance. For this reason, the aim of our study was to determine the anthropometric profile of handball players of two college teams. They we made 17 basic anthropometric measurements to both teams. Team 1 obtained a mesomorphic-endomorphic phenotype and Team 2 obtained an endomorphic-mesomorphic phenotype. The mesomorphic component is predominant in both teams; therefore, it can be assumed that the skeletal muscle strength in female...

90. Un ejemplo de procesos de decisión de Markov sensibles al riesgo: Un enfoque por matrices no negativas. - Chávez, María; Cruz, Hugo; Reyes, Hortensia
In this paper we focus attention on risk-sensitive Markov decisión chains. We are interested in characterizations of policies maximizing growth rate expected utility. In contrast to the existing literature, the problem is handled using methods of nonnegative matrices.

91. Prevalencia de cepas multirresistentes de Salmonella spp y Escherichia coli 0157:H7 en alimentos crudos en la Ciudad de Puebla. - López, A.; Ruiz, A.C.; Cabrera, C.; León, G.; Tejeda, F.
Gastrointestinal diseases are a problem among Mexican population and worldwide, because they can be transmitted by contaminated food or mismanagement and manipulation. Ignorance of the causal agent of these diseases can result in an incorrect treatment to the patient, the emergence of resistant microorganisms or a complication of the disease that can lead to death. It is for these reasons that the present work is focused on identifying the most common causative agents of gastroenteritis, Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella spp. in raw food in the city of Puebla, and thus be able to propose measures for the control of...

92. Obtención de aislados bacterianos de la rizósfera de Typha latifolia (Espadaña) crecida en sitios contaminados con Plomo. - Hernández, Alejandro; Rubio, Jocabed; Carranza, Candy; Álvarez, Claudia; Pacheco Aguilar, Juan Ramiro
Typha latifolia is a plant used in phytoremediation due to its ability to remove heavy metals from impacted sites, and accumulating them primarily in the roots. Plant roots are involved in the absorption of water and nutrients, and in the interaction with rhizosphere microorganisms, such as plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR). PGPR promotes plant growth in stress conditions caused by heavy metals, drought, salinity and other adverse conditions in the soil. Regarding T. latifolia interactions with rhizosphere microorganisms is still poorly understood. So in this study the bacterial isolation from T. latifolia rhizosphere was conducted. Isolation of bacteria was performed in...

93. La termografía digital como herrmienta para tamizaje de cáncer de mama: Estudio preliminar DIF-Mazatlán, estado de Sinaloa. - Orozco, Eber; Castro, Jorge; Mena, Luis; Flores, Mario; Mejias, Nildia
Thermography is exceptional in detecting breast cancer within the first year of development. The breast cancer is a leading cause of death nowadays in women throughout the world. In developed countries, it is the most common type of cancer in women, and it is the second or third most common malignancy in developing countries. The cancer incidence is gradually increasing and remains a significant public health concern. Also is very important to indicate that the mammography has a lower sensitivity for breast cancer detection in younger women and those with dense breasts. The aim of this study is to evaluate...

94. Importancia de la alveolitis seca y su atención oportuna. - Leyva, Alma; Capetillo, Guadalupe; Cortés, Salvador; Tiburcio, Leticia; Parra, Clara
Introduction: Dry socket is a postoperative complication that can occur frequently after tooth extraction. The main symptom is pain, which is not located with the use of traditional analgesics. Treatment should be local and systemic; in the local treatment should be performed by washing the alveolus and placing antiseptic substances; systemic treatment patient is prescribed powerful painkillers to relieve pain. Objetive:To determine the level of knowledge among students of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Veracruz, Veracruz region with respect to the dry alveolitis. Methods: A cross-type and quantitative study, with a population of 110 students and a sample of...

95. Factores relacionados con complicaciones obstétricas en embarazadas de Yaxcabá, Yucatán, México. - Rodríguez Angulo, Elsa; Urtecho, Cecilia; Andueza Pech, Guadalupe; Hoil Santos, Jolly; Oliva, Yolanda
The health of the pregnant woman is still a challenge in developing countries. Bleeding, infections, abortions and preeclampsia-eclampsia are complications that can lead to death. Other factors are poverty, distance, lack of information, inappropriate services, cultural practices and delays in care. The aim of this study was to determine obstetric gynecology sociodemographic factors, obstetric care and power of decision in women with obstetric complication in the Municipality of Yaxcaba, Yucatan, Mexico. Data complicated women from 2009 to 2013 were reviewed. Prior informed consent questionnaire was applied. We found 22(71%) illiterate, 25(81%) married, and 30(97%) housewives. The main complication was abortion...

96. Evaluación del efecto antiinflamatorio de Senecio confusus. - Alvarado, Brenda; Reyes, Abigail; Castillo, Jesús; Maldonado, Martha
Senecio confusus infusion is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of strokes and muscle aches. However, there has been studied the effect of this plant in the control of inflammation, in this study the antiinflammatory ability of this specie was assessed in a mouse model of inflammation induced by carrageenin. Two doses (5 and 10 mg/kg) of the aqueous extract of S. confusus were tested, water and indomethacin were used as controls. For this experiment, Wistar rats were used and swelling measurements were performed with a digital plethysmometer. The percent inhibition observed shows that the dose 10 mg/kg had...

97. Evaluación de la capacidad de reducción de la carga microbiana de un sistema de intercambiadores de calor concéntricos, aplicados en un proceso de secado por aspersión de alimentos. - Castañeda, Felipe; García, Luis; Oaxaca, Concepción; Arciga, Raquel; Sabino, Maria del Carmen
Many of the processes of food production are based on thermal treatments as part of their processing of raw materials and / or treatment of food materials preservation. An industry located in Mexico that dehydrated food system has a process that involving heat exchanger concentric tubes whose efficiency must be estimated as part of the quality assurance system. In this study the prediction of log reductions of microbial survival was performed with two linear models, isothermal and non-isothermal. The results point to have a reduced capacity beyond the needs of the industry, with the respective consequences in quality and economy.

98. Evaluación de la calidad microbiológica y físico-química del río Xichú y aislamiento de microorganismos degradadores de triclosán en la reserva de la biósera sierra gorda de Guanajuato. - González, Claudia; de la Riva, Gustavo; Alejo, Francisco; Márquez, María
Samples of water and sediments from Xichu River in the north of the Guanajuato State were taken in order to evaluate the water quality and the isolation of microorganisms potentially triclosan resistant and removers. Water that is used primarily for human consumption and for agriculture but due to triclosan is actually included as active ingredient in many household products and discharged to wastewater conduced to river; it may increases bacterial resistance to antimicrobials. Recently it has been placed in the status emerging contaminant and it has been shown that this compound acts as an endocrine disruptor, causing damage to different...

99. Emisión de BTEX por las gasolineras, proximidad geográfica y síntomas neurológicos en residentes de Ensenada, Baja California, México. - García, M.; Arellano, E.; Walter, L.; Espejel, I.; Villada, M.; Aceves, P.; Quintero C. Von, M.; Arredondo, C.; Eaton, R.
Human exposure to volatile organic compounds , such as benzene , toluene and xylene ( BTEX ) , has several short and long term health effects on men, women and children because hese compounds have the ability to interact with the genome and the epigenome during the process of cell division in somatic and germ cells. Emissions of BTEX by the presence of gas stations in the urban area, has been associated with increased risk to the health of the population. The objective of this study is to design early warning indicators of preventive , to identify the potential damage...

100. El TSU en energías renovables área bioenergía y su oportunidad de inserción en las mipymes del suroeste de Guanajuato. - Mendoza, Patricia; Uribe, María; Ramírez, Lidia; Ramírez, Teresa
At the opening of educational programs, it is necessary to identify the labor supply in the productive sector and the recruitment needs presented, which allows to determine the feasibility of a new career. This paper presents the results of a study of labor supply, its main objective being to determine the labor supply that exists towards the productive sector (PE) (TSU) Education Program Technical Colleges in Renewable Energy Bioenergy area. To achieve the aim of this research, the process was guided on an analytical approach, in which several variables were considered study showing the proposed labor trends PE. The results allow us to...

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