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81. Reducción de la Brecha entre la Educación, la Tecnología y el Empleo en el Área Gerencial. - Sánchez, José
The use of technology is considered a key piece to the success and business performance, education and employment that are important to the future of evert organizations. In this context of technological competencies a content validity study was conducted with fourteen professionals in the area of computation and management. The content validity analysis allowed an analysis of reagent to calculate the estimate of internal consistency and discrimination indices in a sample of 312 managers. Consistency coefficient instrument were also determined using the Cronbach Alfa. As a final result of the work, factor analysis and the eigen value was used to...

82. Reto y oportunidades del manejo de desperdicios eléctricos y electrónicos en Puerto Rico. - Silva, Pedro
This paper seeks to frame some aspects of recycling of electrical and electronic light of its global market waste. It highlights some of the problems to the environment created by this waste. The electronics recycling segment appears as a creator of jobs and wealth in times of economic stagnation, both figures in the United States and Puerto Rico. Another highlight from this work is that the proper management of these electronic waste also allows employment sources and raw materials, improve working conditions in less developed countries and reduce pollution.

83. Implantación de la tecnología a los cursos de Contabilidad: ¿Qué opinan los estudiantes y profesores? - Andino, Jenifer
The main objectives of this research were to describe the technological alternatives that can be incorporated in the teaching process ; identify advantages and disadvantages of using technology in Accounting courses; determine whether there is a strategy for the effective implementation of technological alternatives in accounting courses ; and study the views of students and teachers The methodology consisted of a review of recent articles published in refereed journals . A field study where students and teachers participated was also performed. It was found that the alternative technologies that can be used in the educational process are : educational platforms...

84. Competencias esperadas por el patrono del Área este de Puerto Rico en el egresado de Administración de Empresas. - Pérez, Glorimar; López, Walter
This paper explores the prospects of the employer towards the minimum expected competencies in graduate of business administration in eastern Puerto Rico area. In recent years, it has emphasized the importance of evaluating what are the minimum competencies expected by employers are. It is much scholarly attention as a professional because this issue permits to temper the academic curriculum with the reality of the business world. Findings were analyzed and the results of the investigation were compared with the survey of skills and occupations in greatest demand made in 2009 by the Department of Labor and Human Resources (DTRH) of...

85. The "real" winner (An exploration from experimental economic behavior). - García, José
There is a problem in life when a certain number of individuals, have to decide between alternatives available, such as investment projects, products and services or maybe about artistic, intellectual or another technical qualities. In that subjective decisions, but especially those from strategic intentions �juries " could have a fundamental impact on the outcome. The problem arises when the decision would maximize or not the value of the company, depending on whether this has been made based taking into consideration the individual or the public interest, for example when it is necessary to filling vacancies, when it is expected to hire...

86. La Crisis Financiera Internacional 2008 - 2012. - Leal, Héctor; Fomperosa, Judith
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, several countries in Latin America-including Mexico-faced debt crises, inflation, deficits in public finances and devaluations; since economic policy were contained with severe structural adjustment programs implemented and taxes to the region by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Creating a macroeconomic stability but not growth and a greater poverty in the region. However, in the early twenty-first century, as a result of financial deregulation, speculation and excessive credit in the real estate sector in the United States was brewing the global financial crisis that erupted in 2008 with negative impacts on developed countries of Western Europe...

87. Impacto de la reforma fiscal en el crecimiento económico de México. - Torres, Héctor
The Fiscal Reform finally was approved in general and in particular for the Congress , reforms that affect the fiscal year 2014 to the taxpayer, where it disappeared the IETU, for many people was considered unconstitutional, the Tax Law on Cash Deposits ( IDE). For ISR there are major changes such as: REPECOS , intermediate tax and the Fiscal Incorporation, exemption on for sale of house room, taxes and rates , personal allowances, Maquiladora System , deduction of contributions paid by workers pattern , mortgage interest, personal allowances, trucking industry , food stamps , pension funds for workers, interests of...

88. Dificultades prácticas del uso de la rentabilidad como medida del desempeño competitivo. - Coria, Ana; Galicia, Emma
In the last three decades around the world they have focused the efforts of Governments in the generation, development and promotion of competitiveness through meet and analyse the different factors involved for their study. The objective of this work is to show the structure of an instrument to measure the competitiveness of flower producers considering the inability to practice using the indicator of profitability as a measure of competitive performance in the absence of accounting records that would allow information for their calculation.

89. Análisis del mercado de energía eléctrica en México. - Galicia Palacios, Alexander; Flores Ortega, Miguel
The general characteristics of the electricity sector in Mexico are described from the point of view of economic theory in this paper. It is part of the structural analysis of the electricity market and the identification of demand, consumption, prices, costs of production and how , in all cases the analysis is performed under the assumptions concerning the concept of efficiency and restrictions imposed economic regulation affecting the sector and its functional structure .From linear regression models, sector participation in the shaping of the gross domestic product and is explained by the ratio of physical units of energy consumption, the...

90. Variaciones del hemograma en personal de salud expuesto a radiaciones ionizantes, en los hospitales de tercer nivel, Sucre 2011. - Chavez Cala, Valeria Lauren
The radiations are consistent physical phenomena in the emission, propagation and absorption of energy by matter. Since the late nineteenth century it is estimated that 90 % of human exposure to artificial sources of radiation is given in the field of medicine and in this field , mainly by conventional and interventional , medical and dental diagnostic radiology . The objective of this study is to determine the variation of hematocrit in health personnel exposed to ionizing radiation according to external and internal factors in the tertiary hospitals. The results showed a negative correlation depending on years worked and the concentration of...

91. Valoración in vitro de la actividad antimicótica del extracto de SteviaRebaudiana contra la cándida Albicans, sucre 2011-2012. - Chilaca, Gladys; Cava, Cintia
In the last couple of years, Stevia has been very popular, mostly consumed as leaf teas, syrups and honey, but now as a product "processed". However, on the other hand, is also raised in the literature, the use as an antimycotic. This paper aims to determine the antifungal activity of Stevia rebaudiana extracts at different concentrations against Candida albicans. The way to determine if it really have antifungal activity , was performing the art of disk diffusion , for it extracts rebaudiana Stevia 10% , 20% and 30 % concentration , then embed filter paper disc was obtained , prepared above ,...

92. Protocolo de control de calidad de la eficacia antibacteriana de los discos antibióticos para pruebas de susceptibilidad. - Córdova, Mónica; Loayza, Rissel
Clinical MicrobiologyLaboratory at the Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Biochemical of UMRPSFXCH, annually provides for the conduct of its susceptibility to antibiotics varied stock of various lines , some with expired date records. In this situation if the questioning of the effectiveness of the antibacterial activity of the antibiotic disks used in that laboratory in 2011 , is within acceptable limits of the rules of the Institute of Clinical and Laboratories Standards (NCCLS ) arises . It is argued that the effectiveness of the antibacterial activity of the antibiotic disks used is not in good condition for use by 50...

93. Prevalencia de candidiasis bucal en pacientes de la tercera edad que asisten a consulta médica al "hospital Jaime Mendoza" Sucre, enero - agosto del 2009. - Atalaya, Reina; Morales, Luz
The lack of information regarding oral mycosis in elderly people in Bolivia is one of the reasons for this research. Thi fungal infections due to predisposing factors of elderly patients between including poor nutrition , precarious oral habits , poor socioeconomic status, physiological changes and defenses girdles body and this adds advanced age in which are these patients are predisposing factors to be getting that kind infections . The present study was developed from January to August 2009 in the prevalence of this Thrush in elderly patients attending medical consultation Jaime Mendoza Hospital Sucre was determined. Thrush is also known as...

94. Identificación de portadores de staphylococcusaureus (nariz y manos) en el personal de salud del hospital universitario "AntonBoelVilladsen", en la gestión 2008. - Barrios, Blanca; Gonzáles, Virginia
In order to identify carriers of S. aureus in nasal passages and hands on staff " AntonVilladsenBöel " University Hospital in the city of Sucre, in the first half of 2008 management, a descriptive study was designed. Identification of the organism was based on culture results in mannitolagar , Gram stain , catalase test and coagulase susceptibility tests having been made . Antibacterial applying the method of Kirby Bauer Referring while working a higher prevalence was found in people who serve 1 to 3 years, affecting 18.28 % ( 17 people ) of the total study pool and how the...

95. Identificación de las especies del género Candida en gestantes con candidiasis vulvovaginal que acuden al Hospital Gineco-obstétrico Dr. Jaime Sánchez Porcel Sucre - 2011. - Andrade, María
The present study aimed to systematize the information on the identification of Candida species Dei vulvovaginal candidiasis in pregnant women attending the hospital obstetric Gynecology Dr. Jaime Sánchez Porcel de Sucre 2011. Methods and techniques were applied properly, and then it was presented and analyzed the results obtained by applying diagnostic techniques in the identification of Candida species in pregnant women with vulvovaginal candidiasis graphical and percentage terms were implemented.

96. Frecuencia de antígenos eritrocitarios del sistema ABO y RH (d), en la etnia Weenhayek o Matacos, asentada en el Chaco boliviano, Sucre 2010. - Sandoval, Claudia
One of the ways used today to human groups describe the characterization of genetic markers. These genetic markers identify human or allow us to differentiate between indigenous communities and give us clues as to the ancestors of today's communities are groups. Most used markers to study the genetic structure of populations, easy and economic analysis, are blood groups. Being the most common ABO and Rh, known worldwide, are excellent system to understand the characteristics of human populations and to infer about their relationships with other related groups. Nowadays there are few studies on the distribution of antigens and antibodies of the ABO...

97. Frecuencia de anemia ferropénica en embarazadas que acuden al centro de salud "San Roque" en los meses de septiembre a octubre. Sucre 2011. - Pérez, Mauricio
During pregnancy, iron requirements increase the mother of 1 to 2.5 mg / day at the beginning and up to 6.5 mg / day at the end. Therefore, anemia during pregnancy is of interest because it is associated with premature delivery, increased morbidity and increased mortality, both maternal and fetal . This scenario allowed us to raise the following main objective: To establish the frequency of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women attending the health center " San Roque " during the months of September and October. Sucre 2011 , using hematological, biochemical techniques. Referring to the general objective it...

98. Determinación de valores de referencia de la hematimetría en una población entre 15 a 49 años de las localidades de Tarabuco (3284 m.s.n.m) y Zudáñez (2200 m.s.n.m). Chuquisaca 2011. - Ortubé, Claudia
It is frequenty used areas of values established by other populations with different characteristics to ours, with the possible risk in the interpretation thereof, we must acquire own experiences to reach as soon as possible to establish a reference range of own population.In this sense, this study aimed to determine the reference values of the blood count in an apparently healthy population from the towns of Tarabuco (3284m.snm ) and Zudáñez ( 2200m.snm ) . The study was conducted on 645 people , of which 315 belong to the town of Tarabuco and 330 in the town of Zudáñez ;...

99. Determinación de la prevalencia de Dypilidiumcaninum, Ancylostomacaninum, Echinococus granulosos de 1-9 meses de edad atendidos en la veterinaria San Roque de la ciudad de Sucre gestión 2010. - Montaño, Mabel
The present research aims to establish the prevalence of canine parasitosisThe research was conducted in the San Roque area of the central area of the state capital, the city of Sucre. For this purpose a convenient sample in order to obtain a representative sample from the site was made. Where 126 dogs participated as variables considering the age, breed, dog hygiene , feeding type and parasitic species . The results at which they arrived were: HCV prevalence was 47% for Toxocaracanis, 10% for Dypilidiumcaninum, 10% for Ancylostomacaninum and 0 % for Echinococcusgranulosus no no statistical difference representative regarding the sex, or...

100. Validación del inventario de autoeficacia para inteligencias múltiples (IAMI) en estudiantes de tercero y cuarto de secundaria de la ciudad de Sucre, con fines de orientación vocacional. - Arandia, Mariela; Llanos, Elisa; Romero, Lizeth; Salinas, Pamela; Contreras, Rubén
In any educative system, orientation is considered as an indicator of quality. In High School the orientation is essential because of the possibility of choosing an occupation together with the difficulties of the attributive insertion. According to this situation, this investigation's objective is to validate the Multiple Learning Abilities Auto �efficiency Inventory that has been unfold specialists from The National University of Cordoba - Argentina who wanted to evaluate the auto conviction that individual possess in order to achieve different activities related to the different learning abilities put forward by Gardner in a context of professional development. The inventory was...

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