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  1. “Traficantes de dudas”: ciencia, expertos y controversias ambientales

    Nieto Galán, Agustí
    Autores: Naomi Oreskes y Erik M. Conway Merchants of Doubt*: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming Editorial: Bloomsbury Press Año: 2010 ISBN: 978-1-59691-610-4 Idioma: inglés 355 pp.

  2. “Las cosas no perduran, sino que simplemente vuelven”: Conversando con Itziar González y Iago Otero en Revoltes

    Sancho Reinoso, Alexis
    Autores: Itziar González y Iago Otero Revoltes Editorial: Dau Año: 2014 ISBN: 9788494103179 Idioma: catalán 222 pp.

  3. “¿A dónde va la political ecology?”

    Andreucci, Diego; Connolly, Creighton
    Editores: T. PERREAULT, G. BRIDGE, J. McCARTHY y R. L. BRYANT The Routledge Handbook of Political Ecology y The International Handbook of Political Ecology Editorial: Routledge Press, Oxon y Edward Elgar Press, Cheltenham Año:2015 ISBN: 9781138794337 y 9780857936165 Idioma: Inglés 648 pp. y 720 pp.

  4. The Journal of Political Ecology

    Batterbury, Simon

  5. CNS - Ecología Política. Ricerche per l’Alternativa, entre la turbulencia y la resistencia

    Ricoveri, Giovanna; Carrosio, Giovanni

  6. Écologie & Politique

    Deléage, Jean-Paul

  7. Capitalism Nature Socialism

    Engel Di Mauro, Salvatore

  8. Veinticinco años de Ecología Política

    Martínez Alier, Joan

  9. Trashumante de cuentos. Eduardo Galeano (1940-2015)

    Duch, Gustavo

  10. La ecología política, vista por los movimientos sociales

    Vidal de Llobatera Pomar, Núria

  11. ¿Imaginando lo inimaginable? Cambio climático y ecología política más allá de París

    Turhan, Ethemcan

  12. Editorial. (La revista Ecología Política se publica gracias al apoyo de sus lectores y suscriptores)

    Gorostiza Langa, Santiago; Martínez Alier, Joan; Puig Ventosa, Ignasi

  13. Morfologías fluvio-glaciares del cráter Gale y sus análogos terrestres, como evidencias del clima frío y húmedo del Marte primitivo.

    Schnabel, Susanne Cecilia; Robas García, Cristina; Nieto Masot, Ana
    Approximately 3.500 - 3.700 billion years ago, Mars held a hydrological cycle, characterized by the presence of glaciers and liquid water in the form of rivers and lakes partially or completely frozen, forming a similar landscape that can currently be found in various regions of our planet, as evidenced by analyzing images from Mars and Earth orbiters. The main objective of the project is to characterize the glaciers, periglacial and fluvial environments of the Martian Gale crater, from a morphological study of crater, studying its morphology with the aim of understanding the climate on early Mars. To this end, we are used the study of analogues,...

  14. Análisis de incendios forestales mediante sistemas de información geográfica y Teledetección. Estudio de caso en sierra de Gata (2015)

    Nieto Masot, Ana; Navazo Arenas, Guadalupe; Moreno Marcos, Gerardo
    This work uses remote sending imagery (Landsat 8) to delimit the area burned in a wildfire, to map the intensity of the fire based on the damage caused to the vegetation, and to evaluate the early regeneration of the vegetation discussed according to the pre-fire vegetation categories. We selected the large wildfire occurred in Sierra of Gata (Central-Western Spain) in the summer of 1015 because the relevance for the region of Extremadura (the largest wildfire in the region for the last decade) and the huge social and environmental impact for the territory. Using Landsat 8 images, six methods were followed and results compared with the official...

  15. Estimación de la accesibilidad de las plataformas logísticas en la Península Ibérica tras la construcción de las nuevas plataformas en Badajoz y Caia

    Naranjo Gómez, José Manuel; Gutiérrez Gallego, José Antonio
    The construction of the new logistics platforms in Badajoz and Caia will cause an impact on the accessibility and the potential supply of goods in the Iberian Peninsula. In order to assess these territorial effects, it is analyzed the territorial accessibility from the logistics platforms to the Peninsular population centers and the interconnection between all sea ports and logistics platforms. In this respect, the scenario before the construction of the new logistics platforms and the future scenario taking into account their future construction is compared. It is analyzed the access minimum times from each logistics platform to different population centers, the potential population to which they...

  16. Análisis del nivel socioeconómico de los municipios españoles entre 1998 y 2012

    García Manso, Antonio; Naranjo Gómez, José Manuel
    From the economic perspective, during the years 1998-2012 has been intense economic changes that have affected society. In these years came the “housing bubble”and the dramatic growth of the construction industry. The price of housing in 2006 decreased and the resulting crisis in the construction sector was exacerbated by the financial crisis since the second half of 2007. This study investigates the socioeconomic development of the Spanish municipalities using statistical and cartographic techniques. The aim is to provide a methodological framework for the analysis of socioeconomic changes by means of data from different sources of information. Also Spanish municipalities were characterized, their evolution was analyzed and it...

  17. Aplicación de las tecnologías sig en el análisis de la seguridad vial de las carreteras extremeñas.

    Quirós Rosado, Elia María; Rodríguez Izquierdo, Pedro Agustín
    The analysis of traffic accidents is not only of interest from the technical point of view of engineering, but also this interest extends to whole society. Although it is true that there are several technical studies in the main administrations, they are usually performed only from a statistical point of view. This paper aims to study possible applications of geographical information systems (GIS) analysis to road safety. To do this, we will focus on the roads of Extremadura network with more accidents, and accidents with victims produced between 2010 and 2015 will be georeferenced. In addition, accidents have been related to other variables in order to...

  18. Aplicación de los SIG en la clasificación y caracterización de los municipios de Honduras

    Gutiérrez Gallego, José Antonio; Pérez Pintor, José Manuel; Mena Arzú, Dania Valentina; Jaraiz Cabanillas, Francisco Javier
    Classification and territorial characterization is fundamental to understand how the space is structured. Honduras is divided politically and administratively into 18 departments and 298 municipalities, among which there are obvious territorial imbalances from the ethnical point of view of the country. Therefore, taking the Honduran municipalities such as study area and on the basis of a geographical and statistical analysis, the main objective is to observe the behavior of a serial of demographic and socioeconomic variables in relation to the percentage of indigenous and afro descendant population who lives in each of the municipalities, being the final objective to provide a support tool for those responsible of...

  19. Combinación de fotografías aéreas y terrestres para la producción de un MDE de alta resolución espacial.

    Martínez Fernández, Héctor Ramón
    In this Master Degree Dissertation the combination of aerial and terrestrial images to produce a spatial high resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is suggested. The purpose is to ensure the suitability of terrestrial images to complement and improve the DEM produced by means of aerial images. We have performed an aerial survey with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and processed the images with the Structure from Motion (SFM) photo-reconstruction software, to obtain a point cloud. The same technique has been applied to the terrestrial image dataset. We obtained a point cloud model from each photo set, and also merged them to produce a combined model. The...

  20. Los SIG aplicados a la enseñanza de la geografía en 1º de educación secundaria obligatoria

    Buzo Sánchez, Isaac; Martín Vecino, José María; Nieto Masot, Ana
    In this essay we will analyze the teaching of Geography in the Compulsory Secondary Education stage, especially during its first academic year, we will notice possible needs and new methodological proposals for this field will be stated, nowadays, more than ever, the usage of geographical information systems is completely necessary; a proposal focused on Geography teaching will be made, it will be based on the usage of geographical information systems as a didactic resource. Our study goal is analyzed from a double dimension; on the one hand we will see how Geography is dealt with in the classroom, focusing on general needs, leaving aside descriptive an...

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