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  1. La declaración de nulidad de las llamadas "Cláusulas Suelo": Principales aspectos fiscales

    Calvo Vérgez, Juan

  2. Extensión de la plataforma continental argentina Su relación con el medio ambiente, las aguas marítimas y los recursos subyacentes

    Acha, Hugo Ricardo
    The Argentine continental shelf is a natural continuation of our national territory. On the bed and subsoil of the continental maritime areas the State has full sovereignty, as well as the Royal right of domain on all exploitable natural resources, whether it’s oil, gas, or syngenetic formations. In response to the evolution of national and international legal regulations, as well as to the possibilities that have been given through CONVEMAR, it is highly positive presentation made by our country, as well as a very possible future recognition of our sovereign rights over the continental shelf over beyond the 200 mile...

  3. Reflexiones sobre las características del inglés jurídico

    Curto, Jorge Christian
    El inglés jurídico difiere del inglés general ¿Por qué es diferente? ¿Cuáles son sus rasgos típicos? ¿Qué es lo que lo hace distinto? ¿Qué aspectos del inglés jurídico deberían ser tenidos en cuenta por aquellos que deseen leer textos jurídicos en inglés? Esos interrogantes son considerados en el presente trabajo.

  4. Derecho y psicoanálisis La subjetividad en la objetividad de los actos y hechos jurídicos

    Pereira, Rodrigo da Cunha
    The law is an effective technique of social organization and, therefore, a sophisticated technique of control of drives. That means to have the right whereas there are injunctions and prohibitions. In the family law, psychoanalysis is especially important to measure in that the real reason for litigation it brings consciousness to reveal the subject of the unconscious.The unconscious and subjectivity is interested in law because, by revealing a psychic reality, enables us, in addition to break institutional dogmatism of the law, understand some irrational pathological processes very common and frequent in every day legal practice.

  5. La Responsabilidad del Estado Argentino por Hechos Internacionalmente Ilícitos, la Codificación A/Res/56/83, los Tratados Bilaterales de Inversión y el Centro Internacional de Arreglo de Diferencias Relativas a Inversiones

    de Dios, Miguel Ángel
    During the ‘90s and in the context of broad economic and political reforms aimed at opening markets, promoting foreign investment, and the attack of the troublesome endemic inflation Argentine Governments held numerous bilateral treaties of investment (TBI). According to the TBI, it is possible to get the international responsibility of the host State of the investment by the dictates of an arbitral award in the framework of the institutional of the ICSID or by the dictates of an award by an “ad hoc” arbitration. Breach by the signatory of a TBI of any of its provisions can lead to that...

  6. Régimen jurídico de la responsabilidad del Estado

    Giglio, Oscar Enrique; De kemmeter, Alejandro Pablo
    26.944 law, and the articles 1764 to 1766 of the new Civil Code and commercial of the nation have established a regime of liability regulated by standards and principles of administrative law, ratifying the autonomic propensity of public law, with respect to private law.The autonomy of the administrative system is purely voluntary, and the treatment given by the legislator only covers some specific issues which had already been conducted by the doctrine and jurisprudence of the courts. The system of responsibility of the State in law 26.944 was clearly insufficient to address all the problems of the law of torts.

  7. Situación de los migrantes residentes en Argentina respecto de los beneficios jubilatorios

    Gorostegui, Carlos Omar
    Today, we can warn as a growing phenomenon, the so-called economic migration. This reality, is mainly due to the movement of people and/or families in the search for better job opportunities. Consequent to this, the question arises concerning the contribution of the migrant worker to the social security system of the country where you work and the consequent right of those people to the recognition and enjoyment of the benefits of the social security system. Within this framework, the bilateral and multilateral social security agreements, contribute effectively and with great importance in the attainment of the designated objective since they constitute...

  8. El ejercicio del poder de policía en el proceso de adecuación a la ley 26.522

    Joly, Ana Clara
    The police power is the activity whose exercise limited private rights and which manifests itself through the power of legislation through laws and regulations that limit the exercise and the content of individual rights to make them compatible with the rights of others or for the purposes of public interest pursued by the community. In the case under study, the police is exercised by the Federal service authority of Audiovisual Communication (AFSCA), decentralized and autonomous agency within the scope of the national executive power, as authority for the application of the law Nº 26.522 sanctioned by Congress on October 10, 2009,...

  9. O atroz uso da tortura como instrumento para obtenção de informações

    Villas, Tiago Pires Cotias
    The use of torture as a tool for obtaining information in criminal investigations follows the history of mankind. This cruel technique is perpetrated by state power since the Ancient Age, Greek and Roman civilization; period for which the slaves and foreigners were the main victims. However, during the more dictatorial periods were inflicted torments against the freemen opponents of tyrannical government.The confession extracted through the use of torture became the queen of proofs in the Middle Ages. The Catholic Church and the absolutist monarchical State were responsible for the greatest atrocities ever experienced the torture hundreds of thousands of people...

  10. De la ley penal y la analogía. Desmitificando tabúes sobre la aplicación de la analógica en el Derecho Penal como baremo de su razón teleológica

    Provítola, María Alejandra
    Complete or genuine subjection to the law will arise only when the judge, as well as consider the letter of the legal text, also note its purpose, being that otherwise will be a mere apparent restraint, eventually could constitute a misuse of power by the judge.The application of analogy in the constitutional limit does not entail any violation of the principle of legality, being that the importance of his analysis is that the “criminal law has a decisive role in the guarantee of freedom, by what without a previous law, which has previously declared punishable a fact does not merit...

  11. Problemas prácticos del proceso penal a la luz del principio de igualdad de armas como garantía constitucional del imputado

    Trejo, Lisi
    The “principle of equality of arms” is a derivation of the contradictory and accusatory model that enshrined in the national Constitution, which is shaping up as a guarantee of the accused. In this context two practical problems of criminal proceedings will be analyzed: the multiple charges and the appeal of the private accuser. The equality of arms is a principle aims to remedy the real imbalance posed by the prosecution to the accused. For their accomplishment requires not only surrounding the accused’s resources to increase its defense capability but also to avoid granting powers to the accusation that mean a...

  12. El valor de la prueba testimonial de los menores

    Ruggiero, Antonella Estefanía
    It should be place to which children under fourteen years of may validly declare as witnesses in civil trials. The search should be directed to the truth even when the way to reach it is harder. That is, an in-depth study of the testimony and the conduct of who declares will be necessary. We must not lose sight that children are people in development and therefore always his physical care must take shelter and psychic to avoid their revictimization. A child can declare as accurately as an adult witness, provided interdisciplinary guidelines are respected for to carry out relevant adaptations and...

  13. El Derecho de la Discapacidad como nueva rama jurídica. Necesidad de su incorporación al complejo de ramas del mundo jurídico

    Vazzano, Florencia
    In postmodernity the recognition of new areas of law arises transversal character, including “Disability Law”. This paper addresses the issue from the point of view of the need for recognition as a new branch that integrates the “legal complex.” Your analysis will be conducted in the light of the trialist integrativismo theory developed by Werner Goldschmidt. Traditional legal branches fail a legal response to special problems of real life, and therefore, it is imperative the recognition of new areas of law that integrate the complex legal issues and to meet those more special and unique way.The Disability Law presents a...

  14. Hermanas siamesas

    Ramírez Lamus, Sergio

  15. Presentación del Dosier: Fronteras permeables. Historia, Dereco, Periodismo y Literatura

    Canal, Jordi

  16. El poder constituyente como estrategia: la búsqueda de «plenos poderes» en el nuevo populismo latinoamericano

    Baquerizo Minuche, Jorge
    The subject matter of this article is the constituent power, regarding certain political processes that have been taking place in Latin America since 1999 under the title «constituent processes». The aim is to present the political strategies which constitute a kind of «canonical» recipe for implementing «full powered» Constitutional Assemblies in Latin America and, consequently, to identify a new populist agenda in the region, given the similarity between the contextual, strategic and discursive elements that allowed for the call, approval and setting of the aforementioned Assemblies in the processes under study.

  17. De objeto colectivo a sujeto colectivo : paradigmas históricos de cultura constitucional y premisas de legitimación del derecho indígena

    Palacios Romeo, Francisco José
    The indigenous collective right in the Latin American subcontinent forms an outstanding space at the entrance of the century. Since the last two decades of the twentieth century many constitutional reforms that would come to recognize. In the XXI century the constitutional processes of Bolivia and Ecuador give a qualitative jump installing the indigenous element in the definition of own state model. In the first part of this work we will describe the different constitutional models that have historically enabled three models of different constitutional juri- dical culture regarding indigenous collective fact and indigenous collective rights. Two models producing a perception of the fact and the indigenous person...

  18. El testamento ante capellán en el siglo XXI

    Gimeno Ruiz, Alvaro
    En una sociedad multicultural, instituciones propias del Derecho Foral, como el testamento ante capellán, pueden contribuir a reconocer el estatuto personal de ciudadanos extranjeros, como los marroquíes

  19. Hos technikos. La Atenas clásica, ¿una polis sin profesionales del dercho?

    Rossetti, Livio
    The juridical culture of classical Athens displays a paradox: the high stan- dards that can be observed in the decrees that came up to us and the successful conception of machinery and sophisticated objects used in the management of public life (kleroteria, pinakes, psephoi) suggest an apparatus of people –a certain number of citizens, politicians and secretaries– with good skills on average. None- theless, there is no record of schools for the training of such experts, nor of books for this purpose. Moreover, the grammateis, even those who held particularly sen- sitive tasks, were in office just for one year, albeit with the possibility of being confirmed...

  20. La interpretación del eclecticismo en la doctrina y en la legislación penal de la España del siglo XIX

    Iñesta Pastor, Emilia
    The difficulties of the consolidation of the liberal state in Spain led to a desire for stability and progress in the Spanish liberals who defend the synthesis between freedom and order, as a result of the influence of French doctrinaire. The roots of this middle way coincide with the moderate Decade (1844-1854), reappearing with the Restoration Cánovas del Castillo (1876). In Spain in the mid-nineteenth century criminal Eclecticism manifested as a linked to doctrinarism. Through the work of Pellegrino Rossi this criminal eclecticism would be present in the Spanish penal doctrine of Francisco Pacheco and Alejandro Groizard and criminal law expressed in the penal codes of 1848 and...

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