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  1. The spanish hotels in the future: Analysis of the international expansion of the sector

    García Revilla, Mercedes Raquel; Martínez Moure, Olga
    Tourism is one of the most enriching and positive actions performed by the human being, and even more if it is linked with gastronomy, wine and rural areas. Gastronomic tourism offers local products, local cuisine, hospitality, customs, festivals, etc. Thus, gastronomic tourism has become an emergent tourism but already consolidated, which satisfies to a greater degree the needs that arise today In day to the tourist consumer. This new form of tourism appears as an alternative to what was traditionally carried out, is currently one of the most demanded by society, giving rise to a great opportunity for economic growth...

  2. Social responsibility and sustainable tourism; Responsable

    Ramallo Miñán, Elena del Pilar
    The academic literature on Social Responsibility (hereinafter RS) says CSR (Corporate) or CSR (Business) in the last decades has increased, although there are still few jobs and much more if we seek sectorial research.When making a review on the most outstanding that has been published we observed that in the tourism sector there are many studies and case studies on the management of SR in this outstanding industry for our country. The main objective of this article, which makes a brief retrospective about some studies and positions of the RS, is to propose a publication line on both themes, RS...

  3. Turismo gastronómico y vino: Análisis de la oferta gastronómica y hospedaje en montilla y moriles

    Hernández Rojas, Ricardo David; Cava, José Luis
    Tourism is one of the most enriching and positive actions performed by the human being, and even more if it is linked with gastronomy, wine and rural areas. Gastronomic tourism offers local products, local cuisine, hospitality, customs, festivals, etc. Thus, gastronomic tourism has become an emergent tourism but already consolidated, which satisfies to a greater degree the needs that arise today In day to the tourist consumer. This new form of tourism appears as an alternative to what was traditionally carried out, is currently one of the most demanded by society, giving rise to a great opportunity for economic growth...

  4. Evaluation of the degree of interest of the tourist points of the city of córdoba

    Ruiz Gándara, África; Casas del Rosal, José Carlos
    The city of Córdoba displays a great cultural offer inherited from its importance through history. This cultural richness is sometimes unknown by the turist. In this workpiece, we have analyzed deeply the interest aroused by thirteen appealling attractions of the city, using a questionare base don Likert scale to which sociocultural infomation has been added from a simple of the tourists who visited the city at the beginning of 2016. Consequently, some comparisons are made to analyze the differences in the degree of interest according to the sociodemographic characteristics of the interviewee.

  5. La declaración de nulidad de las llamadas "Cláusulas Suelo": Principales aspectos fiscales

    Calvo Vérgez, Juan

  6. El agotamiento del régimen fordista boliviano y la financiarización de YPFB

    Velasco Portillo, Susan
    The theory of regulation raises the gradual transition from a regime of intensive accumulation, oriented to the production of consumer goods, to another of patrimonialist nature, characterized by the financialization of the economy, where expendable securities have a decisive role in relations between actors. And one of the biggest effects of this new model is the direct impact on corporate governance. In this sense, this article seeks to demonstrate the full effect of this theory, through the case study of the Bolivian economy and the state oil company. Financialization changed the organizational architecture of YPFB, led to the arrival of...

  7. Comportamiento del aceite de palma de Colombia en los principales mercados de exportación

    Gómez Parada, Édgar Javier; González Sarmiento, Gustavo
    The article presents an analysis to determine the competitiveness of Colombian palm oil in international markets through participation and behavior variables in the markets to which such products are exported. A matrix is designed to analyze the behavior in export markets between 2008 - 2012 and relative trade balance indicators and comparative advantages are applied. It is evident that regarding palm oil, Colombia has advantages in relatively high target markets and a positive trade balance in almost all markets, but these exports are not constant, but with variations and stakes are very low.

  8. Tendencias investigativas en territorio y su importancia en la formación de profesionales

    Bustos Velazco, Edier Hernán
    This essay derives four trends from previous research: (a) territory as the field of legal and political power, (b) territory as environment, (c) territory as a social construct, and (d) territory as physical space. In each trend, the positions of researchers is summarized, making this publication a source for all those who, driven by professional interest or investigative curiosity, wish to do research related to the territory as a field of study. 

  9. Geografía histórica e impacto ambiental del programa colonizador del Carare, Santander, Colombia 1953-1957

    García Norato, Olga Marina
    The purpose or this paper is to show to the academic community the innovative model for measuring environmental impact parting from a colonization program, which was constructed to answer this research question: Did the colonization agricultural program of the government period 1953-1957 contribute to extend the agricultural frontier of Carare – Santander in Colombia, in a way different from other contemporary manners or agricultural colonization? This model was constructed based on official maps of the Agustín Codazzi Geographical Institute (IGAC), new maps were developed which evidenced changes of scenery regarding: water resource, bridle paths, constructed and under construction roads, geographical...

  10. Divulgación de información sobre responsabilidad social: Comparación entre la empresa pública versus privada en España

    Caba Pérez, María del Carmen; Alonso Cañadas, Juana; Gálvez Rodríguez, María del Mar
    The aim of this paper is the comparative analysis of the online information disclosed regarding social responsibility between public and private companies, as well as their determining factors. To this end, a comparative analysis followed by a multiple regression analysis was performed. The findings indicate that public companies have greater availability of information in their websites concerning the economic and environmental impact of their activities than private ones. Likewise, it is evidenced that “type of property” is a determining factor for transparency practices.

  11. Acciones de adaptación al turismo: la creación de un nuevo espíritu de capitalismo en el Valle del Colca (Arequipa, Perú)

    Rendón Puertas, María Luisa
    El artículo emplea una perspectiva interdisciplinaria para analizar la creación de un nuevo espíritu del capitalismo. Esto se evidencia a través del análisis de documentos institucionales, la contextualización histórica y la caracterización de dinámicas de adaptación de los actores, en el marco de políticas nacionales, programas y proyectos de desarrollo turístico. Los hallazgos a nivel exploratorio señalan respuestas de los actores y las lógicas a las que corresponden sus acciones, tomando en cuenta lo ocurrido en el Valle del Colca (Arequipa, Perú) en torno al turismo y sus deseos de ingresar al mercado, diversificar sus economías así como participar en...

  12. Ciclo inmobiliario y demográfico. Un análisis de cointegración para el caso español

    Díaz Fernández, M. Montserrat; Llorente Marrón, María del Mar; Méndez Rodríguez, M.Paz
    The relationship between the real estate cycle and demographic behavior in Spain during the period 1975-2013 is analyzed. The existence of a pattern of behavior between the two cycles following the traditional methodology of time series studies are empirically evaluated. A model error correction is specified. The domain of the long-term effect on the short term is evaluated. The model detects a long-term equilibrium between the two series, a cointegrating equation that displays the domain of the real number estate series.

  13. Modelo para el análisis de la aplicación de la NIC 41 en las empresas ganaderas en el departamento del Meta

    Sastoque Rubio, José I.; Restrepo Sierra, Luis H.
    The research is focused on the design of a model to know the impact of the International Accounting Standard (IAS 41), on the financial information of cattle enterprises in Meta State. Concepts and Principles of the current accounting standards (Decree 2649/93) and IAS 41, were analized, against the effect of historical register and the fair cost. By casuistry Description, some scenarios that include the calculation of financial indicators Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Return Rate (IRR), Benefit Cost (B / C) ratio are simulated; generating an index to compare the results, and the effects on the financial statements.

  14. Innovación y tecnología, factores claves de competitividad empresarial. Una mirada desde lo local

    González Mendoza, Julio Alfonso
    This review and discussion work, aims to make an analysis of the levels of innovation in Colombia and Norte de Santander. The methodology is documentary and the main results indicate that the level of innovation in Colombia is below the average for Latin America and far from the United States and Canada. Norte de Santander shows indicators below the national average and its main problems are the lack of human capital, limited financial resources, poor information of public funding and tax benefits, and the lack of coordination between the actors of the system.

  15. Comercio exportador sector textil - confecciones en Colombia y departamento del Atlántico: Una aproximación a los modelos gravitacionales

    Solano Benavides, Elcira; Arrieta Olascoaga, Leonardo; Mendoza Cuello, Dannyra
    The research studies the variables that encourage the export trading of the textile and clothing sector in Colombia and the department of the Atlántico. The methodology used is the analysis of international trade economic theory. Further, two gravity models are used for estimate the factors that determine the export the sector. The results are common factors among partners such as language; the colonizer country and the size of the economy drive the sector. Trade agreements are not decisive for exports in the Atlantic; however, for Colombia it is statistically significant.

  16. Introducción al Libro Blanco de la Economía Humana

    Berthelot, Yves; Rahingo Razafimbelo, Lily; Lourthusamy, Arokiasamy; Lalanne, Andrés

  17. Bruno Latour y el estudio de lo social: construcción y actuación en red

    Cruz Castillo, Alba Lucía
    This article presents a reflection on the contributions of Bruno Latour to the social sciences, especially the process of interpreting "the social" in the development of social research, from this place was rediscovered two important questions, the first form embroider traditional social and its implications, and second interpretations about its fifth uncertainty and the role of social scientists. The current bet is to seek results from research experiences a theoretical solution to the main question that drives us to the researchers and social actors "and for what we investigate".

  18. El controvertido fondo de capitalización y su posible tributación en España

    Miras Marín, Norberto
    This paper contains the main features that characterize the new figure of «Capitalization Fund» in Spain -known as unemployment fund in Colombia- and target the various aspects pending clarification that still exist, and should realize by through timely policy development. Despite the disadvantages of the model (a possible abuse of dismissal by the employer, moral hazard in the behavior of workers and a reduction of severance pay in sectors where employment is more volatile and their impact on the redistribution of wealth), provides significant advantages from the point of view of the so-called "flexi – security”.

  19. Referentes conceptuales para la integración de un modelo de gobernanza del agua

    Silva Rodríguez de San Miguel, Jorge Alejandro
    Improving water governance is essential to address water resource insecurity in developing countries. Therefore, the aim of this research paper is to propose a set of conceptual references for the integration of a water governance model that helps diagnose water management challenges. It is concluded that the conceptual references should integrate economic, political, social and environmental factors, and further research on the topic is suggested in order to obtain concrete results on how to integrate a water governance model in a given context.

  20. La nueva gestión pública en Sabaneta, Antioquia, Colombia, 2003-2014

    Muñoz Cardona, Angel Emilio
    During the decades of the 80s and 90s three international events that marked the political, social and economic history of the early twenty-first century took place: the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Perestroika, the Environmental Summit in Rio de Janeiro and the European Union consolidation Historical events that deepened new forms of public administration, in response to citizens’ demands for more accountable governments with management participation needs: political decisions, environmental protection and economic security. Visualize such changes in governance and its impact on the town of Sabaneta in the period 2003-2014, it is the subject of this article.

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