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  1. Prevalencia de la diabetes mellitus tipo 2 y sus factores de riesgo en individuos adultos de la ciudad de Cuenca- Ecuador

    Altamirano Cordero, Luisa Cecilia; Vásquez C., María A.; Cordero, Gabriela; Álvarez, Robert; Añez, Roberto; Rojas, Joselyn; Bermúdez, Valmore
    The objective of this investigation was to determine the prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and related factors in the adult population in Cuenca - Ecuador, 2014. An analytical cross-sectional, and randomized study in 317 adults of both sexes was performed. Quantitative variables were expressed as mean±SD, qualitative in absolute and relative frequencies, with Chi squared test for association between variables, and a multiple logistic regression model for T2DM adjusted by sex, age groups, BMI, family history of Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension, Alcohol habits, smoking habits and employment status. The prevalence of T2DM was 5,7%; (Women: 5,5%; Male: 5,9%)....

  2. Mononitrato de isosorbide o misoprostol vaginal antes de realizar la biopsia de endometrio

    Amaya Ordóñez, Darvis; Reyna Villasmil, Eduardo; Mejia Montilla, Jorly; Reyna Villasmil, Nadia; Torres Cepeda, Duly; Santos Bolívar, Joel; Fernández Ramírez, Andreina
    The objective of research was to compare the efficacy of vaginal isosorbide mononitrate with vaginal misoprostol for performing endometrial biopsy. Women who were programmed to endometrial biopsy were selected and randomly assigned to receive vaginally 40 mg isosorbide mononitrate (group A, n = 45) or 400 mcg misoprostol (group B, n = 45) at least 12 hours before procedure. General characteristics, pain intensity, use of dilatators, need of further dilatation and side effects were evaluated in both groups. There were not found significant differences in general characteristics between group of women treated with isosorbide mononitrato and women treated with misoprostol...

  3. Adenocarcinoma gástrico metastásico en el embarazo. Reporte de caso

    Prieto Montaño, José; Reyna Villasmil, Eduardo; Rondón Tapía, Marta
    Gastric cancers associated with pregnancy are infrequent and generally diagnosed at advanced stages. Pregnant women with gastric cancer present similar symptoms to those of pregnancy and those patients should be carefully evaluated as they may be warning signs-symptoms of this ominous condition. The outcome is poor and decease occurs within following months to diagnosis, this is why a therapeutic plan should be articulated according to weeks of gestation. We report a case of a 27-years-old woman with a 32-weeks pregnancy was admitted with neck pain, epigastric pain and anorexia. Findings from abdominal ultrasound, computed tomography scan and gastroscopy revealed a...

  4. Un nuevo sistema de detencción para la medida experimental de equilibrio líquido-líquido. Aplicación a sistemas líquidos iónicos con compuestos Halogenados

    Nuez Pestana, Ignacio de la; Fernández, Luis; Ortega, Juan

  5. Representación analítica y gráfica de propiedades de soluciones líquidas empleando un modelo basado en fracciones activas

    Fernández, Luis; Nuez Pestana, Ignacio de la; Ortega, Juan; Pacheco Castelao, José Miguel

  6. Estimación de propiedades termofísicas mediante métodos de contribución de grupos de 40 compuestos que intervienen en el proceso de producción de la ciclohexanona

    Romero, Arturo; Santos López, Aurora; Lorenzo Fernández, David; Ortega, Juan; Fernández, Luis; Perez, Noelia

  7. Osteopontin attenuates aging‐associated phenotypes of hematopoietic stem cells

    Guidi, Novella; Sacma, Mehmet; Ständker, Ludger; Soller, Karin; Marka, Gina; Eiwen, Karina; Weiss, M.; Florian, Maria Carolina; Geiger, Hartmut; Kirchhoff, Frank; Weil, Tanja; Cancelas, J. A.
    Upon aging, hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) undergo changes in function and structure, including skewing to myeloid lineages, lower reconstitution potential and loss of protein polarity. While stem cell intrinsic mechanisms are known to contribute to HSC aging, little is known on whether age‐related changes in the bone marrow niche regulate HSC aging. Upon aging, the expression of osteopontin (OPN) in the murine bone marrow stroma is reduced. Exposure of young HSCs to an OPN knockout niche results in a decrease in engraftment, an increase in long‐term HSC frequency and loss of stem cell polarity. Exposure of aged HSCs to thrombin‐cleaved...

  8. Pseudo response regulators stabilize constans protein to promote flowering in response to day length

    Hayama, Ryosuke; Sarid‐Krebs, Liron; Richter, René; Fernández, Virginia; Jang, Seonghoe; Coupland, George
    Seasonal reproduction in many organisms requires detection of day length. This is achieved by integrating information on the light environment with an internal photoperiodic time‐keeping mechanism. Arabidopsis thaliana promotes flowering in response to long days (LDs), and CONSTANS (CO) transcription factor represents a photoperiodic timer whose stability is higher when plants are exposed to light under LDs. Here, we show that PSEUDO RESPONSE REGULATOR (PRR) proteins directly mediate this stabilization. PRRs interact with and stabilize CO at specific times during the day, thereby mediating its accumulation under LDs. PRR‐mediated stabilization increases binding of CO to the promoter of FLOWERING LOCUS...

  9. ZRF1 is a novel S6 kinase substrate that drives the senescence programme

    Barilari, Manuela; Bonfils, Gregory; Treins, Caroline; Koka, Vonda; De Villeneuve, Delphine; Fabrega, Sylvie; Pende, Mario
    The inactivation of S6 kinases mimics several aspects of caloric restriction, including small body size, increased insulin sensitivity and longevity. However, the impact of S6 kinase activity on cellular senescence remains to be established. Here, we show that the constitutive activation of mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1) by tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) mutations induces a premature senescence programme in fibroblasts that relies on S6 kinases. To determine novel molecular targets linking S6 kinase activation to the control of senescence, we set up a chemical genetic screen, leading to the identification of the nuclear epigenetic factor ZRF1 (also known...

  10. Breading Process Using Legumes: Chickpea (Cicer arietinum), Pea (Pisum sativum) and Fava Bean (Vicia faba)/Empanizado usando leguminosas: garbanzo (Cicer arietum), chícharo (Pisum sativum) y haba (Vicia faba)

    Santiesteban López, Norma Angélica; Cerón Carrillo, Teresa Gladys; Acle Mena, Ramón Sebastián; Morales Paredes, Yesbek
    The study was based on the use of a carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and chick pea solutions as coating products on some pieces of chicken nuggets followed by a breading process with powdered dried legumes (peas, fava beans and chickpea), and a frying process. The intention was to measure the fat absorbed, the cooking yield, its juiciness and the acceptability of the final product in a group of consumers. The main objective study is to propose a new breading alternative from the use of two coating products (carboxymethylcellulose and chick pea solution) on some pieces of chicken nuggets and a breading of...

  11. Phenotypic characterization of canine Malassezia spp., isolates

    Hurtado Suárez, Angélica; Pulido Villamarín, Adriana del Pilar; Linares Linares, Melva; Suárez Fernández, Leidy; Castañeda Salazar, Rubiela; Rodríguez Bocanegra, María
    ABSTRACT Objective . To characterize and identify yeasts of the genus Malassezia by phenotypic features. Materials and methods. First, the macroscopic and microscopic morphological characteristics were described. In addition we performed biochemical and physiological assays as Tweens and Cremophor, including more. Results. Our results evidenced of 105 isolates obtained from dogs diagnosed with external otitis, it was possible to identify two distinct species from 46 isolates within the Malassezia genus: 36.19% (n=38) were identified as M. pachydermatis and 7.62% (n=8) as M. furfur. According to phenotypic patterns the remaining 56.19% (n=59) were reported as Malassezia spp., possibly corresponding to M....

  12. Neospora caninum serostatus in dairy cattle of the Northern plains of Antioquia, Colombia

    Chaparro G., Jenny; Olivera Ángel, Martha; Ramírez V., Nicolás; Villar A., David; Fernández S, Jorge; Palacio B, Luis; Londoño, Julián
    ABSTRACT Objectives. To determine Neospora caninum seroprevalence in nonvaccinated dairy cattle from the Northern plains of Antioquia. Materials and methods. A cross-sectional study was conducted to determine the prevalence of neosporosis in a major dairy area of Colombia. Blood samples were collected from 1003 dairy cattle in 29 herds located in the municipality of San Pedro de los Milagros, in Antioquia. N. caninum antibody levels were measured by an enzymatic immunoassay (ELISA) and the results classified as positive or negative. Results. Seropositive cattle were observed in all herds, with a prevalence ranging from 7 to 97% and a mean (±S.E)...

  13. Cutaneous pythiosis in horses treated with triamcinolone acetonide. Part 1. Clinical characterization

    Cardona Álvarez, Antonio José; Vargas Viloria, Marlene; Patarroyo, Joaquín
    ABSTRACT Objective. The objective of the present study was to characterizer clinically of the healing process of cutaneous pythiosis in horses treated with triamcinolone acetonide. Materials and methods. We conducted a descriptive study, not probabilistic, of convenience. 24 horses were used with cutaneous pythiosis confirmed, a group of 12 animals was administered 50 mg of intramuscular injection of triamcinolone acetonide (TG) and the other group was not applied any treatment (CG). They are undergoing clinical and microscopic characterization of the lesion every 4 days until the complete recovery of granuloma in the GT. Being verified decreased fibrin bloody exudate, pruritus,...

  14. Genotyping of news variants of the avian infectious bronchitis virus from Tolima department, Colombia

    Cifuentes Rincón, Analorena; Lopes, Priscila D; Sanmiguel P., Rosa
    ABSTRACT Objective. The aim of this study was identify the different genotypes of infectious bronchitis virus (IVB) present in commercial poultry farms from different localities of the Tolima Department, Colombia. Materials and methods. 105 samples of tracheal swabs of poultry of 21 farms were collected. Poultry had been vaccinated against IVB. An screen to identify positive samples and posteriorly the sequencing of the partial region of the S1 subunit and phylogenetic analysis of the isolates with the reference strains, including the vaccine currently used in the country was performed. Results . Poultry all farms had respiratory signs, but only four...

  15. Vector adaptation to microorganisms or adaptation of microorganisms to vectors?

    Mattar V., Salim; González T., Marco

  16. Productive performance of hair lambs, fed with fresh lemon pulp as an energy source

    Faustino-Lázaro, Benigna; González Reyna, Arnoldo; Bernal Barragán, Hugo; Gómez Hernández, Luis; Martínez González, Juan; Ibarra Hinojosa, Martín
    ABSTRACT Objective. Evaluate the effect of the inclusion of different levels of fresh lemon pulp (FLP) was determined as a substitute of sorghum grain in the feeding of hair sheep in parameters of daily weight gain (DWG), daily food consumption (DFC), and feed conversion (FC), the nutritional composition of the ration was also determined. Materials and methods. The study was carried out using 20 hair ewes individually fed on a period of 75 days. The treatments were as follows: T1=0% FLP; T2=10% FLP; T3=20% FLP; and T4=30% FLP based on DM. A totally randomized design was used with five replicates...

  17. First phylogenetic analysis of Ehrlichia canis in dogs and ticks from Mexico. Preliminary study

    Sosa Gutiérrez, Carolina G.; Quintero Martinez, Teresa; Vargas Sandoval, Margarita; Gordillo-Pérez, Guadalupe
    ABSTRACT Objective. Phylogenetic characterization of Ehrlichia canis in dogs naturally infected and ticks, diagnosed by PCR and sequencing of 16SrRNA gene; compare different isolates found in American countries. Materials and methods. Were collected Blood samples from 139 dogs with suggestive clinical manifestations of this disease and they were infested with ticks; part of 16SrRNA gene was sequenced and aligned, with 17 sequences reported in American countries. Two phylogenetic trees were constructed using the Maximum likelihood method, and Maximum parsimony. Results. They were positive to E. canis 25/139 (18.0%) dogs and 29/139 (20.9%) ticks. The clinical manifestations presented were fever, fatigue,...

  18. Effects of corn oil on the volatile fatty acids in horses with induced gastric ulcers

    Martínez A, José; Carmona Ramírez, Jorge Uriel; Silveira A, Geraldo
    ABSTRACT Objetive. To determine the influence of corn oil on the volatile fatty acids (VFA) concentrations in the gastric juice in horses with phenylbutazone (PBZ) induced gastric ulcers and Correlate the gastroscopic findings with the VFA concentrations. Materials and methods. 15 horses were allotted in 3 groups. Group I (control) received placebo during first 6 days (induction period) and was treated with sucralfate for 2 weeks (treatment period). Groups II and III received PBZ during the induction phase. After 6 days, horses from group II received 70 mL of corn oil /100 kg of body weight/ po, twice a day,...

  19. Estimation of Anadara tuberculosa genetic diversity in five mangroves from Tumaco, using Cytochrome oxidase I enzyme

    Chamorro L, Esmerada; Rosero Galindo, Carol
    ABSTRACT Objective . To estimate the genetic diversity of the Anadara tuberculosa en five mangrove swams of Tumaco, Nariño, Colombia using as a mitocondrial molecular marker the cytochromo oxidase sub-unit I (COI). Materials and methods. A total of 50 individuals were collected from the San Jorge, La Tiburonera, El Pajal, La Playa y Bajito Vaquería mangrove swamps, randomly selecting 10 specimens of each zone. The tissue sample was worked with absolute alcohol at ambient temperature in microtubes. DNA was extracted, and the mitocondrial DNA was amplified using the PCR technique (polymerase chain reaction). The amplified and quantified products of PCR...

  20. Megalops atlanticus (Megalopidae), a new fish at the Pacific Ocean; information about its fishery importance

    Neira, Alejandra; Acero P., Arturo
    ABSTRACT Objective . Reports by the first time Megalops atlanticus, commonly known as tarpon, from the Colombian Pacific Ocean, discussing its distribution, uses, and value for local human populations. Material and methods . Interviews with fishermen from the municipalities of Nuquí and Bahía Solano (Chocó Province) were carried upon in order to collect information about fishing points, ecologic characteristics, and uses of tarpon; samples were additionally taken in order to determine sex, gonadal maturity, and stomach contents. Results. Fifty interviews were made to fishermen who declared have fished tarpon at least once; fishing methods (hook and line, spear, and gill...

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