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1. Aspectos de la norma ntc 17025 concernientes al diseño de software para calibración en un laboratorio de metrología. - Mendoza Vargas, Jairo Alberto
The present article shows some criteria stated on the rule NTC 17025 about the construction and use of software in metrology labs. It is reffered as well about some tools for the development of the program .

2. Cuantificacion de licorina en callos y raices cultivados in-vitro de crinum x powelli �album� (amaryllidaceae) por cromatografia liquida de alta eficiencia (hplc). - Niño Osorio, Jaime; Correa Navarro, Yaned Milena; Mosquera Martínez, Oscar Marino; Ramirez Q., Luz Adrina
The Amaryllidaceae family has been widely studied due to the importance of their alkaloids, in the genus Crinum belonging to this important plant family, lycorine has a predominant place because of its abundance and strong cytotoxic activity against several human tumor cell lines. In this work were used Crinum x powelli �album� bulbs which were disinfected and exposed to several culture media for the calli and roots induction under in-vitro conditions; the best media for the growth of friable calli were the Murashige and Skoog (MS) supplemented with 4 mg/L of Picloram and the best nodular calli were grown in the media MS supplemented with 2 or 4 mg/L...

3. Estado del arte: reconocimiento automático del iris humano. - González Patiño, Javier; Lopez Carvajal, Jaime
This article presents a review of the most remarkable developments in the human iris recognition technology, as well as new approaches intended to improve the process robustness using different optimizations through computational or mathematical techniques. It is sought to offer a complete and concise insight of the recent advances, as well as future developments that can contribute to the consolidation of this biometric technology.

4. Compresión de imágenes digitales utilizando redes neuronales: multicapa (backpropagation) y rbr�s. - Gómez Valencia, Juan Diego
The following text has as objective to pose an application of RNA's that is of obvious and substantial results in theory, but in the practice generates certain uncertainty and it is then worthy of a little much of attention and study. Finally the paper tries to give a solution, perhaps not very good, but in general it opens a door and generates an idea worthy of polish to treat reduction of images, with artificial intelligence technical, in a serious work as a degree thesis. The development programational is create in C++ with library allegro.

5. Programación orientada a objetos en lenguajes no orientados a objetos: c, una experiencia. - Ríos Patiño, Jorge Iván
The benefits are doubtless when Programation OO is made: reusabilidad of code, inheritance, polymorphism, etc.. Innumerable languages that support this paradigm, like C++, EIFFEL, JAVA, etc. exist, but continued developing of important way, applications in languages that do not support mentioned metodologies, as for example C. This article tries to introduce the traditional application programmer in language C, in the techniches and metodologies to develop these applications using OO Programation.

6. Proyecto iris. - Guerra, John Alexis; Zúñiga Zabala, Maria Fernanda; Restrepo Calle, Felipe
The IRIS project is a USB peripheral prototype created to make a representation of images shown on a computer screen. It's oriented to people who have visual limitations, they are able to �see� images by using their sense of touch. The system's input is an image which is reconstructed in the person´s hand through vibrations which are induced by the interaction between the magnetic field that comes from the electromagnets in the peripheral´s grid and a glove that has magnets built into it. The image goes through a process that consists in the translation of the colors in it into different electromagnetic field frequency pulses.

7. Un modelo de ponderación para la autoevaluación de un programa academico. - Hurtado, Luis Hernando; Garcia, Maria Dolly; Salcedo, Gladys Elena
This paper presents a detailed description of a weighting model that can be used for an academic program Self-assessment Process which aims at the official Accreditation. The proposed model is an adaptation--to the weighting of characteristics and indicators�of the techniques developed by Thomas Saaty for other purposes, such as decision making. The model uses the concept of a principal eigenvector of reciprocal and consistent matrix.

8. Reemplazamiento de equipo industrial: una aplicación multicriterio. - Restrepo de O, Luz Stella; Estrada Mejía, Sandra; Hoyos, Jorge Eduardo
At the moment the companies have identified the necessity to implement systems of variable compensation with base in the obtained yield. These systems require considering the results handled collectively or of individual way, for the companies of services and specifically those of meals they require to identify the indicators that really affect the yield.

9. Reemplazamiento de equipo industrial: una aplicación multicriterio. - Viveros Folleco, Amanda; Sarache Castro, William Ariel; González, Guillermo A.
One of the main problems in the operations management, is the adequate planning of machine replacement, not only by its impact in the operation costs, but also, by its effects in the service level to the production process. For such reason, the present article shows the construction of a not lineal mathematical model based on the use of multicriteria techniques and experts methods. The results of its application in the economic sector of sugar factories are presented.

10. Diseño y construcción de un banco prefisurador de probetas tipo flexión en tres puntos para determinar la fractotenacidad ctod. - Coronado Marín, John Jairo; Hinestroza, Oscar Andrés; Rivas, John Sandro
In this investigation project was designed and constructed an equipment to generate cracks by fatigue, for flexion in three points. The tests were realized on steel plate SAE 1045 hot laminate. The devices adapted necessary for the cracking test were: an accountant of cycles, a cell of load and an optical microscope, with which, the advance of the crack growth was observed. Therefore, the tests of crack tip opening displacement (CTOD) were realized. The displacement registers were taken in the end of the crack, as increases the load until the final fracture, for the test was used a machine of controlled load.

11. Herramientas para la gestión energética empresarial. - Monteagudo Yanes, José P.; Gaitan R., Oscar Geovany
This paper presents a methodology to the study of the Technology of Efficient Total Administration of the Energy, that consists on the application of tools technician-organizational that, applied in a continuous way with the philosophy and procedures of the total administration of the quality, they allow to identify and to use all the saving opportunities, energy conservation and reduction of the expenses in the different energy systems of a company.

12. Capacidad de carga de cilindros oleohidráulicos: norma iso/ts 13725 �hydraulic fluid power �cylinders- method for determining the buckling load. - Salazar Marín, Edgar Alonso; Codina Macià, Esteve
The Objective of this article is permit an easy interpretation of the formulations raised in the norm for the calculation of the admissible load of buckling, to be applied in a fast and simple way in the field of the design, manufacture, selection and verification of hydraulic cylinders. An example of application with a cylinder considers, treating to correlate the values offered by Euler equation (at the moment applied) and the obtained ones with the Norm. The purpose is to identify the effects that can have some parameters that the Norm considers, on the permissible loads of the cylinder.

13. Determinación experimental del módulo de bulk de tuberías flexibles para sistemas oleohidráulicos. - Hoyos Mesa, Mario; Mejía, Luz Adriana; Henao Castañeda, Edison
This paper presents an experimental technique to measure the bulk modulus of flexible hoses used in fluid power systems. Oil is pumped into the hose and the pressure increases up to the maximum value allowed by a limiting pressure valve. The time elapsed to change from low to high pressure is measured and used, along with the information of bulk modulos of the oil, in the definition of effective bulk modulus to find the bulk modulus of the hose. The volumetric expansion coefficient is also calculated and adjusted to a polinomial regression curve, which have an good correlation.

14. Diseño y construccion de un torno de control numérico. - Londoño Ospina, Nelson; León Simanca, Pedro; Alvarez Díaz, Jairo; Marín Zapata, Edwin
Next we talk about the design; implementation and results of a numerical control system, and the electronic system are explained. With further detail it is explored the Software used to make chess pieces, based on a drawing created with any graphic design Software. Additionaly, we describe basic algorithm and concepts refering to the conversion into displacement units of the actuator of the system, besides of the graphic interface that facilitates the inter-relation between the user (designer) and the CAD system.

15. Reducción del cromo contenido en efluentes líquidos de la industria del cuero, mediante un proceso adsorción � desorción con algas marinas. - Higuera Cobos, Oscar Fabián; Laverde Cataño, Dionisio; Escalante Hernández, Humberto
El objeto de este trabajo es proveer una alternativa para la remoción de cromo de aguas residuales de curtiembre, utilizando el alga parda Sargassum sp. A condiciones de operación de pH de la disolución de 4, grado de agitación 50 rpm, tamaño de partícula de la biomasa de 1.19 mm de diámetro y relación masa de biomasa / volumen de disolución que contiene cromo de 0.02 gr/ml, se obtuvieron eficiencias en la remoción de cromo, con el Sargassum sp del 85% para disoluciones sintéticas y de 51% para un efluente real de curtiembre

16. Analisis del desempeño de una turbina de gas cuando hay indicios de deterioro en sus componentes. - Estrada M., Carlos A.; Arias, German David
Gas turbines installed in airplanes have to be send to the repair shop in order to perform major maintenance and overhaul when reduction of their performance has been detected. This malfunction is normal when the operation-hours of this machine, are higher or equal to the constructor´s specification. Deterioration is detectable in increasing fuel consumption, change pressure ratio in compressor and turbine. This situation produces changes in the turbines´s power, and it is reflected in the parameters. In this paper, the performance of a deteriorated CF6-80C2 gas turbine, used by Boeing 747 airplane, is simulated both, under normal operating condition and deteriorating condition

17. Analisis teórico de la combustión en quemadores de gas natural. - Serrano Rico, Juan Carlos; Carranza Sánchez, Yamid Alberto
Theoretical analysis of combustion process occurring in natural gas burners is presented. The performance of available heat, combustion efficiency and pollutants is evaluated as function of excess air and flue gas temperature. The value of maximum temperature of products and its relation with excess and preheating air is calculated. Energy and environmental considerations are established in order to improve the operation of industrial burners.

18. Terología: tecnología de la reconstrucción. - Zapata Meneses, Alberto; Mesa Grajales, Dairo Hernán
This article describes the main processes used in terology (technology related to the study of the recovery and reconstruction of materials), and the form of controlling wear by application of protective layers. To understand the broad application field of the maintenance welding in the conservation of the non renewable resources used in modern industry, as well as the possibilities for investigation and technological development in this area, it becomes necessary to consider some tribological issues previously

19. Aspectos de diseño de un equipo de análisis de corrosión por niebla salina. - Pinzón Candelario, Manuel; Jirado Tajan, Nidia
The present article based on the ASTM B-117 and ASTM B-287 standards, deals with the basic parameters for calculation and design of a corrosion analysis device, whose severe environmental conditions are created by means of the formation of a saline fog to which the samples are exposed.

20. Sistema computacional de integración del método de despliegue de la función de calidad y de la lógica difusa. - Vanegas Useche, Libardo V.; Ellis, Andrew; Labib, Ashraf W.
This paper presents a computer program that integrates Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and fuzzy set theory. The program is capable of estimating the impact levels that the engineering characteristics of a product may have on customer satisfaction. Fuzzy set theory is applied to deal with the imprecision present in the design process. The importance levels of the customer attributes and the relationships between these and the engineering characteristics are treated as triangular fuzzy numbers. The New Fuzzy Weighted Average is used in order to reduce the amount of imprecision of the results. A case study is presented to illustrate the operation of the software.

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