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Dialnet (Difusión de Alertas en la Red) es una plataforma de recursos y servicios documentales, cuyo objetivo fundamental se centra en mejorar la visibilidad y el acceso a la literatura científica hispana a través de Internet.


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1. Blankenship found guilty of conspiracy - Jensen, Jennifer
For the first time, federal court tries and a jury convicts a CEO on charges related to the death of miners

2. BG 4 benching training software - Navoyski, Jason; Brnich, Michael J.; Bauerle, Timothy
Investigating the use of virtual environments NIOSH researchers have developed software to train mine rescue benchmen and other team members to inspect, assemble and test a BG 4 mine rescue breathing apparatus

3. Picking up the pace - Schmidt, Donna
Always seeking a better way to do things, OEMs are listening to mines' feedback and upping the efficiency ante

4. Achieving world-class mining maintenance: step 1 - identifying needs and priorities - Tomlingson, Paul D.
In a six-part series starting this month, the autor provides a detailed road map for developing and sustaining a top-notch mine maintenance program

5. Harvey Mine: The road to today - Schmidt, Donna
The evolution of CONSOL Energy's Harvey complex has been long and winding, but with a successful integration now complete, a favorable future awaits

6. Gateway pacific terminal - Gambrel, Dave

7. U.S. coal markets hit bottom - Moore, Andrew

8. Disciplinareidad arquitectónica: sobre la totalidad interrumpida y el mundo de los contornos - Raposo Moyano, Alfonso
Student learning of the architectural “project planning" have been ruled by primates principles derived from the idea of totality: uniqueness of authorship, work unique value and completeness of their plexus, where nothing is superfluous and nothing lacking. These principles are currently tested. The virtual mutations of sense that germinate and configure emerging our current experience of the contemporary, seem to be evicting the idea of totality from its secular position of primacy. Correspondingly, in the framework of the contemporary project proposals diversity of architectural practice, there seems to be some who work to deploy a critical effort that end in...

9. La cuestión del Menhir - Bize Huett, Javier
The author proposes a route that seeks to collect the sense of the architectural work. He wondered about the contemporary and the necessary anachronism allows to report the present moment. Report the mismatch as a concept that allows us to recognize the aspects of contemporary and at the same time gives a basis to the Act. From this mismatch he raises his reflection. Gravity and grace are emphasizing as architecture primordial forces. These are present in megalithic monuments, where the Menhir "due to the gravity" building, according to the author, his first sense system. Grace is the dissolution of materiality to...

10. Percepción, composición y noción contextual: notas para estudio de conformaciones ecológicas en los espacios urbanos - Vergara, Jorge
This paper explores the idea that the commonality of synchronous programs of individual action affects the ecologies configuration spaces in cities. From the sociological literature review is proposed; identify the phenomena of perception and contextual composition as the main mechanisms that allow the articulation of articulating and checking these urban ecological conformations. Understand and verify required to undertake the study of these processes of "perception", "composition" and “contextual notion”

11. La vivienda popular en Santiago: cuatro momentos en el siglo XX. Una aproximación desde la Biopolítica. - Valencia, Marco
The article presents a journey around the history of Social Housing in Santiago during the 20th century. The objective is to recognize the discourses generated by elites around the issue of living conditions of the popular sectors, from an interpretation of the actions of public sector in the field of social housing. Four times characterized by a specific institutional act are recognized for this. These are: The term originated with the creation of the Workers Rooms Act in 1906, the period of creation of the Popular Housing Fund in 1936 and reached its peak with the creation of the Housing Corporation...

12. Día mundial del urbanismo - Martínez Lemoine, René
This paper introduces the presentation by the architect René Lemoine Martinez on November 8, 1992 to commemorate the day of Urbanism. This debate questions the achievements made over half a century by those promoting the discipline of urbanism. A comparison between some indices of quality of life at the time and the ideals of "Air - Sol - Vegetation" that promotes the theme of urban memorial is made. At the heart of this discussion is the idea of the current lack of discussion around the concept of the common good. It takes a journey through various texts containing frequent detractors positions over...

13. Modelo matemático para el diseño aerodinámico de los álabes de una turbina eólica de eje horizontal (TEEH) - Chirinos García, Julio José; Moreno-Figueredo, Conrado; Morales Salas, Joel
The research purpose is elaborate a mathematical model for blade aerodynamic designing of horizontal axis wind turbine in fast and reliable way to facilitate the construction and performance evaluation under different operational conditions. To reach the theoretical and empirical approach it was used induction and deduction method starting from aerodynamic theories of Glauert and other researchers, in which necessary modifications were introduced. Also, the development of the model was programmed in aspreadsheet which allows to calcula table de radio R, the distribution of chord c (r), and the variation of twist angle or pitch Ө (r) in automatic way. The...

14. Ensayos de pérdidas en vacío y con carga en transformadores mediante la adquisición de datos - Ramos Guardarrama, Josnier; Hernández Areu, Orestes; Bruzón Hernández, José Miguel
The results of the use of an informatic tool to make easy the diagnosis of the transformers in a factory's testing area are shown in the present work. The system acquired data through serial port in the multipurpose electrical measurements equipment. This method of realization of the tests allows expedites the quantity of transformers examined in the testing area, incrementing the productivity of the factory is aggregate. The creation of a final report is possible by means of the dump of the information directly in the database of the factory. Because of this, it is reduces the need of utilize...

15. Método heurístico para la evaluación de la confiabilidad en un subsistema de líneas de transmisión - Salgado Duarte, Yorlandys; del Castillo Serpa, Alfredo
A method is proposed for evaluating the reliability of a sub-transmission lines based on the behavior of magnitudes greater generality such as availability from studying the random variables Xi, Wi.- time (in hours) of operation until failure line and to restore service respectively of the line i. The probabilistic behavior of such variables is characterized from information available in the database of agencies for the operation and maintenance of Electrical Systems Power (ESP). The reliability of a subsystem of transmission lines is evaluated after a relatively big productive time has passed with the intention of identifying deterioration or not in...

16. Diseño de un colector solar de placa plana - Rodríguez, Rafael; López Monteagudo, Francisco E.; Araiza Esquivel, María Auxiliadora; Olvera Olvera, Carlos A.; Dorrbercker Drake, Santiago Alfredo
In this article the use of mechanical design software and an algorithm for simulating the operation of a flat plate solar collector, with the objective of simplifying the process of design and manufacture of the latter is integrated. The simulation results of the operation of the solar collector considering different combinations in the parameters of the materials used, such as its physicochemical properties and features in addition to the variation of the dimensions of the system design are set. The article finally evaluates the operation of a solar collector for typical climatic conditions of irradiance, wind speed and ambient temperature...

17. Evaluación de confiabilidad tecnológica del parque aerogenerador de Gibara 2 - Torres - Valle, Antonio; Martínez-Martín, Erich
Renewable energy, particularly wind, will occupy an important place in the coming decades, marked by the depletion of fossil fuel sources. In Cuba significant growth in the use of these energy sourcesis forecasted. For this reason is importantthe creation of reliable technology to ensure that future mission. The paper proposes as its central objective, the analysis of reliability of Wind Farm Gibara 2 starting from its representation based on the methodology of fault tree and to recommend some possible applications of the results. An essential step in the research is the determination of participating components in the fault tree and...

18. Feasibility evaluation of two solar cooling systems applied to a cuban hotel. Comparative analysis - Díaz Torres, Yamile; Valdivia Nodal, Yarelis; Monteagudo Yanes, José P.; Miranda Torres, Yudith
ABSTRACT The article presents an analysis of technical and economic feasibility of using two configurations of solar cooling in a Cuban hotel. HVAC hybrid schemes are: a cooler of ice water vapor compression (chiller) interconnected in parallel with a smaller capacity chiller, first with a solar-powered absorption cooling system (SACS), and then with a photovoltaic cooling system(PSC). Both were simulated taking into account the weather conditions in the region, thermodynamic calculation methodologies and principles that govern these technologies. The results show that the use of these alternatives contributes to reducing energy consumption and the environmental impact of heating, ventilation and...

19. Análisis energético de un sistema fotovoltaico integrado a una cubierta plana horizontal - Osorio Laurencio, Liomnis; Montero Laurencio, Reineris
In this research the energy performance of a photovoltaic system based on amorphous silicon is analyzed. It is integrated to the flat horizontal rooftop of Teaching Building # 2 of the Metallurgical Mining Institute of Moa. With the PVsyst software annual electricity production of 3 kWp system connected to grid, as well as losses shadows, wiring, power electronics, also, tilt angle and the effect of irradiance and temperature were determined. The characteristic parameters of the installation, useful were calculated to establish monthly planning profiles for electrical consumption. The results showed that the annual energy generated is equivalent to the electricity...

20. Sistema de enfriamiento con desecante para reducir consumo de energía en restaurante caso de estudio - Carbonell Morales, Tania; Salgado Álvarez, Ibis
Este artículo mostró la posibilidad de emplear un sistema de enfriamiento con rueda desecante para el tratamiento del aire de las diferentes áreas del Restaurante caso de estudio, instalación alta consumidora de energía, de ahí la necesidad de estudiar nuevas alternativas para el acondicionamiento de aire que permitan el control de la humedad y el ahorro de energía. El análisis bibliográfico realizado mostró que actualmente los sistemas de enfriamiento con desecante están siendo estudiados y empleados como una alternativa para el ahorro de energía y el cuidado del medioambiente en el campo del tratamiento del aire. Se propuso un sistema...

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