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  1. The cellular and synaptic architecture of the mechanosensory dorsal horn

    Abraira, Victoria; Kuehn, Emily; Chirila, Anda
    The deep dorsal horn is a poorly characterized spinal cord region implicated in processing low-threshold mechanoreceptor (LTMR) information. We report an array of mouse genetic tools for defining neuronal components and functions of the dorsal horn LTMR-recipient zone (LTMR-RZ), a role for LTMR-RZ processing in tactile perception, and the basic logic of LTMR-RZ organization. We found an unexpectedly high degree of neuronal diversity in the LTMR-RZ: seven excitatory and four inhibitory subtypes of interneurons exhibiting unique morphological, physiological, and synaptic properties. Remarkably, LTMRs form synapses on between four and 11 LTMR-RZ interneuron subtypes, while each LTMR-RZ interneuron subtype samples inputs...

  2. Artemisinins target GABAA receptor signaling and impair α cell identity

    Li, Jin; Casteels, Tamara; Frogne, Thomas
    Type 1 diabetes is characterized by the destruction of pancreatic β cells, and generating new insulin-producing cells from other cell types is a major aim of regenerative medicine. One promising approach is transdifferentiation of developmentally related pancreatic cell types, including glucagon-producing α cells. In a genetic model, loss of the master regulatory transcription factor Arx is sufficient to induce the conversion of α cells to functional β-like cells. Here, we identify artemisinins as small molecules that functionally repress Arx by causing its translocation to the cytoplasm. We show that the protein gephyrin is the mammalian target of these antimalarial drugs...

  3. Dolor osteoarticular crónico generalizado en paciente con intoxicación crónica por mercurio: Revisión de sintomatología, diagnóstico y tratamiento

    Curt Nuño, F.; Llorca González, F.; Iglesia López, A. de la; Freire Vila, E.; Domínguez Chaos, A.

  4. Carta del Presidente de la SED

    Contreras de la Fuente, Diego

  5. Análisis de la eficacia y seguridad del bloqueo iliofascial continuo para analgesia postoperatoria de artroplastia total de rodilla

    López González, J. M.; Riu Camps, M.; Illodo Miramontes, Gustavo; Vázquez Martínez, A.; Camba Rodríguez, A.; Diz Gómez, J. C.
    Objective: the importance of acute postoperative pain lies in its high frequency, where inadequate treatment and the impact it has on the evolution and the patient's recovery. Iliofascial block may be a suitable technique for postoperative analgesia after total knee arthroplasty. The aim of this study is to assess the efficacy and safety of the blockade iliofascial compared with epidural analgesia in postoperative effects in patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty under spinal anesthesia. We also evaluate if the iliofascial block is a safe analgesic technique, the complications, the adverse effects and the patient satisfaction. Material and methods: multicenter, prospective, randomized,...

  6. Estudio epidemiológico del dolor en la comunidad autónoma de Andalucía

    Herrera Silva, J.; Rodríguez Matallana, J.; Contreras de la Fuente, Diego; Torre Liébana, R. de la; Gómez Armenta, F.; Linares del Río, F.; López Moraleda, I.; Neira Reina, F.; Rodríguez López, M.; Rodríguez de la Torre, R.; Rubio Andrada, A.; Ruiz Ortiz, S.
    Aims: a study on chronic pain has been performed in a sample of people in Andalusia, in order to assess its prevalence, features, diagnosis, treatment, and impact. Material and methods: a cross-sectional survey with stratified randomised sampling, including 1,200 phone interviews on pain was performed in people aged > 18 years in Andalusia, by means of the CATI system (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) designed by IMC (Instituto de Investigación, Marketing y Comunicación, Sevilla). Results: from 1,200 interviewees, a sample of 405 patients with recent pain was obtained (30% of participants with current pain; 3.8% with pain in previous month but...

  7. Tríptico informativo multicultural del tratamiento del dolor agudo postoperatorio

    González Forte, M.J.; Cobacho de Alba, Juan Jesús; Ortega García, J.L.; Neira Reina, F.
    Objectives: health organizations are not immune to human migration that have drawn a new multicultural reality and must manage diversity in the "day to day". Health systems considered beneficial information and patient involvement in the care process, which is sometimes hampered by the language barrier in some of our patients. There are several factors that influence postoperative pain. These factors highlight the preoperative preparation of the patient, including the level of information and level of anxiety. To help improve this aspect is necessary to make information in different languages. The aim of this work was to improve communication between professionals...

  8. Efectividad y seguridad de la viscosuplementación con dosis única de ácido hialurónico estabilizado de origen no animal (NASHA) para el tratamiento del dolor secundario a gonartrosis

    Monerris Tabasco, María del Mar; Martí Acebedo, I.; Roca Amatria, Gisela; Rincón Párraga, R.; Hinojosa Zaguirre, M.; Jiménez Capel, Y.; Samper Bernal, Daniel
    Objective: to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of single-dose injection of stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin (NASHA) for the treatment of pain related to knee osteoarthritis. Material and methods: we included a total of 37 patients with previously diagnosed gonarthritis by the Orthopedist/Rheumatologist in which conservative treatment has failed and/or who are not candidates for surgery. They carried out a single-dose injection of non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (Durolane®). We collected demographic data, adverse effects and pain intensity (assessed by verbal numeric scale) and scores on the questionnaires Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) and Barthel -baseline, at...

  9. Estudio e intervencionismo ecoguiado de la articulación del hombro

    Benítez Pareja, D.; Trinidad, J.M.; Benítez Pareja, P.; Torres Morera, L. M.
    Painful shoulder is an entity that we find in our daily practice with relative frequency. With the introduction of ultrasound, opens a new field that we can explore, locate and exactly infiltrate the injured area. Ultrasound allows an exploration in the same act, as well as the ability to make a dynamic scanning. The shoulder is made up of 5 joint: true 3 (sternoclavicular, acromioclavicular and glenohumeral) and 2 known as false (subacromial and thoracic scapula). Wherever possible, we will try to puncture in plane, trying to display the full path of the needle and the tip of it. In...

  10. Asociación Chilena del Dolor sobre el nuevo Presidente de la SED

    Fernández Rebolledo, Rodrigo

  11. Tratamiento del dolor lumbar mediante neuroestimulación

    López López, Jose Antonio

  12. Los cuidados paliativos en Camerun: Historia y futuro

    Gutiérrez, Ana

  13. Bloqueo caudal en dolor crónico lumbar: ¿Es necesario el apoyo radiológico para disminuir los fallos de la técnica?

    Cortiñas Sáenz, M.; Iglesias Cerrillo, J.A.; Cano Navarro, G.; Salmerón Cerezuela, J.; Quirante Pizarro, Alberto; Carricondo Martínez, Mª Isabel; Jerez Collado, Francisco
    Introduction: epidural steroid injections offer no long-term benefit for the treatment of low back pain but may be effective in the small subset of patients with acute lumbosacral radicular pain. Caudal epidural steroid injection was effective in producing short-term improvement (level II evidence) as well as long-term relief (level III evidence). Objetives: to evaluate of the effectiveness of the caudal epidural block under fluoroscopic guidance. Material and methods: prospective, observational and descriptive study to assess the failure rates of caudal block using the technique "blind" with respect to radiological vision. Statistical comparisons were based on the chi2 test, the long-rank...

  14. Tratamiento del dolor secundario al síndrome de ATM mediante estimulación nerviosa periférica

    Rodríguez-López, M. J.; Aldaya, C.; Fernández-Baena, M.
    Introduction: the term temporomandibular joint syndrome or Costen's syndrome refers to a disorder whose most common symptoms include: joint pain and clicking, difficulty opening the mouth, and temporomandibular joint discomfort. Basically, its diagnosis is clinical. The TMJ is supplied by the auriculotemporal nerve, a collateral branch of the mandibular nerve, V3 branch of the trigeminal nerve. Material and method: we report on a total of six female patients who were treated between 2008 and 2010, all of them with pain secondary to TMJ syndrome, unilateral in five cases and bilateral in one. All these patients had previously received maxillofacial surgery,...

  15. Validación del índice de Lattinen para la evaluación del paciente con dolor crónico

    González-Escalada, J. R.; Camba Rodríguez, A.; Muriel Villoria, Clemente; Rodríguez Gázquez, M. A.; Contreras de la Fuente, Diego; Barutell, C. de
    Background and objectives: the Lattinen Index (LI) is a widely used tool for pain assessment in Spanish speaking countries, both in clinical practice and research. Nevertheless, despite its extensive use, no validation of the Spanish language version of the questionnaire has been published yet. This study intends to validate LI as a tool for measuring chronic pain. Materials and methods: a multicentre, cross-sectional, non-interventional study, including 283 chronic pain patients (> 3 months duration), from 6 different centres, was performed. Validity and reliability analysis were performed in order to validate the IL. On a first visit patients completed the IL...

  16. Imaginería motora graduada en el síndrome de miembro fantasma con dolor

    Morales Osorio, M.A.
    New investigations on cortical changes in patients with chronic pain have led to a reassessment of the pathologies that occur with chronic pain and its treatment. This is the case of Phantom limb syndrome with pain (PLP), which focused on peripheral nociceptive stimulus, and are now rethinking as a dysfunction at central level. One of the tools often highly evidence and therapists is unknown to the Graded motor imagery (IMG). This technique attempts to normalize the central processing sequence to remedy chronic pain, supported in the neurosciences and the two gifts, such as mirror neurons and the neuromatrix. This article...

  17. La transición de dolor agudo postoperatorio a crónico: ¿qué sabemos?

    Ribera, H.; Esteve Pérez, N.; Garrido, J. P.
    La transición del dolor agudo postoperatorio a crónico es un proceso complejo, poco conocido y de interés creciente en los últimos años. Los cuadros dolorosos crónicos derivados de determinados procedimientos quirúrgicos como la toracotomía, la mastectomía o la amputación se asocian a una elevada prevalencia. Sin embargo, han sido identificados una serie de factores pronósticos o predictivos relacionados con la aparición de dichos cuadros dolorosos. Su detección precoz permitiría iniciar tratamientos analgésicos preventivos con el objetivo de evitar dicha transición.

  18. Dermatitis de contacto por sensibilización a alérgenos del caucho y aplicación de apósito plástico en aerosol

    López Pérez, R. M.; Rodríguez Bello, C.; Freire Vila, E.; Iglesia López, A. de la; Camba Rodríguez, A.

  19. Formulación de mezclas intratecales para el tratamiento del dolor

    Ortega García, M. P.; Mínguez Martí, Ana; López Alarcón, M. D.; Andrés Ibáñez, José Antonio de; García López, M.
    Drug combinations in intrathecal analgesia are recommended in international consensus, but there are few studies about their stability and safety. The objectives of this review are to evaluate specific considerations for compounded formulations for intrathecal pumps and to review stability studies of drug combinations recommended. Compounding formulations for intrathecal pumps has specific recommendations: avoiding preservatives, antioxidants, and solubility enhancers, using buffers that are compatible with the delivery system, using a pH that is physiologically appropriate and is consistent with the delivery system, normally between 4 and 8, using solutions isotonic with normal CSF, preparing the solution in a manner that...

  20. El alivio del dolor: ¿es un derecho humano?

    Saruwatari Zavala, Garbiñe; Siqueiros García, Jesús M.
    En este trabajo se analiza el artículo titulado "El alivio del dolor como un derecho humano", escrito por F. Brennan y M. Cousins, en donde los autores proclaman la formulación de un novedoso derecho fundamental y revisan diversos instrumentos internacionales de Derechos Humanos, para sustentar el argumento de que el paciente debe ser protegido contra el insuficiente tratamiento del dolor. Diversos autores y organizaciones han denunciado las causas, debidas a diversos factores, por las cuales el dolor no es tratado en toda su extensión. Los factores normativos estriban en la autorización y/o prohibición de la distribución, consumo, uso y comercialización...

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