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Ohio campuses are treasure troves of knowledge, but valuable resources are often hidden. The Ohio Digital Resource Commons (DRC) provides a robust, statewide platform for saving, discovering and sharing—free of charge—the instructional, research, historic and creative materials produced by the University System of Ohio and Ohio's private colleges.

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  1. La Obra De Santa Teresa: La Vida Y Las Moradas - Una Perspectiva Taoísta, Confucionista Y Budista

    Yang, Lucia Jin Yun
    This dissertation presents a selective study of the works of Santa Teresa of Avila (1515 - 1582), a Doctor of the Catholic Church since 1970, and regarded as a "great contemporary spiritual teacher" by the Church. She was born in the most glorious epoch of Spanish Empire during the reign of Felipe II, which is the period that produced the most Christian Saints. Not only is Santa Teresa the first but also one of the most representative female mystics in the history of Spain. This analysis focuses on the mystical religious, and cultural aspects of her writings as expressed...

  2. Modelling The Text: Iurii Lotman's Information-Theoretic Approach Revisited

    Cretu, Andrei Ionut
    The interdisciplinary effervescence of the 1960's-1970's resulted in the adoption of terms like "information," "entropy" and "code" into linguistic and literary analysis; one of the schools that contributed to this tendency was the Soviet semiotics school, represented by scholars like Iurii Lotman, Boris Uspenskii, Viacheslav Vs. Ivanov. This dissertation offers a critical examination of the controversial aspects of the interdisciplinary connection between information theory and semiotics, concentrating on Iurii Lotman's works on the theory of the text. In order to address the question of the applicability and relevance of information-theoretic principles to text analysis, this dissertation proposes (a) to offer...

  3. Production Of Galacto-Oligosaccharides From Lactose By Immobilized B-Galactosidase And Posterior Chromatographic Separation

    Sanz-Valero, Juan Ignacio
    Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) are non-digestible sugars containing two to five molecules of galactose and one molecule of glucose connected through glycosidic bonds. They are classified as prebiotic food because they can selectively stimulate the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the lower intestine. The addition of GOS as a functional food ingredient has great potential to improve the quality of many foods. GOS can be produced from lactose, which is abundant in cheese whey, by enzymatic transgalactosylation with ß-galactosidase present in either free or immobilized form. The goal of this research was to evaluate the feasibility of using various microbial lactases...

  4. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin's United Russia: The How and Why of Russia's New Party of Power

    Sell, Daniel James
    This paper serves to study the new ‘party of power,’ United Russia, that has emerged in the Russian Federation with Vladimir Vladimorovich Putin as the head of this party. It will look at what exactly a party of power is, and how Putin was able to solidify power in the country in the office of the president and transfer this power to United Russia. This paper looks at factors, such as the fact that Russia has a hybrid regime in place, which made it possible for the party of power to emerge, thus providing a small roadmap on how to...

  5. Exploitation and Mechanistic Validation of Drug-combination Strategies to Overcome EGFR-inhibitor resistance in NSCLC cells

    Wang, Yu-Chieh
    Pre-existing and acquired resistance to epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitors limits their clinical usefulness in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). In this dissertation research work, the in vitro/in vivo efficacy and mechanisms of the combination of gefitinib or erlotinib with OSU-03012, a celecoxib-derived antitumor agent, to overcome EGFR inhibitor-resistance in three NSCLC cell lines, H1155, H23, and A549, are characterized. The OSU-03012/EGFR inhibitor combination induced pronounced apoptosis in H1155 and H23 cells, but not in A549 cells, suggesting a correlation between drug sensitivity and basal phospho-Akt levels independently of EGFR expression status. Evidence indicates that this...

  6. Effects of Multimedia on Motivation, Learning and Performance: The Role of Prior Experience and Task Constraints

    Lu, Tingting
    This study examines the effects of instructional presentation methods and different types of tasks on learning processes and outcomes from cognitive load and learner control perspectives. Situated in software training, a between-individual, 2 (Tutorial Type: Static images with print text or animated pictures with narration) x 3 (Task Type: Rote or Explore or Explore with Tips) experimental design is used. Prior experience is examined as the key covariate in the analyses. The primary findings of this study suggest that using animated pictures with narration to present instructional content can reduce learners’ cognitive load while improving their retention test performance. The...

  7. Supply Chain Collaboration: The Role of Key Contact Employees

    Charvet, Francois F.
    Buyer-supplier collaboration is an important element of successful supply chain management. Previous research on facilitators or determinants of interorganizational collaboration has typically focused on firm-level variables. However, a distinct difficulty with supply chain collaboration is that many of the enablers and barriers are related to people, and reside at the interpersonal level. The goal of this study is to provide a deeper understanding of the extent to which key contact employees are able to facilitate collaborative practices between buyers and suppliers. A dual level of analysis is employed, comparing the effects of interpersonal relationship quality between key contact employees and interorganizational...

  8. Assessing learning agility : a comparison of single and multiple learning channels in children with autism

    Dwiggins, Gwen Ann
    This study investigated the effects the teaching of sight words, math facts, and three-digit numbers in single and multiple learning channels on two young children with autism. Acquisition, generalization and learning agility of these skills were assessed. Participants engaged in daily practices of skills and then were timed for 1- minute to assess learning agility, the rate of the participants' learning. Acquisition assessments were given at the end of each session. Pre-and post-tests were given to assess generalization across skills on untrained learning channels. Results showed acquisition of sight words and three-digit numbers was achieved for both participants. Learning agility...

  9. Art in the mirror: reflection in the work of Rauschenberg, Richter, Graham and Smithson

    Doyle, Eileen R.
    This dissertation considers the proliferation of mirrors and reflective materials in art since the 1960s through four case studies. By analyzing the mirrored and reflective work of Robert Rauschenberg, Gerhard Richter, Dan Graham and Robert Smithson within the context of the artists’ larger oeuvre and also the theoretical and self-reflective writing that surrounds each artist’s work, the relationship between the wide use of industrially-produced materials and the French theory that dominated artistic discourse for the past thirty years becomes clear. Chapter 2 examines the work of Robert Rauschenberg, noting his early interest in engaging the viewer’s body in his work –...

  10. Examining Conceptual Understandings in the Building and Maintaining of Student- Teacher Relationships by way of Productive Reflection Practices

    Newberry, Melissa Ann
    Research on student-teacher relationships over the last several decades has focused on the impact that such relationships have for the student. From such research we know that the relationship between a teacher and the student does promote cognitive and social development as well as academic achievement. Research has also demonstrated that classroom teachers prefer certain personality and character traits. It is plausible that these preferences contribute to differential treatment of students. Acknowledging that differential behaviors do occur, this study intends to explore the question of why they occur and to investigate what influence, if any, productive reflection might have on...

  11. Dutch costume in paintings by Dutch artists : a study of women's clothing and art from 1600 to 1650

    Chapman, Dana L.

  12. Sequential-Adaptive Design of Computer Experiments for the Estimation of Percentiles

    Roy, Soma
    In the study of complex physical and engineering processes, it is sometimes either impossible, infeasible or very expensive to observe the actual systems. When such situations arise, computer simulators or codes can be used instead. Often these codes are very complex, requiring many hours or days for a single simulation, and thus the number of times we may implement the code to collect data needs to be as small as possible. The running of such a code at a few chosen input settings comprises a computer experiment. Most of the work done in this area focuses on either estimating the...

  13. "You don't look like one, so how are you African?" How West African immigrant girls in the U.S. learn to (re)negotiate ethnic identities in home and school contexts"

    Okpalaoka, Chinwe L.
    Early adolescence is when many physical, biological and psychological changes occur. It is at this critical time that adolescents begin to question their identity and their place in the world and studies have shown that asking ‘Who am I?’ includes asking “Who am I ethnically?” For West African immigrant adolescent girls, the question of who they are ethnically is further complicated by the fact that they are also trying to find their place in American society where some people may assume that they are African-American and identify as such, without taking into consideration the role that their West African immigrant...

  14. Sedimentologic, mineralogic, and geochemical evaluation of the provenance and paleoclimatic record of permian mudrocks from the Beardmore Glacier area, Antartica

    Horner, Timothy C.

  15. Microstructural development of porous materials for application in inorganic membranes

    Mottern, Matthew L.
    Molecular separations can be achieved with minimum energy requirements when employing selective membranes. Inorganic membranes exhibit desirable properties, such as chemical inertness, high strength and permeable, in aggressive environments. The opti-mization and characterization of layered, asymmetric inorganic membranes is detailed in this text. Defect free membrane supports are prepared by vacuum driven filtration of aqueous pH 2.0 HNO3 stabilized suspensions of AKP30 α-Al2O3 powder. The permeability and strength of the supports was found to improve while preserving sufficiently low surface roughness by targeting coarsening of the microstructure, driven by surface migration, during sintering. Highly permeable membrane carriers/supports are prepared from...

  16. Differential approaches to rehearsing and conducting an instrumental ensemble

    Moss, Bruce Burbank

  17. "Durku Vklyuchili!" The Attitude of Russian Speakers in Ukraine Towards the Ukrainian Language and its Speakers

    Vdovichenko, Susan E Crangle
    Ukraine is a country divided by language, with speakers in the eastern half tending to speak Russian natively, and speakers in the west using Ukrainian as their native tongue. Before the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukrainian was perceived as a language for peasants and people with little education. When the official language of the country was changed from Russian to Ukrainian in 1991, tensions between speakers escalated. Seventeen years after the change, stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes still appear in public discourse. This paper explores internet forums and other print media for evidence of prevailing attitudes that Russian speakers in...

  18. Epidemiology Of Salmonella Enterica Related To Swine Production System And Food Safety

    Patchanee, Prapas
    Salmonella infection is the second leading causes of foodborne illness in the U.S. There are over 2,500 Salmonella serovars and all are considered to cause salmonellosis in humans. Salmonellae are widely distributed in swine production systems in most parts of the world. Pork and pork products; therefore, have been considered as a major reservoir for this pathogen, and have a potential to contaminate the food supply. Although two of these serovars, Salmonella Choleraesuis and Salmonella Typhimurium, are considered important pathogens causing clinical disease in swine, a large number of Salmonella serotypes have been implicated as causing foodborne illness transmitted into...

  19. Spatial Impacts Of Micro Neighborhood Environments On Residential Real Estate Resale Values: The Importance Of Physical Disorder

    Seo, Wonseok
    This study contributes to the hedonic pricing literature in housing. Despite the large number of such studies and the broad range of variables examined, prior studies have not systematically considered the impact on housing prices of the physical condition of their immediate neighborhood. Most likely this failure is attributable to the fact that such data do not exist in published form. Most hedonic studies base their analysis on published data or data easily derived from satellite images. Few studies make use of data collected in the field. Yet both theory and casual observation suggest that the physical condition of neighboring...

  20. The Art of Abraham Walkowitz: A Political and Social Re-Evaluation

    Kimler, Gail Gelburd

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