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  1. Lady Liberty: Intertextual Performances of Gender and Nation

    Joyce, Parisa
    This study explores how a variety of artistic representations of the Statue of Liberty have worked over the past half-century to reflect aspects of nation through the gendered performances of a particular set of American women as ideal constructs, objects for commodification and consumption. The first inquiry explores the play entitled Miss Liberty, written by Robert E. Sherwood, with lyrics and music by Irving Berlin, and first produced in 1949. Although conceived as an historical play loosely based on fact, the play provides a unique perspective on women's roles in society during the late 1940s. On the one hand the...

  2. Holding Out For A Female Hero: The Visual And Narrative Representation Of The Female FBI Agent In Hollywood Psychological Thrillers From 1991-2008

    Lafferty, Sarah
    This thesis analyzes the visual and narrative representation of female FBI agents and male serial killers in the Hollywood films, 'Silence of the Lambs' (1991), 'Hannibal' (2001), 'Taking Lives' (2004), and 'Untraceable' (2008). It explores how character roles and narrative functions related to the hero character type change over time. The films are analyzed through a textual analysis using Proppian formalism, structural, narratology, genre, and gender theories. 'Silence of the Lambs' and 'Hannibal' offer the groundwork of the female FBI agent in the rookie figure of Clarice Starling. 'Taking Lives', the first example in a thriller genre post-Clarice Starling, offers...

  3. Female Duality and Petrarchan Ideals in Titian's Sacred And Profane Love

    Kaercher, Julianne C.
    Painted around 1514 in Venice, Titian's Sacred and Profane Love has long been the subject of debate in Art History. Building on previous scholarship, including work from Charles Hope, Walter Friedläender, and Rona Goffen, this essay looks into the triangulated relationship created between the two women and the viewer through real and implied gazes, and how this relationship addresses a specific patron's desire to self-fashion an identity that would be projected for a specific audience. Where previous scholars have argued that Niccolò Aurelio commissioned this painting as a wedding gift, this paper suggests a new reading of the commissioning in light...

  4. Vitamin D Status of American Adults Age 18 Years and Older: National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey 2001-2002 and 2003-2004

    Scherf, Kayla K.
    Americans are not reaching sufficient levels of serum 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D3 (25(OH)D3), and some groups are at a higher risk of developing vitamin D deficiency. Having a sufficient level of 25(OH)D3 can help prevent diseases like osteoporosis, certain types of cancers, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension. The data of 7479 American participants 18 years of age and older were derived from the NHANES 2001-2002 and NHANES 2003-2004 surveys. These participants were then analyzed to assess serum 25(OH)D3 levels. The variables used were age, gender, ethnicity, Body Mass Index (BMI), and smoking status. The statistical software, SUDDAN was used to control the...

  5. Land Reform in Zimbabwe: A Case of Britain’s Neo-colonial Intransigence?

    Mushimbo, Creed
    The purpose of this thesis was to conduct an in-depth investigation, analysis, and interpretation of Britain’s land policy in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and its implications from 1890 to 2003. It assessed the extent to which the British government up-held its obligations to the 1979 Lancaster House Agreement on the question of land redistribution, and outlined the evolution of Britain’s policy over time; considering its aims, implementation, and outcomes. This study showed how the policies pursued by Britain impacted the land reform program in Zimbabwe. It argued that the policies pursued and advocated by Britain, i.e. economic liberalization, respect for “property rights” and...

  6. The Role of User Motivations in Moderating the Relation Between Video Game Playing and Children's Adjustment

    Moyer, Valerie S.
    Over the past several decades, the use of video games has been on the rise among children and adolescents, and therefore, researchers have focused on identifying potential consequences of playing video games. The aim of the current study was to connect research on the behavioral correlates of video game playing with motivation research by utilizing a social-cognitive model, whereby specific motivations (e.g., video games as companionship, dominance, achievement) were hypothesized to be cognitive moderators of the relation between playing video games and theoretically-related adjustment variables (e.g., social adjustment, aggression, self-esteem, perceived cognitive competence). Survey data were collected from 195 students...

  7. Identification of the Characteristics of Highly Challenging and Educational Percussion Parts in Selected Intermediate School Band Literature

    Oshaben, Nathaniel John
    The purpose of this study was to identify the characteristics of highly challenging and educational percussion parts in selected intermediate school band literature. The term intermediate referred to the level between the second and fourth year of a percussion student's training in grades six through eight. Fifteen intermediate and high school band directors completed a survey that asked them to rank at least five pieces of intermediate school band literature of their choice that they thought contained highly challenging and educational percussion parts and to indicate the title, composer, publisher, and musical grade level of each piece. The directors suggested...

  8. Do Unto Others: Correlations Between Specific Juvenile Delinquency and Victimization Experiences

    Vecchio, J. Michael
    The present study explores whether specific juvenile delinquency influences specific victimization experiences. The study utilizes cross-sectional survey data of self-reported delinquency and victimization from 7th to 12th grade students in a Midwestern county. The analysis utilizes multivariate stepwise linear regression techniques to explore the contributions of specific delinquency on specific victimization. Results indicate that juvenile participation in assault and theft behaviors is strongly related to victimization in a similar manner. Juvenile participation in other substance use is related to all forms of victimization while gang affiliation buffers all forms of victimization. It is concluded that there is clear relationship between...


    Bacabac, Florence Elizabeth
    This descriptive study re-examines two online practices, the use of synchronous Chat and asynchronous Discussion Board, as collaborative invention forums for composing a research-based essay. Basically, I looked at the transfer of invention ideas from each forum to student rough drafts in order to help substantiate the claim that the use of computer-mediated communication is an enabling practice for knowledge construction. Two first-year writing classes taught in a computer laboratory by the same instructor participated in the study; one class used Chat and the other used the Discussion Board for invention prior to drafting the essays. I analyzed the online...

  10. What Keeps Us From Falling Off the Earth

    Modlin, Brad
    This collection of poems is intended to range from the realistic to the fantastical and from the serious to the humorous in order to explore what it means to live on this earch.

  11. Un Estudio Cultural del Once de Marzo de 2004 a Través de la Literatura y el Cine

    Boswell, Bradley Kyle
    This thesis is a work written in the Spanish language with the goal of coming to a better understanding of the cultural reasons behind the events surrounding the March 11, 2004 bombings in Madrid and their aftermath. In spite of the fact that the author of this work has his own opinions about the attacks, the goal of this thesis is to seek a clearer cultural understanding of the attacks and to set aside the shrill analyses coming from both the left and right extremes of the political debate in the wake of the attacks. In order to complete this...

  12. 'World Wisdom': Difference And Identity In Gertrude Stein's "Melanctha"

    Alexander, Jessica L.
    As a premise for discussing the anticipation of post-modern theories of identity in Gertrude Stein's "Melanctha," my project intervenes in the debates surrounding Stein's debt to William James's psychology. Though scholars such as Richard Bridgman, Lisa Ruddick, and Marianne DeKoven illustrate James's influence on Stein's work as well as the challenges Stein's aesthetics pose to the Jamesian model, few view Stein's aesthetic innovations in light of postmodern psychoanalytic models. James argues that individuals construct their identities by selecting, amidst an onslaught of impressions, only those details that pertain to their interests. The Jamesian model, however, illustrates only a single subject's ability to...

  13. Dragging Identity: A Critical Ethnography of Nightclub Space(s)

    Davis, Andrea M.
    This study investigated the production of space within a nightclub that has weekly theme nights. Using critical ethnography and Butler's theory of performativity, the researcher studied the ways in which space was created on 80s, Drag, and Goth Nights. Through participant-observation and in-depth interviews with patrons and employees at the club, the researcher argued identity performances altered the social space of the club from night-to-night and suggested the space changed through the physical things in the space and the rules associated with that space. Performativity of space, like performativity of identity, occurred not though a single performance but through the...

  14. All Four Limbs

    Lungariello, Rocco D.
    These poems tell a story.

  15. Psychological Factors Related to Reasons for Exercise: A Comparative Study Between Chinese and American College Students

    Yan, Zi
    Exercise has been shown to be associated with health and it is related to decreased morbidity and mortality in the general population (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, USDHHS, 1996). Despite the multiple health benefits of exercise, relatively few people exercise. The present study examined factors that may influence exercise participation. Chinese undergraduate students from Beijing Normal University (n = 213) and American undergraduate students from Bowling Green State University (n = 213) were recruited to participate in the present study. This study examined how reasons for exercise were related to exercise stages of change among Chinese and American...

  16. De Novo Design of Metalloproteins with Variant Hydrophobic Cores

    Xie, Fei
    This work studies a series of related de novo designed luminescent Cu(I) metalloproteins having different cysteine-based metal binding sites within the hydrophobic cores. The peptide sequences are based on the (Ia-Eb-Ac-Ld-Ee-Gf-Kg)n heptad repeat which is known to form two-stranded coiled coil in aqueous solution. The metal-binding cysteine residues are placed at the hydrophobic a and/or d positions in the middle of the peptide sequences. With subtle changes of the metal-binding site, the resultant Cu(I) metalloproteins give distinctly different structures and properties. The peptide C16C19GGY exists as a random coil and the Cu(I)-C16C19GGY metalloprotein exists as a 4-helix bundle (Cu4P4,...

  17. Height, Power, and Gender: Politicizing the Measured Body

    Butera, Laura E.
    In the last couple of decades, feminist research on the body has experienced a tremendous upsurge. Despite the high level of academic interest in bodily issues such as fat and disability, scholars and other feminists have been curiously silent on the subject of height. In this thesis, I politicize height by critically exploring its place within gendered networks of power, informing my arguments with the work of Michel Foucault and feminist work on the body. Positing my argument against the evolutionary biological theory that dominance is the natural consequence of greater height, I contend in my first chapter that the...

  18. Exploring Attitudes toward People Who Stutter: A Mixed Model Approach

    Hughes, Stephanie
    The purpose of this study was to examine university students' attitudes toward people who stutter (PWS). A mixed model design explored the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that fluent speakers report when considering their interactions with PWS. 150 university students responded to a 9-item, open-ended survey. Their responses were analyzed thematically to explore participants' perceptions regarding (a) descriptions of PWS and why these descriptions are appropriate, (b) the causes of stuttering, (c) difficulties associated with being a person who stutters, and (d) important considerations or facilitative techniques when interacting with PWS. The themes derived from participants' responses to the survey questions...

  19. Creatio Ex Typus

    Popean, Mihai
    In partial fulfillment of the Master of Music degree in Composition, I composed a piece for ensemble with open instrumentation entitled CREATIO EX TYPUS. The Latin title means Creation from symbol and reveals the technique used for generating the sonic structures. The work is fifteen minutes in duration and consists of five movements. Each movement explores a different group of abstract gestures that result in complex sonic structures by means of a combination of symbols. The symbols used are: empty space, cone, dot, line and curve. These symbols are based on five prototypes of particle tendencies from which two are states...

  20. Non-classical convergence results for sums of dependent random variables

    Phadke, Vidyadhar S.
    Let X be a random variable with piecewise continuous and bounded probability density function. We consider the sequence of fractional parts of multiples of X. We prove that this sequence of random variables is a strongly mixing sequence and hence is asymptotically independent of any other random variable. This is the basis for the main investigation, which we describe now. Let T follow the Uniform distribution on (0,1). We consider the sequences of sine and cosine of multiples of T. We show that these random variables are identically distributed, uncorrelated but dependent, non-Markovian and non-exchangeable. To understand the dependence, we investigate...

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