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  1. Student Experiences of Participation in Tracked Classes Throughout High School: The Ethic of Justice, School Leadership, and Curriculum Design

    Falkenstein, Robert N
    While school leaders negotiate changing governmental mandates, tracking continues as the most implemented curriculum delivery model in American schools (Lovelace, 1999). There is a growing disconnect between governmental pushes toward a similar educational bar for all students and tracking, which encourages student achievement at fluctuating levels. The purpose of this phenomenological study was to reveal the experience of tracking for graduating high school seniors. Tracking is defined as dividing students into class levels for low, medium, and high achievers in each grade (Oakes & Lipton, 1994). A philosophical background demonstrated how the ethic of justice spectrum—the balance between the good...

  2. Lower Permian Through Lower Trassic Paleontology, Stratigraphy, and Chemostratigraphy of the Bilk Creek Mountains of Humboldt County, Nevada

    Klug, Christopher A
    The primary goal of this study was to use paleontological, geochemical (δ ^13C), and sedimentological data to determine if a complete Permian-Triassic boundary section is present at the Bilk Creek Mountains of northwestern Nevada. The Bilk Creek Mountains of northwestern Nevada contain a marine record deposited in a back-arc terrane environment, starting in the Lower Permian Bilk Creek Limestone and extending to the Middle Triassic Quinn River Formation. Field work through these units reveals changes in the marine benthic fauna through this interval, including across the Permian-Triassic boundary. Data collected from the Bilk Creek Limestone reveals a diverse benthic marine...


    Nugent, Andrew Thomas
    Methods were developed to locate and characterize fracture networks within carbonate bedrock and glacial overburden of northwest Ohio using seismic data collected in radial and grid arrangements. Two study areas were chosen to isolate the desired targets: a site with less than 1 m of overburden for bedrock fractures, and a site with over 10 m of overburden for overburden fractures. Data were collected with a Geometrics SmartSeis 24 channel Seismograph using a hammer as an energy source. Three methods were developed and evaluated, each of which is based on recognizable phenomena associated with the propagation of seismic energy across...

  4. Experience and the World of the Living: A Critique of John McDowell's Conception of Experience and Nature

    Hakos, Gregory S
    John McDowell’s work (in Mind and Worldand elsewhere) has largely been devoted to two main objectives: 1) defending a non-traditional form of empiricism; and 2) articulating a revised conception of nature. McDowell sees these two objectives as connected. He wants to defend a conception of experience as involving the reception of conceptual “impressions” from the world. But, he sees that such a conception of experience seems to be blocked by a dominant form of naturalism which views nature as devoid of value and meaning. Such a “disenchanted” view of nature makes it impossible to combine the idea that impressions are...

  5. Embryonic Policies: The Stunted Development of In Vitro Fertilization in the United States, 1975-1992

    McKenna, Erin Nicole
    The federal government’s failure to fund research on in vitro fertilization has had an important legacy and significant consequences in the United States. Due to the dismantling of the Ethics Advisory Board in 1980, no government funding was provided for research for in vitro fertilization (IVF), embryo transfer (ET), and gamete intra-fallopian transfer (GIFT). The lack of government funding, regulation, and involvement has resulted in the false advertising of higher success rates to lure patients into the infertility specialists’ offices. In their desperation to have children, consumers of such medical technologies paid exorbitant fees that often remained uncovered by insurance...

  6. The Impact of Residential Learning Communities at Four-Year, Public, Midwest Universities on Students’ Self-Reported Levels of Civic Engagement

    Dong, Suhua
    This dissertation focused on the impact of participation in residential learning communities (RLCs) at five four-year, public, Midwest institutions on first-year students’ selfreported levels of civic engagement. Such impact was assessed through examining the main and conditional effects of participation on five dimensions of civic engagement—volunteerism and service to the community, responsibility to the common good, civic empowerment, understanding of and appreciation for diversity, and moral values development. Furthermore, it investigated how RLC students’ input characteristics and a wide range of environmental conditions related to the direction and magnitude of such impact. This dissertation completed secondary analyses of data collected...

  7. Killing My Own Snake: Fieldwork, Gyil, and Processes of Learning

    Lawrence, Sidra Meredith
    This thesis is an account of my experiences studying the gyil, a xylophone played by the Dagara, an ethnic group located in Northwest Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Côte D’Ivoire. I spent six weeks living and learning with a group of Dagara musicians in Medie, a village north of Accra, Ghana’s capital city. While there, I studied with Bernard Woma and Jerome Balsab. I explore the process of learning gyil in Medie beginning with my teachers’ instructional methods and ending with the ways in which I came to situate the music within my own Western framework. I examine the field work...


    Bulanda, Jennifer Roebuck
    In this study, I use data from the 1992 through 2004 waves of the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) to investigate correlates of marital quality in later life, examine the influence of marital quality and later life transitions on physical health and divorce outcomes, and assess whether there are gender and race-ethnic variations in the relationship between later life transitions, marital quality, health, and divorce. Results show that later life transitions (specifically, economic and employment situation, children in the household, and caregiving for a parent or parent-in-law) are important to marital quality; and, there are notable gender and race-ethnic variations...

  9. Attempting to Develop Healthy Self-Esteem Through Public Demonstrations of Musical Competence: Debunking Misconceptions and Calling for Value-Based Enhancement Programs

    Lucas, Jennifer R.
    The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of a music-based intervention program on the self-esteem levels of elementary students. All subjects in the control and treatment groups were pretested with Harter's (1985) self-perception profile for children, What I Am Like. After a ten-week intervention with the treatment group, all subjects were posttested with the same survey. The quantitative results showed that mean gains in perceptions of global self-worth, scholastic competence, social acceptance, athletic competence, physical appearance, or behavioral conduct could not be explained by participation in the musical treatment group. However, in semi-structured interviews, twenty of the twenty-one...


    Benge, Guy Jack, Jr.
    The dramatic expansion of federal criminal law jurisdiction and policing responsibilities in recent times has raised questions regarding the historical origins of these developments and their impact upon the continuing efficacy of the nation’s federal system of government. This dissertation examines, within the context of federal criminal law enforcement and the evolving nature of crime, those social, economic, and legal forces and events that played a critical role in the growth of the states’ police powers and made federal collaboration an increasingly important factor in the suppression of crime. Since the founding of this nation, federal anti-crime legislation, which tended...

  11. The Role of Mentoring, Family Support and Networking in the Career Trajectory of Female Senior Leaders in Health Care and Higher Education

    Watson, Kimberly Ann
    This life history study provides insight into the career paths of six females who attained the highest career level – president – in their organizations by exploring the influence of mentoring, family support, and networking in their career trajectories. Three female senior leaders from Health Care and three female senior leaders from Higher Education in the Midwest participated in the study. The leaders' personal experiences were captured in narrative form through personal interviews with the researcher and coded and analyzed for patterns and themes. Daniel J. Levinson's adult development stages (Levinson, Darrow, Klein, Levinson and McKee, 1978) were used to frame the four...

  12. Influences on Juvenile Sexual Offending: Individual Versus Environmental Predictors

    Boyles, Jody
    This study investigated the correlations between known predictors of juvenile sexual offending and the total number of incidents by offenders. Previous literature has examined individual and environmental factors thought to play a role in juvenile sexual offending, but it has often ignored the impact of these factors on one-time offenders versus repeat offenders. This study examines the relationships between these variables and the number of incidents through Spearman’s rho correlations. Results indicated that there are differences between one-time offenders and repeat offenders on individual and environmental factors, as well as on the characteristics of their victims.


    Ma, Xiaodong
    Probability reasoning plays an essential role in our everyday life. The current study examined if there were age differences in conjunction fallacies and in information- processing styles. Fifty-two younger and older adults attended study 1, and they completed a lottery problem first, then the Linda conjunction problem. No age differences were discovered regarding the conjunction error (CE) rates in the Linda problem. Furthermore, an age by gender interaction effect was found for both rational and experiential thinking styles. Fifty-two younger adults attended study 2, and they were randomly assigned to two groups with each group have 26 participants. Group 1...

  14. Blending the Sublime and the Ridiculous: A Study of Parody in György Ligeti’s Le Grand Macabre

    Sewell, Amanda J
    Most musical depictions of the apocalypse do not begin with a car-horn prelude. However, György Ligeti’s only opera, Le Grand Macabre, written in 1978 and revised in 1996, is not most music. Dark, humorous, sometimes off-color, and always thought-provoking, Le Grand Macabre is filled with examples of musical and musical-historical parody. This thesis analyzes five parodic episodes from Le Grand Macabre, evaluating them in light of the theories of literary scholar Linda Hutcheon, musicologist David Metzer, and others. Metzer, especially, proposes a twofold perspective for works comprised of quotation: either the dramatic action collapses internally, resulting in insanity, or it...


    Nowocin, Laura Jean
    This analysis reviews key studies that report common ‘technical difficulties’ encountered by many instructors as they implement online technology into their curricula and compares these problems with similar implementations that were more successful or that emphasized instructional strategies that may counteract or prevent such difficulties in similar curriculum modifications. Along with the pedagogical theories of noted psychologists and educational theorists John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, and Albert Bandura, this analysis further examines the program design of five online technologies utilized in university-level technology-based classes: course Web shells represented by the platform Blackboard, multi-user domain (MUD) environments represented by LinguaMOO,...

  16. A Correlational Study of a Random Stratified Sample of Superintendents in Michigan – Analyzing the Relationship Between MBTI® Reported Personality Preference Types and FIRO-B™ Interpersonal Leadership Styles, MBTI® Perceived and

    Gracia, Ann
    In a search of educational leadership literature for models of school leadership that consider personality type, this researcher found that most scholars have avoided the topic of personality in favor of a focus on leadership skills (Richard, 2000; Shibley, 2002); or issues of certification and professional training (Holloway, 2001); or a focus on the office of the superintendency, rather than on the type of person who is most effective in that office (Keedy & Bjork, 2001; Muffs, Sullivan, & Fried, 2003). Three research questions were developed to guide this correlational study where one statistically significant relationship was found between the...

  17. Entre la Literatura Indianista y la Narrativa Neo-Indigenista: Identidad y Modernidad

    Dewey-Montefort, Jamie Arlene
    This study examines representations of indigenous people and cultures in Peruvian literature from the 1850s to the 1950s in: Lima: Apuntes históricos, descriptivos, estadísticos y de costumbres (1867) by Manuel Fuentes, Aves sin nido (1889) by Clorinda Matto de Turner, Siete ensayos de interpretación de la realidad peruana (1928) by José Carlos Mariátegui and Los ríos profundos (1958) by José María Arguedas, and analyzes how ideas about modernity influenced these portrayals, what the authors were likely hoping to achieve with these depictions, and the implications of these characterizations for their indigenous subjects. The first chapter discussed the theoretical base of...


    Patel, Angira N
    Glacial ice serves as a unique preservation matrix for contemporary and ancient microorganisms. The main objective of this study was to evaluate and test the existence of the fungi encased in ancient glacial ice of Antarctica and Greenland. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) amplification was used to isolate the DNA followed by DNA sequencing to obtain the DNA sequences of the ancient microorganisms. Most of the sequences obtained from ancient microbes were similar to the contemporary fungi. Few fungi cultured were approximately 10,000 years old. Microorganisms isolated from ancient glacial ice have undergone repeated phases of evolutionary changes, such as irradiation,...

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