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  1. Fermion Pairing and BEC-BCS Crossover in Novel Systems

    Liao, Renyuan
    This dissertation covers my theoretical work in the field of pairing of fermions and BCS-BEC crossover behavior in various condensed matter systems. High temperature superconductors, heavy fermion systems, 2D semiconductors undergoing a semiconductor-superconductor transition, and ultracold atomic Fermi gases are examples of novel systems that provide us with a rich playground to study pairing phenomena such as superconductivity or superfluidity. In this dissertation, with ultracold fermions in mind, I attempt to address some of the outstanding theoretical issues regarding pairing of fermions for arbitrary interactions, and for arbitrary population and mass imbalance. In so doing, I explore pairing in Bose-Einstein...

  2. Combining the Power of Poetry, Repeated Readings, and Community Volunteers for Literacy Intervention: The Poetry Academy

    Wilfong, Lori Georgianne
    The purpose of the this study was to examine the effective use of community volunteers in four third grade classrooms at one rural elementary school in Northeast Ohio in a program called the Poetry Academy. A sequential-explanatory mixed methods research paradigm framed this study. The research questions were: (1) Does the Poetry Academy have an effect on student’s fluency and comprehension scores, as shown through the use of a curriculum-based measurement given before and after the implementation of the program, measuring (a) words correct per minute (WCPM); (b) word recognition; and (c) score on a retelling? (2) Does the Poetry...

  3. “Doing Gender” in Doctor-patient Interactions: Gender Composition of Doctor-patient Dyads and Communication Patterns

    MacArthur, Kelly Rhea
    There are many well documented gender differences in language, but explanations for why they exist vary. Taking a distinctly sociological approach, this thesis uses the “doing gender” framework to analyze gender in interactions. Drawing on past literature on women and men generally and on women and men physicians specifically, this research examines how gender affects doctor-patient communication. Using medical student-standardized patient interactions, several different specific communication behaviors are measured to indicate if women physicians conduct more patient-centered, partnership-building medical encounters and if they have communication skills that are considered to be better than men physicians’. Results show that women physicians...

  4. A Comparative Study of Approaches to Teaching Melodic Dictation

    Sisley, Beth Ann
    Recent studies show that tonic induction, pitch collection induction, development of memory, and attentive listening are important for a melodic dictation class. Melodic dictation textbooks published in the twenty-first century reflect these findings and have changed their emphasis when compared to earlier publications. In newer textbooks, there is a greater emphasis on hearing melodies in a functional context and memorizing the melodies. Less information is provided for score setup of melodic dictation exercises in newer textbooks. Students are expected to infer the key, tonic, and starting pitch. In some cases, they are expected to determine the meter signature. This study...


    Chen, Hsiao-San
    The aim of the study was to explore low-achieving language learners’ motivation with the infusion of cooperative learning instruction in an English as a Foreign Language classroom (EFL) at a vocational high school in Taiwan. The main cooperative learning method implemented by the teacher in this study was the Group Investigation (GI) method. The participants of this study were 47 students of mixed genders, ages, and academic majors studying English in a vocational high school in Keelung, a city in northwest Taiwan. They were identified as low-achieving English learners in school according to their prior Basic Competence Junior High School...

  6. Characterization of Binding of PTEN and its Disease Related Mutants to Phospholipid Model Membranes

    Redfern, Roberta E.
    PTEN, phosphatase and tensin homologue deleted on chromosome 10, is a tumor suppressor that is commonly lost or mutated in many different diseases, including cancer, Bannayan Zonana syndrome, heart disease and cancer. The mechanism of the effects of the loss or mutation of PTEN is not known, other than the effects on the regulation of downstream effector molecules. While many other research groups have studied the effects of PTEN loss or mutation on tumor formation in mouse models, no group has undergone the daunting task of characterizing the protein biophysically, in order to determine how these mutations affect the actual...

  7. Privacy, Control, and the Use of Information Technology: The Development, Validation, and Testing of the Privacy-Invasive Perceptions Scale

    Bakke, Sharen A.
    Advances in civilization and in technology cultivate new sensibilities and vulnerabilities toward invasions of privacy. Individuals are becoming privacy assertive: they ask to be removed from marketing databases, decline to register at e-commerce sites, and avoid using technology that evokes privacy-invasive perceptions. While individual’s concerns about privacy are well documented in the literature, research on the source of these concerns is limited. In particular, there is a scarcity of research in the IS field that focuses on the features of information technology that influence an individuals’ IT-related privacy-invasive perceptions. To fill the gap in the literature, this dissertation develops and...

  8. A Diffuse Spectral Reflectance Library of Clay Minerals and Clay Mixtures within the VIS/NIR Bands

    Vlack, Yvette A.
    The versatility of diffuse spectral reflectance (DSR) was investigated as a complementary methodology to XRD and XRF when studying clay minerals in stratigraphic sequences. The Analytical Spectral Device (ASD) LabSpec® Pro FR UV/VIS/nIR spectrometer provides an innovative nondestructive methodology that is cost effective, portable, quick, and easy to use with samples in the lab or field. LabSpec® Pro FR spectrometer and similar equipment are remarkable research tools underutilized in the area of clay mixtures. This study develops a new methodology that demonstrates the versatility of the LabSpec® Pro FR and the use of DSR as a tool for generating a...

  9. Faculty perceptions and experiences with Taiwanese graduate students at a university in the United States: Implication for cross cultural teaching and learning

    Lin, Fangyi
    The number of international students attending American universities continues to increase, their presence offering both opportunities and challenges to faculty members. Teaching in mixed-culture classrooms presents challenges in revising the curriculum and adjusting teaching strategies as well as convincing local students of the benefits of interacting with students from different cultural backgrounds. For this study, 15 faculty members whose teaching was particularly helpful to Taiwanese graduate students at a university in the Midwestern United States completed interviews describing their experiences with Taiwanese graduate students, their perceptions of them, and adjustments they made to their teaching strategies to accommodate their needs. Following...

  10. The Determinants of the Recruitment Practices of Police Departments: A Nation Level Analysis of Adopting A Certain Recruitment Model

    Altuntop, Serkan
    Recruitment and selection were always considered as one of the most critical functions of success and performance in both the private and the public sectors. In a rapidly changing environment and with the increased customer demands, it is not likely that a company or organization that ignores its environment and overlooks revising its policies including recruitment would survive or sustain efficiency. This study identifies the determinants involved in recruitment and selection practices in law enforcement agencies and their importance to the rapidly changing profession in the US. This study examines the logic behind recruitment practices and how they effect decisions in...

  11. An examination of how middle school teachers use common planning time to foster their professional learning

    Mis, Robin M.
    The purpose of this case study was to examine ways that middle school teachers use their common planning time (CPT) to develop professionally, specifically through the implementation of a professional learning community (PLC). A team of five eighth grade teachers on an interdisciplinary team and their use of CPT was the center of the study, but they were also followed to their respective content PLC meetings. The teachers were observed, interviewed, and administered questionnaires to determine how they used their time during their CPT and PLC meeting times and what perceived professional growth they had gained. Additional data were...

  12. Effects of Dielectric Relaxation on Director Dynamics in Uniaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals

    Gu, Mingxia
    Director reorientation dynamics is essential to most of today’s liquid crystal technologies. Advances in research have allowed one to reduce the response times from millisecond to microsecond and even to nanoseconds. For these small time scales, the description of the director dynamics requires a proper account of the dielectric dispersion effects. However, the first analysis of the role of dielectric dispersion in the director dynamics has been performed only very recently. Previous investigations were limited to dual frequency nematic liquid crystals, and considered only a single dielectric relaxation process. In this thesis, we lift these limitations and propose a model...

  13. Quality of Life among Rural and Urban Zambian Men and Women with HIV/AIDS

    Mweemba, Prudencia
    Once considered a terminal illness, HIVAIDS has become a chronic illness as those infected are living longer. Given the longevity achievable with the current prophylactic and therapeutic strategies for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), quality of life has emerged as a significant measure of health outcome, and quality of life enhancement is an important goal. However, little is known about quality of life in impoverished developing countries such as Zambia. Furthermore, in Zambia, there is significant variation in the impact of the HIV pandemic, with much higher HIV prevalence rates occurring in women than men and in urban versus rural...


    Bellomo, Brad V.
    Several simulation using Brownian motion to model neuromuscular junctions have been published in the past. Information published includes algorithm details, data files, simulation results and binary code, but source code was not made publicly available. A new open source implementation of the algorithms presented was created, to use as a platform for future research, and to attempt to validate the results of previous simulations.

  15. Differential Activities Of Multiple Sry Proteins Encoded On The Rat Y Chromosome

    Underwood, Adam C.
    UNDERWOOD, ADAM C., Ph.D., December, 2008 BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES DIFFERENTIAL ACTIVITIES OF MULTIPLE Sry PROTEINS ENCODED ON THE RAT Y CHROMOSOME (134 pp.) Director of Dissertation: Amy Milsted Our group has shown that the SHR Y chromosome contains a locus that is responsible for increased blood pressure (BP) in SHR males compared to females. We recently identified multiple Sry genes on the Y chromosome of a single male SHR/Akr (Sry1, Sry2, Sry3, Sry3A, Sry3B, Sry3B1, and Sry3C). Strong support for Sry1 as a candidate hypertension locus comes from studies where we delivered Sry1 sequences to male WKY rats and saw a BP increase...

  16. Comprehensive Curriculum Reform as a Collaborative Effort of Faculty and Administrators in a Higher Education Institution: A Case Study Based on Grounded Theory

    Oliver, Shawn L.
    Based on a case study guided by grounded theory, this research sought to investigate and derive meaning from an exploration of the phenomenon of the comprehensive curriculum review process at Ashland Theological Seminary. The study was designed to address two primary research questions, which were formulated from a higher education administrator’s perspective: How did the curriculum review team experience the comprehensive curriculum review process? How did the faculty and administration collaborate during the comprehensive curriculum review process? A qualitative grounded theory method was used to study the case and to identify themes and patterns, which led to generating theories. The primary...


    Ballard, Jack Du Wayne, Jr.
    BALLARD, JR., JACK DU WAYNE, PH.D., DECEMBER, 2008 MUSIC PART ONE: THE CASTLE PART TWO: HYPEREXTENDED CHORD TONES: CHROMATIC CONSONANCE IN A TERTIAN CONTEXT (376 PAGES) Directors of Dissertation: Frank Wiley and Ralph Lorenz Part One is a ballet based on a short story by George MacDonald, best known as a nineteenth-century Christian apologist and writer of children’s tales and other stories. One of these is typical of his adult writings, which tend toward the macabre, allegorical, supernatural, and Christian symbolism. The Castle is a fairy tale underscoring the waywardness of the universal Church in relation to the Lord. As a fantasy, the short story...

  18. Depression Predicts Failure to Complete Phase-II Cardiac Rehabilitation

    Casey, Elizabeth C.
    Reduced adherence to medical treatment regimens has been reported among depressed patients with heart disease. Given that depression is associated with increased risk of mortality among cardiac patients, poor medical adherence, such as failure to complete a cardiac rehabilitation (CR) program may help to explain this relationship. The present study examined the hypothesis that increased levels of depression would be associated with a failure to complete a 12-week phase-II CR program. The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) was prospectively administered to 600 patients at the time of enrollment in a phase-II CR program and program completion was coded based on number...

  19. An Extensible Graphical User Interface

    Tejwani, Kamal Ram
    TEJWANI, KAMAL. RAM., M.S., DECEMBER 2008 COMPUTER SCIENCE AN EXTENSIBLE GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE (191 PP.) Director of Thesis: Arden Ruttan Traditionally, simulations, which require large computing resources, are run non-interactively. A typical process involves creating a text file describing the initial conditions and parameters for the simulation, and then submitting the simulation to a batch queue, and wait until there are enough resources available to run the simulation. The simulation runs based entirely on the input file provided, and outputs the results to disk for later examination. While this technique may be suitable for some forms of investigation but for others it can...

  20. The Factor Structure of the Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory

    Lampe, Elissa M.
    The present study examined the factor structure of the Intensity and Problem scales of the Eyberg Child Behavior Inventory (ECBI) by conducting a Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) on the 3-factor model of the Intensity scale proposed by Burns and Patterson (2000), and an Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) and CFA on the Problem scale of the ECBI. Participants were 1164 and 1136 primary caregivers recruited from pediatric offices’ waiting areas for the Intensity scale and Problem scale, respectively. Results indicated that the 3-factor model was an adequate fit for the Intensity scale. Multisample analyses were conducted to determine the fit of...

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