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  1. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that…”: Perceptions of Masculine Men and Feminine Men as a Breadwinner or Caregiver

    Lanter, Jason Richard
    Role congruity theory (Eagly & Karau, 2002) posits that individuals are perceived more favorably when they exhibit gender congruent characteristics and roles, but most research has not investigated how participant characteristics affect these perceptions. This research project examined how characteristics of the perceiver (i.e., gender ideology) might influence perceptions of men who adhere to or violate traditional male interests and roles. Specifically, these two studies examined how men of varying perceived levels of masculinity and femininity were perceived in either the breadwinner or caregiver role. Participants read a scenario depicting a man choosing to either remain in the breadwinner role...

  2. Phylogeny and Evolution of Mycorrhizal Associations in the Myco-heterotrophic Hexalectris Raf. (Orchidaceae : Epidendroideae)

    Kennedy, Aaron H.
    Some plant species have abandoned an autotrophic life style and obtain their carbon and mineral nutrition exclusively from mycorrhizal fungi. Although myco-heterotrophic species have evolved in many plant families, they are most common in the Orchidaceae. Several myco-heterotrophic orchid species have been shown to associate with a very narrow range of ectomycorrhizal forming fungi, revealing a high degree of mycorrhizal specificity. However, these studies have often investigated single or few, often unrelated, species without support for their monophyly or knowledge of their phylogenetic relationships. Using primarily molecular methods and phylogenetic analyses, this dissertation investigates i) the monophyly and circumscription of...

  3. Spatial ability, dominance rank, and sexual selection among meadow voles (Microtus pennsylvanicus)

    Spritzer, Mark David
    Sexual selection occurs through female choice, scramble competition and contest competition for mates. I investigated the relative importance of these mechanisms in determining reproductive success of male meadow voles (Microtus pennsylvanicus). Spatial ability and dominance rank were measured as traits believed to be selected by scramble and contest competition, respectively. Spatial ability and dominance rank of males were determined using water maze and neutral-arena trials, respectively. Males that varied in these traits were used for experiments conducted in outdoor enclosures. Home range size was determined using radio telemetry and trapping. Females were housed in nest boxes to determine the ability...

  4. La Honte dans la Litterature de Temoignage

    Durrenbach, Joelle Marcelle
    This thesis is an attempt to understand the various facets of the commonly misconceived emotion that is shame. The objective of the first part of this paper is to distinguish between shame and guilt, to differentiate between the two concepts and to analyze the idea of shame as far back as its judeo-christian roots. This thesis will also deal with the relation between shame and language as well as the latter's inability to fully express a complex emotion that is simultaneously enmeshed in many facets of life and whose defining characteristics are secrets and silence. The second part of this...

  5. Physiological and Molecular Studies on Silicon-Induced Cadmium Tolerance in Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

    Nwugo, Chika Charles
    Plant productivity is seriously limited by cadmium (Cd) toxicity. Studies suggest that silicon (Si) plays a significant role in the alleviation of Cd-stress in plants. In this study, gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence, growth, tissue-element content, and proteomic analysis were performed on rice plants exposed to varying Si and Cd concentrations/durations towards elucidating the mechanisms involved in Si-induced Cd tolerance in hydroponically-grown rice (Oryza sativa L.) plants. The first part of this study (chapters 1 and 2) involved the investigation of the effects of different Si concentrations (0.0, 0.2, 0.6 mM) and time of Si addition on rice plants exposed to...

  6. Consequences of abiotic and biotic factors on limbless locomotion

    Gerald, Gary Wayne, II
    Snakes have the ability to move in a variety of ways depending on the habitat in which they are moving. All of these modes require some sort of lateral bending of the elongate body to generate the required force necessary for propulsion. However, the biomechanical mechanisms of each mode of limbless movement differ substantially among each other. Despite the potential importance of using multiple modes of movement in different ecological situations, we know very little about the influence of abiotic and biotic factors on multiple locomotor modes in these animals. The goal of this dissertation was to examine how temperature,...

  7. Alone Together

    Brengle, Edward Quine, IV
    This creative thesis in playwrighting is comprised of an anthology of four one-act plays, three of which interlock together to form a complete story charting the failing interrelationships of four characters, two per play. In "Alone Together," a man relives his past with his one true love and finds himself trapped in a reverie he cannot and does not want to leave. In "Alone Apart," a woman, the object of the man's obsession, deals with her own, confronting the mother she hates by avoiding her completely. And in "Alone At Last," the mother and father of the daughter meet again,...

  8. Getting Worse Before Getting Better: Using Content Analysis to Examine the Change Process in a Time-Limited Psychodynamic Group Therapy for Social Phobia

    Gray, Michael Andrew
    Research involving the assimilation model of psychotherapeutic change has suggested that psychodynamic therapies, when successful, often involve a degree of “getting worse before getting better.” That is, there is an increase in client distress across early sessions of therapy followed by improvement as treatment progresses. This study examined this pattern in the context of a content analysis of a group therapy for social phobia. 4-Four clients participated in up to 10 sessions of group therapy. Through intensive contact with transcripts of the sessions, investigators constructed a system of content categories for coding client dialogue and its associated emotional valence, which...

  9. An Application of N-Body Simulation to the Rotational Motion of Solar System Bodies

    Wu, Tiandan
    We made computational simulations of N-body rotational dynamics system to investigate either long term or short term behavior of specific objects in the solar system. The HITS method is used to do both the simultaneous orbital and rotational integrations. Simulated results showed that the large asteroids Ceres and Vesta are experiencing a stable long term periodic change of their obliquity. The obliquity of Ceres fluctuates between 0° ~22°, with an average period of ~23 Kyr. The obliquity of Vesta fluctuates by about 25°, with an average period of ~50 Kyr. The high eccentricity of Neptune's moon Nereid has an important...

  10. Population Genetics and Phylogeography of Two Large-River Freshwater Mussel Species at Large and Small Spatial Scales

    Monroe, Emy M.
    Species distributions and population genetic structure are determined by landscape history and biological characteristics of an organism. Pleistocene glaciations affected species distributions and freshwater drainage patterns. Extensive work on the biogeography of fish has determined the effects of glaciations on genetic population structure and described recolonization routes from glacial refugia. Freshwater mussels are intimately tied to fish because larvae are largely obligate parasites on fish. Dispersal via hosts has likely led to similar patterns in genetic structure and distributions of mussels and fish. I quantified genetic diversity using mitochondrial DNA and allozymes to determine genetic population structure and infer evolutionary...


    Basu, Sandipan
    To date, almost all of the extrasolar planets discovered are giant massive planets in orbits very close to their parent star. So, general relativistic effects of the parent star on these planets could be greatly important when their orbital stability is investigated. This research project deals with general relativistic effects on three major extrasolar planetary systems - Upsilon Andromedae, 55Cancri, and HD 74156. It shows that relativistic effects are quite important for the planets which are closest to the parent star. It also shows that general relativity suppresses eccentricity excitations, especially in the Upsilon Andromedae system. It also investigates the orbital...

  12. Pretend Her Genealogies

    Smith, Sarah Jane
    This manuscript aims to complicate notions of being, identity, and selfhood by examining the possibilities of the poetic "I." While much of this work is autobiographical in nature, this manuscript proposes construction of selfhood as being not just a single line of uninterrupted self-narration, but a trajectory scored with various adopted and discarded identities. The ephemeral tone and abstracted content of this work are an attempt to explore the fluidity of identity and the nature of experience in the context of language. The "I" functions as not only the poem's speaker, but the focal point to a moment in time,...

  13. The Relationship Between Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Body Habitus Variables in Division I Collegiate Football Players

    Adams, James Robert
    The purpose of this paper is to examine body habitus variables, risk for sleep apnea, and cardiovascular risk factors in a sample of collegiate football players. The participants were 82 Division I collegiate football players of the 2007 season ranging in age 18-22. The study found that risk for sleep apnea was not correlated with, or related to, body habitus variables, or cardiovascular risk factors. Results of a multivariate multiple regression analysis revealed a significant multivariate main effect, Wilks’ Lambda = .69, F (35, 246) = 1.64, p < .02. All five-body habitus variables are significantly predictive of four of...

  14. Assessing the Sustainability of Strip Clear-Cutting in the Peruvian Amazon

    Rondon, Xanic Jimena
    Although strip clear-cutting has a long history of use in the temperate zone, this system was only recently introduced for timber extraction in tropical rain forests by Joseph Tosi and Gary Hartshorn. In this system, heterogeneous tropical forests are managed for native gap-dependent timber species by clear-cutting long, narrow strips with a harvesting cycle of 40 years. All timber, regardless of species, is harvested and used locally or sold to attain maximum value from the strips. In this dissertation I assessed the ecological and economic sustainability of the strip clear-cutting system in the Peruvian Amazon. I investigated and modeled tree regeneration...

  15. Comparing Bilingual and Monolingual Students' Response to Intervention

    Sarr, Brianna Jenesse
    The use of differentiated initial instruction incorporating the student's native language for bilingual students is well supported in research. However, there is less support to indicate whether bilingual students' native language should be used in providing supplemental instruction or intervention. This study examined preliminary evidence for monolingual versus bilingual students' response to an early literacy intervention administered in English. Overall, the bilingual students demonstrated equal or greater response to the intervention than the monolingual students, suggesting that intensive academic supports delivered in English may be appropriate for ELL children. Implications and areas of future research are discussed.

  16. Navigating A World In Flux: Sexual Scripts In India

    Thomas, Sandhya Achamma
    This qualitative study sought a comprehensive understanding of the manner in which young adults in India experience and reconcile changing norms regarding sexuality by interviewing 10 Indian young adults aged 18-30. Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (Smith & Osborn, 2003) was used to describe extant sexual scripts. Four themes emerged that include the pervasiveness of tradition in India, the consequences of changing norms regarding sexuality, the extant sexual double standard and the lack of discourse regarding sexuality. Participants discussed the struggle experienced when individual needs are in conflict with the expectations of the collective along with personal methods of coping. The impact...

  17. Suffering and Early Quaker Identity: Ellis Hookes and the "Great Book of Sufferings"

    Hawkins, Kristel Marie
    Early Quakers formed group awareness and identification through patient suffering. The developing Quaker bureaucracy encouraged them to witness to their faith according to sanctioned practices and to have reports recorded into the "Great Book of Sufferings." Using Lancashire as an example, this thesis examines the structure, contents, and overall purpose of the suffering accounts. The Society of Friends initially used its members' sufferings as a public advocacy tool to end religious persecution. By the late 1680s, the focus shifted as persecution lessened. Friends subsequently sent in their reports as part of a ritual that built internal solidarity through joyful suffering...

  18. Unlabeled sexual experiences: Quilting stories and re-envisioning discourses

    Koelsch, Lori E.
    This dissertation was completed in order to contribute to the rich history of feminist psychological research and to further explore an innovative qualitative research method. Insights gained from postmodern thought helped to construct the research methodology and directed the content of the final text. Specifically, three general goals served as guides throughout the research process. Goal 1: Gather information. Unlabeled experiences are defined as those that are not labeled by women as either rape/sexual or consensual/desired sexual experiences. Five women were interviewed regarding their own experiences. It is argued throughout this document that these experiences are better understood through the...


    Hawk, Megan J.
    In an effort to probe the structure, mechanism, and biochemical properties of metallo-β-lactamase (EC Bla2 from Bacillus anthracis, the enzyme was over-expressed, purified, and characterized. Metal analyses demonstrated that recombinant Bla2 tightly binds 1 equivalent of Zn(II). Steady-state kinetic studies showed that mononuclear Zn(II)-containing Bla2 (1Zn-Bla2) had the highest activity, while the dinuclear Zn(II)-containing Bla2 (ZnZn-Bla2) was unstable. However, dinuclear Co(II)-containing Bla2 (CoCo-Bla2) is more active than the mononuclear Co(II)-containing analog. UV-Vis, 1H NMR, EPR, and EXAFS spectroscopic studies were used to structurally characterize Bla2, and the resulting data show that Co(II) binding to Bla2 is cooperative, while Zn(II)...

  20. Media Constructions of African Athletes: A Sampling of Olajuwon, Loroupe, Okoye, and Hali

    Mwaniki, Munene F.
    This thesis contains a qualitative discourse analysis of U.S. and western sports media constructions of four African athletes, Hakeem Olajuwon, Tegla Loroupe, Christian Okoye, and Tamba Hali. These athletes were/are among the first and most dominant African athletes to professionally compete in their respective sports on the U.S./western stage. For the length of their respective athletic careers, this project examines the sport media constructions of race, nationalism, gender and sex for each athlete. While utilizing current research to ground the findings, this project focuses on the nuances and complexities in the representations for each athlete in order to gain greater...

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