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Eliot Spatial Test Collection

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  1. Finding Aid for Eliot Spatial Test Collection

    Eliot, John
    Finding Aid for Eliot Spatial Test Collection

  2. An International Directory of Spatial Tests

    Smith, Ian Macfarlane; Eliot, John
    Out of Print Book, An International Directory of Spatial Tests, by John Eliot and Ian Macfarlane Smith

  3. The Nature and Measurement of Spatial Intelligence

    Eliot, John
    Unpublished Manuscript by Dr. John Eliot.

  4. Relationship of scores of various psychological tests to success in an industrial arts general shop course at the ninth grade

    Hugh, S.C.

  5. Frames of reference used by children for orientation in unfamiliar spaces

    Acredolo, L.P.

  6. Spatiotemporal identity in infancy: Perceptual competence or conceptual deficit?

    Butterworth, G.E; Jarrett, N; Hicks, L

  7. $rec.titulo

    Mouly, G.A; Robinson,

  8. Perception of spatial relations in the drawing and development of concrete operations

    Colomb, E.H; Dasen, P.R.

  9. Differences between sexes in solving technical aptitude test

    Gillet, B; Vouillot, F.

  10. Experimental manipulation of dependency motivation and its effect on eye contact and measures of field dependency

    Nevill, D.D.

  11. Level and factor structure differences in selected abilities across race and sex groups

    Sung, Y.H; Dawis, R.V.

  12. $rec.titulo


  13. Tests independent of language

    Thurstone, L.L.

  14. Spatial reference in weightlessness: Perceptual factors and mental representations

    Friederici, A.D; Levelt, W.J.M.

  15. $rec.titulo

    Cooper, L.A.

  16. Field independence and intellectual functioning in preschool children

    Coates, S.

  17. Primera fase en la investigacion de la prueba de figuras ocultas de Witkin en escolares Mexicanos

    Fernandez-Davila, M; De La Luz, R; Diaz-Guerrero, M; Lara-Tapia, L.

  18. Relations of masculinity and femininity in self-concept to spatial performance in adolescents

    Jamison, W; Signorella, M.L.

  19. Patterns of early cognitive development among four subcultural groups

    Hall, V.C; Kay, D.

  20. Qualitative aspects of sex-differences in performance on paper-and-pencil spatial questions in grades 7-9.

    Wattanawana, N; Clements, M.A.

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