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Ohio campuses are treasure troves of knowledge, but valuable resources are often hidden. The Ohio Digital Resource Commons (DRC) provides a robust, statewide platform for saving, discovering and sharing—free of charge—the instructional, research, historic and creative materials produced by the University System of Ohio and Ohio's private colleges.

Foreign Language Video Instruction

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  1. French Cinema

    Susan Carpenter Binkley
    A French woman compares French films to American films; describes what she believes are the main characteristics of each.

  2. Spain and Europe (II)

    Kim Faber
    The importance of Spain's unification to the European Community and the frustrations of Spaniards in and with the rest of Europe.

  3. French in Haiti (II)

    Susan Carpenter Binkley
    "An answer to the question, ""When is French spoken and by whom?"""

  4. Spain and Europe (III)

    Kim Faber
    "Discusses the cultural differences between Spain and the rest of Europe, and how the differences have decreased in the last 10 years."

  5. Relationship between parents and children

    Cindy Lee
    Jiena talks about the expectations that Chinese parents have of their children.

  6. Sports (1)

    James Morgan; Arlene Forman
    Speaker lists the sports he plays.

  7. The Future (8)

    Kristin Peterson and Arlene Forman
    Description of future profession; other activities she enjoys.

  8. Russia and Russians

    Natalia Olshanskaya; Lyudmila Portnova; Arlene Forman
    Russia and its future.

  9. French Traditions

    Susan Carpenter Binkley
    A French woman discusses the meaning of traditions; a detailed description of Christmas and her memories of Christmas as a child.

  10. What if? (3)

    Kristin Peterson and Arlene Forman
    "Response to question, ""What would you do if you won the lottery?"""

  11. What is the reason behind parents being so strict with their children?

    Cindy Lee
    The reason for being so strict is mainly the traditional point of view. Jiena also talks about how she was able to get permission to go to Shanghai to study.

  12. Seasons (1)

    James Morgan; Arlene Forman
    Speaker describes favorite time of year.

  13. Characterizing People (5)

    Arlene Forman
    Speaker describes inclusiveness in American society.

  14. A Favorite Sport: Baseball

    Nevine N. Demian
    Allen's favorite sport (baseball) and team. His experience in going to one baseball game.

  15. Childhood memories (I)

    Susan Carpenter Binkley
    "Memories of life in a small Savoyard village; answer to the question, ""Describe your life at age 10."""

  16. When I am sick . . . (III)

    Natalia Olshanskaya; Lyudmila Portnova; Arlene Forman
    Medicines or remedies?

  17. Living in Mombasa (I)

    Ali Skandor
    "She explains her social experiences with the people of Mombasa, Kenya, and their devotion to religion."

  18. The music I like (III)

    Natalia Olshanskaya; Lyudmila Portnova; Arlene Forman
    Description of Ilia's favorite styles of music.

  19. The conservative viewpoints will withstand for some time

    Cindy Lee
    "Jiena gives her viewpoint on teaching her children in the future. She thinks that although the Chinese psyche is being influenced a great deal by western culture, the culture which is so deep-rooted will not diminish as quickly as it may seem."

  20. Clothing

    Susan Carpenter Binkley
    Young Frenchman describes the clothes he prefers to wear.

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