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Ohio campuses are treasure troves of knowledge, but valuable resources are often hidden. The Ohio Digital Resource Commons (DRC) provides a robust, statewide platform for saving, discovering and sharing—free of charge—the instructional, research, historic and creative materials produced by the University System of Ohio and Ohio's private colleges.

Dallas Museum of Art

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  1. Grassy Riverbank

    Seurat, Georges
    The first owner of this mysterious small landscape by Georges Seurat was the famed critic, theorist, and dealer Félix Fénéon, who must have admired its equipoise between the landscape aesthetics of the impressionists, with their love of atmosphere, and the more rigorous pictorial construction of the post-impressionists, of whom Cézanne was the most accomplished. Most scholars have dated the painting to 1881-1882, that is, early in the progressive and developmental career of Seurat. Before conceiving of the large-scale canvases that secured his permanent place in the canon of French painting, Seurat made this painting as an independent study of light,...

  2. Martelé Dressing Table and Stool

    Codman, William C.; Gorham Manufacturing Company

  3. Plate with radiating feather design

    Da, Popovi; Martinez, Maria

  4. Double-spout strap-handle vessel depicting a falcon

    Peru, south coast, Paracas culture
    The Paracas peninsula, whose name means "sand falling like rain," is a rainless, inhospitable area of frequent sandstorms on the south coast of Peru. Its deserts have preserved fragile objects deposited in cemeteries some two thousand years ago. During excavations on the peninsula in the late 1920s, Peruvian archaeologists recovered more than four hundred textile-wrapped funerary bundles. Ceramic vessels attributable to the Paracas culture have been found on the peninsula and in the nearby Pisco, Ica, and Nasca valleys.Of the several pottery types associated with the Paracas culture, the best known are incised vessels enhanced by the application of resin-based...

  5. 'Informal' shape coffeepot with 'Harvest Time' pattern

    Seibel, Ben; Iroquois China Company

  6. Christ Among the Doctors

    Altdorfer, Albrecht

  7. Grey Blue and Black - Pink Circle

    O'Keeffe, Georgia
    Georgia O'Keeffe's early abstractions, although not as well known as her later southwestern paintings, played a pivotal role in the development of American modernism. Grey Blue and Black--Pink Circle is the culmination of O'Keeffe's Special series, a body of abstract drawings and paintings that she made during the 1920s. She created these works outside the influence of the New York mainstream and before her initial contact with the works of Wassily Kandinksy, whose treatise On the Spiritual in Art had a measurable impact on her later abstract style.The nodes in the center of the painting recall the headdress of Hopi...

  8. Boy Reading

    Stuempfig, Walter

  9. Lidded bowl with a man riding a peccary

  10. Sun on the Kitchen Floor

    Spellman, Coreen

  11. Kettle-on-stand

    Gilpin, Thomas

  12. Oedipus at Colonus

    Giroust, Jean Antoine Theodore
    Giroust trained in the studio of Joseph-Marie Vien, a pioneer of Neoclassicism. Among the other students was Jacques-Louis David, who would emerge as the leading artist of his generation. In 1775 Vien became director of the French academy in Rome, taking David with him. Giroust was awarded the Prix de Rome in 1778, and his sojourn at the French Academy once again brought him into contact with David.Oedipus at Colonus, the work with which Giroust earned entrance to the academy, embodies the formal, thematic, and ethical issues of neoclassicism. The painting depicts the climactic confrontation between the blind king Oedipus...

  13. Untitled

    Anuszkiewicz, Richard

  14. Pair of ear pendants


  15. 'Pelican Ware' Teapot with Lid

    Thomas Wilkinson and Sons
    "Pelican Ware" was introduced by Thomas Wilkinson and Sons of Birmingham at the 1885 Industrial Fair in London. What was especially innovative about this line of metal wares was its decoration. Rather than simply gold plating the base metal, Wilkinson achieved the polychrome effect by suspending pigment in lacquer on the surface. The decoration featuring birds and plants in the Japanese taste was then painted on top of this lacquered surface. Although the effect of this decorative technique is stunning, it proved to be very fragile. Through polishing and repeated use the surface became abraded and the painted scenes eventually...

  16. La Dolorosa (The Virgin of Sorrows)

    Colonial Mexico or Guatemala
    Beginning in the thirteenth century, the cult of the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary became popular, and Mary was increasingly known as the Virgin of Sorrows, La Dolorosa. In this guise she clasps her hands together as if in prayer, is typically clothed in blue and red garb, and lacks a crown. This example exhibits all these characteristics as well as a sorrowful expression with eyes glancing heavenward. Especially noteworthy is the elaborate use of estofado, a combination of gilding and paint. This technique, used extensively in New Spain, involves the application of layers of background colors over which...

  17. The Singer

    Dewing, Thomas

  18. Bather with Cigarette

    Kuniyoshi Yasuo
    Kuniyoshi immigrated to Los Angeles in 1906 and moved on to New York in 1910, where he studied with Robert Henri. He exhibited with the Society of Independent Artists in 1917, exhibited in Paris and Tokyo, and taught for 20 years at the Art Students League. Based on the artist's trips to the raucous beaches of Coney Island, the buxom bather floating ashore on a miniscule clamshell recalls Botticelli's Birth of Venus. The solid forms and flattened sense of space, as well as the dark colors, mark this work as belonging to Kuniyoshi's first (and some consider his best) period.

  19. Bougival

    Vlaminck, Maurice de
    The term fauvism was coined in 1905 when a critic used wild beasts (les fauves) to describe a group of artists who employed pure, nonrealistic color and aggressive brushwork. Vlaminck, along with Henri Matisse and André Derain, were the major proponents of this movement. They sought to rejuvenate painting and to distinguish themselves from the legacy of Impressionism and Postimpressionism, by regarding nature not as the subject of their art but as a vehicle for the release of their imagination.Bougival is one of the finest compositions Vlaminck painting during his brief yet prolific period as a fauve painter. It is...

  20. Company

    Scully, Sean

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