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Ohio campuses are treasure troves of knowledge, but valuable resources are often hidden. The Ohio Digital Resource Commons (DRC) provides a robust, statewide platform for saving, discovering and sharing—free of charge—the instructional, research, historic and creative materials produced by the University System of Ohio and Ohio's private colleges.

Cleveland Museum of Art

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  1. Bar Bead

    Greenstone ornaments were part of Maya nobles' regalia. The rectangular bead hung horizontally, though it is shown vertically to make clear the hieroglyphs, which refer to two rulers-one the other's successor-of the same Maya center. The second comes from an ornament that was cut in half in antiquity. The original, twice as wide, probably hung from an elaborate belt, crucial to royal costume.

  2. Falconet with Arms of Gian Pietro Carafa, Pope Paul IV

  3. Armchair

  4. Birds on a Tree above a Cataract

    Li Di

  5. Storage Jar: Tamba Ware

    This vessel served as a storage container for rice or other grains in medieval farming communities. The piece was made by potters in Tamba, a fertile region west of Kyoto which used such vessels to send its agricultural products to towns throughout western Japan. Tamba ware is recognized by its warm green glaze, created as accumulations of natural wood ash settle on the clay body and liquefy when the kiln temperature is sufficiently high.The jar's contours reveal that it was built in four stages from many clay coils pressed together by hand. The smooth neck and mouth were wheel-turned. The...

  6. Plaque from a Châsse showing the Crucifixion and the Martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket near the Altar at Canterbury Cathedral, December 29, 1170

    Master G. Alpais

  7. Titania and Oberon

    Rackham, Arthur

  8. Gray and Gold

    Cox, John Rogers
    The power of this composition derives largely from the simple and realistic depiction of a bountiful American harvest, set below an ominous sky with rising storm clouds, perhaps as a metaphor for world events. The sharp,exacting details and transparent glazes were created by mixing oil paint with varnish and turpentine, a technique popular with American Scene painters of the 1930s and 1940s. Shortly after completing the painting, Cox commented: "I didn't think of it all at once, but set about arranging the composition and size of the canvas so that I could get more wheat in it than anything else....The...

  9. Pollard Willow

    Boquet, Pierre Jean
    A pollard is a tree whose branches have been cut back to the trunk to promote a dense growth of new shoots.

  10. Ten Numbers: Figure 2

    Johns, Jasper
    Jasper Johns emerged as a major figure in post-war art with a landmark show at the Leo Castelli gallery in New York in 1958. Over the next decade, he established his reputation with a type of imagery that has become iconic for the twentieth century: Flags, Targets, Numbers and Alphabets depicted in a variety of techniques and media, including paintings, drawings and prints. Works of this type by Johns have had a profound impact on subsequent art because they address basic questions about perception and the nature of representation itself. In Ten Numbers, Johns developed the forms from commercial stencils,...

  11. Ewer with a Lion-Shaped Spoutl: Yaozhou Ware

  12. Untitled (Rocky Arcade)


  13. Embroidered Square

  14. Figurine

  15. Thirty-Seven Campfires, Mexico (Two friends on a thirteen day walk...)

    Long, Richard
    Richard Long's photographs are simple and direct, drawing on his perceptions of nature as encountered on long walking trips. His art embodies the essence of his experience, not a visual representation of it and thus signals a radical departure from traditional landscape depictions. The three prints comprising Thirty-Seven Campfires, Mexico record the wild terrain around the Rio Urique in the Mexican mountain range of Sierra Tarahumara, which Long and a friend explored on a six-day walking tour in 1987.In the text accompanying the photographs, Long explains the goals and artistic concepts that governed his particular journey.

  16. How the French King made war on the King of Feuerisen in his realm and how the King of Feuereisen died in the battle from Der Weisskunig

    Burgkmair, Hans the elder

  17. Textile Fragment

  18. Bamboo and Morning Glories

    Kaiho Yusho

  19. Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. LV

    Motherwell, Robert
    This powerful, abstract composition is from a series that expressed Motherwell's response to the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and the struggle against fascism. "The Elegies reflect the internationalist in me, interested in the historical forces of the 20th century, with strong feelings about the conflicting forces in it," he once explained. These paintings, created from 1948 through the mid-1960s, are characterized by a strictly defined visual vocabulary of shape and color opposites, modified on each canvas to produce varied effects. Here the bold, black ovals and vertical rectangular bars press against one another in front of a background of sweeping...

  20. Portrait of a Woman

    Wade, Jeptha Homer

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