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Ohio campuses are treasure troves of knowledge, but valuable resources are often hidden. The Ohio Digital Resource Commons (DRC) provides a robust, statewide platform for saving, discovering and sharing—free of charge—the instructional, research, historic and creative materials produced by the University System of Ohio and Ohio's private colleges.

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    Washington, Ashley L.
    Drosophilid Beta 2 tubulin has not evolved in 60 million years; variant forms of the protein cannot support spermtail function. Here we test if a unique synergism among amino acids 29, 55, and 57 underlies Beta 2’s function and stasis, by transforming flies with a chimeric gene consisting of Beta 1 tubulin with Beta 2 codons exchanged at these sites. Sperm of transformed flies undergo tests for fertility, motility and cross-sectional ultrastructure to determine if the chimeric gene supports Beta 2 function. Though transformed flies were not recovered, a second project in related Dipterans suggests synergism may underlie Beta 2’s evolutionary stasis....
    (application/pdf; 77p.) - 07-jul-2009

  2. Experiments in Vortex Formation of Plunging & Flapping Flat Plates

    Stanley, Daniel C.
    Reynolds number, Strouhal number, and formation number are insufficient to quantify the flow properties of a flapping wing system. These parameters do not take enough information from the input variables into account. As part of the current study, the velocity profile and angle of attack were varied during a single pure plunge flapping stroke using an infinite aspect ratio flat plate. Although the velocity profile was either a constant velocity or quarter-sine velocity, the average Reynolds number was held constant at 3000. Strong differences in the flow structure, both qualitatively and quantitatively, were obtained. A new metric is proposed that...
    (application/pdf; 179p.) - 07-jul-2009

  3. “A Cry for Justice:” Daniel A. Rudd’s Ecclesiologically-Centered Vision of Justice in the American Catholic Tribune

    Agee, Gary Bruce
    In his seminal work, The History of Black Catholics in the United States, Dom Cyprian Davis O.S.B. attempted to set a broader framework within which “future historical research” at the local level might occur. This dissertation is one such academic endeavor. Building on the historical work of both Davis and Joseph H. Lackner S.M., this dissertation examines the nature of the “cry for justice” as it was communicated in the American Catholic Tribune, a weekly, nineteenth century, black newspaper printed by Daniel A. Rudd, an influential African American Catholic publisher, educator and civil rights leader. During the years of this...
    (application/pdf; 408p.) - 07-jul-2009

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