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CiteSeerX is a scientific literature digital library and search engine that focuses primarily on the literature in computer and information science. CiteSeerx aims to improve the dissemination of scientific literature and to provide improvements in functionality, usability, availability, cost, comprehensiveness, efficiency, and timeliness in the access of scientific and scholarly knowledge

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1. Verifying TLA+ Invariants with ACL2 - Carlos Pacheco
Abstract. We describe the use of the ACL2 theorem prover to model and verify properties of TLA+ specifications. We have written a trans-lator whose input is a TLA+ specification along with conjectures and structured proofs of properties of the specification. The translator’s out-put is an ACL2 model of the specification, and a list of ACL2 conjectures corresponding to those sections of the proof outlines flagged for mechan-ical verification. We have used our tools to translate the Disk Synod algorithm, and to verify two invariants of the algorithm. 1

2. Catching Up with the Joneses: Heterogeneous Preferences and the Dynamics of Asset Prices”, Working paper, Rodney L - Yeung Lewis Chan; Leonid Kogan; We Thank Andrew Abel; John Campbell; George Chacko; Timothy Chue; Francisco Gomes; John Heaton; Alan Kraus; Chau Minh; Luis Viceira; Jiang Wang
conference for valuable comments. The editor John Cochrane provided extensive comments which greatly

3. Stock Exchange Competition in a Simple Model of Capital Market Equilibrium∗
This paper uses a simple model of mean-variance capital markets equilibrium with proportional transactions costs to analyze the com-petition of stock markets for investors. We assume that equity trading is costly and endogenize transactions costs as variables strategically influenced by stock exchanges. Among other things, the model pre-dicts that increasing financial market correlation leads to a decrease of transaction costs, an increase in cross-border trading activity, and to a decrease in the home bias of international equity flows. These predictions are consistent with the recent evolution of international stock markets. JEL classification: G11, G15, G29.

4. CONTENT ALERTS - Florence Lafay; Stacey Efstathiou; Séverine Maillet; Thierry Naas; Sophie Crepin
This article cites 83 articles, 61 of which can be accessed free

5. One-Way Secret-Key Agreement and Applications to Circuit Polarization and Immunization of Public-Key Encryption - Thomas Holenstein; Renato Renner
Abstract. Secret-key agreement between two parties Alice and Bob, connected by an insecure channel, can be realized in an information-theoretic sense if the parties share many independent pairs of correlated and partially secure bits. We study the special case where only one-way communication from Alice to Bob is allowed and where, for each of the bit pairs, with a certain probability, the adversary has no information on Alice's bit. We give an expression which, for this situation, exactly characterizes the rate at which Alice and Bob can generate secret key bits. This result can be used to analyze a slightly...

Abstract. We study the Hausdorff dimension and the pointwise di-mension of measures that are not necessarily ergodic. In particular, for conformal expanding maps and hyperbolic diffeomorphisms on surfaces we establish explicit formulas for the pointwise dimension of an arbi-trary invariant measure in terms of the local entropy and of the Lya-punov exponents. These formulas are obtained with a direct approach, pertaining to the fundamentals of ergodic theory, that in particular does not require Pesin theory. This allows us to show, for those systems, that the Hausdorff dimension of a (nonergodic) invariant measure is equal to the essential supremum of the...

7. Modelling count data with overdispersion and spatial eects. Discussion paper 412 - Gschlößl Czado; Claudia Czado
In this paper we consider regression models for count data allowing for overdispersion in a Bayesian framework. We account for unobserved heterogeneity in the data in two ways. On the one hand, we consider more flexible models than a common Poisson model allowing for overdispersion in different ways. In particular, the negative binomial and the generalized Poisson distribution are addressed where overdispersion is modelled by an additional model parameter. Further, zero-inflated models in which overdispersion is assumed to be caused by an excessive number of zeros are discussed. On the other hand, extra spatial variability in the data is taken...

8. ISSUE 2014/05 - Georg Zachmann
POLICY CHALLENGE To meet the EU's objectives for emissions, electricity supply and gas security of supply, well-designed European markets could provide better results at lower cost than uncoordinated national approaches. In other areas – such as energy efficiency and supporting innovation – markets alone might not be enough. Europe should thus rethink its quantitative headline targets for 2030. The proposed 40 percent decarbonisation target is in line with a stronger emission allowance market, but the target for renewables should be defined in terms of inno-vation rather than deployment, and the energy-efficiency target should be defined in terms of encouraged energy...

We analyzed 580 integrated scrape-samples from HPC Site 480 for organic and carbonate carbon. Once precise dating is available, these will provide a high-resolution framework for understanding late Quaternary Oceanographic and climatic fluctuations in this region. Organic carbon ranges mostly within a narrow band of 1.8 to 3.5 % C. Calcium carbonate varies from undetectable to over 20%, with an average of only about 5%. Source of carbonate are mostly benthic and planktonic foraminifers, although some sections are dominated by diagenetic carbonate, shelly hash, or nannofossils. Detrital sources are low in carbonate. We divided the sequence into 17 calcium carbonate...

10. JL: Reproductive endocrine monitoring of elephants: an essential tool for assisting captive management. Zoo Biol - Janine L. Brown
Considerable information now is available about the basic reproductive biology of elephants, especially females. However, as important as this knowledge is, it no longer is enough to simply compile it into a database. The potential exists for using endocrine monitoring techniques to solve real problems. This review sum-marizes our current knowledge of elephant endocrinology and offers suggestions on how to use the technology to maximize reproductive potential. The estrous cycle can be monitored through the analysis of serum progestogens, primarily 5 a-reduced compounds, and consists of an 8- to 12-week luteal phase and a 4-to 6-week inter-luteal period. Proof of...

Abstract. Consider a function u defined on Rn, except, perhaps, on a closed set of potential singularities S. Suppose that u solves the eikonal equation ‖Du ‖ = 1 in the pointwise sense on Rn \S, where Du denotes the gradient of u and ‖ · ‖ is a norm on Rn with the dual norm ‖ · ‖∗. For a class of norms which includes the standard p-norms on Rn, 1 < p <∞, we show that if S has Hausdorff 1-measure zero and n ≥ 2, then u is either affine or a “cone function, ” that is,...

12. $rec.titulo
Guanethidine treatment does not block the ability of central leptin lu ts dd2 leptin that normalizes blood glucose concentrations when administration of central leptin does not increase serum glucose uptake in these tissues is blocked by prior treatment with 1997). Intrahypothalamic injections of leptin increase the 541Journal of Endocrinology (2008) 198, 541–548insulin concentrations (Hidaka et al. 2002, Lin et al. 2002). In fact, central leptin administration decreases serum insulin concentrations in nondiabetic rats to the level found in activity of AMPK in skeletal muscle (Minokoshi et al. 2002). This effect is blocked by surgical disruption of sympathetic innervation to...

13. A Form-based Framework for Class Extensions - Markus Lumpe; Markus Lumpe
Abstract. Class extensions allow for a modular addition of new behavior to an existing class hierarchy. However, the reliance on position-dependent parameters in mainstream programming languages has often a negative impact on the way new behavior can be specified. This observation has led us to explore the concept of forms, which are first-class extensible records that, in combination with a small set of purely asymmetric operators, provide a core language for an extensible, flexible, and robust software development approach. In this paper, we present a refine-ment of our recent work on a substitution-free lambda calculus with forms. More precisely, we...

14. $rec.titulo - Fred Argy
A social agenda for equity and efficiency

15. THE NEW ZEALAND MEDICAL JOURNAL - Tom Robinson; Chris Bullen; Wendy Humphries; John Hornell; Chris Moyes
screening coverage and prevalence of chronic hepatitis B infection

16. $rec.titulo - Daron Acemoglu; Pol Antràs; Elhanan Helpman; Daron Acemoglu; Pol Antràs; Elhanan Helpman
We present a tractable framework for the analysis of the relationship between contract incom-pleteness, technological complementarities and the division of labor. In the model economy, a rm decides the division of labor and contracts with its worker-suppliers on a subset of activities they have to perform. Worker-suppliers choose their investment levels in the remaining activities anticipating the ex post bargaining equilibrium. We show that greater contract incompleteness reduces both the division of labor and the equilibrium level of productivity given the division of labor. The impact of contract incompleteness is greater when the tasks performed by di¤erent workers are more...

17. the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Universal Precautions for - Bloodborne Infection
do the hazardo the CDC’s univ

18. $rec.titulo
Using microwave quadrupoles to shorten the CLIC beam delivery section

19. Assessment of Alcohol Withdrawal: the revised clinical institute withdrawal assessment for alcohol scale (CIWA-Ar) - John T. Sullivan; Ch. B; Kathy Sykora; M. Sc; Joyce Schneiderman; Claudio A. Naranjo; Edward M. Sellers; Ph. D
A shortened 10-item scale for clinical quantitation of the severity of the alcohol withdrawal syndrome has been developed. This scale offers an increase in efficiency while at the same time retaining clinical usefulness, validity and reliability. It can be incorporated into the usual clinical care of patients undergoing alcohol withdrawal and into clinical drug trials of alcohol withdrawal.

20. REVIEW - M E Symonds; A Mostyn; S Pearce; H Budge; T Stephenson
Endocrine and nutritional regulation of fetal adipose tissue development

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