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  1. Abstract Article

    Int J Clin Exp Med; Haoxuan Zhang; Mingsheng Huo; Yin Jia; Ao Xu /ISSN:1940-5901/IJCEM0010725

  2. $rec.titulo

    Dr. Emilio Mendoza
    Fusión and música de fusión are umbrella terms used in Venezuela to denote new compositions by popular music artists and groups who use elements from folk music without producing a recognizable traditional folk piece, and in which formal, instrumental, linguistic, stylistic and conceptual propositions are different, personal and experimental in nature. Fusión is separate from the nationalist intentions of academic composers, although it involves similar music procedures, being active within the field of popular music. Fusión artists may be found within a wide spectrum of music ideas, from simple use of a folk rhythm to digital experimentation with folk instruments....

  3. Note: Sold in collaboration with Umicore for research purposes only. Patent WO 2004014550, US 6,316,380 and EP 721 953 A1.

    Ome N
    1. Catalyst for the cross-coupling of aryl chlorides with boronic acids. 2. Catalyst for the diamination of conjugated dienes and trienes. 3. Catalyst for the dehalogenation of aryl chlorides. 4. Catalyst for anaerobic alcohol oxidation. 5. Catalyst for anaerobic ketone oxidation and domino oxidation/α-arylation.

  4. Contents

    Anne Roberts
    Who will end the leaded petrol death trade?

  5. Value

    Core Overview
    [Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the


  7. FGDC-STD-014.7-2008 Geographic Information Framework Data Content Standard

    Part Transportation Base
    ii Federal Geographic Data Committee Established by Office of Management and Budget Circular A-16, the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) promotes the coordinated development, use, sharing, and dissemination of geographic data. The FGDC is composed of representatives from the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce,


    Fo. D Dcb Xii; Fo. B. /g

  9. NPS Form 10-900 (Oct. 1990) Interior

    Omb No
    This form is for use in nominating or requesting determinations for individual properties and districts. See instructions in How to Complete the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form (National Register Bulletin 16A). Complete each item by marking "x " in the appropriate box or by entering the information requested. If an item does not apply to the property being documented, enter "N/A " for "not applicable. " For functions, architectural classification, materials, and areas of significance, enter only categories and subcategories from the instructions. Place additional entries and narrative items on continuation sheets (NPS Form 10-900a). Use a typewriter,...

  10. The Ends of Four Big Inflations

    Robert E. Hall; Chapter Thomas; Thomas J. Sargent
    Since the middle 1960s, many Western economies have experienced persistent and growing rates of inflation. Some prominent economists and statesmen have become convinced that this inflation has a stubborn, self-sustaining momentum and that either it simply is not susceptible to


    Annales Academiie; Scientiarum Fennicrc; Series A. I. Mathematica; H. Stegbuchner
    1. Introduction. Let GCC be a domain with 0G*0 and co(r) a modulus of continuity, that is, a continuous and increasing function o(l) (r>0) with f (r) a(t)>0 for t>0,(1) { fi,l,!f;} co(r) : o and[tiiil a(tr+tr)

  12. Robust minimax designs for multiple linear regression

    Douglas P. Wiens; P. H. Styan
    We establish an extension, to the case of multiple regression, of a result on minimax simple regression designs due to P. Huber. Designs are found which are minimax with respect to integrated mean squared error as the true response function varies over an pa-neighbourhood of (1) a p-d ’ rmensional plane or a bivariate surface with interactions between regressors. 1. AND SUMMARY this paper, address some in theory of designs for linear regression. Box Draper (1959) apparent the problems can arise too strict to assumed form a regression function, by analyzing relative importance of errors to bias to variance. They...

  13. $rec.titulo

    The balance sheet position of non-financial companies goes through phases of strength and weakness. At present, the amount of corporate debt is at an historically high level in relation to the market value of

  14. Contempt of Court

    S. K. Dasgupta
    Contempt petition before High Court – Arising out of directions by High Court in a writ petition filed in public interest to officials of State Electricity Board to provide uninterrupted supply of electricity to government Hospitals and street lights to be on during nights, throughout the State – High Court directing impleadment of senior Members of the Board and others as contemnors and ordering inquiry to be held by CBI – HELD: The directions made by High Court are clearly beyond courts ’ jurisdiction in a public interest litigation as they interfere with the functioning of independent State agencies in...

  15. No. 2008/06 Evidence on the Insurance Effect of Marginal Income Taxes

    Charles Grant; Christos Koulovatianos; Er Michaelides; Mario Padula; Torsten Persson; Steve Pischke; Assaf Razin; Victor Rios-rull; Harald Uhlig; Fabrizio Zilibotti; Participants At
    The Center for Financial Studies is a nonprofit research organization, supported by an association of more than 120 banks, insurance companies, industrial corporations and public institutions. Established in 1968 and closely affiliated with the University of Frankfurt, it provides a strong link between the financial community and academia. The CFS Working Paper Series presents the result of scientific research on selected topics in the field of money, banking and finance. The authors were either participants in the Center´s Research Fellow Program or members of one of the Center´s Research Projects. If you would like to know more about the Center...


    the right to sue first accrues – If a suit is based on multiple causes of action, the period of limitation will begin to run from the date when the right to sue first accrues – Successive violation of the right will not give rise to fresh cause and the suit will be liable to be dismissed if it is beyond the period of limitation counted from the day when the right to sue first accrued – In the instant case, the right, if any, of the plaintiffs-appellants over the suit land stood violated with the issue of notification u/s.507...

  17. Tracing Attacks on U-Prove with Revocation Mechanism ∗

    Lucjan Hanzlik; Przemysław Kubiak; Mirosław Kutyłowski
    Anonymous credential systems have to provide strong privacy pro-tection: a user may prove his (chosen) attributes without leaking neither his identity nor other attributes. In this paper we consider U-Prove – one of the major commercial anonymous credential sys-tems. We show that the revocation mechanism designed for U-Prove en-ables a system provider to efficiently trace the users ’ activities. Namely, the Revocation Authority run the system provider may execute the U-Prove protocol in a malicious way so that: (a) the deviations from the protocol remain undetected, (b) the Revocation Authority becomes aware of each single authentication of a user in...

  18. Status

    Historic Davis-whitehead-harriss House; Publ. Ic Acquisyran; Number West Nash Streetl
    all entriE:!s--conlolete aOOillcal:>le sections

  19. Technical Refereed Contribution The new UtricUlaria species described since

    Peter Taylor’s Monograph
    In his elaborate monograph of the genus Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae), Peter Taylor recognized 214 species of bladderworts. For this comprehensive revision of that large genus, which took him 41 years of passionate work, he studied the plants in their natural habitats and such cultivated in the greenhouses of Kew Gardens, but mainly his work is based on the thousands of herbarium specimens from all over the world that he thoroughly examined. As the bladderworts are a large and species-rich genus, and many species are often difficult to distinguish (several only with the aid of a magnifying glass by minute seed and...

  20. State of Environment Report: Maharashtra (FINAL DRAFT)

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