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1. tia a, P - E

2. OBJECTIVES - James D. Hern; O Fall
A course designed to increase proficiency in translation and reading of the Greek language found in literature ranging from ca. 200 B.C. to ca. A.D. 400. This particular course will focus on readings in the Petrine epistles, select apocalyptic passages in the OT and the Apocrypha.

3. P1.6 HIGH RESOLUTION ASSIMILATION OF CASA RADAR DATA FROM A - Tornadic Convective System; Er D. Schenkman; Alan Shapiro; Keith Brewster; Ming Xue; Jidong Gao; Nathan Snook
Center (ERC) for Collaborative and Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA, McLaughlin et

4. $rec.titulo
Near-optimal operation by self-optimizin control to marathon running and b d∗ nce and une 20 er 2004 The topic world nationwide o of reso is to use fee onstant of a country inflatio the interest system controlled v of “sel large numbe

5. On the Phonetics and Phonology of “Segmental Anchoring” of F0: Evidence from German - Michaela Atterer; D. Robert Ladd
We measured the alignment of F0 minima and maxima with segmental landmarks, in prenuclear rising accents in Northern and Southern German. As in earlier studies of other languages, we found consistent patterns of alignment. Both Northern and Southern German speakers align rises later than published data for Greek, English, and Dutch; Southern German speakers show later alignment than Northern speakers. The differences are small but significant. Moreover, native patterns of alignment are carried over into the German speakers ’ pronunciation of English. These findings argue against interpreting cross-language alignment differences in terms of distinct patterns of phonological association, and in...

6. Paging Performance in the MT Evaluator Virtual Machine - Victor Encarnacion; Patrick Desomma; Marco T. Morazán
The performance of functional languages is closely related to the manner in which they utilize memory and it is com-monly believed that functional languages are slow due to their poor interaction with memory. To make functional languages faster research efforts have focused on parallelism, on memory allocation and performance, and on compiler technology. Each of these lines of research has advanced considerably, but have rarely been combined into one com-prehensive approach. The MT system is being developed as a test bed for novel implementation techniques to improve memory performance by utilizing parallelism and modern compiler technology to manage a distributed...

7. Carcinogenesis vol.19 no.1 pp.207–212, 1997 - Masao Hirose; Yasuko Takesada; Hikaru Tanaka; Seiko Tamano; Toshio Kato; Tomoyuki Shirai
Carcinogenicity of antioxidants BHA, caffeic acid, sesamol, 4-methoxyphenol and catechol at low doses, either alone or in combination, and modulation of their effects in a rat medium-term multi-organ carcinogenesis model

8. An Evaluation of Off-Label Use of Recombinant Activated Human Factor VII (NovoSeven) Patient Characteristics, Utilization Trends, and Outcomes From an Electronic Database of U.S. Academic Health Centers - Ra Magnetti; Michael Oinonen; Karl A. Matuszewski
Recombinant activated coagulation factor VII (rFVIIa) is a hemostatic agent developed by Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuti-cals, Inc., under the trademark NovoSeven. It is a recombinant DNA preparation of a naturally occurring protease, activated

9. Editorial Predialysis Nephrology Care Improves Dialysis Outcomes: Now What? Or Chapter Two - Thomas A. Golper
“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.“ —Goethe B radbury and associates utilized the Dialysis Outcomesand Practice Patterns Study (DOPPS) database to iden-tify predictors of early mortality among recent US in-cident hemodialysis patients (1). This editorial addresses the implications of those findings within the context of numerous other observations supporting that notion. This is not a new or contentious position (2). Perhaps a randomized controlled trial might settle the question of the efficacy of predialysis care, but surely we understand that rationale and have wiser ways to use limited resources. Maybe we are...

10. A graphical variant approach to object-oriented modeling of dynamic systems - Paul Kinnucan; Pieter J. Mosterman
Abstract — Graphical variant modeling refers to a novel ap-proach to object-oriented modeling whereby a class over-rides behavior inherited from a parent class by specifying variations in the graphical description of that behavior. This approach differs from conventional approaches wherein ob-ject behavior is overridden by replacing the entire descrip-tion. This paper outlines the potential benefits of graphical variant modeling. It provides a detailed description of an ex-perimental modeler, based on a declarative block diagram language, developed as a test bench for prototyping graph-ical variant modeling tools and verifying the benefits of the approach in industrial modeling applications. The paper ends...

11. Selective reduction of organic compounds with aluminum and boron hydrides - Nung Min Yoon
Abstract: Several new selective reductions of organic compounds using complex metal hydrides and hydride reducing systems are discussed. Sodium diethylpiperidinoaluminate is an excellent agent for the partial reduction of esters to the corresponding aldehydes. Borohydride exchange resin (BER) is a convenient reagent for the chemoselective reduction of carbonyl compounds and also for reductive amination. BER-N$B has proved to be an excellent chemoselective reducing agent for olefins, halides, azides, and nitro compounds in the presence of many functional groups such as epoxides, esters, amides, and nitriles. On the other hand, BER-Cu is a reagent of choice for the reduction of a,kunsaturated...

12. A Conceptual Framework for Electronic Mentoring for People with Special Needs (Poster) - Carmit-noa Shpigelman; Patrice L. (tamar Weiss; Shunit Reiter
Recently, a growing number of electronic mentoring (e-mentoring) websites have become available to provide vocational and career support. E-mentoring, which refers to a mentoring relationship conducted via Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC), appears to be an accessible alternative for people with special needs. To date, few researchers have addressed the phenomenon of e-mentoring from a socio-emotional perspective for people with special needs (McDonald, Balcazar, & Keys, 2005; Miller & Griffiths, 2005). In response to this challenge, we conducted a pilot study which explored the feasibility and relevance implications of computer-mediated support (CMS) for youth with special needs (Shpigelman, Reiter, & Weiss, 2008)....

The paper presents and overview of global position sys-tem (GPS) signal based power system angle measure-ments and control. In this we shall discuss phasor meas-urement units (PMUs), wide-area measurement (WAM) and wide-area control system (WACS). We shall also discuss the opportunities that are currently arising due the use of satellite and high speed computer communica-tion systems. 1.

14. References - Bart De Moor; M. Czachor; T. Durt (eds; Probing The Structure Of
Within the framework of the operational approach to quantum mechanics certain aspects related to the axiomatic structure can be traced back to the non-micro-domain. In this talk we present some of these models which allow for a full quantum description [1, 2]. This has lead to more elaborated modifications which are also nonclassical but are only quantumlike to some extent. Some of these macroscopic models do not allow a full Hilbert space description with associated probability distributions, e.g. because Bell inequalities are violated, but in a nonquantum way [3, 4]. Others do not even allow a genuine quantum structure for...

15. Decision-theoretic robot guidance for active cooperative perception - Abdolkarim Pahliani; Matthijs T. J. Spaan; Pedro U. Lima
Abstract — We consider the problem of sensor-aware path planning for a robot in a Networked Robot System, in particular in urban environments equipped with a network of surveillance cameras. A robot can use observations from the camera network to improve its own localization performance, but also needs to take into account the specifics of its local sensors. We model our problem in the Markov Decision Process framework, which forms a natural way to express concurrent and possibly conflicting objectives – such as reaching a goal quickly, keeping the robot localized, keeping the target in sight – each with their...

16. in Pregnant Rats - Rita Cassia; Aleixo Tostes Passaglia; Maria Fern; A Villela Dantas; Marcia Urban; David Spray; Maria Helena; Catelli Carvalho; Maria Fern; A Villela Dantas; Marcia Urban; David Spray; Maria Helena; Catelli Carvalho; Rita Cassia; Aleixo Tostes Passaglia
Information about reprints can be found online at: Reprints: document. Permissions and Rights Question and Answer this process is available in the click Request Permissions in the middle column of the Web page under Services. Further information about Office. Once the online version of the published article for which permission is being requested is located, can be obtained via RightsLink, a service of the Copyright Clearance Center, not the EditorialHypertensionin Requests for permissions to reproduce figures, tables, or portions of articles originally publishedPermissions: by guest on March 5,

17. A primer on Riemannian geometry and stochastic analysis on path spaces, Preprint series - Bruce K. Driver
Abstract. These notes represent an expanded version of the “mini course” that the author gave at the ETH (Zürich) and the University of Zürich in February of 1995. The purpose of these notes is to provide some basic back-ground to Riemannian geometry, stochastic calculus on manifolds, and infinite dimensional analysis on path spaces. No differential geometry is assumed. However, it is assumed that the reader is comfortable with stochastic calculus and differential equations on Euclidean spaces. Acknowledgement: It is pleasure to thank Professor A. Sznitman and the ETH for the opportunity to give these talks and for a very enjoyable...

18. Iravanian S, Tung L. Cardiomyocyte cultures with controlled macroscopic anisotropy: a model for functional electrophysiological studies of cardiac muscle. Circ Res - N. Bursac; K. K. Parker; S. Iravanian; L. Tung; N. Bursac; K. K. Parker; S. Iravanian; L. Tung
Information about reprints can be found online at: Reprints: document. Permissions and Rights Question and Answer about this process is available in the located, click Request Permissions in the middle column of the Web page under Services. Further information Editorial Office. Once the online version of the published article for which permission is being requested is can be obtained via RightsLink, a service of the Copyright Clearance Center, not theCirculation Researchin Requests for permissions to reproduce figures, tables, or portions of articles originally publishedPermissions: by guest on March 3,

19. PREPRINT 2008:18 - Zonoids Induced Gauss Measure
Zonoids induced by Gauss measure with an application to risk aversion

20. Direction of Camera Based on Shadows - Darren Caulfield
The compass direction in which a camera is facing (e.g. North, South, East, West) is an important piece of information for surveillance applications that must relate input obtained from multiple cameras. When the directions of cameras are known an object, e.g. a person, appearing in one camera is constrained in where it can appear in another. This project determines a camera’s compass direction by exploiting the information conveyed by the shadows in a video sequence. The position of the Sun in the sky is calculated for the given date, time and geographic location using astronomical formulae. Shadows in the scene...

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