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CiteSeerX is a scientific literature digital library and search engine that focuses primarily on the literature in computer and information science. CiteSeerx aims to improve the dissemination of scientific literature and to provide improvements in functionality, usability, availability, cost, comprehensiveness, efficiency, and timeliness in the access of scientific and scholarly knowledge

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1. Working Party on the Information Economy ICT DIFFUSION TO BUSINESS: PEER REVIEW COUNTRY REPORT MEXICO - Organisation Coopération; English Or. English
Document complet disponible sur OLIS dans son format d'origine Complete document available on OLIS in its original formatDSTI/ICCP/IE(2006)4/FINAL TABLE OF CONTENTS SUMMARY.................................................................................................................................................. 4

2. fertility in Brazil - United Nations; Suzana Cavenaghi; José Eustáquio; Diniz Alves; Population Division; Suzana Cavenaghi; José Eustáquio; Diniz Alves
The views expressed in the paper do not imply the expression of any opinion on the part

3. and fertility prospects in low fertility countries of East and Southeast Asia - United Nations; Gavin W. Jones; Population Division; Gavin W. Jones
Recent fertility trends, policy responses

4. An empirical investigation of sparse log-linear models for improved dialogue act classification - Yun-nung Chen; William Yang Wang; Er I. Rudnicky
Previous work on dialogue act classification have primarily focused on dense generative and discriminative models. However, since the automatic speech recognition (ASR) outputs are often noisy, dense models might generate biased estimates and overfit to the training data. In this paper, we study sparse modeling approaches to improve dialogue act classification, since the sparse models maintain a compact feature space, which is robust to noise. To test this, we investigate various element-wise frequentist shrinkage models such as lasso, ridge, and elastic net, as well as structured sparsity models and a hierarchical sparsity model that embed the dependency structure and interaction...

5. Distributed approximation of joint measurement distributions using mixtures of gaussians - Brian J. Julian; Stephen L. Smith; Daniela Rus
Abstract—This paper presents an approach to distributively approximate the continuous probability distribution that describes the fusion of sensor measurements from many networked robots. Each robot forms a weighted mixture of Gaussians to represent the measurement distribution of its local observation. From this mixture set, the robot then draws samples of Gaussian elements to enable the use of a consensus-based algorithm that evolves the corresponding canonical parameters. We show that the these evolved parameters describe a distribution that converges weakly to the joint of all the robots ’ unweighted mixture distributions, which itself converges weakly to the joint measurement distribution as...

6. For Career-Technical - Education Only; Education Only; Schools Only; Schools Only
8 VAC 40-31-160 D

Co-operation and Development (OECD) shall promote policies designed: – to achieve the highest sustainable economic growth and employment and a rising standard of living in Member countries, while maintaining financial stability, and thus to contribute to the development of the world economy; – to contribute to sound economic expansion in Member as well as non-member countries in the process of economic development; and – to contribute to the expansion of world trade on a multilateral, nondiscriminatory basis in accordance with international obligations.

8. Detecting Intoxication in Speech - Matthew Marge
Researchers at Columbia are investigating ways to automatically detect intoxication in speech. William Yang Wang, currently a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon that worked on this team while a Master's student, discussed the project and its goals with us. OVERVIEW Imagine a world where DUI's (driving under the influence violations) never occurred. How can this happen? Traditionally devices like breathalyzers can detect intoxication, but these tools are expensive and impractical for "passive operation " in vehicles. One arguably more practical alternative is that the cars themselves listen to the driver, detect that the potential driver is intoxicated, and prevent the...

9. Fertility prospects in Israel: Ever below replacement level? - United Nations; Sergio Dellapergola
The views expressed in the paper do not imply the expression of any opinion on the part

10. approaches to level-of-interest and intoxication classification - William Yang Wang A; Fadi Biadsy A; Andrew Rosenberg B; Julia Hirschberg A
Available online at

11. UNITED NATIONS SPECIAL RAPPORTEUR ON THE RIGHT TO FOOD The World Trade Organization and the Post-Global Food Crisis Agenda Putting Food Security First in the International Trade System SUMMARY - Olivier De Schutter
This briefing note offers a preliminary assessment of the compatibility between the WTO and efforts to protect the human right to adequate food as part of the post-crisis food security agenda. Existing WTO rules do include certain flexibilities for States to pursue food security-related measures. From a right to food perspective, certain elements of the draft modalities in agriculture are an improvement on the Agreement on Agriculture (AoA), most notably proposed changes to the green box criteria on public stockholding for food security. However, many of these modifications to the AoA are relatively modest and even these are by no...

12. Working Party on the Information Economy MEASURING ELECTRONIC COMMERCE:
Document complet disponible sur OLIS dans son format d’origine Complete document available on OLIS in its original formatDSTI/ICCP/IE(98)3/FINAL FOREWORD This report addresses issues of measurement related to international electronic transactions and was submitted to the Working Party on the Information Economy. Published under the aegis of the

13. Select Input - Ideal For Pci−x; L Wafer Lot; Y Year; W Work Week
The NB3N2302 is a versatile Zero Delay Buffer that operates from 5 MHz to 133 MHz with a 3.3 V or 5 V power supply. It accepts a reference input and drives a �1 and a �2 clock output. The NB3N2302 has an on−chip PLL which locks to the input reference clock presented on the REF_IN pin. The PLL feedback is required to be driven to the FBIN pin and can be obtained by connecting either the OUT1 or OUT2 pin to the FBIN pin. The Function Select inputs control the various multiplier output frequency combinations as shown in Table...

14. events associated with the emergence - Laurence Rohmer; Christine Fong; Simone Abmayr; Michael Wasnick; Theodore J Larson Freeman; Matthew Radey; Tina Guina; Kerstin Svensson; Hillary S Hayden; Michael Jacobs; Larry A Gallagher; Colin Manoil; Robert K Ernst; Becky Drees; Danielle Buckley; Eric Haugen; Donald Bovee; Yang Zhou; Jean Chang; Ruth Levy; Regina Lim; Will Gillett; Don Guenthener; Allison Kang; Scott A Shaffer; Greg Taylor; Jinzhi Chen; Byron Gallis; David A D'argenio; Mats Forsman; Maynard V Olson; David R Goodlett; Rajinder Kaul; Samuel I Miller; Mitchell J Brittnacher
Comparison of Francisella tularensis genomes reveals evolutionary

15. Sensor Network Security: More Interesting Than You Think - Madhukar Anand; Eric Cronin; Micah Sherr; Matthew A. Blaze; Zachary G. Ives; Madhukar An; Eric Cronin; Micah Sherr; Matthew A. Blaze; Zachary G. Ives; Insup Lee; Madhukar An; Eric Cronin; Micah Sherr; Matt Blaze; Zachary Ives; Insup Lee
With the advent of low-power wireless sensor networks, a wealth of new applications at the interface of the real and digital worlds is emerging. A distributed computing platform that can measure properties of the real world, formulate intelligent inferences, and instrument responses, requires strong foundations in distributed computing, artificial intelligence, databases, control theory, and security. Before these intelligent systems can be deployed in critical infrastructures such as emergency rooms and powerplants, the security properties of sensors must be fully understood. Existing wisdom has been to apply the traditional security models and techniques to sensor networks. However, sensor networks are not...

16. and Other Technologically Skilled Workers in Virginia To the Governor and The General Assembly of Virginia Commonwealth of Virginia
Senate Joint Resolution 218, sponsored by Senator Stephen D. Newman, and House Joint Resolution 659, sponsored by Delegate David B. Albo, requested the Council of Higher Education to study the demand for computer scientists, engineers, and other technologically skilled workers in Virginia industry and to report the findings to the General Assembly by November 15, 1997. Implicit in assessing this demand is answering two questions: (1) is there a shortfall between the demand for technologically prepared workers and the supply; and (2) if there is, what actions can the Commonwealth take through its institutions of higher education to reduce this...

Goods or services received on or before 6/30/12: $____________________ Goods or services received after 6/30/12: $__________________________ On behalf of (the "Institution"), this is to request the transfer of $ (total for this request) from the 2012 Acquisition Fund established by the Virginia College Building Authority ("VCBA") pursuant to the issuance of its Educational Facilities Revenue Bonds, Series 2012A. I hereby certify that this amount will be used to reimburse the Institution for the cost of equipment: (1) in accordance with the procedures established by the State Council of Higher Education; and, (2) as defined in Chapter 3.2, Title 23, Code...

18. • Supports PWM Switching Frequency up to 5 MHz • Analog Deviation Selection • External or Internal Analog ModRate Selection Option • Supply Voltage: 3.3 V � 0.3 V - V Peak Emi Reduction Device; Case Aq; V Dd
P6P82PS01A can be interfaced/connected to the PWM frequency controlling node (either RT−CT or RT) to modulate the switching frequency of the PWM controller which in turn reduces the Peak EMI of the power system. P6P82PS01A has an SSEXTR pin to select different frequency deviations depending upon the value of an external resistor connected between SSEXTR and GND. MRSEL selects an external or an internal analog Modulation Rate clock. When MRSEL is pulled LOW, different moulation rates can be selected depending upon the value of an external resistor connected between MREXTR and GND. When MRSEL pin is pulled HIGH, an external...

19. Fertility prospects in the Arab region - United Nations; John B. Casterline; Population Division; John B. Casterline
The views expressed in the paper do not imply the expression of any opinion on the part

20. Tree-Based Algorithms for Computing k-Combinations and k-Compositions - Shant Karakashian; Berthe Y. Choueiry
In this document, we describe two tree-based algorithms for computing all k-combinations and k-compositions of a finite set. Contents

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