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1. Sieve-based inference for infinite-variance linear processes - Cavaliere, Giuseppe; Georgiev, Iliyan; Taylor, Robert
We extend the available asymptotic theory for autoregressive sieve estimators to cover the case of stationary and invertible linear processes driven by independent identically distributed (i.i.d.) infinite variance (IV) innovations. We show that the ordinary least squares sieve estimates, together with estimates of the impulse responses derived from these, obtained from an autoregression whose order is an increasing function of the sample size, are consistent and exhibit asymptotic properties analogous to those which obtain for a finite-order autoregressive process driven by i.i.d. IV errors. As these limit distributions cannot be directly employed for inference because they either may not exist...

2. On the private and social desirability of mixed bundling in complementary markets with cost savings - Halmenschlager, Christine; Mantovani, Andrea
The aim of this paper is to study both the private and the social desirability of a mixed bundling strategy that generates a cost savings effect. We confirm that mixed bundling is the dominant strategy for multiproduct firms, although it may give rise to a prisoner’s dilemma. Moreover, we show that mixed bundling may maximise social welfare, provided that cost savings are sufficiently high. Finally, we highlight the parametric regions where the social and the private interests coincide, and those where they do not. The recent evolution of broadband telecommunications services provides an ideal framework to apply our theoretical predictions.

3. Oltre i confini, lungo i margini. Atti della prima giornata di studio del Gruppo di Lavoro SIPED, Teorie e Metodi della Ricerca in Educazione
Il volume raccoglie alcuni dei contributi selezionati dalla giornata di studio “Oltre i confini, lungo i margini” del gruppo SIPED Teorie e Metodi della Ricerca Empirica in Educazione (TMRE), svoltasi il 3 ottobre a Rimini presso il Dipartimento di Scienze per la Qualità della Vita dell’Università di Bologna. Il gruppo TMRE, coordinato dalla Prof.ssa Luigina Mortari (Università di Verona) e dal Prof. Massimiliano Tarozzi (Università di Bologna), ha organizzato l’incontro con l’obiettivo di costituire un primo luogo di incontro e di riflessione sulle modalità attraverso le quali la ricerca empirica viene praticata, al fine di rispondere all’esigenza di fondare la...

4. Terrorism Risk and Democratic Preferences in Pakistan - Ur Rehman, Faiz; Vanin, Paolo
Beyond direct damages, terrorism creates fear and insecurity, potentially reducing support for democratic institutions if these are deemed inadequate to tackle the threat, and increasing support for military governments. To investigate this possibility, we use data from Pakistan, a country that experienced an exponential rise in terrorism since 2001. Exploiting individual level data on democratic attitudes and district level information on terrorist attacks, we document that persistent exposure to terrorism (and more broadly to violence) is associated to a significantly lower support for democratic values. Results are robust to the inclusion of different sets of controls, to sample splits based on...

5. Caesarean section and the manipulation of exact delivery time - Fabbri, Daniele; Monfardini, Chiara; Castaldini, Ilaria; Protonotari, Adalgisa
Physicians are often alleged responsible for the manipulation of delivery timing. We investigate this issue in a setting that negates the influence of financial incentives behind “physician’s demand induction” but allows for “risk aversion” to medical errors and “demand for leisure” motivations. Working on a sample of women admitted at the onset of labor in a big public hospital in Italy we estimate a model for the exact time of delivery as driven by individual indication to receive Caesarean Section (CS) and covariates. We find that ICS does not affect the day of delivery but leads to a circadian rhythm in the likelihood of delivery. The...

6. Debt sustainability and economic convergence of euro-area Member States: Challenges and Solutions - Manasse, Paolo
This paper argues that fiscal convergence in the Euro area has been achieved at the expenses of real divergence in unemployment, investment and at, at least temporarily, growth. Statistical and econometric analysis support the view that the current fiscal framework has addressed debt sustainability concerns, but has imparted a pro-cyclical bias, which has contributed to economic divergence. The recent flexibility guidelines are a step in the right direction, but they are unlikely to have sizable effects. A reform of the fiscal framework and a mechanism for an intra-European unemployment insurance scheme is proposed.

7. European Identity: a Multimodal Perspective - Picciuolo, Mariangela
Il lavoro prende in analisi le retoriche di costruzione dell’identità europea nel discorso istituzionale, assumendo come riferimento il primo video diffuso dal Parlamento Europeo durante la campagna di sensibilizzazione ed informazione per le elezioni europee del 2014. Il corpus indagato in questo articolo è, quindi, multimodale poiché caratterizzato dalla compresenza di diverse risorse semiotiche – visivo, sonoro, verbale – all’interno del testo. L’analisi di un corpus audiovisivo ha, pertanto, implicato la scelta di un quadro teorico-metodologico che garantisse un’analisi appropriata di tutte le componenti semiotiche – verbali e non verbali – che co-occorrono nel testo multimodale. Si è così deciso...

8. “Should I stay or should I go?”: Weather forecasts and the economics of “short breaks” - Zirulia, Lorenzo
The aim of this paper is to model the decisions of tourists and a monopolist firm when weather forecasts are available. Before deciding whether to go on holiday or not, but after the firm has decided and posted its price, tourists can look at weather forecasts. Our results show that the price chosen by the firm and the corresponding equilibrium profit are decreasing as a function of the accuracy of weather forecasts. Consumers, instead, are better off the more accurate weather forecasts become. Managerial and policy implications are also derived.

9. On the Observational Equivalence of Unilateral Delegation Contracts in Duopoly - Lambertini, Luca; Delbono, Flavio
In a Cournot duopoly, if only one firm hires a manager while the other remains entrepreneurial, the Cournot-Stackelberg equilibrium emerges, with the managerial firm as the leader. This happens under at least three different delegation schemes. We illustrate the different meachanisms driving this outcome through the analysis of the map of best replies at the market stage.

10. Social Closure, Surnames and Crime - Buonanno, Paolo; Vanin, Paolo
This paper studies the effect of social closure on crime and tax evasion rates using disaggregated data for Italian municipalities. It measures the degree of social openness of a community by the diversity of its surname distribution, which reflects the history of migration and inbreeding. It shows that, all else equal, communities with a history of social closure have lower crime rates and higher tax evasion rates than more open communities. The effect of social closure is likely to be causal, it is relevant in magnitude, statistically significant, and robust to changes in the set of included controls, in the...

11. Statistical process control for improving healthcare processes. A case study in an Italian teaching hospital - Apreda, Mariarosaria; Wienand, Ulrich; Valpiani, Giorgia; Napoli, Nicola; Scagliarini, Michele
This study aims to investigate the utility and potentialities of statistical process control for monitoring performances of healthcare organizations. We retrospectively applied the statistical process control for monitoring perioperative system performance, represented in this study by the operating room turnaround time. The results showed that the control charts are able to identify the steady-state behavior of the process and to detect improvements or deteriorations in process performance over time

12. A Fine Rule From a Brutish World? An Experiment on Endogenous Punishment Institution and Trust - Sun, Huojun; Bigoni, Maria
By means of a laboratory experiment, we study the impact of the endogenous adoption of a collective punishment mechanism within a one-shot binary trust game. The experiment comprises three games. In the first one, the only equilibrium strategy is not to trust, and not to reciprocate. In the second we exogenously introduce a sanctioning rule that imposes on untrustworthy second-movers a penalty proportional to the number of those who reciprocate trust. This generates a second equilibrium where everybody trusts and reciprocates. In the third game, the collective punishment mechanism is adopted through majority-voting. In line with the theory, we find that the...

13. Butō. Prospettive europee e sguardi dal Giappone
Il butō, prima ancora di definire il proprio nome, ha profondamente scosso la scena giapponese degli anni ‘50 qualificandosi come un’eresia in grado di sovvertire le norme teatrali sedimentate. Lungo percorsi palesi e sotterranei, in uno stretto groviglio la cui origine non è facilmente collocabile nel tempo e nello spazio, il butō giunge in Europa sul finire degli anni ‘70 preludendo alla folgorante apparizione di Ōno Kazuo al Festival di Nancy del 1980. Il volume, nell’omaggiare il Maestro che assieme a Hijikata Tatsumi ha indelebilmente segnato la fisionomia di questa rivolta danzata, restituisce uno sguardo aggiornato sulla presenza, l’assimilazione e le...

14. Money is more than memory - Bigoni, Maria; Camera, Gabriele; Casari, Marco
Impersonal exchange is the hallmark of an advanced society and money is one key institution that supports it. Economic theory regards money as a crude arrangement for monitoring counterparts’ past conduct. If so, then a public record of past actions—or memory—should supersede the function performed by money. This intriguing theoretical postulate remains untested. In an experiment, we show that the suggested functional equivalence between money and memory does not translate into an empirical equivalence. Monetary systems perform a richer set of functions than just revealing past behaviors, which are crucial in promoting large-scale cooperation.

15. Hedonic Quality and Social Norms: a hybrid model of product differentiation - Mantovani, Andrea; Tarola, Ornella; Vergari, Cecilia
We analyse how strategic competition between a green firm and a brown competitor develops when their products are differentiated along two dimensions: hedonic quality and environmental quality. The former dimension refers to the pure (intrinsic) performance of the good, whereas the latter dimension has a positional content: buying green goods satisfies the consumers’ desire to be socially worthy citizens. Product variants thus comply at different levels with "green" social norms. Consumer preferences depend on a combination of hedonic quality and compliance with social norms. Assuming that the high hedonic quality variant complies less with these norms than the low hedonic quality variant, we characterize different equilibrium configurations...

16. Analisi dei dati mediante PSPP - Marino, Alessandro
Manuale_tutor rivolto agli studenti del Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali dell’Università di Bologna e, in generale, agli universitari di altri Dipartimenti impegnati in percorsi didattici o tesi di laurea richiedenti l’analisi statistica di dati quantitativi. Guida l’utente nell’uso del free program PSPP attraverso esercitazioni guidate su apposito materiale di ricerca. Fornisce i criteri di utilizzo del programma nella costruzione di un archivio casi per variabili e nell’analisi statistica mono e bivariata.

17. GMM estimation of fiscal rules: Monte Carlo experiments and empirical tests - Mammi, Irene
This paper focuses on the estimation of fiscal response functions for advanced economies and on the performance of alternative specifications of the Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) estimator for the rule’s parameters. We first estimate the parameters on simulated data through Monte Carlo experiments; we then run an empirical test on data for the European Monetary Union (EMU). We estimate both the Cyclicallyadjusted primary balance (CAPB) and the Primary balance (PB) models, and check the robustness of the estimates to different specifications of the GMM estimator and to alternative settings of the parameters. We also compare alternative instrument reduction strategies in...

18. Spatial effects in hospital expenditures: a district level analysis - Lippi Bruni, Matteo; Mammi, Irene
Geographical clusters in health expenditures are well documented and accounting for spatial interactions may contribute to properly identify the factors affecting the use of health services the most. As for hospital care, spillovers may derive from strategic behaviour of hospitals and from patients’ preferences that may induce mobility across jurisdictions, as well as from geographically-concentrated risk factors, knowledge transfer and interactions between different layers of care. Our paper focuses on a largely overlooked potential source of spillovers in hospital expenditure: the heterogeneity of primary care providers’ behaviour. To do so, we analyse expenditures associated to avoidable hospitalisations separately from expenditures for highly complex treatments, as the...

19. Add-on pricing: theory and evidence from the cruise industry - Savioli, Marco; Zirulia, Lorenzo
In many industries, firms give consumers the opportunity to add (at a price) optional goods and services to a baseline product. The aim of our paper is to provide a theoretical model of add-on pricing in competitive environments with two new distinctive features. First, we discuss the choice of offering the add-on, assuming that this entails a fixed cost. Second, we allow firms to have a varying degree of market power over the add-on, associated with the ability to capture the value that consumers obtain from such an additional good/service. Our model shows that the conventional wisdom, according to which...

20. Time-varying individual risk attitudes over the Great Recession: A comparison of Germany and Ukraine - Dohmen, Thomas; Lehmann, Hartmut; Pignatti, Norberto
We use the panel data of the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) and of the Ukrainian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (ULMS) to investigate whether risk attitudes have primary (exogenous) determinants that are valid in different stages of economic development and in a different structural context, comparing a mature capitalist economy and a transition economy. We then analyze the stability of the risk measures over time. Between 2007 and 2012 we have the Great Recession, which had a mild impact in the German labor market while it had a more profound impact on the Ukrainian labor market. This enables us to investigate whether and how the crisis impacted on...

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