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  1. PARX model for football matches predictions

    Angelini, Giovanni; De Angelis, Luca
    We propose an innovative approach to model and predict the outcome of football matches based on the Poisson Autoregression with eXogenous covariates (PARX) model recently proposed by Agosto, Cavaliere, Kristensen and Rahbek (2016). We show that this methodology is particularly suited to model the goals distribution of a football team and provides a good forecast performance that can be exploited to develop a profitable betting strategy. The betting strategy is based on the idea that the odds proposed by the market do not reflect the true probability of the match because they may incorporate also the betting volumes or strategic...

  2. Product Differentiation with Multiple Qualities

    Barigozzi, Francesca; Ma, Ching-to Albert
    We study subgame-perfect equilibria of the classical quality-price, multistage game of vertical product differentiation. Each firm can choose the levels of an arbitrary number of qualities. Consumers’ valuations are drawn from independent and general distributions. The unit cost of production is increasing and convex in qualities. We characterize equilibrium prices, and the equilibrium effects of qualities on the rival’s price in the general model. We present necessary and sufficient conditions for equilibrium differentiation in any of the qualities.

  3. Correlated accidents

    Franzoni, Luigi Alberto
    This paper investigates cases in which harms are statistically correlated. When parties are risk averse, correlation plays an important role in the choice between liability rules. Specifically, positively correlated harms favor a liability rule that spreads the risk over a multitude of parties, as in the negligence rule. Negatively correlated harms favor a liability rule that pools risks together, as in strict liability. The same applies when parties can purchase costly insurance (first party or third party). This policy recommendation is in line with current products liability law, which places design defects and warning failures under a de facto negligence...

  4. Introduzione alla Fisica del Terreno

    Vitali, Giuliano

  5. Multilevel Transmission of Cultural Attitudes and Entrepreneurial Intention: Evidence from High-School Students

    Tubadji, Annie; Santarelli, Enrico; Patuelli, Roberto
    Intention toward any occupational choice can be widely categorized as a rational choice process combined with a subjective attitude function. There is extensive literature dealing with the formation of intention toward entrepreneurship in adolescents, in particular as a result of either parental (vertical) transmission of social capital or network effects from peers or neighbours (the latter two being two different levels of horizontal transmission varying in proximity in terms of bonding and bridging). We contribute to this literature by considering the joint effect of all these three levels simultaneously, in order to avoid an underspecification of the model due to...

  6. L'Ingegneria della Grande Guerra 1915-1918. Incontro di studio e mostra bibliografica sugli aspetti tecnologici del primo conflitto mondiale

    Bitelli, Gabriele; Goni, Leonardo; Inglese, Raffaella; Macini, Paolo; Mesini, Ezio; Miceli, Rosalia; Torricelli, Maria Pia; Zamagni, Vera
    Il volume raccoglie gli atti e i materiali di un seminario di studi e di una mostra bibliografica tenutisi in occasione del primo centenario della Grande guerra presso la Scuola di Ingegneria e Architettura dell’Università di Bologna. Gli interventi indagano l’applicazione e lo sviluppo, in ambito bellico, di tecnologie ingegneristiche che da un lato espressero un tragico potenziale distruttivo, dall’altro ebbero nel conflitto un’occasione di sviluppo. Vi si tratta dell’importanza strategica del petrolio come carburante per navi, carrarmati e aerei e come fonte di energia per le fabbriche, dello sviluppo delle tecniche di mappatura del territorio, la fotogrammetria aerea, delle...

  7. Cournot Competition and “Green” Innovation: An Inverted-U Relationship

    Lambertini, Luca; Poyago-Theotoky, Joanna; Tampieri, Alessandro
    We examine the relationship between competition and innovation in an industry where production is polluting and R&D aims to reduce emissions (“green” innovation). We present an n-firm oligopoly where firms compete in quantities and decide their investment in “green” R&D. When environmental taxation is exogenous, aggregate R&D investment always increases with the number of firms in the industry. Next we analyse the case where the emission tax is set endogenously by a regulator (committed or time-consistent) with the aim to maximise social welfare. We show that an inverted-U relationship exists between aggregate R&D and industry size under reasonable conditions, and is...

  8. Newtonian Roots of Adam Smith's "Theorem": Toward a systemic approach to market competition

    Bianchi, Patrizio
    Adam Smith states that the relation between the division of labour and the estent of the market is the crux of this Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Wealth of Nations(WN).

  9. Alcune note sul ruolo dei consumi nella crescita italiana del secondo dopoguerra. (Un' applicazione della teoria dei mercati esterni)

    Chirco, Alessandra
    Fin dai primi decenni di questo secolo, alcuni studiosi di impostazione marxista hanno affrontato il problema della crescita di un sistema capitalistico con riferimento ad una nozione, quella di "mercati esterni", che diverrà, sebbene con notevoli modificazioni d'accento, elemento fondamentale della successiva teoria keynesiana e post-keynesiana.

  10. Economic Cooperation and Confrontation between Europe and the USA. A Game Theoretic Approach to the Analysis of International Monetary and Trade Policies

    Basevi, Giorgio; Kind, Paolo; Poli, Giorgio
    It has recently become common, and almost fashionable, to analyze problems of economic policy with the techniques of game theory.

  11. L'argomentazione nella comunicazione e nell'epistemologia keynesiana

    Rossini Favretti, Rema
    Si tratta di un argomentazione nella comunicazione e dell'epistemologia Keynesiana.

  12. The Legacy of Ricardo

    Scazzieri, Roberto
    A characteristic feature of economic knowledge is that the contributions of distinguished economists of the past are often interpreted in alternative, and seemingly incompatible ways.

  13. A Development Strategy With Foreign Borowing: A neo-Austrian Approach

    Ricottilli, Massimo; Cantalupi, Marco
    The aim of this paper is to address the problem of development strategy by discussing the case of a country which borrows in order to accelerate its development process by importing capital gooda and the technology embodied therein.

  14. Multilateral Negotiations in the Gatt Framework, and Analysis of Trade Policy Changes Through the various Gatt Rounds

    Casadio, Gian Paolo
    The purpose of this study is twofold: (a) to identify the key elements needed to strengthen multilateral trade negotiations; (b) to provide the basic elements for a European strategy in the New GATT that will emerge from the current negotiations.

  15. Exchange Rate and Prices: Firms' Behaviour in the Open Economy

    Colombo, Caterina
    This paper is concerned with the behaviour of firms operating in international markets, i.e. exporting and/or facing import competition, with specific reference to the effects of exchange rate movements.

  16. Testing Exogeneity in Overidentified Models

    Capuccio, Nunzio; Orsi, Renzo
    In this paper we analyze the consequences of model overidentification on testing exogeneity, when maximum likelihood technique for estimation an inference are used. This situation is viewed as a particular case of the more general problem of considering how restrictions on "nuisance" parameters could help in making inference on the parameters of interest. At first general model is considered. A suitable likelihood function factorization is used which permits to easily derive the information matrix and other tools useful for constructing hoint tests for exogeneity and overidentifying restrictions both of Wald and Lagrange Multiplier type. The asymptotic local power of the...

  17. The Incentive Effects of the Taxation if Income from Capital in the Italian Corporate Sector

    Giannini, Silvia
    This research is part of a broader study on fiscal an financial investment incentives. This paper investigates the potential distotions of investment and saving decisions induced by the taxation of income from capital and by investment incentives in the Italian economy.

  18. International Monetary Cooperation Under Tariff Threats

    Delbono, Flavio; Denicolò, Vincenzo; Basevi, Giorgio
    We analyze games between two countries that use the tariff as a threat to induce each other to follow monetary policies equivalent to those that would obtain under a cooperative game. The analysis shows that under certain assumptions concerning the shares of tariff revenues that the countries spend on imports, the punishment structure, and the discount factors, the outcome of the games converges to a monetary policies. It is suggested that the model could be applaied to current relations between the US, Germany and Japan.

  19. Economic Studies in Bologna: A Historical Introduction

    Scazzieri, Roberto
    Interest in economic issues at Bologna goes back to the earliest period of University history. It is among law scholars that economic life became a subject for intellectual inquiry.

  20. Mixed Oligopoly: An Overview

    De Fraja, Giovanni; Delbono, Flavio
    In this paper we review various models that have been proposed for the study of mixed oligopoly, more precisely of those markets in which private and public firm compete on equal basis, that is, using only market instruments. The survey is preceded by a brief discussion of other regulatory mechanisms available to the public authority to improve social welfare in a sector.

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